Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 28, 2016

Chaos and Shambhala Side by Side. How Are You Using the Event Horizon Underway??

event horizon

There is so much to share, amazing how one day not writing has me backlogged with information and now I pray I remember to get every ounce of it out!!

For many years now, we have talked and even seen to the slightest degree, the separation of the wheat from the chaff, well, if I am understanding all that is coming in (information wise) now, this is the final separation.  This is what this “great flood / great purification” is really all about.  The more “connected” conversations I am having about this enormous moment we are all in, the clearer it is becoming.  The visual spirit is showing me as we arrive in the energies of July, the new landscape of our lives, is if you had a large back yard with a fence running down the middle of the yard, on the right side of the fence, the yard is green and lush, the joy oozing all around.  The left side of the fence starkly opposite, chaos.  Pure chaos.  I see it as black strands and dots of energy in constant movement of I guess the word we can use is entangled debris.  It’s cold over there!!  This fence is like a force field, one cannot and will not affect the other even tho they share the same yard (so to speak.)

The entire planet is in choice, every person, every collective, every thing!!  Which side of the fence are you choosing??  My team is very specifically using the term “Shambhala” for the right side of the fence.  I choose that particular spelling of the word (there are many variations) because of the Sanskrit meaning “Peace, love and harmony.”  It is not enough to simply declare or intend to arrive in Shambhala, to live there you must BE Shambhala.  Let’s be really clear on this too, because sometimes we can get confused due to many different facets of programming over the eons.  This very important information came thru a conversation the other day as well.

There is no “doormat syndrome” allowed in Shambhala.  Love is a shared energy, it is not all give with no need for return.  Often times, we give and give and give and think to ourselves, it does not matter that in my time of need, I am stuck alone fending for myself even tho I have spent a lifetime giving as much as I can to others.  Believe it or not, that is as life depleting as taking and taking and never giving of yourself.  Balance is always key.  (and please, KNOW, that I am not talking of myself here, we are abundantly in each other’s life in every way possible.)

Peace, Love and harmony MUST begin and end with you.  It can never come from an outside source, however, it can and will be reflected back to you by the world you choose to have around you.  If you are not abundantly supported in all that you do, change the world you have around you!!  Do it ASAP please.  It is God to be the center of your universe and fill your needs first and foremost.  All-ways!!!!

The left side of the yard… phew baby.

Sunday night my sleep cycle (or really, lack there of) was bizarre.  I fell asleep at 9pm like usual, but then awoke at 10pm, 11pm. 1am, 2am, and finally at 3am just got my tired as up for the day.  However, I must point out, the first two awakenings were just my eyes popping open, the last three however, I each time I woke up, I heard the song lyrics “When i get to where I’m going, there will only be happy tears.”  All I could say was if you don’t let me have one decent nights sleep, I am not going to get anywhere!!

There was no way of harnessing the higher information to share outwards in a blog, my brain did not accompany my body with the getting up for the day action.  I tried to write thank you’s that are seriously way behind in getting out… besides the word Hi, the emotion I wanted to put into words, was where ever my brain was.  So I did more packing sorting and pricing until about 6am when I started to feel the pull of my holy bath waters.  Considering I have not even had a shower in days (my to-do list is longer than the hours in any given day, showers can wait!! lol) even a disconnected bath would be welcome to my nose!! (giggle)

I laid in my bath and asked my team, how can I be in service, is there more I can be doing?  My team simply replied, no you are doing what is needed.  Ok, let me rephrase, is there anything I can do for you?  My team just said back, you know you just asked the same question using different words, we need nothing more from you.  Then what the hell am I doing in my bath… I got stuff to do!! BTW, what the hell is up with my sleep last night, that is not nice considering how much I have to do yet.  And why did you skip midnight??

What they showed me was really bizarre and dare I add, surprising.  Each time I was awakened, it was equal to being cranked… like if you had this screw top and each time my eyes opened, I was given a full rotation to opening.  In this visual, the two times before midnight, I with each crank I went up and up… then on the other side of the midnight hour (change in timelines completely) I was being screwed down, or cranked into a new reality.  My team explained this is what the 2 day void really is.  Many will experience it before the 30th-1st target date, but ALL will experience it then.  Again, this event is planetary.

So I opened a door I kind of wish I didn’t… I asked my team, since we are in a whole other set of timelines, can we make it so my mom sticks around longer than originally planned??  What I got in return, I wish I can give back, close that door, I don’t want to see what was just opened.

There is now currently a meeting that is ongoing with my mother’s counsel in regards to this request.  They will not be able to fully reply until she and I get together in the physical (when I move to Florida) relationships are very different on the phone than they are on the actual earth plane of living together.  However, they did give me caution, that she is not to move back to PA at all, visit, yes, move no.  Her energy system could not withstand the weight of the density of that plane and would cause life failure.  Really??  Then… the information went into very unexpected directions.

Now focusing on the left side of the yard of life, the chaos field, my team explained that much is going to happen over the next three years (and a lot has already been started) but most particularly (because this was where my focus was at) with Pennsylvania, NEPA to be exact, I was shown a virus spreading, akin to the black plague.  I kept hearing new strain of the Zika virus, but I am not sure if my means exactly the zika virus or simply a new badass strain of virus.  They explained that many places around the world, will have this causation due to the stripping of the earth, the defuncting of the ley lines in areas that have been over mined.  Now being familiar (growing up) in NEPA (north east pennsylvania) we stripped just about all the coal from the mines and have now moved into place oil wells, which comes with fracking, all over the grid of that area.  We can look at ley lines like oxygenators (or think aquifers) and when we deplete the energy fields, life that normally could not survive (viruses) thrive.  Because the humans in these areas have weakened immune systems (due to the lack of oxygenation from the defunct ley lines) then… well trouble happens.

I thought about the wonderful people I know that still live in these areas.  My team assured me that what we would deem “light workers” those aligned to the energies of Shambhala, will be immune completely.  I was so surprised to see that our family from the stars have been working on many an aligned human to implant the immunity that will be needed.  Many of these implants were messed with by misunderstandings, but that goes into free will of the people as well.  Choice and consequence of choices.

I am done seeing this, it’s not pleasing to my senses and I will find a way to make sure my mother looses her desire to live in PA.  So then, let’s switch the view to Florida, since my ass is moving faster than my mind can keep up with!!  What is up with this sneak attack to transfer me to Florida.

I was taken to a beach, sitting on the beach and staring out into the ocean.  I could suddenly see and feel this huge beam of light coming out of my own forehead.  Holy shit, I feel like a what a light house must feel like lol.  As I sat there, this crazy light coming out of my forehead, suddenly way out in the ocean a massive ring of light started to emit and open and come up out of the ocean waters.  OUR ETs!!!!  I didn’t see them mind you, just felt them thru this massive field of light now being exchanged.  The one thing I knew for sure, it was the ones already here on earth.  I was so freakin excited!!  And then something even more amazing happened… something I had foreseen so long ago that an amazingly generous soul recently reminded me of in an email… An event that came thru what I called “Healing the Nations.”  The light over the ocean changed in its intensity to become like a silver white and I knew it was the Presence (of god) revealing himself thru… (will let you know when I know lol.)

If this wasn’t enough to take in and absorb, I was told that I will get an office ocean side to do my work.  We will use the ocean energy for what we are about to do and of course, our friends from the skies too.  The (sorta) guilt I have been carrying from having to reschedule everyone thru this “great flood/purification” event, started to ease and turn into excitement.  Everyone (including the ET connections) are changing venue and points of (Light) connections and well, let’s just say things are about to change (how, I have no idea, yet!!)

I was so excited!!  OMG, this time with my team gave me a much needed energy boost to get my to-do list done.  I got out of my bath, turned on my Pandora Radio (cuz everything goes better with music lol) and about shit a brick when the first song (which has never ever played on my Pandora playlist before) that came on was “When I get to where I’m going.  Ohhhhh I did ask my team about the repetition of this song and they said to listen to it from the point of being alive, not crossing over (death.)

So as this song played, I stood still and listened… really, listened.  And my heart blew open as the tears streamed down my face with knowing what I had just experienced in my meditation and feeling this part of the song:

But when I get where I’m going
And I see my maker’s face
I’ll stand forever in the light
Of his amazing grace
Yeah when I get where I’m going
There’ll be only happy tears

I forget a lot of things, so much information, inspirations come thru at such a rapid rate over the last decade and a half, that which did not produce anything in that moment, I just forget about and move on to the next flood of light coming thru you.  Again, Catherine B… thank you for this documented reminder and never losing the faith of what I see… and seeing into this moment what I myself could not, would not see otherwise!!

I am going to share some of what Catherine sent to me that I had put out there some time ago (since I am not 15 years older not 10 lol)

“I could see this mass gathering taking place in a very large open space. There was a large stage like you would see at a rock concert, but instead of bands, all the “Light Worker” people I was familiar with, gathered. Folks like Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Michael Newton…I could see the sea of people who came from all over the world to attend this massive day long event. Each speaker shared whatever their expertise was thru out the day. What so surprised me was, I was not only the organizer of this event, I was also one of the speakers…
Thru this ongoing event and I witnessed speaker after speaker talking/sharing… suddenly the most amazing thing happened. It just getting to sunset when suddenly in the sky… the most amazing light permeated everywhere. It was felt, experienced by every single person in attendance. The Light of God changed us, healed us forever!!”
Yet, the one thing about the vision that never wavered… I was there, on a stage surrounded by a sea of people… leading the meditation. I would laugh because no one knows me… not like they do the people I was sure was creating this event.
Well I am 10 years older now… I speak the language of Light fluently… fluently enough to know the LightWorkers I had seen had always been You.  You who occupy this land. You who occupy the fields of Light.
The other constant within this meditation was tearing a massive hole thru the fabric of time… and the Light… the PURE LIGHT flooded the darkness of the world’s stage.

I find it interesting that our teams, speaking of this very moment we are all in, is now calling it “being in the event horizon.”  A couple of years ago, thru the readings (have I said just how freakin grateful I am for your faith and trust with me, YOU provide all this Light information, I am simply a stenographer) spirit was talking about preparing for the “event horizon.”  Well, we are in it now!!  I did take a stroll to wikipedia to understand (remember) what an event horizon is… turn the quantum physics into metaphysics and the fence running down the middle of the yard:

In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman’s terms, it is defined as “the point of no return”, i.e., the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible, even for light. An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes. Light emitted from inside the event horizon can never reach the outside observer. Likewise, any object approaching the horizon from the observer’s side appears to slow down and never quite pass through the horizon,[1] with its image becoming more and more redshifted as time elapses. The traveling object, however, experiences no strange effects and does, in fact, pass through the horizon in a finite amount of proper time. From here to the central singularity will take 0.0001 seconds in proper time, in free fall, for a 30 solar mass black hole. This infall time is proportional to the mass of the black hole.[2]

Keeping in mind, in heart, we are NOT here to stop the chaos, for it is very much needed.  We are here to build the new, BE THE NEW!!!

Ohhh I want to add in this visual (I am most forgot lol.)  Going back to the fence separating the yard… shambhala and the chaos.  I could see the energy of chaos as if it was in a corset and started to become squeezed tight.  As this energetic corset squeezed tighter and tighter, the energies started to gather upwards at the top of this corset and once released, transmuted and flew into the garden of eden we are living and building… the heartscape of Shambhala.  With this visual is the knowing (but not the understanding) that much is going to be released unto us in energy forms of all kinds to flourish without struggle or effort.  Energy never truly dies, it’s reformatted and recycled into higher forms (us!!!)

On that note, my to-do list awaits!!  My team so lovingly moved up my move out date to Sunday at 6pm!!  Jesus, have Mercy on this human!! lol  It’s weird because I feel I am being evacuated as opposed to transplanted and I have no idea why!!  (Nor is anyone tell me either lol.)

I love you all so much and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your love, your support, your own bravery for Being the Presence of God embodied!!

((((((HUGZ))))) overflowing with happy tears to All!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

(PLEASE no booking or rescheduling appointments until I send out an email with my new time zone and changes.  Thank you!!)

P.S.  I want to share a meditation experience that a beautiful friend had the other day.  When she told me of her meditation and I could feel the importance of it, I asked her to share it on my facebook as well as was given permission to sre it here.  If you do not put your foot forward into the new, into the pure trust field of Shambhala, well… Just do it!!!

Thank you Barbara Jacksha!!

Lisa, this morning in my meditation I saw something that fits perfectly with the messages you’ve been receiving/writing about the importance of action and moving forward.

I saw myself walking into a void of pure potential, at the leading edge of my life. I understood that there was no one leading the way, no one breaking ground for me, that the creation “ahead” was both my responsibility and my exciting adventure.

Each step I took into the void created virgin ground beneath my foot. And once I took a step I saw and felt how reality immediately sprang to life and arranged itself around that movement/choice. Side to side my body formed a plane. In front of the plane was pure potential. Behind that plane were all the resources, guidance, help, knowledge – everything I’d need, backing me up 100 percent! But it was my step, my step into the void and the unknown, that created the reality. Without the step or action, potential remains potential and new realities remain unrealized.

I felt how the old idea of needing to get each and every duck in a row before we take action, of needing to feel 100% confident or ready, or needing to feel certain about outcomes, is backwards and so the old way of doing things. It’s literally our magical movement forward that creates, and that movement is as simple as taking one small step at a time. Completely doable (and exciting and fun) for everyone, no matter where any of us are at and no matter where we want to go.

So today I am celebrating steps large and small! Love you

(From Barbara Jacksha, Santa Fe, NM)



  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I have had sleep disturbances, being awake at night, sleep during the day, recently, and hope I am back to getting a full nights sleep, and awake during the day, ie back to my normal sleep cycles.
    Nice to know about the energies, places of illnesses and such, in relation to our mining, oil extraction and such. We need to find other ways of getting what we need. Also ask the planet for assistance in this, and thank the plants, animals and planet ie rocks, minerals, water, air for that which they provide. Keep all in balance, and clean. We have much to relearn. The native people can help us do this, time to listen to them.


  2. I wish you had of went into more detail on the cranking up and up and the cranking down into a new reality on June 30th-July 1st. Does it mean we all will start moving physically in a new direction or new reality? Or is it our consciousness that will have shifted that will cause us to physically go in another direction? Thanks, Roy


    • Honestly Roy, I have no idea. I shared only what I understood about myself. However, I do feel we can have a brand new reality exactly where we are right now as we allow our consciousness to shift and expand. I also feel that some people need to be the anchor of light in the rougher areas on this planet, so moving (literally) would not be in life’s best interest and that is really where we are at now (now, more than ever)…

      I hope this helps more than confuses ❤


  3. Reading this, I had to tell you of two songs that I had heard before but listened to them last night and they had new meaning to me. Jane Seiberry sings, Calling all Angels, which is so amazing given all that is happening right now,in the word. When you were describing your dream, I thought of her song, LOVE WILL SAIL ACROSS THE WATER. Amazing! It will amaze you, I was super inspired by the music. Enjoy!


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