Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 24, 2016

Personal Supercells, Funneled Energy and the Next 6 Weeks.

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I should have known by the unexpected conversation in my sharing yesterday, the energy and imagery of “storms” would be a key factor in yesterday’s readings.  Everyone had their own supercell and funnel cloud doing various things to them.  However, unlike the funnel clouds we are familiar with, these funnel clouds were pushing out energy for the most part (as opposed to sucking anything up.)

My first beautiful lady in the field showed up with a funnel cloud, that her team expressly stated had a reverse flow to it, (pushing out energy instead of sucking it up) and was bouncing at the top of her head when suddenly, she broke in two, split down the middle and half of her fell to the left and the other half to the right.  To my eyes, it was as if a shell was being broken open and inside the most beautiful amber glowing light was present.  In front of her, at the ground level, the place I call your center path forward, for about 3-4 feet, the energy of her path was white, straight forward, and then suddenly the funnel cloud breaking apart her shell, created an event I could not see (on purpose) that suddenly lifted her path upwards and started to reflect the same color energy that is now what I see as her.

Her team said that over the next 4-6 weeks (they eventually dropped the 4 and stayed with 6 weeks) there are going to be many twists and turns in her path, taking her out of her comfort zone, putting her into experiences she will feel unqualified to deal with.  As she and I talked, I realized why this energy tornado broke her shell in half, as she was talking about a family member with a dire diagnosis that she is assisting in energy work, she kept saying “I am not god, I do not know…” and things that just broke the energy flow itself.  Ummm yes, she is, we are all aspects of God with a direct line of communication, knowing and abilities.  The take away I got from her reading was, either own who you are and what you are capable of, or you will be thrust into situations that will leave no room for doubt.

Then I had a lady, Ohhh my dear good god the imagery surprised me.  Her funnel cloud latched onto her whole face like a suction cup.  I could feel the down flow of energy onto her face and watched as the particles of her face blew up and released themselves from her.  Her team said that all of her identities are being stripped away.  Then this tentacle like thing came out of the funnel cloud and stretched inside her head to her pineal gland and started wiggling about in her pineal.  I could see the energy of Light grow larger and her team said the light field inside and outside her pineal gland was being enlarged to allow for new soul blue prints to come in.  Then they explained that as she was planning this particular life and the series of events that needed to happen, 3 other lifetimes were also planned after this one that would allow the expansion to continue thru each lifetime.  However, she had not only completed what she set out to do in this lifetime, but started to open the energies that would have taken place in the other lifetimes as well, so what is happening right now, is those 3 future lives are now going to be played out in this lifetime.

Like my first lady, 6 weeks became an important timeframe.  The first two weeks (which she is in now) is the encoding and assimilation of the first of these three lifetimes, then in about 2 weeks time, there will be “an intense emotional event” that will take her off her center path and put her deep into her right field, her emotional, spiritual field.  That is when the 2nd set of blue prints will start to be encoded and assimilated.  At the end of that two-week period, there is a sudden shift out of the right field with a 90 degree angle taking her to her physical life field. With the culmination of this 6 week period and 3 separate soul blueprints now assimilated, her center path will now be deep in her left field.

As I tried to see what the end of this 6 week cycle looked like for her, god forbid spirit should be straight forward with anything.  She got a series of 4 balloons lifting upwards.  These balloons acted like helium but felt like water balloons, I could feel the fluid energy inside the balloons and yet they lifted upwards effortlessly.  Her team explained that both were correct, each balloon represented a rise in the emotional field (water) as effectively as helium would remove her from the gravity that was keeping her in her (previous) life.  The red represented the rise upwards thru her root chakra. Then came a blue one, representing her soul expression in new and higher ways, then a green one, which represented the heart working in accelerated ways and then the last one caught me by surprise.  The fourth balloon was yellow, representing her soul in life, got about 2 feet above the ground them burst open and spilled all over the place.  The full release of her soul onto, into her new merged life path.  That’s all they would show or tell us about that.

Of course, the use of “6 weeks” is not a static timeline at all, but more a gauge of expectancy with many blurred edges, especially when other people are involved in crossing into one’s path.  However, 6 weeks from yesterday is the 4th of July, Independence day here in the USA.  Hmmmmmm!!

Then I had one lady, dear lord she was bizarre looking.  First tho, unlike my other lady’s, my view with her was way up above the supercell and this intense, bright blue and red shards of energy coming into the top of her supercell.  As I tried to figure out what the hell that was, I could see this funnel cloud start to emerge, and these shards of energy, which spirit said was pure consciousness from a collective on spirits side of the veil (I had no idea they also had collective consciousnesses too) was coming in.  Then I seen what looked like human forms bumping around inside the funnel cloud.  What the hell is that???

Her funnel cloud came down and sat upon her head and started to produce what looked like electrodes all over her skull.  Her team explained that these electrodes are pulsing the pure consciousness into her brain waves in various sections of the brain itself.  This is going to allow her to hold pure consciousness without it being muddied by the elements we call ego and the vast and various consciousnesses that it once had to pass thru (which changed it from pure consciousness to meld with what one or others thought they knew about any given thing.)

So I had to ask about the forms I seen in the emerging funnel cloud… well, it got stranger.  Her funnel cloud formed onto her center path and I could see what looked like legs and maybe hips still wrapped up in the energy of this funnel cloud system.  What her team explained, there will be at least three humans that will enter her path/life that have been seeded with what we will just call alien consciousnesses that will serve to temper the energies, the pure consciousnesses being imbedded in her.  There was also an understanding that for anything to take hold in this realm, it must come thru humans and be used.  So these three (I felt three, not 100% sure there is three) people will hold the higher energies and altho they will show up in human form, what will be released will be from other realms of life already sustaining the pure consciousness of spirit.  I was and still am a bit confused on all this all works out.  But she was also told that what she is also being set up for is to be an active, participating emissary from other worlds.  There will be a time, years from now, when these other Beings from other realms will come to participate with humans and one of her jobs is to dispel any fear that could take place.

Thru all of this information, I could see new portals starting to be created for use.  It was explained that many of the old portals used for travel closed down, evaporated I guess as humanity fell deep into fear.  Now as we return to love and welcoming, new ones will form thru us and our active participation.

Thru some of the readings I could also see I guess the only way I could describe it as the folding in of what we think of as timelines, time itself is no longer what it once was.  We no longer have to wait three incarnations from now for anything if we are willing to put the work and energy into ourselves to bring it forward now.

With all this information and actually exciting unveiling with all my readings, I so wanted to see where I was at and what my supercell and funnel cloud was doing with me.  I am also very concerned about my daughter.  I have talked to her many times since she was locked up and it is not like any of the other times she has been locked up hoping to get bail.  Maybe it is because there is nothing to “change” for, nothing to hope for, at least for the coming year or so.  Our conversations are flat and she is not ready to talk about change or… I don’t know how to explain it.  But before I even started running my bath, my team reminded me of the many times previously I inquired about her thru meditation and every single time, they showed me her with her hands handcuffed behind her back.  It was so consistent I stopped inquiring, then just forgot about it.  Not once did I ever ask them why, more than likely, because I didn’t want to know.  Change must be long term for something different to come out of life.  Valorie changed for as long as it served her freedom and then went back to what she had been doing for years, drugs and stealing.  Her ongoing personal choices created such a stripping down of everything, right down to totalling her beloved car and the last of what she had left, her freedom, now gone too.

Ok enough about her, I want to see where I am at!!  I want to see my energy system and what it is doing.  Well, WTF… no funnel cloud, no super cell, hell no me either.  Instead, in my center path there was this large banana.  I do know my own energy signature enough to realize I Am that freakin banana… WTF????????  Next thing I know, I am being peeled half way down my banana body.  HUH???  I blinked, I got out of meditation and went back in… I am a still a freakin banana.  The most my team said was look up potassium, this is what you give out thru your Presence. WHAT??  Where is my supercell, I want a freakin supercell!!  Nope, I am freakin banana.  I was a little on the pissed side, so I got out of meditation since I couldn’t get my team to tell me anything more.

I had to go into the big wide world to go grocery shopping, on my way home, I must have been removed enough from my pissed off feeling of being a banana to get more understanding.  I still don’t understand why I don’t have a supercell (I really want one lol) but my team explained the yellow of the banana represents my soul energy, the skin of the banana being my solidifying aspect (human) on earth, the exposed fruit was my pure soul energy emitting the same energy as potassium to those I come in contact with.  Then I remembered several weeks ago when spirit, thru the readings, stated each of us are a key aspect of earth, the elements and all that make up earth.  We have a living part of us that is that.  Of course, the human in me thought, ohh maybe the wind or the sun or something like that, never in a million years would I have thought potassium!

So, if you think I am a bit fruity, I assure you, I AM!!  lol  EAT ME!! lololol

Have an amazing day my loves, it is soooooo great to be back in your Light Field!!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with electro-Lights and love to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Function of potassium It is also an electrolyte, a substance that conducts electricity in the body, along with sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. Potassium is crucial to heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function. Kisses Frieda


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  2. I laughed out loud reading about the banana.

    It reminded me of this.

    And thank you, beautiful lady banana! Very synchronistic sharing as usual.


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  3. Here is a visual you will love…balloon dogs made of metal….Broad museum…los angeles


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