Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 5, 2016

Merging Timelines, Evolving DNA, The ET’s Within Us and More!!

merging realities

June is split up in a unique way for me.  The first and third weeks of June, my primary connections on in the ET field, the 2nd and 4th weeks all readings.  I am finding just how perfect that is as this first week in “reading land” seems to be orienting everyone to their expanded Self in this new and full functioning accelerated energy field/new earth.  The ET’s pick up the slack on melting my mind!!  I love mind melting information, but that information is only useful when it become an understanding.  Well, yesterday, I felt like I hit the understanding lottery!!  How it all unfolded… well, let me start from the beginning.

I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday, until I woke up.  My energy system was still tired from the mind stretching information coming in thru ETville (smile, my front yard.)  It was supposed to be a day off, but I had already rescheduled some people onto this day from last month, so I compromised with my body.  Since I didn’t write a blog, I decided to take a bath, go grab me some personal understandings, not!!  I went nowhere fast.  Dammit!!  I could hear the cells of my body telling me, you have 3 appointments today, we are saving the energy for that.  OK, that absolutely works for me.  And then, something really strange happened.  As I was rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, well, the movement from getting out of the water and running the facet to stick my head under, I became so aware of the series of timelines merging and opening all at once.  That time, as we preserve it, is nowhere near as static as we think it is.

If we look at our energy bodies as series of frequencies that come together or even move apart, that is constantly moving what we think of as timelines together or spreading them out.  Allowing information to seep in, equally, letting information be released or evaporated.

This idea is funny, we can look at it as our constant editor.  Removing words (concepts and ideas) that were just their kind of like place holders to allow other sentences (concepts and ideas) to later form around it and replace it.  So those are removed, if we allow (with our frequency of wanting to know more) and more is let in.

Let me give you a visual as close as I could find as I am seeing it:

conjoined timelines

Our job, as the main hub of incoming and out going information, is to keep moving around, vibrationally.  Our vibration changes when we allow the release of old information and open to new information to replace the outgoing.

This alone takes a highly skilled, Self Aware Being to consciously participate in this field.  Yeah that would be us.  What we have called “healing” is really a removal of the old programming that no longer served us.  Again… if we allowed for it.  Free will trumps all!!

I was excited to understand this.  YAY.  I am an understanding slut!!  Information all by itself, to me, is useless unless we understanding how to put that information into a usable function.

So, shortly there after, I am sitting on the holy throne (toilet) thinking about my daughter in jail, still in purgatory, but at least she is getting fed more consistently, and I thought about her father (I really need to email him, I keep forgetting.)  As I was thinking of these two people in my life, I was staring at the back of my bathroom door in the dark (no lights on, I know where everything is.)  Suddenly this yellowish bar of light appeared about 2 feet above the bottom of the door and started to slowly move downwards.  This bar was easy 2 feet across, so it wasn’t just some random flair I was seeing from my optical nerves.  Instantly I thought of one of the ET connections the day prior…

The ET’s showing up are coming in with all kinds of new (to me) information and travelways.  This one particular connection showed a large circle illuminated in a yellow gold frequency with two bars, one on top of the circle, one at the bottom.  I cannot remember what they called this.  The one thing they all seem to say, we (humans) have intensely limited views of the massive network of… lets just call them travelways, that are available to all life. My lady is going to understand how to work this… shit, I cannot remember what they called it.  But, I do know it opened and closed pathways.  Maybe I can’t remember because given what I understood in my potty experience, makes it clearer.

Both my daughter and my ex-husband are addicts.  She in the drug realm, he (at least was) in the alcohol realm.  In thinking of these two people in my life, that bar appeared to show that in that moment I took myself out of my geez…. there are no good words we have… no accurate words.  I moved into their dimension (and that too, is not accurate.)  The bar itself appeared towards the bottom of the door and moved downwards to show that with the thinking, which of course comes with an emotional output, coupled my own space of Being into theirs, which would be what we consider a lower frequency, a denser timeline if you will.

Which actually brings me to another lady in ETville.  Her opening was of a spaceship.  The spaceship was conscious and talking to us.  In the realm her friends inside this consciousness spaceship came from, everything has consciousness and communication skills.  Her energy field is similar to this spaceship.  Long story short, she was highly advised as to what relationships she allowed within her personal space.  If we want to take ourselves to the highest most distant place never conceived by our consciousness, this is crucial.

Let me be more clear on this.  The visual i got with this lady and her spaceship was of a ship flying thru space, all kinds of debris out there to navigate around.  You cannot move the space debris, but you can fly around it without crashing into it.  Similar concept here with other people’s consciousness.

It’s kind of funny how we work as a pre-programmed human, we feel obligated most of the time to stay in the field of someone going nova and we ourselves get damaged from the fall out.  Stay on the outer edges!

I try to do this very thing every time I talk with my daughter.  I collided with her two days ago.  My whole energy field was drained, was going on and on about something or another and I went off, to the degree I said goodbye and hung up the phone.  I entered her field and it was not nice, I was not nice to her!!

Anywayz…  I was sitting here at the computer in between one of the three appointments I had, and knowing I had to go out to the big wide world to grocery shop, I had this intense desire to find a new audiobook to accompany me.  I only half way thru the one I had been listening too, but it’s not doing much for my own expansion of understandings.  So I opened up audible, having no clue what to look for.  Of course they had their “recommended books based on your previous purchases” as their front page.  I scanned a few titles then this one called “Keepers of the Garden” by Dolores Cannon jumped out at me.  I opened it up to see what it was about, keep in mind I know the name Dolores Cannon because of my clients speaking of her and her hypnosis sessions, personally I never looked into what she does.  I look into you, that’s enough for me!! lol

The opening introduction had me hit purchase and downloading it on my phone: In Keepers of the Garden, Dolores presents an extensive body of information regarding the extraterrestrial origins of humanity which she accumulated from sessions with several specific clients.

I just got into chapter 4 of this book and holy shit batman, there was an ongoing explosion of understandings coming together in me.  When this man started to describe the world he was seeing, with the red sky and barren rocky landscape, I had seen it too, not sure if it was in a reading or in ET connections of my own meditations, but where he was, I was familiar with too.  This completely drew me in and seared together many of the things we have been assimilating over the years.

So I am going to just encapsulate what I understand so far (saves me typing and you reading bloated information lol.)

Our DNA is a compilation of many other DNA strands from other universes which is why we are so diverse looking.  As we grow into ourselves, particular parts of our quantum DNA fire or come online.

These are times when our bodies seem to go haywire often times.  Things like sudden allergies.  We have been so programmed to think we are out of harmony with ourselves when something (negative) happens and that’s actually rarely the case.  What is happening is a part of your DNA code, let’s just use Pleiadian codes come online and in the Pleiadian body (again this is an example not fact or anything close to fact) they cannot eat shellfish, and suddenly neither can you.  Or lets say, we grow a cancer, it is the mutation of the biology that is truly another DNA strand/code coming online that cannot hold whatever density or emotion that you stored in that area.

Now to be clear, if not more complicated, not all illnesses or diseases are DNA strands coming on-line, some are just inner chaos manifesting.  Knowing thyself and clients if you work with any, crucial!!

Spirit has been saying for years, we are the greatest GMO ever known and wow are we ever!!

We are in an accelerated state of evolution.  WE are changing the DNA attributes of humanity.  Our bodies are going to be more available to multidimensional travel, other atmospheres and so much more.  IF we do not stop the process of Self exploration and acceptance.

There is also another process within some of us happening which is very frustrating to this particular human.  Freakin weight gain and then, eventually, weight loss, and then gain lol.  This all became so crystal clear in my understandings yesterday.  Altho not triggered by the audio book, it happened before I got in the car when I actually got dressed.

Over the last 6-7 months, I put on 15 pounds of the 70 I had lost.  I had gone back on my 1200 calorie diet several times the last few months without budging the freakin scale one pound in weeks.  Pissing myself off.  I even went up one belt loop-hole, dammit.

Thru the readings and other people experiencing weight gain again, their team and even my own long-standing understandings (I like to play ignorant a lot lol) stated we are taking in so much higher energy and the fat cells are the storage place.  When we give our “free will” over to the soul evolution as opposed to the vanity of ego, we gain weight period, but due to the acceleration at hand.  Several of the readings stated that we will see a shift in the weight gain after this June-July energy system as we start using the higher frequencies now stored within us.

Couple all this information with some of my clients being warned about sudden appetite changes and to honor them as they come.  The body knows what it needs.

I have not lost weight, but I did go down a belt loop, yay.  June I started to take this thing called “greens powder” and I am on a serious fruit kick again.  Equally tho, I absolutely MUST have meat in my diet, my body demands it, the protein strings associated with meat.

Again, back to my understanding explosions with this audiobook, different species out there in the stars have different nutrient needs for their bodies, when we shift our cravings, it is crucial to honor them for the fastest and easiest assimilation those DNA strands integrating into our changing bodies.

We humans are a host of many different spliced genetics, which really makes sense now as to why some dietary intake is good for one and awful for another.  This is a huge reason why spirit has been on the “get out of thinking anything is bad” bandwagon for a very long time.  Honor thy body’s desires, it knows much more than your/our ego consciousness.

In listening to this mans hypnosis sessions and the vast amount of “different” ETs showing up this month, he stated there’s more life forms than we could imagine.  The universes are teaming with Life. As are we!!  WE truly are the Intergalactic Kinship Era returning, just not the way I thought it was happening lol.  Not yet anywayz.

Last but not least for today, the magnetic field.  OMG I about had orgasms hearing this part of his explanation of how their ships work.  Again going to the superpowers hypnosis, which was focused on in May for this brave group that are participating in the ET course right now, thru the homework sessions spirit wanted them all to be super familiar with the part called the “magnetic flow.”

As this man, I believe named Phil in the book, explained how their ships move so fast, he explained it was very much like the magnetic flow.  The ship being pulled magnetically to its destination by magnetics as well as being pushed away from where it started by the reverse magnetic field.  Their ships follow the magnetic pathways of space.

Ohhh also, we was talking about crystals in their realm.  Suddenly, as he was talking about using the crystals energy and the light field it emits, I realized the past life memories that were constantly opening up within me when I was living on that mountainside in Vermont, having lived there in the late 1400’s, and remembering their use of crushed crystals and formed them as light poles (if you will) I know there is a connection here… emerging.

Well, I am giving you a mini novel to read and absorb!!  I will end here for today.  But not before I give a shout out to our Mexico adventure.  Let’s start getting active in the planning stage of it.  I got my car title yesterday so I am so good to go.

We need to organize ride shares and we will do it all, right now, from my website (clickable from the “zona del silencio” in my links section of this blog, or click here:

I love you all so much and beyond grateful that you are so willing to go beyond your wildest dreams and have me as your passenger!!  What a wild, wild ride you are!!  I love you!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas











  1. Yesterday I felt the energies, had a head ache, rested most of the day, today feel a little of these energies, new moon I think. Maybe when I am fully 5D I will look like a 30 year old, not middle age, and be able to create, anything I want, as well as communicate telepathically with any one else that can, and much more that higher beings can do. Well see what happens in the next few months.


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    Turning in to who we really are, gods, and goddesses.


  3. Dearest Lisa,
    The other day, while watching the Ancient Aliens program, they had an episode talking about places active with sightings throughout time, and one of the locations was ” the zone of silence” in Mexico 😊

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  4. Thanks for sharing Lisa. Just curious to know your views on the Flat Earth Theory?


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