Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 30, 2016

The Living Luminosity of May.


I think today I am going to focus today’s sharing around one primary reading yesterday, because the more I look at the imagery, the more I understand its significance and the energy of May itself.  I created a super humble diagram of the way this April-May field has been looking to me the last several days (much more beautiful and radiant than this, but hey, it does give you a visual to follow along with lol.)

april may

It is only in the last few days, when the whole “chaos collective” started to be a focus point in the readings, that that higher magnetic wire started to become relevant.  Most people are still in the position of doing what looks like calisthenics or gymnastics at the high wire point, straight training their whole field as they absorb and give instruction to the chaos field (calisthenics) or find their balance and new dance in life (gymnastics) in relationship to it all leading into May.  Again, I use the word May as an energy system, less a date line on the calendar.  So know, no matter where you are, its perfect.  There is no ahead or behind, its energy.  Or better yet, think of it like a gourmet buffet, some people are still eating, some are digesting, some are looking for the dance shoes to work it all off/out!!

My one lady yesterday showed up with her right foot half on the field of May (the ball of the foot and the toes) and the heel wearing what looked like a stiletto still on that magnetic wire.

The front of her foot (which was bare) was pressed down in what looks like a bright yellow gel on the landscape of May.  Her soul energy laying out the yellow carpet of support, of comfort, of Light.  The light spectrum I see with anyone already in the energies of May are soooo illuminated, everything literally gives off a glow of light, the ground, the air, the body itself, everything.  Its freakin beautiful!!

The back of her foot, again wearing like stiletto show, was in kind of a shadow energy, the light is on her, in front of her, casting a shadow to what is behind her because it is leaving the story of her life behind at this point.  The 6 inch heal represented her removal from taking in any more magnetic energy because she put what she needed into motion.  It also represented her “lift off.”

She explained to me she put everything in motion to move out of Mexico and start a gypsy kind of life traveling thru the USA until she finds where she is going to live next.  She has already set some adventures along her path.  Her whole soul is alive and participating and supporting this grand adventure, as is the earth herself too and all things.

Now I am being shown the luminosity that is prevalent in all things in May, well with what I have seen with the few people in May’s landscape so far.  May is also demanding we not only invoke the field of Light for our navigation, but connect with it, see it, feel it as your magnetic compass.  I found a clip from the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” that can give you an idea of what May is demanding of your exchange:




Of course this clip is simply between two people, but as I am seeing, everything is giving off this light field, whether it is a plant, the ground or even a car or something inanimate.  The living relationship is what is key here.  An exchange of Light information to take you to the next level, if you pay attention.

(ADDED NOTE:) I was just thinking (looking at a picture of my grandson on facebook) of how this “light exchange” affects us and how we already feel it at times in our lives.  I cannot look at my grandsons picture without my heart feeling like it is being stretched to another fullness of capacity.  But also, I get that same feeling when I see or hear Bernie Sanders speak.  I have also realized (thru reading comments on his facebook threads) that I am not the only one who hears him speak and tears roll down my face.  The emotional field we are connecting to, is real.  The love and energy we are sharing, is real.  We fill each other in ways we now must become fully or at least, mostly fully (smile) conscious of.

Now let’s get some unexpected information flowing too (since it is being dropped in at this moment.)  We have friends from the stars (Intergalactic Beings) most are part of our soul family, some are new to the game of human interaction, all desiring a connection with humanity on a personal level.  Do we ever really stop to think about that?  As much as we desire to connect with the intergalactic community, they desire as much to connect with us.  But what is being shown at this moment, when they are present in our light field, the field of light changes to include their frequency.  They may not be on the ground themselves, but their energy and consciousness is.  Just the same way when we travel to lets say the Pleiades in meditation, we are changing the light field around the Pleiadians we connect with due to our present there.  (For those participating in the ET course, hypnosis session 3 is going to be extraordinarily important for you to hone your skills thru, just saying 🙂 we are going to be doing a lot more than I even imagined, together… gulp.)

There was one lady who showed up yesterday, someone I have been reading for, for a very long time and the news she shared with me shocked me.  I mean, holy freakin shit, shocked me.  She showed up suddenly pregnant.  Not one time thru her readings was a gold orb of light (the way I see incoming babies) revealed.  This event was a sneaker, those times spirit said they cannot reveal things because knowing it would change it.  Of course, when I see “babies” down the road, they are there because you can change it, if having a child is not where you are leaning.  Also if it is where you are leaning, to assure you, there is a baby in your timeline.  But this was a one of those things spirit would not reveal nor, much to my surprise would they assist her in her decision-making process.  Keep the baby or not.  Her question was more of the entanglement that would be created with the baby’s fathers, whose relation already started to wind down.  Her team explained, they cannot even assist her in making that choice, but once the choice is made (and there is absolutely no right or wrong choice, there are simply different outcomes because of the choice) they will spring into action to align whatever is needed once the choice is made.  They (her team) kept me absolutely blocked out of Mays energy as she stood just before the threshold.

I keep thinking to myself, besides going to Virginia to my daughters hearing, have I put new energy into play??  Geez I hope I did.  Ohhh ok, (I feel suddenly off my hook) I was going to have the ET course be June and July, I gave May as a bonus month so I can help anyone that needs help in accessing the higher dimensions of themselves.  Phew… I got new gigs in play… how about you??

Know the best is yet to come… and WE ARE the best there is and we be coming!!  …and are already here!!  Straddling the timelines is what we do best at this moment!!

So much love, excitement and luminosity to all felt in the wrappings of (((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. I am sure everyone reading this site wishes your daughter the best of luck in her hearing. I often get behind on reading your posts, but you certainly write well.

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