Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 10, 2016

Mercury’s High Octane Gas and Your Coordinates.

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What a bizarre day yesterday ended up being.  It musta been all Mercury scrambling every channel there is.  My first reading, at first I thought all I was going to get was my floor, but my floor was the clearest thing I did see.  Her field was so blurry, if I didn’t know what I was seeing, I would have no idea what I was seeing.  The sun was set up like it was on Saturday, only now a spot was present that I knew represented mercury sounding off the sun waves, but the whole thing was as if someone took a blur tool and stretched the energy all the way across the field, so that it was just a haze.

My second reading ended up being a homework session, my third one forgot about me and we had to reschedule, at the rate the day was going, she was better off!  My fourth lady I started to see before I got to her phone call, but once we connected to the field, I seen nothing but my floor.  Her image tho was sitting on top of the sun, looking north or towards what we perceive as future, not another detail.  My last lady slept thru her appointment, again, time better spent lol, but I did get a preview of her too, the only difference was with her, she was standing on the sun and I could see her looking thru her third eye, it emitted a light like a spotlight or a beam of light.  Maybe this is exactly what she was doing in her sleep, deciding.

Even with my own self, it became a strange day.  I had been looking forward to my Monday night dance class, I even planned on going to the aerobic blast class the hour before line dance class, but as it neared the hour to get ready and go, I swear someone started to pour cement thru my whole body.  I became exhausted, my legs so damn heavy.  I was going to push thru it, but the more I tried the heavier my body got.  I gave up, gave in and decided I will go tomorrow (today) to a beginners swing class, when it was too late to change my mind, that heavy energy lifted, I was still tired, just didn’t feel quite like cement any longer.  So strange, not the kind of action I was thinking of in the morning lol.

However, just given the oddness of the day itself, and as I look back on the energy of Mercury from yesterdays sharing, I realize something: Mercury not only rules communication, it represents coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both unconscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood.

This was a day to be still and receive the coordination of incoming energy.  Kinda like being at the gas pump, can’t drive your car and fill it with gas at the same time.  So yesterday was the grand filling station for everyone.  However, the one thing I am sure of, we were all give high-octane fuel to use however we desire.  The coordinates of every conceivable desire is now laid out in our field, or at least, will be as we move forward.  Our job is to step on the gas pedal of our lives and use it.

I think about this year already, the 5 months of 2016 and I cannot even imagine how it will get any better than it already is, until I think about Mexico and the zone of silence… it would be super awesome to have some on the ground ET hugs, I mean contact eyeball to eyeball and hugs!!  That would be the cherry on top of an already yummy cake.

On that note, I have nothing else to share! lol  I cannot wait to see what unfolds today thru the realm of possibilities thru All!!! Wait, excuse me…. OPPORTUNITIES!!!!  ❤

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of boundless love and endless realities made manifest thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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