Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 28, 2016

The Chaos Collective AKA The Newly Separated from Dense Duality.


Holy cow what a difference a day makes.  One day I feel like I am part of the night of the living dead cast, as the living dead next I feel like Julie Andrews dancing around the hills singing the sound of music in my bones!!  I’ll take more of yesterday’s energy please!!

There was a huge twist that I never expected to be pointed out in a reading, so there has to have been much more to the living dead (lack of) energy the day before.  The field had a split sort of view to it thru every reading.  What spirit called the upper atmosphere and lower atmosphere of earth.  The upper atmosphere was completely in alignment with the fields of may, that 7 (foot high) octave base that makes up mays landscape and then there was, below it, the lower atmosphere.

The lower atmosphere contained energy I could barely see, but spirit made sure we understood it.  It is the scattered consciousnesses of those who just disembarked from “soap bubble land,” the deep density that had people feeling separate from each other.  To me it looked like a faint sea of particles.  One thing is for sure, something created a mass waking up or maybe breaking off from the old.  And as spirit explained, they are people who no longer feel connected to the old way of life, and yet not sure what the new way is.

This is where you come in.  By virtue of being you, you in your high vibing, light emitting body walking around, you are giving instruction to the scattered fields of consciousness.  Light is always releasing codes of information, instruction sets that allows others who are open to receiving it (in this case, they all are) to pull that light in to help orient them to their next version of themselves.

Spirit is calling it the chaos collective, the chaos that precedes the change.  And WE are the change….!!!

What I found interesting is that just about everyone showing up yesterday felt stuck or blocked or something and no one was.  Instead, the body appears to be moving so slow, meaning the field of life around you is also appearing to be moving slow or even, not at all.  But everyone just about had a relationship with the lower atmosphere, their legs or most of their body was immersed in this newly scattered energy, swirling the energies, creating ripples of information, dare I say igniting magnetic codes, simply by moving forward.   Think about this for a moment, you are changing the life, the consciences of others when you are at work, school, grocery shopping, where ever you are and whatever you are doing.

It kind of feels like a preprogramming on both spectrums taking place.  You are absorbing the light codes that are igniting your next adventure, which at least thru yesterday is going to be to assist all these folks to find their footing, their self on this new earth.

There is one lady that stands out right now in my mind, well all day long yesterday too, that when her team showed her on the landscape of May, there was a big, shiny black bear there to greet her.  This was her new power animal, a reflection of her powerful abilities.  This bear said he will be walking by her right side at every moment until September.  Helping her to see the power within herself thru him.  The surprising part to me was that he also said he is a living, currently incarnated black bear, not just a spirit, but alive on earth.

All I could think of for the rest of the day, was our animals and the movie Avatar.  When the earth mother engaged all her animals to help protect the people, they could see who meant harm and those who were fighting the ones who meant harm and helped them and did not eat them.

Every person I read for yesterday, is being set up to assist in some way, each in their own unique way, but something big is brewing, that much I know for sure.

There are two different yet similar climate changes happening, the climate of the earth, and the climate of the consciousness of the people’s of earth.  Both purposeful and a catalyst of those who take more than their fair share.  Be sure to take a moment to thank these people.

Before I close I do want to talk about the energies we have within us, the power and fortitude we are fully equipped with now.  If we look at it kind of like a laser gun and this laser gun has (lets just say)  5 different settings, reflected outwards as light beams, each light beam capable of doing a particular thing, so is our emotional field set up exactly like that.  Laser beam precision.  But like any high-powered gun (release of potent energy) we must know what we are using and how.

I gave my own personal example the other day of making a joke outwardly about my car loan screwing me in the ass and making my hemorrhoids bleed, hours later, my long forgotten about hemorrhoids literally started bleeding (after geez 7 years of dormancy, at least.)  To this very day, I am still catching myself fueling that energy even tho I switched to “I fucked myself” well, the energy down below is still reflecting that laser beam emotion.  Dammit.  I am a work in progress and continue to be the poster girl of what not to do!!

However, there is another emotion just as intense as that feeling these days.  I want to be a part of the political revolution with my boots on the ground (guess my party boots were always going to be army boots lol) but other than occasionally giving Bernie Sanders $15, I have no idea what else to do.  Thankfully, many people asked this very same question yesterday.  Our job is to hold the emotional focus within, the moment the arena we fit into opens, then we must jump in with both feet and full heart.  Our focused energy it triggering those that know how to organize at the ground level for the desire being emitted and then they will emit the signals back outwards for our participation.

I am also reminded of an experience I had December 2011, as I was sitting in my car after moving back from Virginia to New Mexico, and wanting something different.  I knew I didn’t want to be in the place I moved back to or even doing what I was doing for work (which by that point, I was literally working out of my car doing readings.)  Suddenly AA Michael asked me “How do you see yourself in 2012.”  I was very stunned with the question and my head engaged first.  It thought of many scenarios and stated them, each time AA Michael asked the question again then again until my mind went blank, it had no more answers and with an empty pause, my heart was able to speak.  The feeling inside of me was soooo different from the ramblings of my mind, the things my mind could come up with… instead it was quite, focused, knowing and fir the first time I knew exactly what I desired and I replied from the heart “I want to live in my own house surrounded by people who think and live their life like me.”  Of course, the ego part of me thought… a community, an intentional community.  But from that moment forward I became like a woman possessed, looking thru the apartments for rent on craigslist, trying to stay within the low-income zone I could barely afford in the moment (I was paying $300 a month as a roommate.)  Bars on windows, empty liquor bottle apartments… blahhhhhh.  Then I was prompted to look under houses for rent instead of apartments (WTF, I cannot even afford the apartments.)  When I seen the picture of the place I now live, it became obsessive to me, to the point of waking up at 1 in the morning and not letting me go back to sleep until I acted on it.  Pesky soul!! Thank god for a pesky soul who could see beyond the moment that the mind is not privy to.

It became a match made in heaven, my landlady and me.  Our hearts knew and trusted, even tho the mind could not see how this would work out financially.

I share this again because when that door of your desire opens, your job is to walk thru it, without judgment or question or saying… I can’t.  Period.

On that note, my day soon begins.  I am also days behind in my emails, forgive me, please.  I will catch up!!  I hope (smile.)

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic energy of fulfillment to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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