Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 28, 2016

The Movement of Timelines, Dimensional Folds and the Bending of the Light Fields… and more!


The movement of timelines, of energetic vortexes, of dimensional folds.  It happens as such a high vibrational frequency, rarely do we know its even happening.  I think tho, I have been given a strange glimpse so we can start to know… It started yesterday, this damn jonesing for a donut, not any donut, very particularly a dunkin donut, donut.  And even tho it truly is in walking distance, which I must say, just about everything is within walking distance now, I had led in my ass.  I didn’t want to go anywhere.  The weight of feeling unconnected has been getting to me.  Unconnected like I was in new mexico, which was 24/7.  I could feel the space of 3D density starting to creep in, god its thick at the ground level of life.  But no worries, joy and gratitude and beauty is still constant within me, that can and will never find its way into the background of my life ever again.  EVER.

Waking up this morning, my whole focus was on getting to walmart to get my mother’s eye drop prescriptions.  I just now realized I didn’t even ask her if she wanted to go (I personally, would never forget such a thing… but I really understand why… now.)

Granted, the ride to walmart isn’t even 5 minutes, but decided I am going to put my audio book in and listen to something other than news or the family feud.  I opened up Keepers of the Garden, hoping I could find where the end of the book talking about being taken to the new earth or staying behind to help on this one, was at.  Someone mentioned that on facebook and I needed a review.  I swipe of the fast forward button, I arrived to that exact space in the book.  Odd!!!  Perfect too!!

On my way back from walmart, I stopped at dunkin donuts.  My dear good god, the young man who took care of me was the spitting image of my cousin that killed himself about 30 years ago, right down to the broad smile he got from his father.  Is it weird that my cousin’s mother lives a few streets over from my mother?  I got my dozen of donuts (yeah, my mother has a bigger sweet tooth than I do!!! lol) and as I walked into my car, I heard clear as a bell, yes that is Michael reincarnated.  How kewl, how strange.

As I was relistening to the audio book and realizing, much of this scenario is getting ready to play out here, I decided it was time to download the book “Custodians.”  Beyond Abduction,” by Dolores Cannon.  I don’t usually sit down and read a book any more, but now that my drive to anywhere is less than 5 minutes, audio books are taking a back seat to my listening pleasure.

One of the main reasons I don’t read books in the traditional way any longer is because a few sentences and I am off in la-la land downloading whatever got triggered by what I just read.  Now, I will be thrilled if that can happen again.

Well, let me tell you, Lisa found her new groove!!!  My mother in her room, TV off, lights off, just me and dolores’ magic, instantly the downloads and visuals started.  OMG THANK YOU!!!  I have missed these moments more than I realized.  Thank god this moment lasted over 3 hours!!  I just finished chapter 1 lol.  Too much information came thru for me to hope to remember it tomorrow or the next time I have a chance to write, since tomorrow is my mothers cataract surgery day.

So much vast information came thru, I am not going to tell you the triggers, just the information as I am remembering it, in no particular order.

The first thing that was shown to me, was the light vortex that has been created by each and every one of you and comes into the living room and into me.  I am a living energy transformer.  But the transformer itself only works when I sit in that one spot on the couch, the one I mentioned the other day in my sharing where I knew one of my vortexes was finally forming.  I watched as the energy flickered from me to my mothers chair, very much like a slow strobe light.  Her strongest energy signature is in that chair and that is where the energy pulses to.  My team explained to me that the rest of the home was sealed off from this energy (hence why my bath was ineffective, since that is my mothers bathroom.)  She can only handle so much, and she does get the energy from the pulse to the chair even when she is in her room, more muted down tho than when she is sitting directly in it.  This is on purpose and for her protection.  Any sort of spiritual conversation enhances the light field, which is why she taps out immediately and has to go into her room.  They are the ones that also blocked the full effect of the hypnosis for now, she is already undergoing radical change in her body and light field.  Too much is indeed, too much.

Then they showed me the energy striations going outwards towards everyone in her personal collective consciousness, changing not only people’s inner feelings of life and nurture, but also affecting DNA down to the level of Light.  True genetic alterations taking place.

I also seen my own energy body, still in radical change.  We ALL are.

Then I was shown what we would consider timelines, instead, spirit showed them as pipelines, but not straight ones at all, more like hmmm one part of a swastika.  There were several of them as I watched them move like a game of tetris and then connect in new ways end to end.  Spirit also said with this movement, there is a tremendous bend in the light.  Next thing I know I was show a diamond shape, the light intensifying and becoming clearer at the top half and the dark getting darker on the bottom half.  At this early stage of the game, we cannot enhance the light field of heaven on earth without intensifying the energy of those choosing hell on earth.  Duality has no bias.

I think my team heard me not only thanking them, but bitching about waiting so damn long for my reconnection in this way.  They explained, they had to wait until the DNC was over to be sure of which direction our earth was moving in.  Just to put in here, spirit does not know everything, not when human free will is always in play.  They were truly waiting to see what Bernie would end up choosing to do, his choice gave way to the direction we would ultimately move within.  Now don’t think for a moment one person does not affect an entire world!!  With his choice to tap out and back Hillary (I kept asking why he choose that, and pretty much, it came down to its none of my business lol, but they did reiterate free will and gave me a flash back to my own personal choices I had just written about in my last sharing.)

The door to chaos has been opened.  WE must learn to move in a moments notice, because it will release slowly and build from there.

My thoughts went back to the donuts and the giggle I always have inside of me of the mother who once, did not eat candy at all, now is worse than a child with anything sweet or sticky.  The sugar molecule is very important to our (hers and my) light bodies.  We do not always understand what makes us tick at the cellular level of light, rarely do we.  We tend to go into “group food fashions” not realizing what works for one person is energetically detrimental to another.  We have all have a very unique instruction set within our body as a whole (physical and light) and different energies are catalysts for different things within different people.  For me personally, to take away my sugar would be to deaden some of my senses and receptors of those higher frequencies.  My mother inherited this sugar tooth when I did my core healing around her and activated her light body thru activating my own.  It truly is uncanny to see how many of my traits, that she never possessed before, that she possesses now.  Something as out of the ordinary as a nightlight in every room, same exact cutlery, curtains, crazy stuff.  Even she is in awe of it.

As I was reading the part when Dolores was talking about the ETs gene splicing in various ways to help us become affected by certain things like cancers and virus’s and stuff… I immediately seen my own cancer and the experiment that unfolded with that journey (not within my awareness until today.)  Many of us have agreed to be the testers, the lab rats if you will, to help the whole of humanity.  Some of the experiments work well, some, need tweaking.  All agreed prior to the experiment.  Now we may think it was agreed to before incarnation, not necessarily.  It was unknown which way humanity would go (a lot is still unknown) so it was agreed to during our sleep time visits to other realms with our friends.

I was given a small glimpse of the field I will just call August.  Like large thin cocoon shaped things forming, what they (the ETs that are assisting in assimilating this information for me) referred to as various consciousnesses, so much is still taking place as we move into the fields of our new experience(s) and collectives.  Enhancements in many areas, degradations in others.  Keeping in mind, the higher the light in the top of the diamond, the more intense the energy of dark rustles.

I am sure there is more, but suddenly, the flow just stopped.  But as I said, I just finished chapter one!!!    Ohhh and since I was in such a connected flow, I of course, asked about readings again… not yet.  We cannot fathom that energies that are happening, the new pipelines connecting and the movement of the field is shifting like a kaleidoscope, as is the light field within our bodies, our cells, our vastly changing collectives.

But it was stated that it took this long for me to find my connection because of the information that is now coming thru.  What we will be putting out over this next week will be like the preface of our new book… heads and hearts.. up!!!

I love you all so much and thank you from the depths of my soul for your patience waiting for your readings.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with sugar and spice and everything Magical ❤

Lisa Gawlas






















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  10. Comment on the lightbody.

    Evolution, as with Celestial Transformation, TRANSFORMS us into a NEW STURCTURE ~ A DIVINE STRUCTURE.

    This Divine Structure appears when we evolve and become Divine Dominant, or Divine Ascendant.

    I have not had chakras since 1996 when my system attained Divine Dominance, expanding into the higher-than-divine. It has continued to expand into higher than higher-than-divine, and onwards. Others of the Earth Healing Meditation Group Transmission have the same experience.
    A 1995 quote from the EHMG Transmissions:

    “It is different for those with divinity. Kundalini is not brought forth into the divine state. It is different. It is vastly different. That which is power, that which is love, that which is all divine quality, are integrated into one, whole being without the need for structure in separate boxes. It is integrated into the one whole. There are not the chakra systems. It is part of the purification of the self. Therefore, you begin in a more ignorant state and you refine yourself and evolve yourself into a more sophisticated state, which is, in actual fact, simpler. It is that you have, in the divine state, less. And less is more, in this instance. Can you understand? Perhaps, perhaps you can. It is that you have complicated yourselves, in a way, in being in this physicalness and being distracted by the many stimuli. And you have delineated your emotions out of the two; fear and love. You have created many, upon many, upon many, of states of being. In the divine state, it is simple. Less is more, in expanding you see. For I that is I, that is All That Is, is an expression of The Highest of Love. And that is all. I have evolved my being into this purest, of purest states and I am not hindered or complicated by any other knowing, other than Highest of Love.”

    Lisa Renee July 2016 Newsletter ‘Timelines Shift’ adds further confirmation to these concepts and changes.

    In the Section ‘Collapsing 3D Timelines’, Paragraph 3, last sentence, she writes:


    The ‘orb body’ Lisa mentions does not fully express the dynamic or magnitude of the transformation to Divine Dominant.

    In my case, and that of the others of the Earth Healing Meditation Group we evolved by daily, routinely and consistently expanding our divine light from the divine core in the heart area ~

    “Expanding 360 degrees from the Smallest Molecule of Divine White Light, into the atoms, molecules and cells of the heart, all the body, out into the room, building, local environment, suburb, city state country, planet solar system, galaxy, all galaxies, universe, ad infinitum until sensing saturation; the same process with the higher frequencies of the clear light of Highest Love, the divine and higher than divine frequencies of divine unconditional love. There is no containment in a ‘body shape’ (‘lightbody/merkaba’), just unlimited expansion, as in ‘I am the Light, And the Light is All, And the Light Is I’.

    Humans are not designed to have a lightbody which represents interference from negative dominant beings through a structure that enables energetic implants. Celestial Transformation removes the lightbody. Divine Structure REPLACES Lightbody/Merkaba, Chakras and Kundalini. No more chakras, no kundalini, no lightbody/merkaba. Yes we have energy centres, but no chakras.

    Lisa Renee June 27, 2016 Blog ‘Dissolving Chakra Membrane’ offers further confirmation and insight.


  11. Lisa,

    Thank you for blogging. I learn a lot from reading about your experiences.

    I went to an ecstatic kirtan Saturday night, exceptionally intense heart energy, many young people. It was great! The following day, there was a feed-through effect to all my clair correspondents … like what you said here:

    Then they showed me the energy striations going outwards towards everyone in her personal collective consciousness, changing not only people’s inner feelings of life and nurture, but also affecting DNA down to the level of Light. True genetic alterations taking place.

    We get the light, and then, kicking and bucking, lots of other folks get whatever part of the light suits them. For me, yesterday, it was for sure a test of faith in God. Gadzillion healings seemed to be taking place, nth degree stuff, and all the folks seemed to be blaming me for what was going on. Thank God it worked out ok, after hours of energetic clearing.

    What you say about the light and the dark is just way right on:

    Next thing I know I was show a diamond shape, the light intensifying and becoming clearer at the top half and the dark getting darker on the bottom half. At this early stage of the game, we cannot enhance the light field of heaven on earth without intensifying the energy of those choosing hell on earth. Duality has no bias…..

    “Keeping in mind, the higher the light in the top of the diamond, the more intense the energy of dark rustles.”

    For me, it’s like I’m a little duck trying to stay topside up in a bathtub of churning light-water. The tub faucet is gushing out light-water, and the waves in the tub were pretty spectacular last week. I keep wondering, who will live and who will die, as that’s the way it seems to be. We sink or we swim. I try not to make waves.

    Yesterday evening I went to see that new movie, Pete and the Dragon, during viewing which, I found that astral folks (specifically Secret Agent sorts, who are apt to hunt for dragons in primeval forests, I guess) do better with the idea of dimensional shifts if I speak of ‘places’ instead of dimensions. Eg, I tried this: In the place where I am, there is no CIA. There is no United States… and they said, Really? … and I said, Yes, really!

    Thanks for everything you do and are,

    Alice Clagett


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