Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 3, 2016

Releasing the Emotional Filters of Life!!!


When I first started doing massage back in 2006, I gave full permission to the field of life to allow any symptoms I may not understand thru the massage to be replicated for a moment in my body as a physical expression that needs my clients attention.  A lot of the times, this expression was in the form of such sad tears, I would touch my clients body and just start balling, because they had their sadness tucked away so deep they didn’t express their feelings until I released thru me.  Then we would both balling.  Gotta love a good massage lol.  This expression had crossed over into the readings I do now, nowhere near as often, but still happen.  These days tho, its usually just a case of sinuses, spirit lube and sneezing that only happens when I am on the phone with someone and goes away just as quick.   Until yesterday…

I had a lady, actually the one I wrote about a few weeks ago where the energy of the word “venue” would become more important than I ever realized in that moment, in that reading.  Let’s bring back that word and its understanding: the place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports event.

In this case and everyone’s case, the place where something is happening would be your life, your field of life itself.  Whether we realize it or not, each day contains an organized event ongoing.  When spirit says there is a change of venue in May, we must also show up with a different output of emotional energy to allow for it.  At any venue, one thing that is required is electricity for it to unfold efficiently and reach all the people attending.  For us, that electricity is our emotional output.  If you want something different then you better feel something different!!


So my venue lady showed up (I had no idea it was her tho, until she reminded me) and I could see the energy moving out from her left side of her body starting to spread outwards in bands of color into her life field.  The bands had waves to them and reminded me of waves of music that I had seen on the internet only smooth and flowing outwards.  With every single reading yesterday, the imgary and understanding being so new, my first response is “what the hell is that?”  The very second I was both looking at these energy bands and asked the question at the same time, I got the most painful… let me emphasis that… PAINFUL jolt of energy behind my right eye.  Ohhh my dear good god what the hell is that??  I completely lost my connection and started once again to look at her energy flowing out again, pondering what it means and once again, that freakin sharp pain behind my right eye stabbed me out of the flow of her reading.  Holy freakin shit batman! I was actually afraid to look at her field straight on again, and kept my eyes to the floor as we started to understand what the hell was happening.  But I also told the field, lets not do that to me again, I will figure out what you are trying to say with what was done already, thank you very much!!

Have you ever gone to a concert or event or hell even in your own home when the electricity shorted out.  There is a surge of energy that sparks and disperses outwards but not towards the thing intended.  That was the message.  The electrical output is shorting out and not fueling what can be happening.  I really realized this when she started explaining her worries.  Her money running out, her unemployment was running out in june, she was even worried about our time running out and she didn’t have a way to continuing it.  All of her energy was being fed into what she doesn’t have and what is running out and not on the excitement of what could be.  Creating a massive short in the field of energy called her life and my right (emotional spiritual) eyeball.  To be clear, this sudden, stabbing, explosive pain was behind the eye, it seemed to explode just as it got to the back of the eyeball itself… dispersing the output before you even see what’s coming in.  Short circuiting your own field!!

She also was talking about something she did in the 90’s to protect herself from those in astral realm.  I kept seeing it like those 3D glasses you wear at a movie, filters behind her eyes.  It wasn’t until I was driving to dance class that I really understood why her team was showing these glasses (the blue and red filters that are in these glasses:)

3d glasses

In her case, both filters were behind the right eye, because what you filter emotionally becomes your reality.  Think about the 3D itself, when your not looking at the movie designed to see thru these glasses everything else around you is distorted and the movie (yesterday’s energy) appears closer than it is.  Distorted the current field of emergence!

So we gave her homework and a free follow up session for as long as she needs follow up sessions.  Your energy flow is as important to me as it is to you, because it affects the All of us and might as hook it up efficiently so we can all party together!!

My day is about to begin but I do want to squeeze in this other reading too.  She had four bands of the most beautiful light blue energy streaming from the front of her body, aligned at the power centers of the sacral chakra, sacral plexus, solar plexus and heart center.  Up until this moment, this coloring represented Source, god, spirit whatever… I was quickly removed from that association because we are now fused as one with that energy, with the force of life.  So these bands represented her creator force always in motion, always activated attracting to her what she desires.  What was crazy about this session, when I would look directly at these bands, they all moved up the heart center, conjoined there in a unified stream, but bent in a large curve up towards her head/face with the four bands lining up behind each other.  When I wasn’t looking directly at them, they were at rest stretched outwards from each energy center.

It took me a while to understand it, but we got there.  When you are looking at what you desire, you are giving instruction to your field of life, creating the heart center merger, and when you set it free, it kicks up the magnetic attraction to bring that together.

We can actually straddle this reading with my ouchie lady… when emotional output and desire are in harmony, the magnetic field is working rapidly.  But when we want one thing and feel another, it short circuits the field.   With this lady all I kept thinking about was the wave/particle energy.  That’s all I am going to say about that!!

My next bell is ringing, time to change classes now! lol  BTW, thank you for the incredible influx of dream interpretation, it is all so very much appreciated!!  I am going to try and write back to each, but not quite sure I will be able to.

Also, I loved my dance class.  I am learning my left from my right!! lol I think it more about dancing in the flow of earths gravity at this moment and not stepping on anyone’s feet or plowing into their body.  Its so funny how the dance of light is so different than the dance of the feet!!

Ohhh wait a minute, I do want to address something I am seeing all over facebook.  God knows we really, really, really need to stop feeding the fears thru individual filters.  This meme:



If you think for a moment that food of any kind can lower or increase your vibration, you do not understand what vibration is.  Only you can dictate how something is going to affect you, consumputally (lets invent new words already lol.)  The ONLY thing that affects your vibration is your emotional field and how you feel about anything.  Fear will plummet your field in a nano second, so if you decided that you are now afraid of sugar or junk food, or take medication to assist your body (I eat all foods joyfully, without judgement or fear) then that’s on you and not a real thing, but what you have created it to be.  But to spread fear as this meme is… that’s also on you.  Karma, ya know!!

I love you all so much!!  Big big (((HUGZ)))) of ecstasy and non-filters to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Hi Lisa What is your recommendation of how to release our emotional filters???? Feels like I’ve been at it forever and feeling like not making headway!!!!!

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    • Umm… meditation!! lol Now what you do in meditation is going to be as unique as you are and what created the filters in the first place.


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