Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 11, 2016

The Undertows and SuperWaves of this/Our Storm of Light!!

the storm of light

I have good news about my daughter, shocking to both her and I, but something so good is afoot.  My skype session with her last evening was canceled early yesterday with a note that said “your inmate was either transferred or released.”  I know she wasn’t released, where the hell did she go?  I didn’t feel her locked up in solitaire, but maybe?  She didn’t get enough time to go to the penitentiary, but maybe?  The good thing was, nothing inside of me was melting down, worried.  I booked another skype session (I can only book three at a time) she was still listed in Regional.  Finally she called me at 8pm… she was moved to the trustee pod!!  You aren’t even supposed to qualify for the trustee program until being in Regional for 30 days, she was in for what 3 days??  Seems a deputy handpicked her for an office job.  Being a trustee, time is taken off your sentence, we think, but not 100% sure, at 5 days off per every month of being a trustee.  She had said from the beginning, before she was even sentenced, she was going to be a trustee as soon as she was eligible.

I find her first couple days into Regional interesting.  First they took her to maximum security with the murderers and rapist and violent offenders.  She had a melt down, thinking she was going to spend her time in that location, she was terrified.  Ten minutes after they got her settled into Max, they realized they made a mistake and changed her to minimum security, 3 days later, into the trustee program.  I can so see the beauty of it all.  Her spiritual team reminding her how bad jail is and to know she makes the choices of how this time is going to play out.  She took head too.  Also, within less than a week’s time, she had two dreams about moving here with me when she got out.  The most recent dream, 2 days ago, she was driving down my road to get to my house and detailed the landscape correctly.  She has completely surrendered to moving here with me after her release to revamp and restart her life.

Let me tie in these sudden events with my first reading of the day yesterday.  This precious lady really gave us an amazing view of how the energies are (intensely) working these days.

The view of her field was as if everything was contracted, squeezing together energywise.  The air, or maybe better said, the light on her field was a deep amber, it was really beautiful.  There were unrecognizable forms of black things, kinda reminded me of like black gummi bears of all different (unrecognizable) shapes and sizes.  These black gummi shapes are simply things that may show up at any given time.  Both the positives things and the less than positive things.  Equally, something directly within her life, other things indirectly related to her life, but if they show up on her field, there is a reason.

Her personal energy output is what is either enlarging things or dismantling things.  The way her team explained it, going back to my three collectives sharing, some of the things are detrimental chaos (the fear collective) and her job is to send energy to smooth out the energy there.  Not change it, not make it go away, we can never inflect our will upon others, but we can send a high dose of love energy to assist the chaos into lighter realms of energy.  The way the imagery showed the effect was it made the detrimental chaos looser and there seems to be a heavy, constant wind blowing now that takes what is not longer needed in one’s life, for as long as we have completely surrendered our involvement in whatever that is, and pushes it to the edge of your universe horizon.  Hold that thought.

Her reading actually opened up with energy balls the size of baseballs raining down everywhere I could see.  At the outer most edges of her universe (keeping in mind, we all have our own personal universe around us) these balls were blowing things up.  I could see the explosions all around.  The energy intensely white as it exploded upwards and there must have been an upper atmosphere wind that went in the opposite direction, instead of pushing things outwards, it was redirecting this newly transformed energy back to her, clear and untainted from what it once held together in her universe.

The way her team explained what happened after that, its hard to put into accurate words, but let’s say that negative chaos came back, but it came back lighter, less conflicted.  Once again, her job (and this feels so true for all of us) is to send the energy of light into it and it will once again go thru the cycle of heading to the outer edge, blow up and purer energy comes back to her.

Man, if I could only put this into a video, there would be no mistaking what I am desperately trying to say in words.  On the other hand, there are very positive chaos fields intermingled.  Again some we are directly involved in, some what may seem like on the outer edges of our immediate reality but showed up in our world for a reason.  Sending that same energy into that system enlivens whatever it is even more.  Kinda like sprinkling miracle grow on it, only better!!

Now lets talk about this “wind” and look at it like the currents of the ocean. This is just the start of the this two month (June – July) energy system.  When a storm comes in off the ocean, we can visibly see the waves rolling in, increase in size and intensity.  Let’s equal these waves with the energies that have blown up and are coming back to you from the higher realms.  Then there is the undertow, the massive pull back into the source (the ocean) for things that cannot sustain itself on the newly energized beaches of life.   Each one of us, the directors of this energy system in our personal universe.  If you engage with the negative (not life enhancing) chaos, you are giving it more strength and putting out a welcome mat for its stay in your world.  Or not.

Now, lets bring this back to my daughter as an example of how we work together.  It goes without saying that jail is a very dark system.  There is much chaos and unhappiness in that enclosure that it takes all one has to remain positive and progressive.  When we choose to flood a person with our love, it cannot help but flow outwards as well.  Illuminating the good, keeping centered, or maybe more uniformed is a better word, the chaos.  Filtering what would have been a detrimental chaos field of a person and place, to the progressive (again, for lack of better words) field of life.

When a person, or a group of people KNOW they are loved and supported, no matter their mistakes, it enhances the field of life all around them, especially when they can see the contrast.  My daughter is a mile deep in gratitude because there are so many around her that their family and friends gave up, walked away.  The do not get commissary, iCare, phone calls.  Their higher needs of love have been squashed and their negative chaos within, grows.

Valorie told me of an event that broke out in the chow hall last evening at dinner.  A few girls started fighting and she was in between them.  They started fighting over a chair!!!  Valorie realized from her last stays, and having been put into solitary confinement for being anywhere near a fight, she took herself away from the chaos, the fight and sat on the middle of the floor away from it all.

But lets look at this closer so we can all relate to this huge significant event.  There you are, walking about with love in your heart, a skip in your step and suddenly, somewhere around you something negative happens.  Let’s stay with the fight at the jail last night.  Everyone wants what you have, peace and contentment in their hearts, but most are looking outwards for it and cannot seem to get it, which irritates them, pushes them deeper into chaos and chaos is usually released by the negative fuel aspect of anger and triggers an immediate event.  Don’t engage, pull out and send love.

Going back to my lady’s reading, what was shown as these series of recycled energies happened, the once negative chaos, becoming more light filled with every appearance, now starts to merge with the gummi bear of progressive energy and this is how the two can and will (eventually) become one larger, positively progressive field of life.

I so hope I am making all this clear and not only understandable, but applicable.

There energies are so strong and so intense on the field, I literally had to do my readings and hell even my homework sessions, with my eyes closed and often times, with my hand over my eyes and forehead.  By the time I finished my 1st homework session in the afternoon, my whole body started shutting down.  The moment I hung up the phone, I laid down and went straight into a sleep.  I woke myself up snoring with 2 minutes to spare before my next homework session.  My eyes just burned like hell all day long yesterday.

Oddly enough, I still passed out cold early last evening and woke up from a dream, an experience that actually excited me.  I was sitting in on a meeting with Bernie Sanders and someone else I cannot remember who, i was not a part of this meeting, just witnessing it, but let me tell you, I seen Bernie in the flesh, vivid and real and intense.  It was a meeting of how to go forward next.  I was kind of excited and sadly forgot all the words that were said, I am just left with the visual and that is enough to keep me energized for now!!

This morning as I am releasing some coffee, and the thought for the last few days of putting together ET sessions and packages (like our reading packages) has been intense.  So this morning, I can see a line of ETs miles long awaiting connection with a conscious human.  I will keep this package or single connection available thru the end of August.  Give me thru today and I will have a webpage built for more details of what to anticipate thru the connections.  It will also help to refuel our Mexico adventure, with my daughter being in jail, all my savings went to making sure her needs are met.  It is sooo damn expensive to have a loved one in jail.

BTW, her address changed slightly, it will not effect those who have already written to, it will get redirected.  However, if you are planning on writing her here is her new address:

Valorie Gawlas
A416 – 24
P.O. BOX 7609

Thank you for loving her so much, you are doing more than you may even realize!!  We are both so grateful ❤

Speaking of which, it is almost time for my skype session with her.  Today is a day off, so I am looking forward to going for a swim in the deep end of the pool today!!!

I love you all and thank you for your love, faith and trust in me.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with moving energies into the realms of wonder and bliss, together!!

Lisa Gawlas

Single ET connection:

Two separate ET connections and a homework session package:







  1. So good to hear good news about your family situation! Love


  2. “She took head too.”



    Ok, yeah….I *really*, so badly want to — but I’m not (guffaw)…..not…(choke, haaaa! heehehe)….NO!…..NOT going there…………can’t……help………


    Oh fuck me (wiping laugh tears) — take heed — you and your CONSTANT spelling mistakes could make for a comedy marathon…



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  4. “Joy in My Heart and Joy in My Body
    Joyful Emotions, Joyful My Soul
    Joy for My Family, Joy for Humanity
    Joy For Us All!”

    The way you move and the way you talk; the way you express you own individuated sense of self;

    You can actively choose joy.

    Not only that, but you can actively choose to influence others with that same joy, in the same way.

    Each of us has the availability of a source of inner wisdom drawing us to that which brings us joy and pleasure.

    The impulse to create, to expand our light and energy is our purpose. It is what brings us joy. Our passions are the guideposts hinting to the access of how to create more joy each day in our lives.

    No need to be be waiting for “this or that energy shift”

    Shift into Joy. Change.


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