Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 26, 2016

The Alchemist, The Sage and the Supercells ALL One Energy System of YOU!

sage alchemy

I swear, I have one of the best jobs on earth (IMHO) and yet, one of the most unstable jobs on earth too.  The field was closed for viewing yesterday, which really pissed me off (like anyone in spirit cares about that!!)  It really was the strangest experience, kind of like when you go to the movies, you have your ticket in your hand, your popcorn on your lap, you’re sitting down waiting for the movie to start, and…. nuttin.  The projector guy took the day off and didn’t tell anyone.  I was connected, it was just the field that was closed for viewing.

It took me two reschedules to get over not being able to do my job as scheduled then I hit the couch to pout about it (I am so freakin human lol.)  At least spirit did throw me a bone and gave me a huge surprising visual to attempt to show why the field was unviewable.  At my ceiling level I could suddenly see this massive energy that reminded of a cloud energy, pure white cloud energy with an opening in the middle of it.  This energy took up the entire space of my living room at the ceiling level.  I found a picture that is pretty damn close to the way I see then image, minus any dark clouds, it was all snow white:

cloud vortex

Even the hole, just like this (flipped) image, was defined and bunched up like this.  On the left side of the hole, there was this man in a long white robe, with long white hair, beard and mustache shoveling gold into the hole.  I have no idea where the gold came from, he was scooping from the cloud itself and the moment his shovel hit the cloud that is when gold appeared.  He was shoveling the gold into the hole.  I could not see what the gold was doing in the hole at first.  The whole thing reminded me of my grandparents coal furnace and shoveling coal into it.  For as large as that hole was, I could not see into it at all.

I did not, and still do not recognize this man at all.  It is been many many years since any of my team took “form,” they are all energy that I connect to. Even when they did take form, I never had one that looked for felt like this guy.  I still have no idea who he is, he never told me.  But then again, I was much more interested in the gold and what the heck it is doing, where is it going?  It was only about an hour or so later, that man still shoveling, that I started to see something come down from the huge hole.  I cannot even tell you what it was or what it means to us, but the substance was translucent and opalescent, the size and width of quarters.  It just started raining down all these quarter sized…. whatevers.  They came down about 3 feet then disappeared from my view.

What I find really really interesting, is the image itself always became….. I am not sure what correct word to use, so I will use the word more defined, and that is not a good word because this was so clear, so freakin real that if I didn’t know better, I swear it was a part of my ceiling (going to actually being a part of something I could touch.)   Anyway, about 15 minutes before each appointment, the energy start to emit communication.  Before the close connection of my appointments, it was a living visual but as I started to lean into the reading appointments, understanding started to be provided.  Which alone, shows just how vital we are to each other’s field.  We increase the energy of anything and everything when we are connecting together.

The first communication stated that we have talked about alchemy a lot over the ages, but we really don’t use the energy as we are capable of.  This is releasing (and releasing is not the correct word either, dammit) the full spectrum of alchemy thru the emerging collective.  Our job is to start to tap into this very real ability and USE IT.

Then, just before another call, this very dedicated and diligent white haired man said the field is full of nuclear fusion, which is why it is unviewable.  So, going to google: In nuclear physics, nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei come very close and then collide at a very high speed and join to form a new nucleus. The mass of this new nucleus is slightly less than the sum of its constituents, by an amount known as the “binding energy”.

So then, let’s marry the two.  I went to a handy dandy website to look at nuclear fusion and alchemy and came up with this:  But what of the fabled transmutation of lead to gold? It is indeed possible—all you need is a particle accelerator, a vast supply of energy and an extremely low expectation of how much gold you will end up with.

So lets start with gold itself, spiritually speaking would be the highest form of spiritual energy I see in readings.  Then, lets take the fact that the first day back to the field of light, it was all about supercells and funnel clouds.

So, going to wundergound and looking at their information about “supercells” lets pick some of their info in relationship to what was shown yesterday:

The National Weather Service defines a severe thunderstorm as a thunderstorm that is producing:

  • hail that is at least quarter size (1 inch diameter or larger) (lets change hail into pure usable energy)
  • and/or wind gusts 58 mph or greater
  • and/or a tornado

A supercell is a highly organized thunderstorm with some components that set it apart from other “garden variety” thunderstorms. Supercells have the capability to produce tornadoes,damaging hail, and strong downdrafts (which translate into straight-line winds at the surface). All tornadoes are spawned from a parent supercell, but not all supercells produce tornadoes.

In addition to the standard necessary ingredients for a thunderstorm (instability, moisture, source of lift), supercells require strong “veering” of the winds, which means the winds are turning clockwise with height.

Now taking some of this information and the visuals on the field when the supercells were being shown, the funnel cloud itself would act as the directional energy.  Taking this part of wundergrounds sharing: strong downdrafts (which translate into straight-line winds at the surface) we would have to use the element of wind to direct the change of energy into what we desire as its outcome. (too funny, my eyes were just drawn to the word count and it was 1111.)

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, every one of us has our own personal supercell (even if spirit simply shows you as a banana lol)  But, as I am starting to realize, my team was showing me something it would take me days to understand the why of.  One of the beautiful souls who share on my facebook put a video on my wall about what happens when Potassium meets water.  Holy explosions batman!!

Here is an in depth video of potassium:



So my team didn’t just blow off my desire to see my supercell or funnel cloud, they actually gave me an element I am made up of for use within the supercell.

Let me interject here, spirit does this a lot in readings.  What looks so damn cryptic to me, they are showing you so much about yourself and your “makeup” but our job is to take all that imagery and understanding deeper and don’t stop exploring the “why that” until you hit that ….. ohhhhhhh, THAT is why! understanding.   Our jobs here in the realm of matter is to know ourselves and how we work in this realm.  Spirit gives us a lot more information that we realize (speaking of my banana self lol) and our job is to keep opening up the understandings.  Go deeper, all-ways, go deeper!!

For those who have perfected/conjoined their meditation skills, it will all unfold right there in your space, because it IS all right there in your space.  I say this because I just thought to myself, shit I don’t have any time in my day until Saturday to even take a meditation.  But, this is now the living part of our emerging new collective.  The REAL reality will be a living, viewable part of our mundane reality too.  Which makes it all instantly usable (yeah right, I’ll let you know about that statement!! lol)

Well, seems mr white haired man is still here (as I ponder how to use that damn supercell thing and will he help me??)  He said he is “an ancient sage.”  Well, I don’t know what a sage is really, so once again, handy dandy google and wikipedia helps this girl out:

A sage (Ancient Greek: σοφός, sophos), in classical philosophy, is someone who has attained the wisdom which a philosopher seeks. The first to make this distinction is Plato, through the character of Socrates, within the Symposium. While analyzing the concept of love, Socrates concludes Love is that which lacks the object it seeks. Therefore, the philosopher (Ancient Greek: φιλόσοφος, meaning lover of wisdom) does not have the wisdom sought, while the sage, on the other hand, does not love or seek wisdom, for it is already possessed. Socrates then examines the two categories of persons who do not partake in philosophy:

  1. Gods and sages, because they are wise;
  2. Senseless people, because they think they are wise. 

(I made bold, underlined and made red that above sentence.)

Going back to the “original earth” and our incarnations there, we did not seek wisdom, we were born with it.  We did not seek love, we were full of it.  We MUST return to that State of Being to fully use our alchemy.


Lets dig into this a bit deeper too.  Gods and sages.  To me, that would be the divine masculine, the energy that brings dreams of the feminine into matter.  The earth herself, all of us incarnate, are the dreamers.  What good is being able to produce any sort of life if there is no energy of the dream of desire?  So of course we are both all-ways.  Knowing how to use each aspect is key.  Knowing our own key elements, going to the period table, well enhance the alchemy outcome.  That alone is interesting, over the years, on rare occasions, and most especially thru the ET connections, an element would be shared to the person.  I had no idea why (slow on the uptake here) at least, not in the fullness of understanding.

I do want to change the subject, just a little bit, but yet, really does flow directly into what we are sharing this morning.  Two days ago my daughter called and shared a bizarre experience she had at about 2am in her morning.  I shared the experience she told me on facebook (looking for deeper understanding of it.)  Here is what I shared on facebook:  …Of course, she is sleep deprived which I feel helped to create this experience. About 2am she started to smell something like formaldehyde. The more she smelled it, it was like everything around her was transformed to a place where Jeffrey Dahmer used to cut up and eat people. The smell got stronger and she could feel the heat of blood and felt blood on her as if she was Jeffrey Dahmer opening a skull and eating it. She said this experience lasted at least 2 minutes or longer. Obviously, it freaked her out. …

So many replies of understanding was shared (I really appreciate that a lot!!) and so much love and healing energy was also sent to her thru that sharing.  8pm that same night, my daughter got violently ill and started vomiting green slime (as she put it.)   It was so dramatic, the guards rushed her to medical, that alone says how intense her illness was.  When she called me yesterday (and told me about this vomiting and how bizarre green it was) she felt so good, her energy shifted upwards, there was joy in her voice and she said how much better she felt.  YOU did this.  Your energy cleared her out completely.  This is alchemy.  Taking something toxic and making it radiant!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

However, we tend to be able to use alchemy when it is for someone or something else.  Maybe because we are not really emotionally involved like we are when it is our own self.  And now, we MUST focus the energy on our own self to truly be the master of our personal universe as we are capable of Being.

I hear, more often than not, when I ask if someone has any questions (in the readings of course) when it is something personal, mundane, the energy of devaluing it is very present.  Words like “I hate to even ask about this, it is so mundane.”  Guess what… we are living a mundane life on purpose.  Our mundane reality is AS important as our spiritual reality.  If we feel that our need or desire for money (or whatever) is “too mundane to think about or ask about” guess what we are creating???  Alchemy is the outcome in matter.  Matter, MATTERS!!  Our WHOLE Life matters!!!

On that note, I am going to close for now.  I am giving you a mini novel to read lol.

First and foremost, Be the Sage you were born as.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magic to and thru ALL!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas





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  2. Wow! Tornadoes and supercells within and without!

    We’ve had storms and two tornadoes in our area or within the state for the last week. Two nights ago one of the tornadoes was about a mile from my house and the hail was baseball sized. More storms are predicted for this week. Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

    Lots of love,

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  3. .. and then when we’ve focused all that pure energy, love, towards ourselves, we become naturally and infinitely abundant with it, so we start spreading it all over, like fairy dust, we sprinkle that shit everywhere. The bucket is full, it’s over-flowing, it naturally requires expression/s.

    Your daughter will be just. fine. but I’m sure you know that. These are merely her own persoulnal “trials and tribulations”, but that, of course, doesn’t make it less challenging I’m sure. It is what it is. But I have no doubt that one way or another this will solve itself out in ways that may not be as apparent now, beautiful lady. And much as other people can help, at the end of the day, it is she who has to work through it all, but I’m sure you’re aware of this as well. She is definitely so very blessed to have you around and have all the support system she needs on a physical level, i’m guessing and feels like a case of “Is she going to harvest the fruits of her creations or nah?” at this point. Choices, choices.

    Anyways, anywaaays there’s growth in all choices, cases and all ways. Take good care of yourself, pretty lady, and thank you for the beautiful, so very synchronistic sharings you offer, for who you are and all that you’re embodying. Forever grateful and honouring your beingness.



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