Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 18, 2016

We Are the Engines of Change, of Acceleration, of Goodness – In Action!!

the engine of change

There is so much I want to share today, but first, I gotta get some of these emotions out, I have been swimming in them since last night after I talked to my mother.  Of course, what I am going to share is one persons up close view, but let’s pan out a bit or a lot, because even tho these are my mother’s conditions, I know this is not an unique situation and so many of our seniors and elderly are living the same sort of life.

I now talk to my mother every evening for about an hour.  I am getting as much understanding, background information as I can to help her going forward.  The one thing this stroke seemed to do, wipe away the memories of the lies she has told for so long, so without even realizing it, she is finally telling the truth about things, that’s awesome in my book.  But her current truth, breaks my heart.

Her neighbor goes grocery shopping every Tuesday and Friday and since my mother now lives as a shut in, takes her along any time my mom needs to go.  She had to go yesterday, she was out of cat food.  So my mother told me, quite innocently that she had $8 left so she bought 10 cans of cat food and a half-gallon of milk.  She is out of money now until the 1st and 3rd of the month when her social security and disability come in, a whopping $700 total.  She does get food stamps, and at one time she was getting $200 a month, but for whatever reason that she does not know, they have been reduced to $58 a month now.

I asked her about drugs, is there anything she is taking.  There was 5 years ago, blood pressure medicine, arthritis meds and others she cannot remember what they were for.  But when her car died, she had no way of getting anywhere, so she weaned herself off of everything and now only takes Advil and Tylenol PM to help with her pain.  So I asked her if she has plenty on hand, nope she ran out a while ago and cannot replenish them until her checks come in.  I asked her about toilet paper, two rolls left until the checks come in.  Jezuz!!  I went to amazon and ordered her some Advil and Tylenol, toilet paper and some paper plates, since she rarely uses regular plates because standing doing dishes hurts her back so much.  It won’t get to her until Thursday, but at least that sooner than the 1st.  I am so grateful for amazon!!

Then I asked her about the holidays, what has she been doing for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Nothing.  Sitting there like any other day with her cat. I am so glad she has a cat.

However, I do hear something extraordinary in it all now.  Hope.  A renewed vigor for life.  I am asked so often from the people I read for how can I use my skills to serve.  Can I suggest adopting a senior??  Our loving compassion is the greatest gift we possess.  There is no greater service that we can do than to restore the lovelight of life in someone’s life where that light went dim.  All the spiritual abilities in our possession matters not one ounce if there is someone we know, or come to know of, in need and we do nothing.

I have spent the last few days, looking around in the corners of my mind, the past life-long, torrid relationship I have had with my mother, and I am amazed really, there is not an ounce of anything emotionally negative that I can find.  I don’t think we can really know how much and how fully we resolved our inner issues until we are presented with their reflection back in our path.  I have no trepidation (surprisingly lol) of her arrival here in my home, actually and again, so surprisingly, I am freakin excited, as she is.  She is not bringing up the negative filled past either, that alone is a miracle.

All of this is really teaching me so much already.  I control the current of where and how things go.  If I keep this ship a sail in the waters of love, then love is the only outcome.  If I or she picks at old wounds, well then, that’s on me and the consequence will grow in my home.  NOT!!  She was talking about something on the news and I told her, nope I don’t watch the news.  My house is built on happiness and there is nothing happy coming out of CNN or any news media.  She paused for a minute, then just said… ohhh…. ok.

I also told her last night, that altho my life itself is very simple, my days are unique and she will be privy to a lot of odd stuff, like the information that comes thru in readings and the ET sessions we will be doing.  She got so freakin excited and said she has always been interested in that stuff.  Good, cuz you are gonna get the full brunt of it all, quickly lol.

Now, let me change the subject completely.  One of the ET sessions this past week was with an odd looking Being.  From the shoulders down, he resembled the human form, from the neck up, he looked like a cross between an alligator and a fish.  I so wish I could draw these images for you.  He explained that he comes from a planet where the soul purpose is on genetic engineering, DNA splicing.  He was born in a petri dish (to use our words) and that is how the life forms in his world are created, even the vegetation and such, all genetic experiments.  Beings from many galaxies come to take part in this world.  He explained that many of our genetic scientists that are here now, first incarnated there, so in the recesses of their soul memories is how to fix and change the genetics of things.  Can we say, Planet GMO!! lol

This, more than anything so far, really wet my whistle with interest.  Especially now with my mother coming and since I have half of her DNA, and a massage table and the hypnosis skills, well… there is a massive, hands on learning curve about to arrive, which excites me even more.

OMG, now this thought/knowing crossed my consciousness.  We talk about collectives and how like collectives are interlinked with each other.  So, by virtue of action and condition, my mother is connected to the collective we will just call the elder shut ins.  We are already in the midst of freeing her, which will have a domino effect on the entire collective.  Once again, that brings back the saying that is becoming more and more literal each time I type it out, hear it in my heart “what you do for one, you do for the all!!”   Now imagine what we can do, together, with our super powers combined as a massive engine in changing the DNA of those that hurt (emotionally and/or physically) or have illness born of their mental conditioning/experiences of life patterns.

Wow, the image I just received…. OMG, excites the ba-jesus out of me.  We have Bernie Sanders at the forefront of life, shining a massive spotlight on the changes needed, then you and I will work in tandem with the cracks he is already creating in a system that has been as shut off from lovelife as my mothers has been… running the energies of change in the background.

Well, this is not the content I expected to share today, but bringing it all together has me so freakin fired up in a way, I have not felt the fires in a long long time.  Not like this… when you know something HUGE is about to be experienced.

And I think of the awe my mother is going to experience when she experiences the loving kindness of each of you thru readings and such.  You have already changed my life and continue to do so every moment of every day, and I am so beyond grateful my mother will get to feel, experience and know what true, unconditional love really is!!

Thank you for Being you, Being here and loving the way you do!!!

((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))))) of unyielding gratitude and Hope to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Father’s day/Solstice Special:  Save 22% on everything I offer.  I am using the master builder energy encompassing the light of the father (aka god) now thru June 20th.  For single readings or ET connections type in coupon code: Dad. For all packages type in coupon code: Sol

I have a song playing in my heart and ears with today’s sharing and my fired up energy field.  Let me share it with you so you can rock the wild adventure waiting to hit the road, in you too!!






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    The idea of adopting a person in need, elderly, families, and such, is a great one. I know that I my parents would have been in a hard time if I had not lived with them for the time I did and assist them. So helping others is a good thing, as you can.


    • Agree whole heartily!
      Lisa you are inspiring! I feel that the first person that came to mind whilst reading your blog, is where we should start….

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