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The Merger Into An Expanded Parallel Life.



Once again, I woke up late today.  It’s tough when you wake up much later than usual, to get tired early as usual.  I feel like a baby with my sleep schedule off lol.  So once again, I am going to have to get straight to the bullet points of understanding.

I woke up with a dream fragment to help better understand and explain what it took me all 6 readings yesterday to finally understand what was being revealed.  So let me start with a very simple image just for the visual of it:

parallel lives

Not the best picture quality, but on limited time, I am glad that I found that.  If you look at each bubble as your personal universe, and each bubble after the first one on the left a parallel universe and each one connected by a thin-film that becomes thinner as you move closer to its next vibratory entrance.  Kind of like how I see soap-bubble land, minus the darkness of energy (intense duality.)

All thru April spirit has been saying that May is 7 octaves higher than the previous 4 months of 2016 and visually May was also about 7 feet higher from the ground level of April.  What is starting to be revealed in no way similar ways thru the readings (smile) is the shift in energy, the entrance into a vaster universe where the energies are much more usable, available than the one before.

Unlike times before, the journey getting to this very moment, we entered a parallel universe simply by changing the energy within us (clearing the negatives.)  This time, we must choose it.  This is why spirit has been saying over and over, do something different, seize the day with the opportunities that come your way.  By doing that, you are changing your channel into a new, higher universal field of life.

With each entrance into the new parallel universe, things will immediately look the same as the moment prior, so your brain doesn’t have a melt down.  However, there will be some telltale signs occasionally, but not always.  Here are some:  A feeling of not being connected to your life.  The feeling may be fleeting or last a little while, but that is a sign of changing realities.  For some, a sudden explosion of tones in the ears as you move from one space to the other.  A sudden lapse of time.  One minute it may be 9am the next minute it may be noon.  There are many ways we can experience this, these are just a few examples.  Some may never realize it at all.

There are (from the human perspective) plus and minuses with these important shifts of choice, the plus, what we are capable of doing is going to enhance.  New people and sudden inspirations will surge within our emotional field.  The minus, if we can call it that, sudden drops in desires, change of relationships, some people just cannot hold their frequency in your new universe and must step back out of view.

If I am understanding the enormity of what I am barely beginning to understand, this gives rise to the double energy system of June/July.  What spirit has been saying “an energy system so large it needs two months to contain it all.”  Right now these two months have turned into a massive release of violet and blue energies rushing upwards from the ground, I cannot see thru it, but it is a high rising frequency at the ground level, rushing upwards.

Our most important job right now is to not get hung up on any one thing, don’t focus in on any one version of yourself or who/what you think you are.  A lot is going to be coming to you in opportunities to take you into places you never thought of before.

I do want to share one of the readings yesterday, her “dress” is so important for us all to understand.  Her shirt, was a luminous red, her team explaining that it represents all her mid to upper chakras aligned and working together with the new earth energy.  Her pants, a luminous yellow, her soul energy fully embedded in her path of life.  She had these black “hoover boots” on, allowing her soul to glide her into the deep unknown, new experiences on earth that will open more skills and connections with others.  The hoover boots, keeping her a few inches above the ground itself, was fluid and free with movement.  Her team explained to her, grounding in the old usual ways will actually keep you locked in place instead of fluid.  Since the new earth resonates fully with the upper chakras, if you feel the need to ground do it at the heart of your Being, but don’t get stuck anywhere on earth itself.

Also, now that I just found the main art for this sharing, I have been seeing elongated spirals as opportunities in readings, many choices to take you to the next evolution of yourself.  I realize now, that we are going to keep expanding our emergence into higher universes with every change we allow ourselves.

We are opening a new super highway of magnetic energy.  Our job too, is to move or sit with the flow or stillness that is taking place.  I can give you one very small example of this.  As you know I joined a dance class with the opening of May, I signed up for Monday night country line dancing classes thru the end of this month.  On Friday they had this “practice dance” party, which was really fun and introduced a whole lot of extra steps I was so not familiar with.  This one teacher pushed me to my (perceived) limits with new steps and twirls and whirls and I loved him.  I love being challenged and pushed beyond what I think I am capable of.  I wanted to join his dance class!!

Monday came around and I could not find the energy inside of me to get up and go to class.  Every time I stood up, wanting to push myself thru it and do it anywayz, my legs felt like lead.  I gave in and decided I am skipping Mondays class.  As soon as it was too late for me to go, that lead energy lifted.  I resigned to attend the beginners swing class on Tuesday.  Imagine my joy when I walked into swing class to find that very teacher, teacher that class!!  Holy shit!!  My whole body conspired to connect me with my desire.  And might I add, my feet were more fluid and coordinated than ever!!  Of course, this was a much larger class than the previous country line dance class and I realized we really do feed off of each others energies, fluidly or tumbly.  In this case, it was fun and fluid!

I am learning soooo much about the unified energy of togetherness thru this dance class.  It’s amazing and fun, I know setting us up for on the ground energy blends like never before!!

Ohhh, another thing (smile) I am now listening to the audio book “The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences” by Penny Sartori.  (I need something to feed my brain on my 2 hour round trip drives to dance class lol) and many of the NDE’rs she was talking about had a common side effect that happened after they came back.  Serious static electricity.  How many of us spent April getting zapped by everything in sight.  I personally was so afraid to touch anything because I would get shock after shock after shock.  I have lived in this house now 4 plus years and never had static discharge.  Hell I only have a couple of throw rugs, my floor is cement.  But then again, April was pure energy coming thru us, moving us upwards to May and the static was the constant discharge thru our Beings.  Thank god May is not like that, but I still approach things with caution. lol

On that note, the next phase of my day begins.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of heighten abilities and magic thru ALL!!

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  1. Over the past 2 weeks I have been feeling very disconnected to my current life and couldn’t understand why or find out the answer to what was happening to me. Now I know. Even where I eat and sleep feels strange and distant now. Can be a bit uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing this information. Helped me understand on whats happening. Roy

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