Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 6, 2016

There is More to the Vast Terrains and Weather On Earth!

earth's vastness

Another thing I am learning from the connections with ET’s is that not all realms are as diverse as ours is.  We have serious weather fluctuation, the four seasons, we have terrain that is intensely different, some from one part of a state to another and every bit of it’s amazing and wondrous diversity is here to remind us of who we are, the many places we came from and harnessing the energy of that particular area for our growth.

My first ET connection yesterday stared sending me images from their landscape before my lady arrived, with the phrase that was equally used to my lady in their transmission “this is where we hail from.” It was hailing like crazy to the degree, I could barely see their terrain thru what we would call the storm.  But in their realm, this is their normal days.  It is either raining, hailing or something close to our version of snowing.  Due to this extreme weather (extreme to us, normal to them) they evolved to the degree of having a dual type biology.  When they are outside, they have this thick, wrinkly like skin.  When they are indoors, they have this odd smoothness and maybe even, transparency to their biological make up that all I could see was their form and white light, kind of like when you look at a light bulb, you can see the thing that forms the light bulb and the glow of the light outwards.  In their outdoor skin, they had eyes and a beak-like mouth, inside, none of that.  Weird and kewl.

They explained to my lady that the elements are actually a power source that they absorb into them when they are outside.  They advised her as part of her homework to go outside in the rain and feel the energy absorption happening.  My lady happens to live in Texas who is getting more than their fair share of rain, so that won’t be a long wait to play with, to absorb into her.

Besides these elements, her ET team showed her this super large silver-white triangle on the ground (in her meditation) and walking it (pointy end at her feet) directly across center to their realm.  They will meet her at the other side of this triangle and by doing this, she will have crossed into their realm.

Now let be piggy back my next lady right after her session.  I had to blink to make sure I was not getting bleed thru my previous reading because the first thing I had seen was this silver-white triangle again.  This time tho, it was not stretched out on the ground, instead, it was up in the eastern horizon where the ETs usually communicate from.  It too, was a dimensional doorway of sorts, but in the airspace instead of on the ground.  Both different and the same usage wise.

As I pondered this odd back to back connection, I couldn’t help but think of our “crop circles.”  Many are coding devices of intergalactic travel.  However, we tend to interpret them in a way that is personal to our understanding and not from their language.  Leaving it all continually elusive.

So I turned my attention again on a stunning piece of artwork the beautiful Kathleen Marsh created for me:

unified field


This is a painting of a crop circle and she was wonderfully guided to color code it for me.  Now what if we took something flat and made it 3D.  Taking the two outer rings and made them like the two rings of a gyroscope.  The yellow patterns at the bottom are magnetic links, in the ground itself that is constantly running.  Think of it more like, magnetic fuel.  The yellow dots are storage containers located thru out the earth (think of the many many power centers around this amazing planet, many have been “marked.”  (Think stonehenge, easter island and such.)

We can look at the yellow like a gas station.  The pumps are always flowing with gas, the containers under the surface is where the gas is stored.  Same kind of analogy.

So in our 3D version of this crop circle, those yellow markers would actually be on and under the ground itself.  That as much as I understand at this moment.  However, as our trip to Mexico gets closer and more than anything I want contact, not thru the telepathic field like we are doing now, but thru open gateways and physical hugz!!!  As I get more information, I will, of course, share it outwards here.  I’m kind of excited, I have homework too!!! lol

So anywayz, back to our landscapes here on earth.  So many of them seeded to resemble other home planets, places that are deep in our souls memory of Being.  When we get that inner desire to move, there is a much bigger reason that job or people opportunities, it is literally turning on various streams of energies and remembrances within the human host.  The more we actively harvest the memories, the energies, the more powerful (spiritual speaking of course) we become.  The more we know how to work the vastness of our universe and beyond.

Our hazard is we get caught up in what we think we know and often times, create big stories around what we would consider a single paragraph is a huge multi-series book.  In doing this, we block, not purposely but, (this is not my word —>) arrogantly, the rest of the working, complex manual.

Let me end this sharing with a little more insight I got from my new audio book “Keepers of the Garden” by Dolores Cannon.  I only listened to maybe 15 more minutes as I had to go to the local gas station to replenish my holy smokes.  Of course, what I listened to in those few moments, tied into what came thru the ET connections earlier in the day.

Now keeping in mind his realm is not unlike earth, his body is very much like our human body, different inside due to their atmosphere, but the same none the less.  He was talking about not having any political or religious systems because it is not needed there, ohhhh the yearning inside of myself.  I know this is what we are doing now, releasing all these control concepts that have, to now, served us well, but now divide us drastically.  An enlightened world… our dream of dreams coming true BECAUSE of what we choose to do.

Anywayz, he was talking about their transportation and how they use the energy fields and magnetic fields around them for their transportation needs.  Hovercrafts, cars that run via magnetic pathways on earth, so many exciting things.  Then he said something that really caught my ear, there will be a time in the future this understanding will be dropped down to (our) earth.  If I am understanding correctly when this hypnosis series took place, it was 1984 then.  We have already started building new highways encoded with magnetics and vehicles that do not need our hands on the wheel.  So no doubt, that has already been seeded to us and we are starting to use it, albeit slowly.

Ohhh, complete change back to one of the ET sharings.  Sorry, it just crossed my mind as I was getting ready to close here.  My lady with the triangle gateway up in the horizon… her friends from the stars looked very much like humans, except they had these really odd webbed/duck feet.  The size of their duck feet was like our scuba flippers, but truly resembled the feet of ducks, except on the bottom which was really really course.  The one that was the main speaker had hair down to her ankles that forms a flip at the bottom.  There was not a strand out of place and how the hell do you make that flip stay in place??

Well, seems they have both the ability to be on land and in water.  What appears to be hair is also very much like a dolphin fin when the get into water.  They showed me how this network of like fibers engage thru every strand of hair to become much more solid and it is essential in their navigating the waters.

How many of us remember being able to swim and walk on water without effort?

We are, as a species, going thru a rapid evolution within and without.  In generations to come, we will be functionally different than we are today BECAUSE we are igniting those DNA strands and changing our bodies as we go.

We are also seeing massive new deadly viruses come to life.  Part of this is due to the ecological imbalance we have created by stripping our beloved earth of so much of her energies.  However, these super virus were stored away incase we became that destructive with our planet, so their place here is very purposeful.  We will (eventually) see less and less caveman mentalities (hunter/gatherer) incarnations here, they will go to another evolving realm to learn compassion and such.  This is all a process that is very much underway and you and I decide the speed or slowness of the process!!

Have an amazing day on the 6/6/16 gateway!!! ❤

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with mind altering ideas and expansions to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas







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