Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 30, 2016

Working Out the Kinks of Group Dynamics.

group cooperation

I want to take a moment to honor each and every one of you.  Your brilliance and wisdom shine thru my days each and every day.  The information and understandings I gather, happens ONLY because YOU show up to share that wisdom.  The human that is you may not fully be aware of just how wise and illuminated your whole Being is, but let me tell you, I do!!  I am now watching the various parts of the living body of god turn on (if you will) only in the moment you show up!  Then the energy of understanding (well as much understanding as I am capable of in that moment) is released BECAUSE of you, because of who you are and your part in the living system of Life.  I am not channeling some entity or group entity, I am genuinely channeling you thru our connections.  How amazing you are!!!  How extraordinarily wise and filled with Light You Are!!  Thank you for filling my world, my heart and all those who understand more because You showed up to release the wisdom of your soul to all of us and allow us all to understand ourselves a little bit more each day.  I love you so much and thank you from the depths of my soul.

There is so much information that came thru once again yesterday, my mind is actually soooo tired.  I think spirit should have warned me about the heavy lifting of all this information and kept an eye on my calendar.  13 hour days, (5-6 readings and 4-5 homework sessions) has my mind in the swamps lol.  Thank god I do have a day off tomorrow, I soooo need it.  Ok enough of my whining lol

We have been looking at the incredible positives of this whole “living body of god” and as one precious soul showed us yesterday, there is some deep learning lessons that come with it (as we all are aware of lol.)

Her placement was the scapula.  This is was such an illuminating reading in the struggles of creating a unified whole when you MUST work with other moving parts.  It was interesting because my focus was on understanding the role of the “scapula” and hers was how unhappy she is in her job, and yet, both were perfect understandings of the importance of your placement in this living body.

Lets look at the scapula:


The scapula is a team sport, it works in harmony with the entire shoulder.  The website I snagged this image from and the scapula information (click here) states a wonderful sentiment:  Together, this intricate cluster of joints creates the incredible shoulder – the cornerstone of movement through the upper extremity. But like any great team, many do the work while few get the credit.

When any part of this team is out of sync with the other, we have things like frozen shoulder, which is what is happening in her workplace.  She is doing all the work and getting zero credit and the scapula is breaking down from taking on all the extra duties.  Of course, in the human anatomy itself, yes we can fix the other moving parts, but in the living system of God, not so much.  However, since it is all held together or freezes up due to the energy of the system itself, we can change it by focusing on the energy system first and foremost, our own part of the system.  Making sure that our energy is clear and fluid and releasing that energy to the system as a whole.  When we feel neglected and overworked, it just adds more toxicity to the energy system.

So even tho this whole system and our placement within it seems romantic, it is obviously not all peach fuzz and roses.  It really is a challenge and rightfully so.

I so love the analogies of this website and he says it best about the whole matrix of the shoulder:  Say we are moving furniture into a building. We require that a solid foundation provide the base for our building. Then, flooring would need to be installed so that we can lay down a rug. Only after these steps are taken – in this order – furnishings can be brought in. Similarly, we must ensure a stable spine and ribcage for the scapula to sit on so that it can in turn be a reliable support for the arm. Stability at each and every link along this kinetic chain is necessary for function as a whole.

Ohhh the paragraph he ends his information with is awesome and we all can use its wisdom in whatever region we are a part of:  Control your scapulothoracic joint, and you control your ability to make gains with strength and power, abolish or avoid pain and dysfunction, and most importantly, take a huge stride toward mastering the complexity of human performance.

If we start taking on the role of spine, ribcage, arm, we become depleted in our own scapula-ness and the machine breaks down even more.  But again, since this is actually an energy system, going into meditation and changing the energy (not the people) of the system is key to good health!!


Well, there is so much more information to share, but I am going to hold off until tomorrow.  My brain is so tired and I am going to save accessing that higher energy for the readings today.  I will catch up tomorrow.

I do, however, want to share a super surprising experience that happened to me shortly after starting to write my blog yesterday morning.  I could hear a cat meowing near my front door.  It meowed twice and so I got up, wondering if my landlady left her cat out over night, something she just never does.  No cat near the front door or the back door.  I wondered maybe it is Fenix, since she is peeing blood and won’t get to the docs until Wednesday.  Altho, other than peeing blood, she was not listless or anything that looked “sick” before I left.  Two hours later, my son told me that his sons cat passed away in his sleep at the same time I heard the meow.  I was shocked really.  I just posted a picture on my facebook emphasizing my grandsons halo:



This picture was taken 3 days ago and now I wonder of that was really a sign of this precious cat Uma who has been in my grandsons life since the day he was born, a sign of the transition to come.  But beyond that, it had been years since I lived with Uma and even then, it was not a close relationship with the cat (it is my grandsons moms cat.)  And yet, this cat showed up at my door when he transitioned.  Not only that, as I was texting Steffi (his mama) suddenly and impossibly, my phone, being held in my left hand my right hand on my mouse doing computer things… suddenly called steffi.  I heard a phone ringing and had to look and see where the hell that was coming from and was shocked my own phone calling steffi.  When she answered I told her I have no idea how my phone just called you, must be Uma saying hello and goodbye.

Our animals are as wise and powerful as the human field too, and obviously remember those who are aware of their presence to get a message out.

Anywayz, I am going to go plug myself into a spiritual charger as I get ready for another 13 hour day.

((((HUGZ)))) of wide eyed wonder to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. What a beautiful reading, thank you! And what an opening. Wow! The art work, your grandson’s halo, is beautiful. Love Light Preciousness to you Margaret


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