Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 4, 2016

The Undercurrents of Negative Karma – We Can Change it!!

the karmic waters of life

The one thing I really don’t look at in this amazing, intense energy field, is the undercurrents that are happen as well.  That little but powerful stream of energy towards the ocean floor that is pulling you in the opposite direction (away from the desired shoreline.)  My youngest daughter is that ever living reminder that there is an undertow of energy taking place, the cumulation of what we think of as negative karma that is taking her so far away from any shoreline all at once and rather quickly too.

Someone asked me not too long ago on facebook about negative karma, if it was building and going to play out as largely as the good karma we are building, at that moment all I could say was, I don’t know.  I spent all afternoon pondering that very thing.  I spent all morning surfing the building of the wonderful wave happening on the top side of the ocean, where the sun shines we play.  Then I get a phone call from my daughter in tears.  She told me she had just come from her PO’s office (a prior felony charge a couple of years ago) and that a capias was ordered due to her probation violation (getting convicted of 3 more felonies while on probation.)  We knew this was coming, we were just hoping it was coming on the back-end of her short time of freedom she has left.  But these weeks are getting crowded for her.  She has her sentencing hearing coming up on the 20th of May, she is ready to go to jail for those offences, she has resigned to that.  She has a hearing coming up on the 17th of May, her 3rd driving on a suspended license which comes with an automatic 10 days in jail.  She is pretty sure it is a weekend thing and won’t have to report to jail that day.  Something in my own gut kept cringing…  I get into Virginia at 1am on the 17th.  I may only have a few hours to spend with her and none of her reassurance could change that feeling in my gut.  I think we both forgot that she had a probation violation creeping up to be dealt with.  She still has 3 more years of her 5 year probation sentence left to do.  And now once the judge signs the capias, it will be completely up to him and his mood whether she can stay free til that court date or remand her to jail until the court date.

Now lets put her on hold a moment, because to top yesterdays massive energy field off, we had the elections in Indiana.  Thank you Indiana for feeling the Bern, but my good god, Trump is now the (presumptive) republican candidate to run in the general election.  At first blush, it really seems ludicrous that this is even a reality, but it is.  However, since I was already spinning into the understandings of negative karma coming home to roost, it would make sense that Trump is the face of the election right now.  He is also the face of our collective karmic energy as a country.

The United States once was a loving country that took people in to give them a home, security, a new beginning.  We have a lady standing every so tall and bright that is there to remind us who we once were:  Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

But we lost our way and we became the very opposite of that.  We have become arrogant, reckless, power-hungry and down right ignorant to others well-being.  We have invaded countries, killed innocents, sent our children to kill and be killed.  Leave children and elderly hungry and cold in the streets.  And then we have Hillary, the slow-growing cancer that is our system.  The two front-runners (per the media noise.)

The difference between my daughters karmic energy showing up at every turn these days and our countries… we can change its outcome.  The huge difference between individual karma and group karma.

We are a collective body of energy and at this moment, we can get pulled in the undertow of the negative karma raging beneath the waters, or pull our selves out and choose differently, humanely for ALL the people’s and not just ourselves.  Or, we reap the consequences of our collective action and nonaction and let me tell ya, it’s not looking pretty.

I remember the day baby bush was put into the winning field of presidency, not by the will of the people, we had elected Gore, but by the delegate system that took away the popular vote and made Bush the elected dude.  My son and I watched the election with bated breath and the moment Bush was declared the dude, I turned to my son without a thought and my mouth said “life as we know it, is about to change.”  11 months later, 9/11 happened.  I hadn’t even started my bathtub change of life at that point.

About 10 years ago I started studying a little bit a book that came out by Michael Drosnin called “The Bible Codes.”  Which was his study on the hidden codes embedded in the bible.  What he found was one common theme no matter where the predictions laid, “you can change it.”

If we do not band together and change the current of our fields of energy, karma is going to come home to roost on our soil, in many unpleasant ways.  If that is what we choose as a collective body.

We can contrast what this looks like with my daughter.  She has been stripped down of every thing, her own karma at play.  She totalled her car, now has huge monthly payments (her car note) on nothing.  The one thing she loved more than anything, was taken away just as she had taken away many valuable items from other people. (Her charges are all around larceny and credit card theft.)  She was stripped of a job she loved (manager at a hair salon) again because of her charges/actions.  She is now preparing to give away the most valuable thing any one of us has… her freedom.

My greatest prayer for her right now, is that she can keep this freedom thru May 20th.  Yeah, I have slightly selfish reasons, I want to see her, hug her, fill her with love as does her father, before she goes to serve her time.

But really take a long look at this comparison, her karmic energy is all unleashing at the same time.  Talk about the tsunami of energy.

Spirit has been focused on the great karma we have built together and individually, simply because that is who shows up for readings.  Very very rarely do I read for someone connected to soap-bubble land, the dense duality where the negative flow of karma is gathering strength just as much as the positive is.

So I ask, in regards to my daughter, if the Sunshine Band of magical beings (yeah, that’s you!!) can hold off the storm clouds of my daughter’s life until May 20th, please.  Thank you in advance for this much-needed assistance.

For the greater collective called our country… let’s change our fate, our karma,  and put the only person who has been poking holes in the dark cloud of energy that our country has become, and having the balls to shed light where light is needed and fight, so consistently for change.  WE must be the change or we will be the consequence.

I can also see today, why spirit was on my ass to put out that second sharing yesterday, soon there after, my focus was about to change drastically.

Either way… the energy is a building.

With so much love, honor and hope to and thru ALL, wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    What we call the US, was once a land of Native People, who are now in the minority, and were moved, pushed out of their homes and moved to reservations. While many from other places in the world came to live. The US is an occupied land, the native people’s need their land back, yet that I do not see happening. We all need to live together in peace, and harmony. The US history, is that the English, French, Spanish, and such came and took over this land, and make it into a country. We need to heal all the hurt from this, world wide and create a better place. I think the French gave the US the stature of Liberty. This is old energy that needs healing and releasing, so we can create a new loving, caring way of living.


  2. Thank you for your love and light, you are an inspiration. Many blessings to you and family! Sarah >

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