Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 27, 2016

The Magnetic Changes Around Us Reflect that Magnetic Changes within Us.

magnetic energy

What an amazing feast of energies July has been, and continues to be!!  Every morsel gives us something new to use within our lives, within our field of energy.  However, like all energy, it must be applied, used.  For me personally, I feel like I entered a brand new training camp that is exhilarating, and yet, leaves me feeling like a beginner all over again.

For the last year, spirit had said, more times that I can remember, what worked for you before, will not work for you now in the same way.  We are different and therefore, our skills MUST become different.  Not once did I feel connected to that statement, because while in New Mexico, everything worked the same as I was accustomed to, effortlessly.  That is, until I was evacuated to Florida!!  Now, everything I took for granted… well, lets say I found a new appreciation for!!  At the same time, all that I am seeing and understanding thru this amazing new experience called Life, has me more appreciative of the power of inner change than I ever could have been without it.

The first thing I understood in a way I just couldn’t before… before this life experience, is living in the magnetic flow of your personal life.  Spirit has not only talked about it for the last year, but also was the focus within the Super Powers hypnosis series.  Again, with my life before this change, being so repetitive, the same every day, there was no real, outside the ordinary within my life, to fully understand what living it really meant.  What it felt like or moved like.

I do now!!

But let me back up for a moment.  June.  In the oddest of places, I could feel change approaching.  When I sat down to “ponder” and played my phone games, I could feel the end of these moments happening.  I didn’t understand it, but I felt it.  I walked into my house feeling so appreciative of all it provided for me, the expansion, the beauty, the friends.  There were many tell-tale signs that change was around the corner, that I was sure of, but again, for 5 years, while living in my heaven, the only time change happened is when spirit asked me to put a new course together.

The moment my daughter told me of my mother’s condition, I knew in that moment what I was going to do.  What I didn’t fully realize until now, looking back at the enormity of it all, is what happened inside of me.    What will happen inside of everyone during this massive shift of Life (and for many, it has already happened to you, too.)

What I have been calling our core energy, it runs from above the head to below the ground and forms a pipe line around your spine, some are wider than others, but everyone has a core energy.  Within the core energy are the things we know as the chakra centers.  During the course of these next three years, everyone is going to be given a life changing opportunity for this experience to happen as well.  It is a requirement of fulfillment of our spiritual evolution in body.  Of our super powers.

When we take in information, whether it be with our eyes or our ears, it affects our right and left hemispheres of our brain.  Right side is the residence of spirit, left side is the residence of ego/mental mind and our work thru the decades (lifetimes) has been to partner the two, integrate the two hemispheres so they work in absolute harmony with each other.  Intuition and action, one energy.

Both our eyes and our ears are centered in the brain area for a reason!!  When we have an opportunity to go beyond our perceived limits, in this case, it would be assisting my mother an energy is released into the full spectrum energy system we call the brain.  If the mental mind or ego is not fully partnered with the spirit, the right hemisphere, the first causality would be fear, thoughts of the past, bringing back old timelines as if they were present company.  Or, on the opposite spectrum, jumping into something without a plan.  Spirit is pure love, but the mind itself, is the master of matter.  Often times, (I have done this more times than I care to mention) we feel the intuition of doing something and jump into whatever before it is a concrete system on the earth plane and end up flat on our ass wondering… why!!

Right time, right place, right direction is always essential.   When both hemispheres of the brain are magnetically in tune with each other, it all happens exactly in the right way, at the right time.  But I am getting ahead of the story here.

When Michelle told me of my mothers conditions, that energy flowed into my ear, thru my mind, into my third eye and unlocked (which is how I see it, like a set of tumbler locks) the vision, then the throat, the communication, then the hearts (high and base) then the solar plexus, then the sacral plexus, sacral chakra and the root itself, uproots from the energy it was connected to, folds up around the exterior of the physical body and starts a counter-clockwise spin thru the whole energy system.  Opening the energies of change on all levels, including the energetic body of the physically incarnate.

God, I so wish I had a way of showing you what I see right now.  With all the chakras fully unlocked and the root chakra now forming something that looks just like a chrysalis around the body, the energy centers themselves blend in color and vibrancy within the protected, changing energy field.

In our current way we see and experience the color spectrum of the energy centers/ chakras, we rarely see the vast amount of colors that are actually within them, we tend to look at blue as blue, yellow as yellow and so on.  But the more we engage our spirit, the more they blend to create the full spectrum of colors often, not viewable to the naked eye.    This creates a rainbow field that only the spiritual eyes can see and absorb.  This is always what is called (at least, by my team) the rainbow tribe.  (I had no idea until this moment.)

Just like the caterpillar, the incarnate being MUST let go of all they knew, all that they remembered and fully, completely surrender to zero point.

To be clear, my team is saying that if at any moment I stepped into the past history with my mother, even for a moment, the energy within the chrysalis would stop and have to reformat itself to a new experience.  With that, I am being told that it would have engaged the energies of whatever that thought was… meaning, if I had entered into a memory (timeline) where my mother and I were at odds, whatever we were at odds with would have to manifest during our new relationship to clear that once and for all.  If too many memories came back, the reunion would not take place.

Back in 2001 (after I got my meditation grove figured out) I spent literally hundreds of hours address the ways I felt within me, which continued to create chaos around my life, due to the way I absorbed into my field, my mothers past actions and inactions.  I want to share the last moment of this deep inner healing series that was shown to me.  The moment, I fell madly, deeply, unconditionally in love, in awe of my mother.

Spirit opened the meditation up from the other side of the veil.  There stood my mother, an amazing, vibrant soul in body.  In going thru her personal life plan, she willingly and with such love, surrendered to her inner knowing of Soul, of Being a spirit and densed out her energy field so she could provide me with the life experiences that would one day, if I fully allowed, to become the Me I Am today.  There was such a profound love of her to me, in that meditation that I understood everything my mother willingly sacrificed in this lifetime, so that I may one day emerge.  I cried tears of love and honor for days after that meditation, that experience.  It is how I see my mother today.  Selfless in her spiritual sacrifices.

During the month of June, with my energy in such radical change, and a plan of action coming to the fore, there was a new, intense magnetic field laying itself out that will forever be a part of my life now.  There was a second moment that could have stopped it all, when my landlady said my mother could not come stay with me.  In that moment, had I gone up into my head for a minute….

And then the radical shifting of timelines.  Holy shit batman.  I surely didn’t understand this at all, until today really.  At first I was going to leave after the ET course was finished, then I split the time up and made the plan to finish only the last week of July once I got settled at my mothers, and the shifting happened several more times, to include the last day of my house sale.  I think this was my greatest test/challenge of all, because I am anal about my appointments and responsibilities to you, to the field and I couldn’t even come close to overriding that responsibility to the one I was feeling with my mother.

The magnetic shift was in full gear and I was in full alignment with it (phew.)

There are many things we will never fully know until we physically die and do our life review.  It is only then we usually see the full brunt of our choices.  I was given this view about a week ago with my moms little window air conditioner.  It was scheduled to stop working before it did, but with our collective choices (and trust me, you were as much a part of my choices as I was.  If even one person had a melt down because I had to reschedule them to a time that is not even known yet, I am sure I would have delayed my arrival, so thank you for flowing with and trusting me the way you do.  My mother would have exited this lifetime.  She is here to teach us, to restore the gifts of her soul that she so lovingly gave up before incarnation and we are her soul team assisting.  She is truly teaching us how to be the spirit guides incarnate, in love, in matter, in joy.

Several days ago, I took out my handy-dandy pendulum after finding a book on pendulums near my mothers chair.  Of course I called on ArchAngel Michael and asked if he had any messages for my mother.  He did!!!  After writing this blog today (With tremendous help from my team) I so more fully understand his messages!!!  Here is what he swung out to spell for her:

“Distance is collapsing on time.” She said what does that mean, he said “zero point.”

“Start in heaven. Queen restored to the earth now.”

When a butterfly comes out of its cocoon it can choose to see the world around itself at the same ground level experience that the caterpillar had before moving into the cocoon, or it can see itself as limitless, expanded new view and its ability to soar to new heights.

How many of us feel like the kind and queens of our world, our created reality?  That too, is a choice, we can either see ourselves enslaved to the old reality, to our denser emotions, or become the King and Queens of our court, with all the perks that go with Being living royalty.

Of course, I posted that message on facebook and then asked AA Michael for a message to our facebook family and he said:

“It had played out perfectly.” I asked him what is “it” he swung out “love.” I asked if he was referring to the events for my mother he said yes. I also asked if he took part in the full orchestration, he said yes, then my flip flop laying on the floor… moved.

The ground crew is activated (hence the flip flop moving and making me jump lol) and in perfect harmony with the magnetic flow of the new earth.  LOVE is the only focus, the only direction.  And thru it all, WE have changed, are changing others, are enhancing magnetic energy thru the multiverses because… imagine this… BECAUSE of one soul on earth that I happen to call mama in this lifetime.

And just to catch everyone up on what has been happening here in our ever-changing world, all the construction is finished.  With the extra money that came in, we got rid of my mothers 20 plus year old carpet and put down linoleum.  We were able to get many of the other odds and ends that were eventually needed to be done, done (eventually became immediately.) Again, thank you does not even come close to what we feel inside!!  Without each one of you, this would be an incomplete mission.  But, as AA Michael said… We worked together perfectly at the ground level of heaven on earth!!

On the medical front, a lot is happening too.  I fired my mothers primary care doctor and she goes to see her new one on Monday.  She is scheduled for cataract surgery this Friday (on the left one only until the retina specialists sees her right eye on the 10th.)  She had an ultrasound done on her breast and is scheduled for a biopsy on Tuesday.

Her (now former) doctor prescribed her a pill (Daliresp) for her breathing, 180 pills (a 3 month supply) cost $1992 and she just received the approval on it.  The out-of-pocket was only $3.60

Two days ago, my mother said (and literally oozed the emotional energy with her words) “I have never felt so taken care of in all my life.”  Again, I say to every single one of you, THANK YOU!!

Now to contrast all of this, I just received a call from my daughter (the one in jail) who has been sliding deeper and deeper into a depression.  She spent the full 40 minutes of our video session last evening saying how much she hates the new pod she was moved into (all trustees and pregnant ladies) and how much she hates her job (cleaning from 10:30pm until 4am) and that she is going to request to quit and be transferred.  Well, she didn’t have to do either, she was moved this morning to a medium/max security pod.

For days now I have been trying to tell her she is the one in control of how she feels and she should find a way to feel joyful, in gratitude, anything other than what she is allowing herself to feel.  Of course, she wanted nothing of it… at all.  So the universe conspired to give her something new and educational.


Of course, two weeks ago she was given an addition 9 months (totalling 2 years now) due to her probation violation. She had asked me to ask you to please write her.  Her mailing address is:

Valorie Gawlas  Inmate Number 0039229
P.O. BOX 7609

She is not allowed to receive any packages, all books must be pre approved, so don’t send her any, please.  As we have found out, they will be returned.  Also, any cards cannot have glitter or rhinestones on them, they too, will be returned.

Well, there is so much more for me to share, but that is going to have to be for another day, tomorrow I am hoping (smile.)  I am still learning this new dance and my mother wakes up as early as I do.

I love you all and miss you more than I can ever put into words.  My team did say (as I pondered when the hell am I going to feel ready to do readings again) that there are still things on the ground for me to focus on and much is still changing within the realms we call, humanity!!

I love you all, soul much!!!  ((((HUGZ)))) filled with gratitude, love and magic to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. “I have never felt so taken care of in all my life”…. Lisa you have flown into your mother’s life like a tornado and rescued your mom who was at deaths door!!! I am so proud of you!!! And to see all that you have done… I say let the Angels prepare a great feast for you 2 beautiful souls. It is wondrous when you speak of timelines… Very deep stuff!!! It’s as if you jumped over all the old “stuff” and landed in a new story line for you and your mom. She is renewed and reborn…a miracle has taken place for you two. And as for you….omg…. Just think….a new beginning.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I am SO happy that everything is working out so well with you and your Mom! I just have had a big change in my life – quit smoking 10 days ago and haven’t really even had to struggle with it, and I dreaded quitting for years! It must be the new energies helping me get rid of the old and in with the new. I’m feeling so happy lately – for myself just because of that, I can’t get over it! There is definitely something in the air these days… also, I’m sure you don’t remember but you gave me a reading a few months ago and said there were like silver spikes of energy coming out of my field all over the place, and the last 2 nights in my dreams, I’m not sure at all what is going on, but I’m outdoors and zapping silver rods like a foot long that are landing all over the place in the grass on the hillsides, paths, everywhere I turn. Not sure what it’s about but feels right! Thanks for all you do and everyone here – we definitely are a force to reckon with! 🙂


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  3. “Distance is collapsing on time.” She said what does that mean, he said “zero point.”


    FUCK *YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Freaking Fucking FINALLY!!!!

    5 freaking torturous hellish years of salivating for ZERO POINT to arrive…..kicking everyone’s spiritual ass, over and over and over again to get them to continue rising up in Timelines, in spite of themselves……oh my sweet lord… is my “Zero Point”.

    My baby.
    “The Point of Singularity” that I unknowingly channeled and put an entire web page up about, on the prehistoric Internet, 20 years ago.

    Didn’t know what the hell it meant, back then…but I WANTED to get there.




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