Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 2, 2016

Orienting YourSelf to the MultiDimensional Field of Life and So Much More!!!

Omniverse - multiverse - universe geometry life beings

There is nothing worse than waking up at 4am, knowing the day prior so much was revealed to share outwards and someone did a memory wipe while you slept.  I stared blankly at my computer screen for 3 hours before I gave up trying and so confused as to why.  I still have no idea, but hey this is this crazy life we live now.  Highly intense, then deeply mellow and all kind of swings in between.  At least it did not affect my ability to connect, yay.

However, all that said, I do want to share what I can remember from my meditation.  The part I cannot remember, not even this morning, was information/understanding about the energy of Light and colors outside of the GodBody and the reproductive tools within it.  It was so crystal clear in understanding thru the entire meditation, thru the entire day that lit my field up like a fire cracker, and now, I cannot harvest to save my life.  Dammit!!  However, the part that is totally at the forefront of my minds memory is what came after the sharing of all that information, maybe because it was so personal to me.  There are, however, details that is important for all of us waiting and waiting and waiting for that “divine counter-part” connection.

I suddenly felt a rush of energy come up thru me from my root chakra.  As I let this energy move thru me, suddenly my mind’s eye was out on the field (my backyard) and once again, I see my beautiful Jorge (pronounced hor-hay) sitting on top of an elephant that now is equally superimposed with the image of a white stallion within the elephant body.  For those of you who have not seen what this pretty pretty Jorge de Norte (of my meditation – divine counterpart energy form) looks like, there is an image of a Canadian actor Adam Beach who sports his form perfectly.  I have seen many other pictures of Adam Beach and it is only this one that looks EXACTLY like my Jorge:


Well, great eye candy, but in my day-to-day reality, I really desire someone looking more my age, where the signs of gravity is as obvious on him as it is on me.  lol  So imagine my incredible surprise when thru this meditation, my beautiful Jorge, the moment he gets off the elephant/white stallion and touched the ground (my literal backyard where you all show up) morphed into an older image.  I really got excited.  He appeared as 50 something, a little pooch as his tummy (I like a more meaty male form, no skin bones and muscles.)  His hair still dark and longer, but not this long like in this picture.  I am in!!  Sign me up!! Then it got weird, really, weird.

As I looked at him, his skin suddenly turned into really pretty scales at the upper part of his body.  These fish scales were the most beautiful blue-green kinda like this:

fish scales

Well, how odd.  But as more information was added, so much made sense.  I hope I can make this understanding as coherent and accurate as I can with words.

The one that seems to be felt by so many here on earth, they have entered a realm they don’t fit into or belong in.  I realized thru this meditation there is a truth to that feeling, I have always felt the same since childhood.  Within my energy field, I hold Pleiadian energy along with my human energy.  What I didn’t know until this meditation, the Pleiades is a very fluid (series of) planets.  It really takes in the water element and our perfection within swimming thru and with all sorts of currents.  No wonder I came into this life as a water baby, even tho my sun sign is a fire sign.  My job in this incarnation was to temper the energy of fire within the fluid emotional field of my Being.  Took me close to 40 years to work out those intense kinks.  Because as we all know, water conducts energy, which had my fire raging most of my life.

Well Mr 50 something Jorge hails from the area we know as Sirius, a fire realm.  Intense and wild (personality speaking lol, not literally.)  So his incarnation here has been about being much more fluid in his energy field without feeling like his was drowned out.

Learning to balance fire and water in the opposite spectrum of incarnation.  When these two elements come together in balance and harmony it would be the equivalent of passion meets compassion (and that is said really to simplify it all.)

So as this beautiful man is blinking between his human form and his fishie form, I wondered what body of water he swims in.  Instantly, I could feel the ocean currents, but more than that, i could taste the salt water from the ocean.  OMG these is so much more to this revelation I am experiencing.

Coming back to my constantly evolving understanding of what a Divine Counter-Part is (per my teams explanation) and doing my research on craniospinal fluid which consists of sodium and potassium, much more sodium than potassium… his salt waterness made sense.  He would have to be a part of the same system/living body of god, as I am but with his own connection to it.  (I am not saying that right, but have no idea how else to say it.)

I cannot tell you how excited, how incredibly interested I became!!  To the degree I went around my entire house (within meditation of course) and opened up my front and back doors, all my windows, let this energy in!!  My open invitation that yup… Now I am ready to change my life, make room for someone else to be a living part of it.  Thru this meditation and without adequate words to describe, I seen what we are capable of!!

I also remembered I think it was last year, maybe the year before (time blurs in the rear view mirror) thru a series of readings, there was a V energy system that kept being shown.  One of the upper sides of the V represented Sirius, the other Pleiades and the merger at the bottom, was earth. This would take in the energy of a divine counter-part merger too.  Of course, there are many other system types out there, I use this cuz its personal and I can understand it!!

So following my crazy guidance, I just took to Youtube to find a video on the effects of sodium and potassium in water.  Tho the mans accent is a little hard to understand, I did her him say a trigger word (to my mind) “Alloy.”  Spirit has been yapping on and on about the alloy energies for years now.  I am finally wrapping my mind around the why of it.   Let me share this video:



I have to giggle, sorta, when he refers to potassium as soft and wrinkly… yup, dats me!!  lol  I have come of age!! lolol

The combination of sodium and potassium, liquified, squirt into water creates a series of fire explosions.  Of course, this is all science, lets step it up to the metascience and taking in the system of energy too.  The unseen world (of our physical eyes.)  Imagine what can be done when these two metals get heated up on purpose and with inner knowing/direction (let’s talk about sex…. baby.)  Equally, knowing where and how to direct the combined fires to open, if not explosively (wink, wink) other dimensions and much more than that.

So, lets change the subject just a hair, ok maybe a whole new of hair lol.  With the exception of one reading, my day yesterday was filled with ETville connections.  Not to my surprise at all, the focus was on the dimensions, realms, navigating and stuff.  But there was one in particular at the end of my day that sits in front of my face wanting expression.

This is a sharing from her “homework” that he had given her.  This guy was from a planet made out of rocks, nothing but pokey, pointy rocks everywhere.  His form resembled that of a living rock with all kinds of shards surrounding his head like tons of antlers, what he called “like our antennas”  but work like our eyes, nose, breath… automatically as needed.

So her homework was to imagine herself standing on a rock, smaller rock so she could just put her foot up and on it.  Then to connect with the pure energy of the rock.

What he explained before that, in our realm and his too I think, rocks are super condensed energy.  So even our largest rocks are much larger than they appear.

As she connects fully and completely to her rock and becomes one with its energy (this too, takes in the whole alloyed energy field) I could see them both expanding.  This rock and her body just got larger and larger and larger.

Again, taking in some of the readings from the previous years, I could see something similar thru the readings that I likened to those sponges you put in water and they enlarge and take form.  Similar here too and with this memory I hear spirit say, we have been seeded for years for this very moment.  Yay!!  Bout damn time we got to the moment!!! lol  I have a half written book waiting for the hands on experience to finish up!!!

As I watched her and this rock enlarge, it was also stated it is in that enlargement they are opening and moving thru various dimensions.  She and this rock will enlarge themselves to his realm automatically.

Wait a minute, I gotta straddle one of my earlier connections of the day too.  Funny, (not in a haha way) both of these ladies live in New Zealand, that seems important to mention about their relationship in the landscape and these connections.  But one of my other ladies had three ET’s show up that I simply call her triplets.  They looked identical to each other.  They explained that they are three bodies that share one mind and that they each reside in a different dimension.  They are going to help her remember how to be in many dimensions at once and staying centered in her human with all the different dimensions happening at once.  Her triplets also emphasized to STOP grounding.  You take yourself out of the multidimensional field when she (or anyone) does that.  They even said that is an old energy thing and no longer serves the expansion underway.  Now it is all about staying centered in many dimensions at once.  Truly living as our multidimensional self, but with full awareness of it all.

Well I am going to leave off there, I have a 7am skype session with my daughter.

Have an amazing, multidimensional, accelerated day filled with loving ((((HUGZ)))) from the ALL thru the ALL that is US!!!

Lisa Gawlas






  2. Have you explored your use of the service ( accessing the energy field or lack of access) and the void moon? Recently overheard was when void of course, energy flows toward completion rather than beginning. I just wonder for myself and thought I’d share what I’ve been working on. That, energy grounding, and recognizing the synchronicity of others for my own protection. The Black moon just shifted so I watch….loves…a bird soul.


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