Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 23, 2016

YOU Are The Storm That is Gathering!!

The Weird Cloud Atlas…Mandatory Credit: Photo by Science Photo Library / Rex Features (1815511p)
Supercell thunderstorm
The Weird Cloud Atlas
*Full story: Supercell thunderstorms rotate with immense energy, causing a strong updraft and severe weather, including tornadoes, hail, heavy rain, lightning and heavy winds.

Hello again everyone!!  It is soooo good to be back home, in my world of love and light and simplicity!!  And YOU!!  Today I get to connect to the field, to you, to good and happy things!!  Things that will make me bitch out of loving frustration of wanting to understand… ohhhh the things that make my motor run!! lol

I wasn’t going to write anything until tomorrow, when I had some readings under my belt of new understandings, but seems my team wants to talk once again about choices.  Of course, that comes as I ponder my daughter.  For those not on my facebook, my daughter has been sentenced to one year, three months the midway point between when her attorney was asking for (11 months) and the prosecutor (1 year 7 months.)  Once out, she will be on a 10 year probation.  She will get credit for the 2 months and a week she had already served last year.  So… 13 months she is going to be thinking about her choices, once I/we can get her back to taking responsibility for her choices.  She has currently jumped back into the river of DeNial, deep and hard.  Of course, she equally jumped back into her pills and addiction and no doubt, stealing again.

As I sat here, getting my feet back in my life and my flow, I pondered my daughters reality and I hear my team say, the storm is here.  There are two very intense currents of life taking place and two very different outcomes of these storms.  We can even look at it as the upper atmosphere, the place where all energies gather and the lower atmosphere, where the energies let loose upon the earth.

We all live in one or the other of these atmospheric places.  Let’s call the new earth and those who own their life, take full responsibility for who they are and where they are, the upper atmosphere.  Meaning we are the ones creating this energy, this storm that is still coming together.  Then there is the lower atmosphere, the place we can call soap-bubble land, dense duality filled with separation and blame.  The house of cards.

With that thought in mind, these coming months is going to be for some, miracles are coming out of the woodwork and for others, the bottom keeps dropping out.  Both are perfect for the energies involved.

Once again tho, those of us living and creating the upper atmosphere of energy, we have full responsibility to assist those where the bottom of their lives have dropped out.  To assist in whatever way we can, help build a new strong and solid foundation in their lives from the place of love and responsibility.

Think about that word for a minute: response-ability.  We MUST respond in our knowing, in our wisdom, in our ability to show a better way.   Love is an action word.  Hence the word “Way Shower.”  That’s us and its about to get crazy on planet earth and we are about to put at the forefront of change, on the ground, assisting.  Responding.

I don’t know exactly what is up spirits sleeve, but as I take these messages, I so feel the energy of massive change blowing.  My mind goes to what is happening in our political climate and all the stuff being exposed there.  That bad ass Bernie Sanders is like a freakin halogen spotlight in all the dark places and is relentless in his Light exposure.  There is a massive storm brewing there and we the people MUST take part.  Just as we did in our personal lives.

Do you see the beauty in this timeliness?  You and I have had decades to figure out how to put the dark in us into positive motion as the light became the new, unshakable foundation in our lives.  And now, we get to assist all the collectives in a similar way.

We dream of a better life, of communities of love and cooperation.  The earth IS that community.  The Time is Now.  The energies are here, we are Here, and the house of cards is already falling all around the world.  It’s going to pick up speed and momentum as we move thru this year.  So many people have been waiting and desiring to be in service for the greater good…. well, it is time, but it will more than likely be in unexpected ways.

Lets be really clear on this upper atmosphere energy.  To be totally effective, it must come thru us as source energy.  Think of it this way, you can have a gallon of gas in a container, but it’s only effective if you actually put it in your car, otherwise it is unused energy.  Response-ability.  I cannot help but giggle, if not equally wanting to participate, I am being shown the Democratic National Convention happening in Philadelphia this July and all these specks of pure white light gathering there (the people who are energizing the political revolution.)

WE ARE the storm that is gathering and dammit, I want to pelt some rain somewhere!!  Ok I will pelt rain on my daughter, but hell i want to be part of the ocean too!!  Philly in July anyone??

Back to my daughter for a minute.  She is being transferred today to her home for the next year.  When I have her mailing address and inmate number, I will put it on my facebook as well as here.  Anyone wanting to rain on my daughter, it would be much welcomed and much appreciated.  My greatest hope is that she will one day say yes, I did (fill in the blank) without blame or excuses.  It is only from that constant place, true change, a new foundation can be built.  We have a year to get ‘er done!!

BTW, I did not get my tattoo (phew.)  My daughter was so stoned out the last few days of our time together, ain’t no way permanent ink is going on my body when she could barely keep her head up straight.

I love you all so much and have really really missed our connections.  Speaking of which…. it’s almost that time.

Have an amazing day filled with hope, love and storm energy!!!


Lisa Gawlas







  1. Love and Light to you and your daughter. I pulled the Fool Card today. Zero. Another beginning. That is my energy today. Looking forward to the next 13 months. Let’s get ‘ er rolling! Together. As One. You are a Way Shower. Thank you Lisa!

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  2. “Do you see the beauty in this timeliness?”

    “Time” is an illusion.
    What I see the beauty of, is the BEAUTY OF TIMELINES.

    You are still not getting it. All you have to do, is go WITHIN.

    Everything around you that you focus on so furiously, is your personal Hologram.
    It’s just your reflection. Look around you — it’s a huge, mother-humping, 360 degree mirror of YOU. The people in it, are also your mirrors.

    So if you want to stop spinning your wheels in this holographic reality and stop yapping about “how you must take action”,
    ….if you really want to stop running in this Hamster Wheel you’ve created for yourself….this is all the “action” that you actually have to do:


    That’s it!

    Change your feelings, change your expectations, hold your JOY, never stop broadcasting the GRATITUDE, focus on how ABUNDANT you feel, *constantly*…..maintain the visions of what you want and Love and feel the FEELING OF ALREADY HAVING IT.

    THAT is the secret. Do this consistently, every single fucking day, and it will automatically shift you out of crappy Timelines and into your preferred ones.

    GO WITHIN!!!

    Stop yammering on and on about what is all around you. Stop focusing on the illusion that is projecting outwards from your Heart Center, *outside* of you.
    That just gets you more of the same.



    This message has been brought to you, by a Master.

    (Key words here being, *within*, and *timelines*.)



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