Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 30, 2016

Which Way Is Your Wind Blowing??


And here we are, sitting in the gateway, excuse me, the void!  I went into meditation yesterday morning hoping to get a little something something to share outwards, I got squat!!  Dammit!!  Ok, maybe not complete squat, the only thing my team was present for (with visuals, there was zero anything else) I simply asked for an easy time on my road trip to Florida, I had to giggle as they showed the road ahead as if they laid the red carpet out for me.  They ignored me when I said hey, red carpets usually lead to an event, whats the event.  Silence.  Dammit.  The only other visual they shared with me was this big ass white carnation, the stem coming out of my heart and the flower head, the size of a basketball hoop, about a foot above me.  I have no clue what that even means, no one was talking to me yesterday, well, not in my bath anywayz.  So this morning I looked up what a white carnation symbolizes: White carnations suggest pure love and good luck. Yay!!  lol

At the end of what was a very very long and busy day (which seems to be every day since I decided to shift) I went to dinner with a friend and really got some good information to share.  My friend asked how will we know which side of “the yard” we will be on.  The reply surprised and excited me.

We should all be getting the feeling, the experience in our lives already, moving into July just intensifies it, solidifies the energies deeper than they are right now.  For those on the Shambhala side, no matter what is happening in your life, everything that is needed is already working out, effortlessly.  Your needs are fulfilled before you even realize you had a need.  There is no struggle or want.

It was only in that moment I was absolutely sure, my collective choices and actions planted me in the fields of Shambhala.  With this massive undertaking of liquidating my life and prepping to move 1500 miles away, it is all going amazingly well.  Exhausting, but I couldn’t ask for a more perfect, more supported experience in my world.

The chaos side, well that would be the opposite.  No matter what one tries to do, it never gets lift or support in any way.  Altho it can seem like it, it is not a punishment in anyway.  It is a time for anyone in the field of chaos to really look within, re-address their approach to life, to themselves.  This is also caused, in part, by the collective negative energies one may have put out that had not come home to roost.  To clear itself and present new choices based on a new, life supporting emotional output.

Separation, self-absorption, no longer has any glue in this fast evolving world we live in.

The timing of all this is so interesting, we have the political conventions happening in July.  It is going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

There is something else happening too.  This is harder to put into words of understanding.  I have not had a solid night’s sleep since the moment I made the decision to move.  I am up several times a night, sometimes for over an hour at a clip.  It’s exhausting and kinda pisses me off!!  But finally, understanding came last evening as I got up at midnight wide-eyed and bushy-tailed.  These waking points are like… let me share the visual I got:  if you had thought bubbles around you, containing sacred information, important information that has not integrated into your system, into your waking conscious mind, each time I (we) are awakened at night, these thought bubbles are bursting and releasing into the conscious energy field.  Some are much bigger than others, hence being awake longer than other times of waking up.

I must also say as well, that on the other side of the yard, these thought bubbles contain the karmic energy that needs resolution.  That’s all I’m going to say about that!!

Even tho my team is purposely using the words conscious mind, I have no idea what is being released.  I am busy bitching.  lol  However, it is not “direct knowing.” more like a misting of energy into the consciousness, that over time integrates into our next skill levels.  Even that will not be fully understood until the moment you go to use it.  Spirit is always about OJT!!  (On the job training.)

Ohhh, complete change of subject here lol.  I have been meaning to share this thru the last several sharings and of course, I forget.  When I first moved here to the Jemez, my heaven, people from all around the world sent me rocks from their/your soil/landscape.  I was going to take them all with me, but nope… I will do a ceremony right before I leave and put them all in the Jemez River in my backyard.  The energy of the Jemez will forever flood and sustain your fields of life.  A give back from this place to you, to us.

Over the close to 5 years we have worked here together, we opened a huge vortex at the top of the mesa, which will be closed back up as we leave this place.

It’s hard to believe I will be leaving this place in a few days.  What’s even harder for me to believe is how excited I am to go, to embark on the next adventure, growth of my soul, our souls in a new way.  Something beautiful is brewing that we are all going to be a part of!!  The enrichment of life thru each other, with each other, As each other!!  The body of the Living God!!  ❤

Enjoy this transition into July.  I am not sure how much more I will share, my house sale starts tomorrow and if all goes well (get a full night’s sleep lol,) I will be on the road Sunday night.

Ohhh I gotta share this too, just cuz.  I told my mother yesterday that I am not only a massage therapist, I am also a certified hypnotherapist certified in Life Between Life Regression (testing the waters here.)  She got so excited and is soooo open to doing some past life regression, hypnosis healing and life between life exploration!!  Yeee Haaaawwww!!!  This is going to be a fun adventure!!

I love you all so so so much and thank you, more than my tiny little words can ever say, thank you for loving me, loving us the way you do!!

((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) filled with peace, love and harmony to All!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

(PLEASE no booking or rescheduling appointments until I send out an email with my new time zone and changes.  Thank you!!)  






  1. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I have the Jemez river running through my property in San Ysidro, NM. Good luck on your trip and much good GOOD energy!


  2. Have a wonderful journey thanks for all the words from the mesa….we are all in this together and knowing that makes my life feel lighter. Peace, Love, Respect and Good Journey vibes, with Love, MJackson Laguna Beach, CA


    • Ditto!!!! May the Angels drive your car to your next destination and bring people together for your yard sale & move. ❤


  3. I love your blogs! I read them as often as possible. Have a great trip! I am so glad you have this opportunity to reconnect with your mom.
    K now for the question.
    I too am wondering how does one know when they are on the positive side of the yard. Mine seems to be a little of both. I woke up in a great mood, happy to go to work when my car broke down and I will be losing a few days of work until I can get it fixed. I don’t know how I will get it fixed, but I’m not freaking out over it. When it happened, and even now, I stayed positive. I didn’t need to work at staying positive, I just was. It was a bummer, and I am disappointed that I am losing work and letting my boss down a bit but all in all, I am in a very positive mood and feel no real stress about it, just a little anxious. So on one side, things are not exactly going in my favor, nothing is going smoothly, but on the other side, I am remaining light-hearted and mostly in a positive mood. The negative emotions are more like just being concerned about the situation, not really a negative mood.
    So what side of the fence am I on? LOL


    • First of all, always keep in mind, EVERYTHING is always in your favor, all-ways, even, might I say, especially when they appear not to be. I think it all really comes down to… the difference between one side of the yard or the other…

      Both sides will have kinks, where things seem to turn upside down and inside out… it is how we are inside ourselves that is the real proof in the pudding. To move in harmony with the bends in the river, knowing without knowing, something great is happening beneath the currents that we just cannot see… yet. Or allow the currents to slam you against life’s banks in which case, the currents flow against you and getting out of the bend is more complicated than if one just flowed with love and peace in their heart. Which really does allow more creativity/inspiration to come thru to you in the sudden turns in our road. Sounds like your flowing with your life’s sudden turns!! Enjoy the flow and the hidden nuggets ❤


  4. Thank You, Lisa! As always, your words are encouraging and puts a smile on my face. 😀
    Sending you, and your family love all the way from California. ❤


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