Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 5, 2016

The Field of Dreams are Now Realities 3 Feet In Front of You.


What an amazing energy field we have brought ourselves to.  Sadly I woke up late today so I am going focus on the bullet points, and there is just so many!!!

The first thing I want to share is what we all want, well us older folks anywayz (smile.)  There is so much talk, so much inner knowing that the energy of “youthing” is here and possible, if we just use it.  I think many of us, myself included, think of it as a superficial appearance thing.  I would LOVE to get my 30 year old face back on this 53 year old body, but dammit, that’s just not happening.

In one of the readings yesterday, sadly I don’t have the time to share all the details, but directly in front of her was this energy that we realized (eventually) is the “youth” energy field.  To step into it, was like embodying the energy of child, peppy, curious, excited, full of vigor!!  From what I understand, as we continue to use this energy field, live this energy field, it will cause the aging process to slow down dramatically.  However, like all things of evolution in life, it is not an overnight thing, it is a process.  We must first use the energy instead of try to smear it on our face.  The first and more important thing this youthing energy will do, is extend the wellbeing of life.  As disappointing as this was to hear and understand, I felt better that I didn’t miss that boat.  I have been trying to board it for a long while, energetically many of us have already.  Appearance wise, can it hurry up and smooth things out already!! lol

Now to try and explain this amazing, exciting, important factor clearly.  Two people, one female, one male (separate readings) revealed something extraordinary that is now in play in our lives.  Sadly, I don’t have the time to set either of these up of how it was all revealed, I got up after 6am instead of my sweet spot of 4-5am, dammit.

First thing we all need to do now (this is going to be really tricky for me) is get rid of the word “potential.”  That was told to me in no uncertain terms thru my mans reading yesterday.  So lets look at the short definition of potential: Potential is defined as the possibility of becoming something.  Our jobs now is to KNOW what we desire is right in front of us.  It is no longer just a possibility, it is a probability if we follow the energy to it.  The way spirit kept showing it thru both my lady and my man is it is always just 3 feet in front of us.  One long stride away.  If we step into it, there it is.  If we desire something that isn’t in our usual day, then pay attention to what is showing up for your to explore.  Females will feel this energy thru their heart AKA inspiration, men will feet it thru their feet, AKA motivation.

The way I seen these two hmmmm… not sure what word to use, realities (yeah, better than the word example) is with my lady, there were three silver strings (reminded me of the metal guitar strings) that stemmed from her heart out into the left side of her field of life, only about 3 feet out in my visibility field, then beyond that, everything blurred, which related to the quantum field of energy itself.  The moment she has a desire (all filters no longer in play) then those strings activate just like you strummed a guitar string and the information/music/inspiration comes back to you to follow thru on.  If you never take that step off your regular path, don’t complain you didn’t get what you asked for, you just didn’t show up where it was located at.

With my man, it was very different, instead, there was a basketball size hole that seemed to explode and remain exploding about three free in front of him on the ground. This hole continued to release (to my viewing eyes) dirt, dust, debris and all the things you would expect to see as an ongoing explosion within earth, only, it was her pure energy unformed in an ongoing release for him to give instruction to (desire) which will create the form of desire.  Again his job is to step into the thing that opens up and motivates him to explore this area.

Action here, is the absolute key word.  Put one foot forward in a new way, whoop, there it is!!  Our job is not to create obstacles.  We are masters of obstacles… all the reasons why it probably wont happen.  In that field we are creating that very obstacle, but with all this magic it is as important to realize we can uncreate any obstacle just as quickly as we created the desire of whatever.  This is an important part of our mastery and there will be a day, we will live obstacle free because we have learned all we can from that energy.

Speaking of miraculous.  I was doing a reading yesterday, again with all this new energy, my lady had these two rainbow swaths of energy at her feet, both about three feet wide, meeting directly at her feet, one to the left one to the right, as these two rainbow pathways embedded in the earth at her feet and started to stretch out about 3 feet from her (I am realizing 3 showed up in some way thru almost every reading… action and communication) the rainbow path curved into her right and left fields.  Actually now that I see it more clearly today (hindsight is always 20/20 even in spiritual things lol) it was like a heart shape that curved back around her.  At the split of the rainbow path, from deep inside the earth came trotting this beautiful horse.  This horse was her power animal, and will ride her into September (huge moment for all of us this coming September/solstice.)  Her keynote with this horse was strength, Every time he reflected the energy of strength I felt it in my arms in an unmistakable way.  What I find funny now, looking back on what happened after the reading, all I knew about the horse was that it was brown, I told her I don’t know the make or model of horses.  This horse was going to take her into places she never thought to explore.

Once the reading was done, she asked me about my car loan.  Yup I still have it and will have it for the rest of my life at this point.  The rest of my life ended yesterday.  This amazing soul asked to pay my car loan off and I could pay her back without interest.  In that moment, beyond the shock of it all, I was consumed in this energy field that was tightening around me, I couldn’t even talk, but more importantly, I couldn’t even think…. all I could utter was “oh my god,” over and over and over again.”  Whatever this energy field was, I could not even access the part of my mind that wanted or should have wanted to say no.  With shock and awe and feelings I never ever ever felt before, not like this, I accepted the stunning generosity to do away with that 25% bleed out every month.  She mailed the check directly to Santander yesterday, I should have my title by the end of this month.  Holy fucking shit batman!!

Thank god whoever was on my schedule right after her, had to reschedule the day prior, giving me an hour to get my shit together emotionally to keep doing readings.  I sat on my couch crying and expanding and realizing….

The meditation I had, showing the title coming my way was more real and more sudden than I could have ever even hoped for.  But the dream became so defined in ways I would have never looked at any of it until yesterday.

But wait, let me interject something else that has been happening over the last few days, that I would never have put together if a beautiful didn’t share her dream with me yesterday.  Since May started, this big ass crow started circling my life, literally.  Bigger than most crows around here, his wing span while in flight was an easy 3-4 feet wide, freakin huge and unmistakable.  I would see him driving in my car, he would circle the field, my back yard, the other day he was right outside my window circling in flight.  Every time I grabbed my camera, he left, camera shy I guess lol.  Crows are scavengers, they eat a lot of road kill and are the clean up crew.  The circular flight pattern that was always present was all about closing a cycle of completion.  I never put any of this together until I helped my lady understand her own crow dream the night before.  Her crow at the last scene of her dream turned form black to pure white.  This gave me full understanding of the snow in my dream.

In my dream, four people, including myself were pushing this car thru mud in the middle of nowhere, as it sank deeper and deeper into the mud.  Thats what this car loan felt like, there is no way out, with interest being added daily, I am in it for life at this point.

Four in my world is a cycle of completion on earth.  3 others besides myself, action and communication.  1 (me) new beginnings.  Then the earth swallowed up my car, but only once the mud turned into snow, a blanket of fresh new energy, virgin and even in the dream unexpected.  It wasn’t snowing it was a nice day.  Water always representing the emotional field of life, it can be liquid (creates that mud) or vapor or solidifies in our world to become snow.

So the opening was my car note being eaten up. Done.  Over.  I had indeed made many phone calls to put this all to bed, an attorney, Santander themselves, consumer protection agencies… none of which could help me.  Until I called the In-Surance adjuster.

Which brought me to the scene of waiting for the insurance adjuster, in my car and this young boy came in.  Not in a million years did I think of my son, probably because this young boy was so young and my son right now is 33.  My son is the co-signer on my car.  It was the only way Santander would give me the car loan since I was already a co-signer on his car at that time.

Now lets go back in my timeline 17 years.  My financial life, due to a crazy ass live in boyfriend, fell completely apart.  I was living in a condo on the beach in North Carolina I could not afford after kicking his crazy ass out, he broke the electrical box, the electric company refused to fix it because it was purposely damaged, leaving me and my then 15 year old son and 8 year old daughter in the dark.  Long story short, after really really really trying to commit suicide, I gave up and dealt with my life by writing a pissed off letter to the editor of the local paper.  Against all odds, that paper printed my story in the Sunday edition of their paper, even tho I never dropped it off to their outside mail slot until late Saturday afternoon.  When that story hit, I had people, to include the mayor of the city, reaching out to help us out of a sinking situation.  This was just before Christmas, and our lives irrevocably changed from that moment into forever.  So my sons appearance in this dream, took me back to the 17 year beginning and now completion of this cycle.  Even all the stuff in the car, was all the events that got us to this moment, which is now over and the new begins.

What is even more funny, I called my son to tell him of the miracle that just happened, just like his mama, all he could utter was “oh my god” over and over again.  Then he told me about a concert he was going to, that someone had just bought him a ticket to but he really wanted to take his girlfriend but his money was too tight, let me pay this forward.  Him and his girlfriend will be attending a concert, bring the music CD to end the dream, this moment.

One super large theme in yesterdays readings, we are all in a brand new energy field, new beginnings, new lifes on all levels.  Fully endowed with the magic of life.  The bows from the day prior really does show the Presents of the Presence thru each other.

Thank you for being my magic day in and day out.  By the way… Mexico is back on the September schedule.  I’ll put more energy into getting that all organized once I get back from Virginia.  Ohhh and on that note, my daughters attorney advised her to “lay low.”  Keep the couple weeks of freedom she has left.

Magic, miracles, and LOVE are in and thru ALL things, every breath, every corner… “There is a prize behind every door you open.”  (Quote form my mans team.)

Well my day is starting really soon.  To my miracle worker, thank you from the depths of my soul and may your return be more than you could have ever dreamed of.

I love you all so freakin much.

((((HUGZ))))) of dreams made manifest to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Oh my lady, I am so happy for you! I have been reading for years via other sites and have just returned to your posts in the past few months. I too am seeing a huge beautiful crow circling around my home. It’s wings are so black it makes me think of ink! It came to be in February and I was told specifically to expect its appearance in a hydromancy viewing (this is the best way I can put it as the messages come to me not in a bowl full of water but water droplets in my sink haha). I even saw the crow as a precursor to a soaring eagle with the sun reflecting in its eyes!

    I am just so enthusiastic at the syncronistic messages that not only you and myself are receiving, but others who have blogs similar to this one. Something amazing is happening!!!! The Fool Tarot card best describes this situation; it was my first ever Tarot card reading’s outcome. In the second one, Wheel of Fortune was also pulled for me. And to think, this year is my second Jupiter Return!

    Thank you thank you lady Lisa for all you do and contribute to us. As you are in gratitude, as am I.


  2. Dear Sweet Lisa, Congratulations! I am so happy for you! 😍 The image I see is Atlas carrying the weight of the world (your car loan) blowing up into little pieces and out of the blown up world a Dove of Peace flies free. You are finally free & can experience Peace once again. God Bless the Earth Angel who has Faith , Trust & Love enough to follow her inner voice. Our planet with all us humans on it truely is shifting. Thank you and your Earth Angel for bringing us a sampling of what’s coming in. ! Blessings from KY.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WOW..congrats on getting that dead energy/monkey off your back! aka car loan! i will be able to do this soon too..for others!!

    cyndy long beach, ca


  4. Reblogged this on unity2013.


  5. Glad this has all worked out for you.


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