Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 2, 2016

The Fires of Your Soul and the Dance of Your Heart!!


I soo couldn’t wait to dive into the readings yesterday and see what the energies of May was going to present, at first blush it could have looked exciting but cryptic, but after a good nights sleep, the larger picture is crystal clear.

I am going to straddle two of my readings at the same time, because even tho there visuals were incredibly different, the theme was very much similar and gives a larger understanding of the rock concert called May!

My one man, who happened to be celebrating his birthday yesterday, opened up on the ledge that begins May (May is still visibly 7 feet in the air and to the right of the center field) and he was a wiggling his groove thing.  Just a dancing in place, I couldn’t help but smile, but then I had to wonder… what are you dancing to?  I didn’t hear any sound or music or anything, just as I wondered, key a clip to the beach boys “I’m picking up good vibrations” instantly started to play but also brought in a new visual, this swath of energy was representing the song lyrics and moving into his heart, which in turn made his hips wiggle and his feet move.  Then, to the left (physical life) of his field, there were pairs situated down the field of May, a man and woman pair.  Opportunities waiting for him to connect, balancing, enhancing and uplifting where he is headed in his personal life.

A couple of readings later, something similar.  A beautiful lady showed up with an easy 20-30 orbs all in front of her moving up and down about 6 inches directly in front of her.  I never seen spirit represent itself as orbs before, except in pictures.  I suppose that is spirits way of saying we are all in the same space you are in, assisting.  I could feel them radiating their energies onto her skin, her skin then bounced the energies in two directions, to the right and the left.  There was a large swath of energy that represented this and 5 magnetic lines embedded in this swath of energy.  Then suddenly a musical note hit the lines on her left side.  Kinda looked like this, instead of that big S that starts a sheet of music, that is where her body was represented:


We can look at this energy as your magnetic field of life, and I do want to add, for anyone having done or doing the superpowers hypnosis course, this seems to be the most overlooked aspect of the course and yet, is the most vital part threaded thru the whole series.  There will be sudden and unexpected key changes and you need to know when to move and not think!!

With this idea, my own memory goes back to new years eve with my son.  We went out dancing together and I was about 5 deep into my white russian intake (smile,) there is something about alcohol that turns one of my two left feet into dancing geniuses (or at least, that’s how it feels when you just don’t care lol) and a song came on I never heard before but the beat was good.  I stood for a few seconds and actually witnessed myself doing this, who knew it would be a set up for the unrealized energy (on new years eve) to come.  My whole body was programming itself with the unfamiliar beat of the song, as soon as it was registered, I danced without missing a beat.

This little moment in my time reflects the energies I just talked about.  My man and lady being filled with the new energy, the good vibrations, going in to their field of living awareness (heart and skin) and their job is to move in time to the new song of their life.  That goes with just about all of us.

Just as I am feeling comfortable with all the new imagery and direction in the field, there is alway someone who shows up to scramble my brains!!  This precious lady did just that.  There she was standing on the entrance of May and about 6 inches in front of her was this freakin fire, east 6 feet tall and not much wider than she was.  Amazingly I found a visual online:

fire being


This flame was her new power suit and I could not see beyond it to save our lives.  Her job is to merge into this living fire, become one as it, use it as her expanding skill set in her life.  Fire is passion it is also the energy of destruction and many other things.  Equally changed, created an enhancement in her vision, which I tried to see thru her eyes merged with fire… dammit I couldn’t because she has not done it herself yet.  Made me fully realize that I can only see thru you what you have engaged first.  (Thinking superpowers here.)  However, I did get to see the potential of her body merging so completely with the flame, all I could see was this flame with two eyes (that is where I tried to merge and see thru those eyes) stating it will shift her vision to see the opportunities that will empassion her life or what she needs to burn away.  And more than that too.

I did everything I knew how to get beyond this very determined flame, nope.  This had to happen first before any energy was revealed beyond it.

To completely change the subject, I had the oddest dream last night.  The dream opened up with about 4 of us (I cannot say I knew anyone in the dream) and we were pushing my car, I guess died or something.  We were in the middle of nowhere an open field that was covered either by mud or snow, I cannot quite remember, actually I think it started out to be mud then the mud became snow at the moment… wait, I’m ahead of myself.  As we pushed my car to god knows where, the tires were sinking into the ground deeper and deeper, then this is where the mud turned to snow, suddenly the ground opened up a massive sink hole and my car dropped down into the ground an easy 100 feet, and only my car.  Those of us pushing the car were on the edge of the sink hole still on the top of the earth.  My mind started racing, who the hell pays for this now??  My fear of heights was present in this dream, there was no way I could look over the edge of the sink hole to my car and all I could think of is shit, now I have to pay this ridiculous loan with no car at all.  I started making phone calls to the ones I thought would be the ones to deal with my car buried in the earth, and each call said nope not us… the last call I made (one would think it would have been the first call lol) was to my insurance agency.  There was a sudden scene change and the next thing I know I am sitting in a car filled with all kinds of stuff, and this body (late teenager) sat in the passenger side of my car, which just went down a sink hole, he was the insurance adjuster but all he cared about was some music CD he left in my car the day before, which I leaned over in front of his legs and picked up the CD sitting on  stack of god knows what, and handed it to him.. thinking to myself, how am I in this car when it went down a sink hole???  Then… I woke up!

WTF???  I am good at dream interpretation, but sometimes you’re just to close to see the bigger message.  Any ideas???

Anyway, the day is about to begin.  Enjoy the new music of your life.  Ohhhh speaking of new music, tonight is my first dance class and our weather is calling for late afternoon storms, if you can all assist me in talking to the weather, let it rain and thunder before or after my drive to and from (I’ll leave here about 4:30pm and should get home by 8:30pm) that would be very much appreciated!!

I love you all so much, happy dancing to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. OH boy Lots of “stuff ” going on with the sink hole and car. Just so happens that Our hybrid “died: as my husband was driving it this week-end. THE MESSAGE WAS PULL OVER GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW. So interpretation from my universe. We are shifting our reality around drastically! The message loud and clear, get out of the current “CAR” you are driving in, as your sink hole states, drive down another road without fear. “Material ” the kids CD’, unable to retrieve the car or drive the car, consciously “drive” in another direction. We may not “know” where we are going with everything “NEW”, yet it is certain “we” are no longer going to jump in the hole ” possibly debt”, and Getting out of the car “before” I light myself on fire, is probably a good idea. keeping the humor in embracing the moment.
    seeing “TRUE ABUNDANCE” coming in, without fear. OH what a ride, being with it all. Heart to Heart Robyn


    • YES.

      Pay close attention to Earth Angel, here.

      Now the people pushing the car with you, are your closest acolytes/enablers (your cheerleading followers) who, like you, also don’t understand what they are doing while they are doing it — but nonetheless are encouraging you as usual and offering advice that only exacerbates the situation…..for instance, just like “unityoness2013” did down below here in the comments.

      So you and your enabling followers keep on sinking deeper into the “mud” of old 3D Earth as you continue to focus on this LOW FREQUENCY car scenario.

      And why is it low frequency?

      1. You are completely focused on LACK instead of *Abundance*
      2. You are therefore focused on FEAR
      3. You are/were focused on anger/frustration/blame

      4. You are now bleeding this low frequency state of yours of constantly focusing on Lack of Money into the other abundant areas of your life such as cancelling your Mexico trip and even possibly dance lessons?

      Hence, sinking lower and lower in Frequency by sinking lower into the “mud”.

      When the mud turns into “snow”…..that’s White Crystalline (Crystal Matrix) Source Energy opening up a portal/doorway for you into a Higher Frequency State Reality….a sinkhole in which old 3D Materialism and focus on Survival and Lack simply DISAPPEAR.

      (BTW, your Heart Center is literally a Black Hole — a vortex-based portal creating the Void Connection straight back to Source.)

      So now that you have “let go” of all the old 3D crap you keep lugging and pushing around (i.e. car in sinkhole), you find yourself in a brand new higher frequency positive reality which is one of ABUNDANCE (lots of “stuff” in the car)….plus the car itself, which instantly manifested.

      The young insurance adjuster represents the completely New type of Energy, with the expanded focus of awareness on what is fundamentally important to Higher Beings — which is the “music” of the Universe….the Music of the Spheres:


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      • yes as this music is playing strong as one instantly FULL of life and crystalline being. The shift is :easy “we ” just “thought” it was hard,. 5D As BEING is easy. posting nothing “hard” about it. TEHE/ you ALL Heart to heart


    • P.S. Your “fear of heights” and refusing to look into the sink hole because of it represents your fear of Ascending to a higher dimension, such as the 5th Dimensional New Earth.

      You are afraid to go “higher” in frequency — you cling to your 3D Fears tenaciously and you love playing in this 3D/4D reality matrix, and refuse to give it up.

      Which is why your focus is never on the Timelines of the 5th dimensional (and higher) Earth(s).
      To reach these levels, you must deliberately and completely lose all Fear as you begin to generate and then dimensionally Ascend to the 5th in a fear-free, crystal-based quasi-physical “Lightbody”.

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      • This is awesome….thank you


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  3. I have had the thought that maybe you should get a new car, new loan, better loan. I had this thought for several days. If you are drawn to a newer car, better loan, go for it. Look around see what is available, find the best for you.


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