Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 21, 2016

The Full Moon Ignites the Magnetic Field of the Solstice of Change!!

May we all have the courage to leave our "pride" behind when life takes you to the edge and asks you to jump into the void with only the moonlight to guide us!!

May we all have the courage to leave our “pride” behind when life takes us to the edge and asks us to jump into the void with only the moonlight of emotion to guide us!!

We have done solstice and equinox readings for years now and every time we come up on one of these four super magnetic events in our years, I see it as a magnetic pole in the readings.  This pole is located somewhere on your field enhancing the energies you are putting out.  It took me to my third and last reading of the day yesterday to fully understand what I was seeing thru every reading, it was such a different presentation of the solstice energy.

Everyone showed up inside this odd energy.  I couldn’t see the energy but I could feel its presence very much.  It was not much more than 5 feet in diameter around each person and everyone was in the center of it.  The common feeling thru each one, this is day one of a brand new energy field and what you do thru this day forward, is what is seeding your life.  There was nothing outside of this energy that I could see.  Like I said, it was at the third connection did I fully realize this was the solstice energy and it was a brand new display of the magnetics.  You could have likened each reading this way:

You have become the magnetic beacon.  The powerful magnetics of the solstice or equinox, is no longer outside of yourself, but a part of you.  So, as I understood the bigger picture, June has been a collection of energies moving into you, stronger than ever before.  Think about the deepest inhale you ever took… then hold it.  That is the solstice energy that you are (smile.)

The way I understood the story thru the readings, this energy will start to release outwards over the next 24 hours and whatever you put out, however you put it out, seeds your new garden of life. There is nothing like a first hand experience to fully understand what seemed rather cryptic.  My life gave me more than I bargained for yesterday.

The first thing that shocked me was getting an amazon notice that the package I had just ordered friday evening with the Tylenol and Advil and other stuff arrived at my mother’s house first thing in the morning, it wasn’t supposed to get their til thursday.  Every Time my mother said her back hurt, I kept telling her I wish there was a way to get it to you sooner.  Our love, together, magically created the pathway for her to have her needs meet 3 days earlier.  Love the mountain and the mountain moves!!

In between my third and fourth readings, my landlady came over to give me the mail.  She has been out-of-town for the week and this is the first time I have seen her since the reconnection with my mother happened.  Of all the obstacles that could have arisen with my plan to get my mother here with me, this is one I never ever foreseen.  I was told my mother cannot come to stay.  Have you ever gotten so shocked by something that there is a momentary paralysis of your energy.  That is how my whole body felt, like the blood just ran out of my body, not in a negative way at all, just… I think i fully understand what getting yourself to zero point means now.  I actually had a similar experience (with my energy field) in 2004 when I lived in Idaho and my landlord came to my house trying to pick a fight with me.  My energy just froze as I listened to him do all he could to get a fist fight going with me (his wife was my client and friend and he would physically abuse her.)  The only thing I could do with him, was close the door on his body and the next day, I gave my notice to vacate.

Zero point, the place to the old and ongoing no longer fit the larger model potential in your life stream.

As I tried to explain to my landlady, it’s only until her home sells… it didn’t matter.  So my mouth opened and out came the words “then consider this my 30 day notice to vacate.”  As soon as the last word came out of my mouth, I could feel the energy surge around me, like a fizzy drink!  Suddenly it all just made sense, I still have a leave out date of the week of the 4th of July, now I just have to have a house sale.  The proactive part of me just took over and the more I looked at this sudden change of plans, the more it actually made sense in relationship to my mother’s needs.

Ok, I will go to my mothers and stay there until we get her house sold.  I will have a hands on with everything that needs to get done as it goes instead of trying to do it all from New Mexico.  She has a double wide with 2 bedrooms so I have a place I can fill with my energy and work from there.

Let me overcome something that has been presented with this sudden twist.  I don’t care about my history with my mother, it is exactly that, history separated by 20 years of null space.  My whole focus is on what is happening now and the needs of this moment, nothing else at all.  Nothing else matters unless I CHOOSE to drag it into matter.

As I am (slowly) writing this this morning (I got less than 4 hours sleep, my mind woke up with a chattering of the to-do list that I could not override lol) my own memories go back to my teenage years.  I became a lying atheist for years.  I say lying because of course I not only believed in god, but knew there was a god and he pissed me off.  I hated my life circumstance and denied my love for him, my knowing of him for years to punish him for my misery.  It’s a trait that runs deep in our family lol.  I eventually broke my banishment of god and not one time did he say…. well… you disowned me for years, I have my back turned to you ongoing.  Unconditional love is exactly that, loving without conditions, expectation or past influences muddying the waters.

It took me about an hour to get beyond the sudden shock waves of change that just happened.  Not once did the energy of sadness overcome me.  Yes, I love my home, but not more than I love my mother.  My home is filled with stuff… stuff I didn’t have before I moved in and stuff I won’t have when I move out.  My mother is a living, breathing, creation of god that I love tremendously.  I’m actually excited.  An adventure is unfolding.  Something new that is going to expand all of our abilities in new ways.

Ha!!  I love this analogy I am hearing: “It’s one thing to pluck an apple off a tree and say, I saved the apple… but what of the tree and the rest of the fruit?”   So we are going in at the root level of the aging tree, a tree connected to all the other trees in life.

Another analogy presenting:  We all choose to leave the comforts of home, of heaven to incarnate in this realm of dualistic life and we do so excitedly at the soul level.  To be here in the full range of heaven on earth is to move out of our personal heaven and roll up our sleeves, in consciousness and love.

I had to giggle as I remembered a dream my daughter shared with me the 2nd day she was in the big jail.  She was all excited when she told me about it.  She said in her dream she was at the end of her jail sentence and moved here to New Mexico and then we suddenly moved to Clearwater Florida.   She said that in the dream, of course she was thrilled to be in Florida, but all i kept saying is “I don’t want to freakin be here, I hope your happy…”  And I told her, don’t get your hopes up, it would take something huge to have me leave New Mexico and move to florida.  that the energy of Clearwater must be representing clear emotions.  My mother lives near Clearwater and this dream happened before Michelle showed up on her doorstep!!  Well… never say never!!  She is going to shit a brick when I skype with her tonight!!

So, as I settled into this new and sudden change of venue I kept leaning into the one thing I could not feel in any way… where am I going to live next?  That which moves me, moves with me and thru me had one focus in sight, get to my mothers, get all that needs to be done, done, and then when (and if) the time presents, get her life set up in PA as she desires.  After that, there is nothing but a brick wall I cannot get past.  So I shall be like a leaf on the wind!!

So now, my new improved plan is have a full-scale house sale July 1st thru the 3rd and still leave out the 4th or 5th of July.  Nothing in me feels the need or desire to delay the movement to Florida.  At this point, I am moving on pure intuition and (kinda surprisingly) my mind is in full partnership with it all.  Excited, directed, no mourning at all, no trepidation, this is good, this is god!!

My mother said yesterday… your psychic, didn’t you see this coming?  My heart just opened so wide in that moment.  I laughed and said, no, there are somethings you cannot foresee, it’s the experience and choice in that moment that is important.

I will close on that note.  I have 7 readings and two homework session to do on less than 4 hours sleep.  I need to go plug my ass into the universal charger!!

Never, ever think you are immune to sudden and unexpected change (like was feeling lol.)  Feel where the dance is taking you and boogie in that direction!!

I love you all so so so much and thank you for loving me and my crazy life as well!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to All!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am not taking any new readings until I get settled into the next phase of my life.  (Should be just a few weeks.)gnite










  1. A M A Z I N G . . . Just amazing! What a privilege to read your amazing experiences ~ this is SO exciting, Lisa! But then, this feels so so much the huge energy of loving change that’s rolling on EVERYONE now and I love that we are all in it together ~ so much happiness for you and your amazing family! With you every step of the way…love ‘n’ HUGS!!! Sara~Rosa 🌺


  2. What will leaving your home mean for your readings?


  3. Dear Lisa,

    Yesterday I had trouble booking an appointment with you for June 30th, now I understand why. I love, love, love the way you are going with the flow and I know the universe and all of us who are connecting with you are sending you love and support. Safe travels and may angels show up to help you in magical ways as you make this transition.

    I loved the image that you posted with this latest entry, it is exactly fhe way my body has been feeling, like I have a kazillion beads of electrical light energy coursing through me. And I do feel we are being transformed at a cellular level. Thanks for the confirmation. I am sending you peace, love, courage and serenity this morning.

    Love. Willow Rose

    Sent from my iPad



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  5. WOW! How exciting for you Lisa! Reading your blog is like following a TV drama – If I miss an episode, I have to catch up so I can follow your amazing journey…

    You should consider writing your Memoirs – it would be a best seller LOL!
    Good luck on your new adventure! With you all the way….
    Love & Big Hugs from Australia (())

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  6. Hi Lisa,
    I’ve had an eye on your blogs for a couple years, but have never left a reply before. I just wanted to say thank you for your candid sharings. They have become one source from which I gauge the energetic weather. Your message today especially made me smile as it mirrors the beautiful shifts I’ve been witnessing in my world. I feel the light wave, which has been building for so many years, has arrived at last and is now carrying us forward into a life that will be far more joyful for many.
    I also applaud your decisions around your mother. They are beautiful to witness. Many people talk the talk, few but carry off the walk with that sort of grace. Good on you.


  7. OMG…how can your landlord be so heartless? I know that feeling of your energy stopping at such a shock! I am wondering how this will affect the readings but I’m sure this will work out. As one of the other respondees said, I too follow your blog like an ongoing novel. I cannot NOT follow your blog. … It let’s me know what the field is doing!! You my dear dear loving sister of a soul will be fine. .. True example of going with the flow! In Love And deepest gratitude…HUGS!


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