Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 17, 2016

Our New Super Powered Torus as Well as The Earth’s!!

actions of a torus

The one thing I am really starting to see and understand with this June/July energy, it is highly transformative, no wonder it needed two full months to contain it.  For us humans, that is actually a really good thing, as things start unpinning from the old, we have time to work ourselves into the new.

Because of the ET course in progress, the majority of my appointments each day are ET connections.  I have maybe one field reading a day since this month started, now I am fully seeing why.  Yesterday’s connection has been the clearest detailed reading of this new energy system called us.  We are finally getting into our new expanded, high-powered space of Self in-bodied.

Remember last week the focus in the field of readings was on this honey color egg-shaped thick thing around each person’s body.  We can now look at that is the new engine of our life, both biological as well as energetic, two running completely as one.  It was taking all the running programs in your field, and reprogramming them according to your focus, what you have done or not done to this point.  With it, pulling in choice points that will, if allowed, take you to a whole other level of spiritual experience in body.  Again, the running processes of one’s mind is not as important as the running processes of emotion running thru your core.  Example, I used my past as examples of analogy to understand things, I have zero emotion connected to most things of my past, therefore, there is no gasoline to bring any of it back to be resolved.  However, the things filled with emotion, must return for fulfillment, especially in the unresolved issues area.  But equally, in the expanded experience area too.

So when my one and only lady showed up in the field of readings yesterday, I was so confused… again.  But I also had to find a new way to use my antennas as well.  Until this moment, I bent over, aligned to the field and everything was just laid out from end to end, like watching a holographic movie made of light play out in the back yard.  Not yesterday, I could only see a swath of something or another, it was pretty, but what the hell was it?  Imagine you are standing 1 foot in front of a wall, facing the wall, all you would see was just a part of the wall where your eyes were located.  Similar thing with my lady’s energy field.  It took me a bit to figure out that if I closed my eyes, then covered my eyes and forehead with my hand, I can change the view as if I stepped further away from the thing I was looking at and was able to see her whole field.  I have never had this experience in a reading before.

But this morning, it really does make sense.  We have a tendency to look at anything we are viewing up close and personal like.  Whether it is our own life, the lives of others, cities, states, countries, we are not seeing the whole view at all, but only a small slice of what is really happening and only the part we allow ourselves to see or more than likely, what we expect to see.  Dig into that thought, deep.

So when I was able to see the whole field with my eyes completely blocked off, it was even more beautiful than the up close and personal version.  We now occupy a high-powered torus.  I found an image close to the way I seen her field from a distance:

torus energy dots

Now imagine there was a film over every colored dot and in between each dot there were sparkly things and shiny things and the “skin” or membrane was opaque.  The membrane that (for lack of a better word) separates your inner/personal world from the outer world of creation.  The film over the energy frequencies (dots of colors) keep the field at “rest,” or as her team used a car analogy a lot to help us understand what we were seeing, it keeps the car in the neutral position.  (The engine is always running, if it wasn’t we would be deceased.)

The next thing we seen was what is inside, this is where I really understood that we have a torus again.  The image was similar to this:

center of torus

Looking only at the center section itself, there was a mesh like quality to the center, and the center was completely black, which was only black to show the “neutral” position.  It had nothing to do with the color black, just the lack of anything happening as we oriented ourselves into understanding.  Her body was in the upper part of the inside of the mesh like center of this torus.  I fully realized that our “core energy” now expands to include inside our body, the surface of our body and about 3 feet around our body.  The matrix now complete, physicality (the inside.) soul (the surface/skin) and source (three feet around) all one fully integrated energy system.

Everything becomes activated as we have an emotion run thru us.  I asked her to think of something she desires, instantly the energy itself started to ignite the black to like a field of fireworks moving upwards, outwards and down the sides triggering some of those colored dots, the film moved out of the way to release the light energy to bring forth her emotional desire.  Now, I want to be very clear here… if we have a negative or even a painful thought, guess what is being triggered.  Even in this super powered energy field, there is no bias from the source field at all.

Now, with that keep in mind too, this high-powered torus is only fully functional for those who brought their lives to the new earth realm.  Those still dealing with duality and many unresolved issues within, has a filtered down/buffered version of this.  The example her team used as they explained this, was like Donald Trump, because of his intense separation from source, he must be filtered down as to not cause undue pain and suffering to others.  Ohhhh, I like this visual, his membrane would be more mirror like, reflecting back to himself what he is putting out emotionally.  Where as, my lady releases her energies to the All of life.  I hope I am making sense describing this.

I found a great gif to enhance this story.  When you are in an emotional field within yourself, it is like taking your gear out of neutral and putting it in drive.  The frequency, or intensity of the emotion(s) running thru you becomes the gas pedal.  Once the emotion ceases, that is like the break and you reset back into neutral.




To give this clear life, let’s go back to my drive and getting lost the other day.  As I was thinking of my mother, my personal torus started to engage, the stronger my emotions got (and they got pretty damn intense, in the field of loving compassion) is when I was able to see what was happening (that rivet and the change in timelines/planes of existence) and then it all stopped (including my emotions) pretty much as fast as it started.  So this inner torus is your living hologram of what is taking place in your life.  Equally, this is one of the main reasons spirit has been on everyone’s case about opening their field of vision within their third eye.  Your/our spiritual sight is going to be crucial for orientation in all that’s about to unfold on the earth plane, personally and planetarily.

Now let’s look at the earth herself.  She too, has got a new energy system as well.  I found another great visual to help us really understand this:

earths torus


Those that are clear within their emotional field, would be residing at the band of energy closest to the earth itself.  This way we are equally pulling and using her force of life for our creation.  Donald Trump on the other hand, lives at the band furthest away from the earth.  As you can see by this image, that is how the filters work, many many layers to seep thru and almost no force of earth energy to create with.  This keeps everyone safe.

However, to put responsibility into our hands, those that reside at the inner band of earths torus, what we do at any given time, affects all the other bands/frequencies.  This really gives literalness to the saying “what we do for one, we do for the All.”

Now, lets couple this with the mind-blowing, sheer amount of information coming thru the ET sessions this month.  There is one I really want to talk about today.  There is a lot really, but before you have a novel to ingest….

But, before I get to that, let me let everyone know that is in the ET course right now, that our group sessions are going to be delayed until i get back from Florida.  But as I get closer to understanding what is really happening, you are all going to need that time to fuse together your Two different ET connections and learn to work with them as a whole and how it relates to our environment.  What I am getting with all this, is like creating a brand new car, each person has their own working part and when we get together, we will assemble all our pieces as a working whole.  I cannot help but giggle when I think of my mother taking this all in!!!  It’s one thing to expand the world of spirit on her, but ET’s too!!  I am so grateful she has never been a religious person so there really isn’t a lot to deprogram in her thought processes there.


One of my lady’s (where the hell are the men again??) connecting with her ET in our session…. the ET showed up with this gadget in his hand.  It looked very much like my galaxy note 5 phone, same shape and size.  This gadget is what allowed him to move thru the portals and stargates and all that other stuff that allows for interdimensional travel in a nano second.  What he explained is that she will take the energetic understandings that he is going to share with her, she IS going to create a blog to release these understandings that will one day get into the hands of the people who can develop this technology.

I about shit a brick when I read a Kryon article that was shared on my face book page that stated:

Say, for instance, that a visitor from space came to our Earth. They are familiar with quantum energy and multidimensional realities, and that’s how they got here – the only way they can, by the way – for travel in a multidimensional state is almost instantaneous, since it creates an entangled state, as discussed before. This is an attribute that voids the whole idea of a “place” and where everything is everywhere. Someday science will discover how to program a 3D object to become entangled, then be “projected” to arrive in 3D, where it already is!

Kryon also made a super valid point (like he would ever do anything opposite lol) about fear.  When we think about the word fear, we think of the big things… but when we are worried about not being able to do something, that is fear shutting down the opportunity at hand.  This is what he said:

Fear disables almost every part of the quantum human being’s power. It’s a takeover and brings the human to a basic survival modality. Many of you know this, for you have conquered it and know how it operates. Within moments, fear shuts down almost everything but the basic survival instincts. You can’t remember your phone number, you can’t cry for help, and you crawl up into a ball and shake.

It is also what prevents you from seeing, hearing or experiencing.  So get over it, will ya (smile.)

Ohhh and just for the record, that precious ego mind of mine keeps wanting to think I need to move to Mexico trip to a later date, my team nullifies that thought instantly.  So, as far as I am feeling right now, our leave out date of Sept 17th is still on.  It really is going to be interesting to see how all of this comes together!!!

Well there is so much more, but I am going to leave off here.

Have an amazing day filled with joy and unexpected doors waiting for you to burst thru them!!  I love you ❤

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Father’s day/Solstice Special:  Save 22% on everything I offer.  I am using the master builder energy encompassing the light of the father (aka god) now thru June 20th.  For single readings or ET connections type in coupon code: Dad. For all packages type in coupon code: Sol





  1. Thank you. My system came online like a dragon tearing at relationships that I cherished and tore some to shreds. I appreciate all that I have learned in this process. This article really helped.

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  2. Awesome


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  4. Dearest Lisa,
    as you prefer to use the analogy of the workings of a car, the higher realms would like to point out that their friendly advice & guidance has nothing to do with the aspects of gasoline, car components or maintenance. What they provide is compared to roadside assistance for worry free, safe & smooth travels ahead in which they can see much better than we can & when such helpful assistance is ignored or re-catered & re-shaped to one’s own solo soul choosing, then one may find oneself in a circumstance where it is a long walk to the next service station. They understand the great difficulties within clearing our karmic cycles, but by wisely choosing to accept & utilize their experienced advice the overall process can be made more streamlined & simplified. The human body carries great creational powerful energy which is seated within the bones & flows through the blood. The bones hold the mapping of one’s biological body as well as one’s soul essence….it also holds the lineage of one’s family, but it is only the Mother that carries the ‘Karmic Cycle Energy’ that she passes on to her daughters, & their daughters. By successfully healing & releasing the Mother’s Karma, this same Karma found in all her daughters, granddaughters is thus also healed. We must understand that all Energy, including that of Karma is a living entity, a continuous loop that transcends thru space & time, & even thru dimensions….& will continue until a feminine energy within the soul family unit, chooses to take courage & applies conscious action to release & heal the cycle & only then will the loop be broken & transmuted back into the heart of creation.
    Something for you to think about, & hopefully this time, this higher realm friendly advice is taken at it’s face value, without readjusting or adding any alterations, but as always will be your choice to consider or discard & most likely, I sense this will transpire into, that I will be guided to not leave you any more messages.
    But as a final, personal note, I would like to add that I do wish this necessary work you have chosen to do for your Mother in Florida goes smoothly & has a successful outcome & that You, your Mother & your Daughters have a newly found loving, whole & happy future together.
    xo Bev


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