Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 16, 2016

Rivets Within the dimensional folds, Timelines Moving – The Fast Pace of Change!

merging dimensions

I am going to start today by sharing a link to a wonderful channeling by my beloved Kryon that someone put on my facebook yesterday:  Five Concepts for the New Human and I really want to lean into something he shared that has been said by spirit and many of the ETs that are showing up this month.  I will quote him first then expand on it: Cognize this experience. To cognize is an English expression that loosely means the cementing of belief.  You believe there is gravity because you have seen it since you were born. It’s invisible, but you believe in it so strongly that you don’t even think about it. It simply “is”.  You have cognized gravity. It is not something that you would believe in like you believed in the Tooth Fairy, for instance, as a child. No, it is cognized and it becomes part of you until your last breath. You believe in gravity.

We’re going to ask you to cognize the belief that the energy you are moving into is vastly different from the energy you have come from. This is first and it is primary. You have got to cement this into your belief system so strongly that everything you do from now on recognizes the new energy as the new normal. It’s never going to return to the way it was and it’s part of a new plan. It’s almost like you died and came back with gravity that was less and you could do more things. It’s forever and so you must cognize this.

To cognize, to convince your ego mind that what you are experiencing in meditation, in concept, is not a concept but real, very real.  However, I can not only know something is real, but use that energy effortlessly because I know it is real… another, may have to practice their knowing.  Practice, practice, practice, which is how any of us get to the knowing, get to the real, usable, beyond what anyone else thinks is true, experience.

What usually happens is a concept is presented, what we lovingly call, homework, it really should be called inner work, which of course is home-base, so home-work does fit and your job is to understand what that homework concept is and change it from a concept to a reality.  However, this changing from a concept to a cognized reality sometimes takes years to fully realize.  Most people will give up after weeks or months of attempting to work with whatever new concept is presented.  That’s why spirit always says, there is a back up plan to a back up plan to a back up plan.  The seeds of new concepts must be spread wide and far in the hopes one takes root.  All that is needed now, is one to take root.

We now co-exist in such a high collective (those on what we call, the new earth) that the moment one has fully realized/cognized a concept it is now available for the All, effortlessly.  But one must still believe it is true for them.  Pesky beliefs!! lol

The blessing and hazard of what I do for a living, I take in more concept than I ever thought was fully possible in this land of mundane matter.  These concepts come thru steadily over years, the more something is repeated, the more you understand it and know the truth of it (kind of why commercials work so well on TV.)  I “see” your homework, so in a way, I am already doing what is asked of you, at least conceptually.  I know the truth of it simply because of the length of time I have been doing readings and interactive courses (15 years) and the repetition of information, living concepts I experience thru you.

My biggest question has been, but how does it work in our day-to-day lives and the reply back has been constant over the years, it must connect emotionally to your truth.  Emotion is the fuel of all things in our lives.  If there is doubt, then that weakens the field of possibilities, hell of probabilities.

Which brings in number 3 of the referenced channel by kryon (cognize is number 1) Number three is compassionate action. Everything you do from now on will be from a standpoint of compassion.

Compassion is that emotion that is void of any negative hold and action is well, exactly that, putting your emotions (not your body, your emotions first and foremost) into action.

This is a little twist on things, isn’t it?  We think to do something our body must engage first, nope.  Our energy field, filled with knowing, of loving compassion for the greater good at hand, does.  Yes we can use this to negative ends too, our negative emotions are as powerful as the others, but let’s not go there lol.

Now, tying all this understanding into my experience the other day, getting lost on my drive to the canyon I wanted to hike, compassionately, actively connecting to my mother’s energy field and her needs created a vortex.  What I didn’t mention yesterday, because I really didn’t understand what I had seen, before the whole timeline changes I see this odd energy system.  I say odd because I have never seen anything like it before.  It was a rush of pure energy, light blue in color coming straight up out of the ground (sort of, it wasn’t really connected to the ground, that was the direction of its flow tho, ground up.)  The trunk of this system was only about 3 feet tall and then it went outwards, flat like a pancake and circular at least 20 feet in diameter.  It stayed and traveled with me, in front of me (since I was in my car going 75 mph) for at least several minutes.

Ohh wait, spirit just dropped a word into my brain and I googled it and here, let me show you an image of the “energy rivet” only enlarge the top part by a lot:


So, I had to look up what rivets do: Self-pierce riveting (SPR) is a process of joining two or more materials using an engineered rivet.

In this case, it would be that which joined my reality and my mother’s reality together, energetically speaking.  By being in this non-local space allowed my emotional need/desire of changing the timelines, the planes of existence where my mother loves me and would be in joy to have me connect with her.  I watched as the bands of energy beyond the rivet, move, change and merge.  With that timeline merger (which is more a merger of parallel realities, not so much timelines) the energy field I was seeing, ceased.

I knew something happened, but because I have never had this experience before, I had no idea how it would unfold, or when.  Even as I concluded my blog yesterday, my team made sure I put this sentence in: I also have to lean into trusting what I seen happen, the change in timelines, planes of realities and with my mother’s current sketchy memory, I am praying by the time I get there, she will forget she still hates me.  Because they knew what was about to unfold…

I was actually kind of concerned that my aunt never wrote me back in regards to the email I sent her with my unstoppable plan for my mother.  Well, seems she read my email to her, to my mother and instead of my mother being pissed off (I talked about the fecal matter in detail in that email) she was thrilled I would come to Florida to help her.  Michelle did her part and god she is so priceless in all this, she talked to my aunt and to my mother and couldn’t wait to tell me that my mother said to say she loves me!!  WHAT????

Lets back up a few hours, to yesterday morning.  My daughter called my mother just to check in and say hi.  My mother told Michelle that after she left she went into a depression and ended up getting raging diarrhea because of the depression she was feeling.   It took me a couple of hours and my team really explaining what she really said.

Any of us that do energy work, especially thru massage knows that when someone really lets their emotional issues go, the body often times develops diarrhea and other unpleasant releases via the body system.  The depression was simply her return to feeling loved and wanting more.  The diarrhea was simply a release of all the emotions that kept her living in a self-created isolation.

Think about that for a moment.  There was absolutely no agenda on my daughters part except to introduce her son to her grandmother, and was even ok with the union not taking place, she did it anywayz.  And the dominos are falling faster than my head can keep up with.

As soon as Michelle hung up the phone with my mother declaring love for me, when just the day before she wanted nothing to do with me, she called me and gave me my mothers phone number.  We talked for a whole hour.  I waited 10 minutes into our first conversation in 20 years before I said, did anyone tell you mom, that you are coming back to New Mexico with me?  I didn’t wait for an answer and just explained why.  She was perfectly ok with it and the more we talked, the more excited she became.  Her energy field was like the fourth of July was going off.

So of course, when I hung up the phone with her, I told Michelle, then told my son and then put it on facebook.  And the avalanche of comments started… of love and celebration.  Someone mentioned about their son coming home from a state mental hospital yesterday as well.  Even tho my mind was emotionally and physically exhausted (I had no sleep the night prior worrying about my mother) spirit broke thru my exhaustion and said that the movement of the timelines/planes of existence happens to the All.  Meaning, my emotional field may have been the catalyst, but that higher energy field of love is now open for all of us.  It is simply walking thru the doorway.  (Still requires action 😉 )

What I thought would take weeks to ease into for my mother took 24 hours.  And as I laid this weary body down to sleep last evening, my team snuck in and said move up your leave date.  Jezuz!!  So now my leave date is on July 5th.  Not a whole lot sooner, but sooner none the less.  I refuse to drive in holiday traffic so after is better than before the 4th of July.  IMHO anywayz.  Right now, I have three weeks in July blocked off.  I have no idea how long it is going to take to clean my mother’s trailer, pack up her stuff, have yard sales for the stuff she just can’t bring, get estimates on her AC and now her floor (she has plywood down where her floor rotted out) and then a slow ride back to New Mexico.  And let me tell you, every time that precious ego mind of mine thinks about… how the hell are you going to financially get this all done, I literally have to shut that down, instantly and trust.  Trust like I never trusted before…. unwaveringly.  Phew!!  However, every time I do that (and it is a lot at this moment) I can feel something enormous on the other side.  Like all these concepts that have been coming thru, is going to become…. hmmmm not sure of the words, but lets say there will be instant applications of processes that were simply concepts that my mother is somehow, going to be a part of/catalyst for.

Talk about life changing in ways that never ever ever entered your/my mind of potentials!!  Let the games begin!!!

I love you and am so grateful for your love, support, enCourageMent thru this fast paced change of venue with me and my mom.  Hand in hand, heart in heart, you are with me and I am utterly grateful!!  Ohh I gotta share something that just strangely popped out of my mouth as I was hanging up with her last night, it even took me by surprise.  “Just wait until you get to know me now Mom, you are going to fall madly in love with me.”  What a freakin strange thing to say!!  But this morning, with more brain cells jumping around, I realized what spirit meant… she will fall in love with herself in so many new and unexpected ways as she looks at herself thru the mirror of her daughter and her posse (whisper, that’s you lol.)

Have an amazing, life altering day anyway you can!!!  Ohhh added note from my team “Nothing can be done by force of  ego will, but only thru the force of compassionate will.”  You cannot will a mountain to move, but you can love it into another dimensional placement.  This is how we move mountains.

((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in so much love, excitement and gratitude!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Lisa I cannot describe how wide open my heart is with love for you and this whole experience! So beautiful and so awe~inspiring ~ with you every step of the way ~ may we continue to create miracles of NEW! You are SO awesome ~ thank you for everything ~ much much love and so many hugs ~ Sara 🌺🌷💞✨💗🌟🦄

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  2. I loved your writing today! I too have been clear directions to Reconnect with Kryon in the last couple of days and I am an deeply devoted to Delores Cannon and her work, she opened me on so many levels in her books. Thank you so much for allowing this rich source to flow through you.

    Today my meditation was on releasing fear. At first I thought I was working on releasing fear around nuclear weapons, assault rifles, sending love to Donald Trump, to all those that have been buying assault rifles because all of that is fear based. So I just sent little Bubbles of love to all of them. Then I noticed that I still had little corners, crumbs and even big boulders of fear in me. So I asked that they be dissolved so I could just “be”love today. I felt my liver relax, then my tummy. After I read your loving words this morning I connected with the emotion,,releasing the emotion that has been held in my body as fear now transitioning into trust and faith in this new way of being, open to all the miracles that are happening right now.

    I send you love, trust, peace and fairy dust sprinkling on the road Before you. You are always taken care of, look what just happened Could you have even imagined all the ways you life is changing Right this minute!

    Thanks and much love, Willow Rose

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Thank you Lisa for your awe inspiring sharing of your journey! Just validation of the miracles that are taking place!


  4. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I am working on changing timelines also, creating the type of life I want. And the type of career, lifestyle I want. As well as where I live and the home I want to live in. I feel I have changed timelines and this will happen. This will be a new adventure for me.


  5. Thanks for sharing this. We are powerful creators and can create the type of life we want. More so as the vibrations rise and things come into being quicker.

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  7. Thankfulness to my father who shared with me on the topic of this website, this blog is truly

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