Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 31, 2016

…As May Closes and We Ready for the June-July Energy Field…



Well, holy system shut down batman!!  The one thing I was absolutely sure of yesterday, my body was not happy with me, at all!!  My mind stayed in the exhausted fog all day long.  My legs grew lead inside them, my digestive system didn’t know if it was hungry or stuffed, and for the first time in my entire life of awareness, every time I thought about going to the computer to respond to an email (as usual, I am sooo behind) my cells, literally the cells of my body, sometimes individually and other times collectively, yelled at me!!  HEY!! That’s not nice!!  But then again, I do not give my biological system a rest, ever.  I swear yesterday was more of a test to my commitment to giving my body and brain a real day off, because there was no way I could muster seeing the field, hell I could barely muster a coherent thought process!!  It took everything I had in me NOT to simply rescheduled to today, a determined day off.  Man oh man, it must be what an alcoholic feels like at the thought of not drinking for one day.  But alas, today is here and I am not really working today and my body has puffed back out into the normal range of energy… yay!!  Touch down!! lol

Ok enough about me!! lol  Let’s talk about us… baby!! (sung not said lol)

The one thing I was super aware of yesterday, is the loss of conscious relationship with time itself.  I really thought I had only been back from Virginia a few days and my daughter, standing still in her ongoing groundhog day, mentioned she has been locked up for 11 days now.  WOW really?  It feels like a blink to me.

What I am starting to fully realize with everyone doing their homework preparing for the ET course starting tomorrow, this is how time is changing.  Not so much obvious to the flow of the calendar, but to the relationship of our mindSelf.  Equally, as I am really paying attention to the instruction coming thru for everyone working the superpowers hypnosis, accessing the various dimensions and portals that are always just in front of us, is similar.  Getting familiar with the subtle vibrational difference is key to efficiently navigating this whole open system we now live within.

Yesterday morning I headed to to see if the sun was playing any part of my system shut down.  For as groggy as my mind was, the moment I seen their image of the sun, I was filled with a weird understanding.  Let me give you their picture, since it is exactly how my whole body felt yesterday… springing leaks from head to toe:



In my world of seeing and understanding, there are two parts to the sun itself.  What we see (depicted in the image above,) is the outer part of the sun converting all the pure energy from the other side of the veil, or more clearly stated, from the godhead itself, the “central sun” which I see as a pure white energy sphere within our sun, into usable energy in this realm.  Some of our bodily functions is what is happening when we see the sun doing particular things.  With this image here, it is representing solar wind coming out of a coronal hole.  Instantly i heard, this is how god sneezes, releasing powerful and forceful energy thru the sun to us.  There are occasions I get into a reading and my entire sinus system gets super activated.  I sneeze like crazy, blow my nose thru out the reading.  Well, now I really do understand why.  With these odd occurrences, I have no sinus issue before or after our connection, only during.  Given now what I understand about the craniospinal fluid, it really is a release of energy thru us to use.

The CME, coronal mass ejections are very much like farts, serious gas from the energy of the sun released to us to use as well as assist the wholeness of the earth in her energy body too.  Which is a huge reason why, after some serious solar activity, the earth has spasms, sometimes earthquakes, sometimes weather storms, she must react just like we do.  Only when she reacts, many are affected!!

The first conversation (reschedule session) I had yesterday moved something inside of me, close to tears.  I am not even sure how it happened, but like the energy of the “sneeze” information as we were talking about the current energies and the exhaustion we both were feeling, suddenly I know this moment was also closing up May as we prepped the field for June.  It was such a deep and emotional feeling, the love… amazing love opening into the June-July energy system took me by surprise.  I don’t know what it means for us, thru us, but man nothing that deeply loving can ever be anything but good… or is that… God!!!

There are two readings from the other day I so had every intention on sharing today.  One man was the rainbow energy/food of life coming into the living body of God and one lady was the reproductive system, male and female together.  But I cannot share that today, what I am feeling is in my down time today (smile) more information is going to be provided that will tie these two together in a way I cannot see at this moment.  So, that will be tomorrow’s sharing… I hope.  lol

So on that note, have the most amazing day as we close up May and shift into June-July!!!  I love you all so much and much more than that too!!  Ohhhh, speaking of Love (smile) my daughters housemate told me yesterday that her cat Fenix has NOT pee’d blood the last two days.  You are working your magic.  I told him to still take her to the vet, but know, your loving power is changing/enhancing our beloved kitty cat!!  Thank you!!! ❤

((((HUGZ))))) of sunny sneezes to everyone!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas








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