Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 3, 2016

Unrooting Yourself from the Old Thoughts and Realities.


It feels like this first week of June is a kind of “settling in” period.  I don’t have very many readings on my schedule, it is ET week in my world, and it felt so perfect yesterday.  I only had one reading yesterday and one reading on the 1st, so I am still waiting for the big reveal as we settle in to this ginormous energy system and continue to let go of what we think we know.  However, there is something that was shared thru my beautiful lady’s reading yesterday that hit me in the AHHHHH-HAAAA zone so strongly that I am going to start my sharing today, there.

She was laughingly complaining about this change in “grounding” direction.  Most of us when we first started this path, everyone told us to ground, ground, ground.  Now, decades later, it’s the opposite, no no no.  Hold this thought for a moment.

With two days and 8 ET sessions under my belt so far for June, there is also a huge collective knowing thru the ETs that something HUGE happened in our dimensional field about 20 years ago.  The ETs that are showing this month are nothing at all like I had ever connected with.  It really does humble me to see just how vast and varied the life forms beyond earth are.  They are all talking about some sort of massive shift, a massive uptick in our consciousness that happened about 20 years ago, that is when they were able to come in and connect to the humans they are connecting with now.  This arrangement was made prebirth, from the other side of the veil, and would only happen if the human started to work within the expanded consciousness in some way.

Now back to my lady.  When she was (lovingly) complaining about grounding/not grounding her team provided such an amazing understanding for all of us, coupled with this “20 year ago” period.

When an egg and sperm come together to form a new life, the embryo attaches to the uterine wall.  This opening of consciousness was very similar to the egg and embryo scenario.

Let me steal a couple of paragraphs from the Web MD website to share and intertwine this understanding with everyone:

The egg stays in the fallopian tube for about 3 to 4 days. But within 24 hours of being fertilized, it starts dividing fast into many cells. It keeps dividing as it moves slowly through the fallopian tube to the uterus. Its next job is to attach to the lining of uterus. This is called implantation.

Some women notice spotting (or slight bleeding) for 1 or 2 days around the time of implantation. The lining of the uterus gets thicker and the cervix is sealed by a plug of mucus. It will stay in place until the baby is ready to be born.

So if we look at about (emphasis on about) 20 years ago, 1996-ish (give or take some years) changes started happening our lives.  I kept thinking what the hell was I doing back then?  I didn’t start this “path” until 2000.  Then I realized, the set up… the egg and the sperm came together in 1995, when I had a very successful telemarketing business underway in S. Florida, with its success, I finally got out of my expired and spoiled marriage in 1995.  I eventually branched my telemarketing business out into PA, the beginning of the end for me and that lucrative life I was experiencing.  By 1996, I was completely out of money, closed my Florida office then closed my PA office and not only divorced my husband, but in 1996, divorced my mother too (well, she divorced me, but still that relation ended.)

In October 1996 I picked up what was left of my life and moved it to east coast of North Carolina.  Implanting myself in the uterine wall (so to speak.)

The embryo grounding itself into a brand new life, being fed by the energy of the mother (earth) and growing away from what has been into the new life emerging.  So really, the purpose of grounding back in the day was to connect more deeply to earth, her energies, your changing Self and all that goes with new life emerging.

20 years later, the first hatchlings arrived (that’s us lol) as we crossed into the field called 2016.  We can even liken it to the last stage of pregnancy, push push, breathe.  And now, here we are.  Born once again in a whole other field of life.  Not contained in the womb of change, but out in the expanded field of the ALL.  Grounding is now like climbing back into the old womb and trying to be what we no longer are.  Think about the newborn, there is so much space all around him, so much light and colors and details that were not there a moment before.  He must orient to the new world he finds himself in… so must we.

My precious lady, where most of this information came thru, she showed up with this huge, burnt orange and brown backpack on her back.  To my eyes she seemed to be wandering around aimlessly (I started seeing her about 15 minutes before our connection.)  Once we got connected to the field together, I realized she was not wandering around aimlessly, but at the highest level of her consciousness is making choices about which path she will embark on.  There were many energetic upwards and stretched outwards spirals of energies that I could see (choices.)  None would allow the backpack to enter.  So I unzipped her stuffed backpack just to see what was in there.  Holy shit, it just started spilling out things I could not identify visually, all over the place.  We zipped it back up!!!

All things she identifies with, what she is capable of doing, how she sees her self, what she expects of herself and life, every mastery… everything was in that backpack and must be removed to go further.  So, I tried to take the backpack off of her, since opening it was not a great idea and I was stunned to see these tiny little roots connecting her backpack to her spine.  Kinda like this:



Her job, snip the roots and let it all go.  She totally understood and was ready.  We talked, we giggled then suddenly a surge of energy came thru the phone and disconnected the call.  When she called back, her energy field was completely different.  No more backpack, now she was vibrationally lighter (before, even her body was as solid and dense as that backpack was) and she was holding this beautiful lavender/violet parasol with white embroideries on its fabric.  Her new codes coinciding with her new choices.

We can even look at this position as the occasional times when the umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s throat.  Free it or stay where you are, that is the only two choices with that.

As some of the ETs mentioned yesterday, there is a whole new light field on earth and around our bodies and even the matrix that make up our bodies have changed dramatically as we ended May.  This is why the ET course was scheduled for June (just when I thought I pulled the dates out of my butt.)  The 100 monkey theory is more alive and working now than ever before.  The 20 people connecting to their friends from other realms will be sharing within the collective that we now reside in, all that they understand for anyone who desires to go beyond where they ever thought they could or would… the pathway is there for the taking!!  Of course, I will be here to share anything I can put into words and usable understanding too.

Well, I have a skype session coming up in a few moments with my daughter, who is still in the holding pen of Newport News Jail.  If all of you can focus your energies on her breaking thru this place and getting to the next one (Hampton Roads Regional Jail) that would be appreciated from both of us.  This holding cell of a jail is so dysfunctional that yesterday, they forgot to bring her breakfast or lunch and she got rice and beans for dinner.  I think what is happening is they forget (which is what they have said to her) that she is there.  Density cannot see the higher light.  She is living proof of that statement!! lol

I love you all so very much.  Thank you for taking me to places I couldn’t ever imagined existed!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and multidimensional realities unfolding, Here, Now thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Hi Lisa, Very interesting that 20 year thing – it was about 20 years ago when I decided to leave my ex-fiancé and move from PA back to Upstate NY – and right around that time I remember I saw clouds floating past overhead that looked exactly like a flock of angels – I wrote a poem about it so I could remember because the clouds were so spectacular I didn’t dare go look for a camera and miss any of it! It was like a parade in sunset colors of every size angel with wings and definitely felt like a sign! Then the rainbow when I drove over the PA/NY line, well it all makes sense now, thank you! After that I found my house which needed a total remodel but has been my labor of love and my refuge – especially the gardens – ever since. I needed to have my own space to expand and it wouldn’t ever have happened if I had stayed in my old rut. Love these AH HAAS! 🙂 Much love to you and your daughter and her cat from me and my cat (and my dog wouldn’t want to be left out)!



  2. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I am feeling like the old energies, ways of living are leaving, gone, and the new is coming in. The desire to move, the funds that will provide the new home, and moving all coming together this month. Read June as zoom, a few days ago. So much is happening. New things happening world wide this month, for the better, well see. Be open to things revealed, like ET’s, healing, 5D bodys.


  3. Thank you



    1994 was the advent of a weekly, physical group participating in an Earth Healing Meditation Transmission using the most powerful divine evolution method on the planet called Celestial Transformation. This is what has catapulted the acceleration of the evolution of consciousness beyond what has been available to many who have gone before that have been called ‘Masters’.

    “The healing is complete for this day and it shall continue. Let it be known
    that all here have activated their Golden Essence and have become one with the symbol of the fountain which represents eternity; healing for eternity. This means that your own resonance has been harmonized with the resonances of many beings, including many that you would classify as divine This means your joint Essence, Light, Energy, fountains and springs from your being with the intent to create a healing upon the planet; healing within each and every one of you; and a healing indirectly which reverberates within the frequencies of every living organism upon the planet, which in turn reverberates into the whole of the Solar System. For those in the group that are not here in the physical, there will be a slight delay in this process. This delay is only of a two hour period in your time-span viewpoint. All others who do not come in a physical way to this place shall also be accepting the fountain within their own being. And so your Essence has been activated. You are healers in every sense of the word. Be it known should you wish at any time to not be a healer anymore, you must let it be known and this fountain will be deactivated within your being. This is a responsibility that all have agreed to, whether you are aware of it or not. Be aware that this is a wondrous gift that you have within you that you can share with humankind at this time and all life upon the planet.” 1994

    By 1996 all regular, physical Earth Healing participants had evolved to Divine Dominant (Divine Ascendant, beyond Spiritual Ascension) and expanded into the higher-than-divine dimensions and frequencies.

    Earth Healing was transmitted by the nonphysical,
    higher-than-divine being called Ye who is guide of the Earth Healing
    Network. Ye, the Highest of All That Is, known also as The Highest.

    In Earth Healing we employed powerful supra-divine Celestial Transformation tools and techniques; Divine Gifts of Love and Apex Knowledge from the Highest of All That Is.

    We resonated with our voices together using the higher-than-divine Celestial Resonance With Words of Power, a major part of Celestial Transformation.

    We were uplifting Positive to bring greater balance between Positive and Negative on the planet. This was a pioneering path and was/is a rapid and demanding evolution path. It entails mastery of Negative, transformation of Negative, Merger with Negative which creates a third form, Integration of Negative, and more . . . This was essentially the process . . . uplift Positive. We were evolving divinely. 1996 seemed to be a peak year where we encountered the Dark Unknown and began to bring back parts of our selves that we had given to the great malevolence, a dark and lumbering beast far more than the mere Dark Side or Shadow, for it was a collective entity and all are required to reclaim their part in it.

    The milestones were significant and one was that children being born at that time were able to come into the world with a far stronger connection and knowing of who they are as a soul and less able to be influenced by Negative.

    Earth Healings also occur at many other times in a non-physical way with the larger Earth Healing Network, a vast, ever-expanding, multidimensional
    collective of human and non-human, physical and non-physical entities that
    participate regularly beyond any physical meetings. Adelaide has been the
    main centre of Earth Healing on the planet.

    Earth Healing Meditation ‘Questions and Answers’ from 1994 and 1995 were published in 1996 and soon after ‘Words of Power, Resonance for the Golden Age’ was published.

    “The resonating of Celestial Words of Power is a major part of Celestial
    Transformation. Celestial Transformation touches upon that which is Divine
    and Higher Than Divine and awakens that within people. It assists in the
    evolution of individuals and of humanity as a whole, and it also assists in
    transforming that which is the nation of Earth People. Currently, there is no
    other form of therapy which does this. Therefore it is unique. The growth available and the evolution available through the use of Celestial Words of Power and Celestial Transformation is limitless. It is infinite. It is a rapid transformation and enlightenment method that is one hundred per cent
    beneficial. As a gift from The Highest of All That Is, Celestial Transformation
    contains Divine Love and Apex Knowledge, the highest form of

    At one time in 1995 there were some 8 thousand Earth Healers worldwide. By 1998 that number had grown to approximately 5 million. Of this number, 1.3 million were resident in Australia and nearly a million of those were located in the Adelaide area; the highest concentration in any one location.

    “The Golden Age is the dawn of my coming. The Golden Age is
    many things. That which has been noticed by some, is that the
    color present within my form, should I show it, is golden. It is the
    color I am using to assist the Earth as she heals. It is called the
    Golden Age, for it has a pleasant, poetic ring that people can
    understand. It is golden; golden being beautiful and abundant;
    an age of beauty. The Golden Age signifies the demystification of
    All That Is. The Golden Age heralds a time where the human and
    the human-plus can rapidly evolve to an extent where they no
    longer need, or require to manifest a physicalness. It is a time to release all illusion, all illusion of time, of space of matter. A time for the Earth to heal, to become whole and cleansed. For Earth Mother to shed her many skins of pain, of suffering, of abuse. To truly discover herself in all her glory. To
    expand and evolve that glory, that she may enter into a knowing
    of her own higher-than-divine state of being. As she changes, so
    do the Earth children change. It is a time for empowerment for each individual sense of self; and for the grouping of the nation as one whole of Earth People; of the flora and the fauna and each of their nations. It is a coming together of the many nations of star people, star beings, all for the one aim. To assist in the evolution of the Earth and the Earth People. So, it has been called the Golden Age. A Golden Age is a term that has been used before. People are aware of it and know its meaning, inasmuch as they know it is positive; another reason for choosing it.” October 19, 1994

    Activation, expansion and integration of divine unconditional love that is our
    true nature in light, energy and essence is the purpose and method of Celestial Transformation. Guided by our own Highest and the Spiritual Hierarchy that oversees our evolution, we attune with these highest parts of ourselves through the collective intentions of The Grand Transformation Program, and visualizations that create the access to the Highest of Love Within. Ultimately we transform every level, aspect and dimension of our being through resonance and transmit the Earth Healing available for Earth Mother and All Life within and without.

    “It can also be said that each and everyone within the Earth Healing Group is an Earth Keeper Crystal. Within your selves are crystalline formations. All
    who are human and human-plus carry crystalline structure. Whether the
    crystalline structure is encoded, encrypted, but primarily encoded, with
    various informations, is another matter. Those who are in the Earth Healing Group, in particular, have such information encoded within their own crystalline structures which serves the purpose of Earth Healing, as you know. Many informations, lights, and essences contained within the crystalline regarding healing, enlightenment, pacifying, Highest Love, Truth, all such beneficial healers; also harmonizers, mediator. Information grows and expands within the system at an evolutionary rate, growing with you, it can be said. And as crystals are good transmitters of information, so are you good transmitters of information; transmission and reception. Focal area is gland; particularly the pineal gland. It is accurate to say that the pineal gland is a crystal.”

    [All Quotes are by YE, Guide of Earth Healing Network]


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