Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 26, 2016

The Great Purification Is Underway, Next, The Great Void…and then….??!!

the great purification

If these days can’t any more strange or intense??  All my readings and even ETville all had the same thing that I was seeing… water.  In reading land the water itself was pouring down from the sky, not like rain or even intense rain, like a river that stretched all around the globe, or maybe better said, a waterfall pouring out of the sky.  The expressions from spirit were the same thru each connection as well “The Great Purification” is underway, The Great Flood was another phrase I heard too, but not as much as the great purification.  Very much like an emotional cleansing.  Intense energies flooding the earth that will create intense reactions and actions that are very much already underway.

A wonderful soul shared a video on my facebook yesterday that so aligns with perfect clarity what I had seen thru every connection yesterday:



There is no solar activity, and yet our magnetic field is in major flux.  Which is why spirit showed it like they did, a flood from the heavens, this is not from the sun energies at all and it is not missing a spot on earth, everyone and everything will be, is being affected.

Equally, the same message was repeated to everyone hoping to get some understanding, spirit cannot interfere in any way way at this moment.  We are all at the biggest crossroads of our collective life, individually, collectively and planetary.  It is for us to understand then choose.  Not think about, CHOOSE.

Another way to look at this, is like an opportunity to free all negative karma, again, individually and collectively.  The choice of planting only positive energy in your world, if your foot has been stuck in the mud somewhere, the energies are fully supporting, if not pushing, release.

Altho this river of water was steady, I never seen it accumulate on the ground itself.  I don’t know if that was to prevent me from seeing or knowing too much, but I would like to think it is emotional less literal.  But truly, I do not know that for sure.  I have a feeling tho, going into collective energies, what we would consider towns, cities and stuff, if the old energies are stuck and won’t be changed, then it just may get very literal too.

On lady yesterday, did give us a wonderful twist on the visual.  With hers and only with hers (I had 4 readings yesterday and two ET sessions) she had flowers, all different colored flower heads that I could see coming thru the waters flooding down.  Her team explained that what they are showing was “the flowers of shambhala,”  that the energies she has put out, the choices she has already made has already prepared the grounds we are just going to call July.

From what I am understanding (subject to change with more information) there are three energies playing out right now.  Action already in motion, choices underway, same old reactions that are building to a crescendo of change.  Which do you fall into??

Even tho this all may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be.  Your life, and any choices you may be in right now or soon to come, the end result should be joy, excitement, opportunities to grow in new ways.  Upliftment of yourself and others.  Sometimes, this does take radical decisions made on the spot (not in the mental planes of thought.)

Then there is the other side, that sadly I had seen so clearly yesterday too.  Reactive and filled with self (small s there) engorgement, with no concern for anyone or anything outside of yourself… these floods will make all that you are focused on, grow rapidly.  The visual I get is like wearing a girdle and the girdle starts squeezing tighter and tighter until, you just cannot take any more and need to get out of it (whatever it is.  This is how fear will be purged out of the garden of earth’s life.)

So either way, these waters are filled with an abundance of miracle grow, the loving kindness that you put out will be the fullness of your life’s garden moving into July, the fears and worries unresolved, will be as abundant, but not long-lasting.  What I hear is you will either collapse under the pressure of get the hell out of the girdle.  If this becomes anyone’s experience at all, don’t dilly dally getting out of the girdle. Do something different, radically different than you have ever done before.

So as I moved to ETville, I really was surprised to see the element of water over there too.  Only, it was not pouring downward towards the ground like it was in reading land, instead it was like a river in the upper atmosphere.  An ET that is already living on the grounds of earth arrived in a canoe, he cracked me up with the visual.  He explained he is here to bring the message that at this moment none of the ETs can arrive as the flood waters rage, he and others are already here on the ground and have been for some time, so they know how to navigate the intensity.  He came as a messenger.  He too, referred to this time as the great purification, but it is not limited to just earth, this is a flood of all realms, and enhancement of the streams of energies that are merging and building.  A cleansing of the debris that no longer serves anyone or anything.  A reunification is underway.

He surprisingly gave us timelines where spirit didn’t.  This water event will intensify thru the 29th of June.  Then on June 30th and July 1st, to use his words “there will be a great void.”  The visual I seen was of nothing, like just… stillness of all energies.  It was surprising and odd.  The feeling I get is that it is a time for all this water, emotional changes (or amplifications) to be fully absorbed into the landscape of life.  And again, to use his words, then life bursts asunder thru July.

I do want to be cautionary here too.  We have had sooo much time to deal within our inner and outer dysfunctions that we may think we still have all the time in the world.  Not so.  This water event is here to loosen the soil around us, so that we may pluck the weeds (non-life supporting emotions) from our personal gardens.  The more the personal gardens (life) are cleared, the more the collectives get cleared too.  For those who choose to leave the weeds within the garden of their lives, they will become choke weeds, meaning, it is all you will see until you finally let that way of being in life, go!!

For years now we have heard and in the smallest degree, experienced the separation of the wheat from the chaff, this time we are in right here, right now, is the grand finale.

Ohhhhh, this phrase that was repeated by spirit thru the readings cracked me up and really makes me ponder.  When we have a field that is planetary as opposed to personal (you pay for personal, not planetary lol) I gather information thru you, but we never count it as a reading.  Of course, this is really pesky with my own life being traveled down the white water rapids of life, rescheduling at this moment is a big question mark as to exactly when.  Spirit kept saying we will read again when we (not me, WE) arrive at “the next docking station.”  Docking station????  What the hell is that???  All I kept thinking was going to another planet and docking there.

I am suddenly brought back to that pesky and delightful book called “The Keepers of the Garden.”  The part where Phil is talking about the harvesting of DNA, of eggs and sperm to create stock (purer bodies) for the second coming, the second garden of eden.  He also talked about the chaos that will precede this massive event, that many will not survive on this world, but equally, many will be taken to the next plane of existence via their ships.

I have seen something similar many times in meditation, especially in my early years of meditation. With over a decade of space between then and now, I figured we missed those events.  But the more I listened to him share details, the more I realized, we are just getting ready to open this door.  Our psyches had to be prepared.  Many had to be prepared to be the brave ones to stand in the storms and assist.  To squelch the fears that naturally grow thru great change.  To assure and direct.

One of the things Phil shared that dropped my jaw to my car floor… he was talking about being taken on a ship.  Even under hypnosis he was scared, well be bobbed and weaved from scared to ok, to scared back to ok.  The ship itself scared him because he kept saying, its alive.  This ship is alive.  The ship itself is conscious and knows I am standing in it.  Well, one of my amazing ET lady’s had this very kind of ship show up in her ET connection.  The ship itself was communicating with me, to her.  It was conscious.  My lady’s energy field was made of the same energy of this ship and her job is to fully understand it all, how it works, how it moves, what is asked of the occupants and so on.

There were 3 ETs inside the ship to assist her, but her connection really is with the ship itself.  Let me tell you, this ship looked ordinary enough.  A large reflective silver disc with a bubble on top.  Kind of very much like this:

flying saucer

The disc itself perfectly smooth and reflective.  The bubble top could be either clear or covered in the reflective material at the will of the occupants.

I soooo want Dolores Cannon’s book “Custodians Beyond Abduction” but it is not available in audio format.  Does anyone know if I can download it to kindle and get software that will make it audible??  If there is, can you please pop me an email at and point me in a direction, please.  I will devour that book on my transition to the next docking station of my life lol.

Of course, with all this water, cannot see or know anything happening on both sides of my fields, I was melting down, an easy thing to do these days for me.  I have a packed agenda for reading and doing the second connection of ETs thru the 30th, what do you mean no insights, no ET connections, I don’t have time for this, nor do those who placed their faith and trust in me, want to hear… gotta wait, the airways are being flooded.  Shit!!!  Why not give me a heads up, I would never ever run specials or I could have at least booked off the last week of June as well.  Have mercy on us humans, especially this one who is juggling more balls than I can even be efficient with!!  Dammit!!  But alas, the conversations are just as important as the readings.  In these times, this massive ending and new beginning, we are breathing new air into each other, igniting the new energies of our lives.  We are a collective that is going to burn so bright, nothing else will be seen (I am not even sure what that means!! lol)

On that note, i am going to close so I can get an hour of packing and sorting in before the first conversation of the day (smile.)  I love you all so much and thank you for sharing the courage of your heart outwards to me, to others, towards each other.  You are each the rock that shall Be the new central point of the enlivened new earth.  Soap-bubble land is going to be bursting into oblivion.  No fear.  Trust and Act from the heart.

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of deLight and Joy-FULL-ness to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Please hold off booking any readings until I get centered, please.  I will let everyone know on facebook as well as thru this blog when I have a “back on” light happening.  I don’t want to get more confused than I am or miss anyone getting on the schedule in our new docking station!!  Thank you!!











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  3. Oh stubborn creature — Watch, pay attention, LEARN, expand your *KNOWING*:

    Your personal, conscious, “ship”…..

    … your LIGHTBODY ship.

    And your LIGHTBODY ship, is the *SAME THING AS YOUR MERKABA*
    It is generated by the opposite-spinning electromagnetheric torsion/donut fields of your Merkaba.


    Your LIGHTBODY (MERKABA ship) is the shape of the typical UFO ship, even when surrounding a single person, also shown here in the video:



  4. ~

    I sent this to you months ago, but you rejected it, then:







    Become very familiar with this term…’s what we “flash into”, in order to cross into the higher dimensions.


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  6. Hi Honey, I haven’t responded to this because I’ve been really taking time with it. 3x through and some notes … the graph is pretty awesome, isn’t it? I’m feelin’ the change, big time. Below is another posted by a friend on Facebook.

    I’ve had a deluge of San Juan Island energy continuing since last we spoke. My friend on Orcas and I are having good conversation. Elizabeth (Flying Burrito) and I “IM’ed” on Facebook yesterday morning. A full conversation with photos she took as we conversed. So fun. She was walking the docks and sitting next to the ice cream place before packing up. She and daughter were there, really for some healing from their time there 8+ years ago now. She prayed for orcas and a beautiful transient pod showed up, the male literally coming next to their boat. AND showed up next to the ferry on the way back. Talk about recognition. It’s been memory lane and a re-connection for me in such a big way, I’m gasping at the amount and frequency. Bill is doing SOME WORK. You know, I stay postitive most of the time, even when going through darkness. But these angels are bringing me back to myself, and I’m allowed to feel how it was when I was there (at the spectacular times). How interesting!

    Arkansas has been the best gift in the meantime. I have found Oneness, which has given me the tools for seeing and releasing the old patterns of belief I’ve had since I was small. Chris has helped with that too .. and has given me loving attention that has given me hope. And the medical system here has given me a free hip and any other medical I’ve needed. Carter and I had a blast last night while I babysat. He and I played and giggled for a few hours. He acts as if it’s no big deal when I’m there but he pulled on my heart strings as he was in his car seat ready to go to Little Gym, and yelled out (I was sitting in my car), “When are you coming home?”. The next little sweetie is arriving in 3 weeks.

    So who knows? I will follow my heart in the moment. We’ll see where it leads me.

    Love you, Pam

    On Sun, Jun 26, 2016 at 8:03 AM, The Shift of Time and Energy! wrote:

    > Lisa Gawlas posted: ” If these days can’t any more strange or intense?? > All my readings and even ETville all had the same thing that I was > seeing… water. In reading land the water itself was pouring down from > the sky, not like rain or even intense rain, like a river th” >


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