Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 3, 2016

The New Energy Appearing Instantly in the Magnetic Flow of (your) Life.

flow of life

If one sharing isn’t enough for a day from me… lol, here is another.  (It could almost be a bookend to my first one today.)

We talk a lot about being in the “flow of your life” the magnetic flow (via the superpowers course) as well.  But what does that mean and what exactly does that look like.

As I was cruising to dance class yesterday, listening to my Deepak Chopra audio book, something amazing started to happen.  Exactly at the moment he was talking about a car accident in the book, I was driving over shattered glass from a windshield, a car accident must have taken place in that very spot.  The shattered glass was on the right side of the road and bleed into the middle of the road.  I could only smile at the amazing coincidence at that exact moment.

Not even five minutes later, he is talking about a butterfly, again in that exact moment, a white butterfly flew across the street (from the right side of the street) in front of my car.  This was now beyond coincidence.  Both of these events happened while I was driving thru the Jemez Pueblo (indian reservation.)

Two other things crossed my mind before getting to dance class, one was… I need to find a Boot Barn so I can trade my pow wow boots for country dance boots.  As I was making the turn into the parking lot of the dance class location, I about shit when directly across the street was a Boot Barn.  I have never even seen a boot barn before, I have only ever heard of it from The Voice lol.  My heart kind of skipped a beat.

When I loaded the address into my GPS, I could see that somewhere nearby was Cliff’s Amusement park.  I had the thought that it would be nice if it was close enough (for me not to get lost) so I can go ride the roller coaster and enjoy that too.  Holy shit, on the other side of the street (the parking lot was on a corner) was Cliffs amusement park.  I didn’t even notice it until I went out the other exit (opposite the way I went in.)  There is all its glory was the top of the roller coaster.  Holy shit!!


Today, there is something else happening too.  I so enjoyed my first dance lesson last night that the feeling this morning within me was to buy a DVD to continue at home lessons, in between my group dance lessons.  I broke a really good sweat last night in dance class, which is going to help me burn the 15 pounds of winter fluff I put on and it was just fun and for me, really different.

I have a lot of exercise videos, my sweatin to the oldies has been my all time favorite to do since the 90’s.  But that just wasn’t sitting in my heart today (or any other day lol,) instead we are going to order a line dance instructional video so I can go out and dance, while shedding the winter weight at home (and learning how to move my left and right feet in harmony lol.)

Looking at how incredibly in sync all this is, when I entered the dance studio last evening, the guy gave me a schedule of all the events for May, and May started the beginners country class.  How awesome is that!!  This morning as I am looking over the events of May, this Friday is a “practice party” from 6-9pm, with a “new comer” group class from 6-7.  Holy shit, my schedule allows for it.  I will be there.

The moment I made the internal commitment to follow the inspirations of today, I felt something, realized something that is the key reason I am putting out a second blog today and not waiting until tomorrow.

How can we possibly experience the flow of the new if we keep using the energy of the old.  Even if the old has been tried and true, it is still the old (thinking simply of my sweating to the oldies video.)  You would think something seemingly so insignificant of what you are dancing to wouldn’t matter, it all (creates) matters!!

Even last evening in dance class, we learned a two-step and a four step both of which really emphasised the muscle in the right calf for me (for the ladies, the men led with their left foot.)  Building the emotional foundation of the new dance you are doing (for the divine female) which creates new strength in the foundation of the outcome (divine masculine.)

So what is the magnetic flow??  It is pulling into your physical reality the emotion you are emitting… instantly.  We hear the phrase “as above (let’s call that the higher emotional field of ourSelfs) so below (the outcome made manifest of those emotions.)

let’s look at the collective effect this all has on us.  Yesterday, by a shear whim (smile) I asked everyone to lean into the weather to clear the skies for my travel to dance class.  About an hour or so into my morning yesterday, on that amazing holy toilet I sit upon (releasing coffee lol) I suddenly heart the song “Bookie Shoes.”  Of course I giggled and thought the message was about dance class itself.  Until I posted the song on my facebook (to get it out of repeat in my mind lol) and realized that is was a dual message.

At that exact moment of hearing the song, the dark storm clouds were dissipating and the sun came out and shined all day long.  I even checked my accuweather app, that an hour or so before created the thunder storm warning that was in effect for the afternoon… it changed to warmer sunnier weather for the day.  The song “Boogie Shoes” was done by KC and the Sunshine Band.  It was only after I posted the song on facebook and started the call to my next appointment did I see spirits emphasis on the “Sunshine Band.”  (Thank you everyone for that gift!!!)

We are powerful beyond measure!!  Align yourself to Love and dare to do something different, anything different.  It ALL (creates) Matters!!

Just to let everyone know as well, the field is “finishing up” the bows on the Presents of your Presence on earth.  That’s all I am seeing and hearing with every connection today, which actually overrides my usual frustration with rescheduling and is building an excitement that is new!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of boundless new energy thru ALL made instantly manifest!!  (Whisper, and all this, its just the beginning!!)

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. The sun came out from behind the cloud here too as I read about K C and the Sunshine Band. I’m loving the Now energies. Thanks for sharing!


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