Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 27, 2016

We are the Change We Have Been Waiting For!!!

the power of us untied

My whole body and energy field felt like a deer caught in the headlights.  I woke up at 4am, after a good, solid 7 hour sleep got some things done on the computer my son needed, opened up my blog and me and my computer stared blankly at each other.  The only visual I could muster in relationship to what wasn’t happening thru my fingers was what looked to me like a building (getting larger) tumbleweed rolling across the upper atmosphere of life.   That blankness would be the theme for my entire freakin day yesterday.  Well, kinda sorta anywayz.

I finally surrendered to not being able to squeeze out a word about 6:30am, and took to my pondering place (my couch) in hopes of finding my full on connection before my first appointment showed up.  Instead, it felt more like there was an energy coming in and being spread over the surface of my skin, I could feel its subtleness and I could feel my body slowly absorbing it inwards, all day long.  I was quickly reminded of many of the readings this last week, with the energies  being distributed and absorbed in different ways, some just like I was feeling, all over the skin and absorbed in.  With some others, coming directly from the feet upwards, some thru the core root chakra, others solar plexus and so on.

I had to wonder why spirit would use the image of a tumbleweed rolling forward, was it because as I drove home from the big wide world the day prior there was a massive windstorm rolling in from the south and pushing tons of tumbleweeds across the road I was driving on, to the north (coming out of the  past and heading into the future.)  Spirit always uses imagery on purpose, our job is to ask enough questions to know why that image, which will give us a lot more understanding about what is being shown.

A tumbleweed itself is a dead weed:


So I went to a knowledgeable website this morning to understand more about what a tumbleweed is and I got a mind full:  This seemingly historic icon is actually an invasive weed. Contaminated flax seed, brought by Russian immigrants to South Dakota in 1873, is thought to be the source of Russian thistle invasion. After its introduction, it became one of the most common weeds in the drier regions of the West. It spread by contaminated seed, threshing crews, railroad cars, and by windblown tumbleweeds. Ironically, Russian-thistle hay saved the beef cattle industry during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, when no other feed was available for starving animals.

I am kind of surprised that tumbleweeds hail from Russia, a country who has gone thru their own break up of an old system (the U.S.S.R.) there was nothing untied about the soviet state of russia, just like now, with the USA.  We do have a lot of old contaminated seeds populating our future.  Just like the banking industry and monetary industry, we, those that say they are aligned with the higher collectives (to be wiser and more unified) we cast blame.  Yes we do have a broken system called the USA, yes we are seeing clearly how big money can rip the votes out of people’s hands, but we the people have as much responsibility in allowing it to happen as the creators of this system have for pushing it forward.  The majority of voting people are making sure the old broken system stays in play.  The tumbleweeds of our past are gaining speed and momentum to become even bigger.

The tumbleweed I had seen in my visions yesterday, had emerging golden magnetic energy thru the old bare tumbleweed.  On my drive home the day prior, I could not avoid running over many of the blowing tumbleweeds and they broke up under my car, never to tumble onward again.

For over a year now, most especially as our new, expanded superpowers started to be revealed (early last year) spirit has said over and over that it is no longer OK that we sit in our sacred spaces and push energy outwards.  It is time for a collective action, a unified boots on the ground coming together.  This game has always been meant to be played on the ground, we just had to down load all the software over the last several decades to know how to use our new beautiful selves.  The evolution of consciousness had to precede the revolution of humanity.  Evolution is a much slower process that had to be done first so that there are those with the heart and mind of love willing to put themselves into action, at the front lines on earth, to break apart the tumbleweeds of the old and plant their seeds in the groundwork, the framework of life itself.

I realized yesterday was a super tuesday election day in the Northeast, to include my birthplace of Pennsylvania and 4 other states.  Ahhh there is more to this tumbleweed energy than just my dysfunction.  This is another landscape where old energy is still rampant.  I really got to understand the energetic fields of life when I met my father, the only reason I would have ever gone back to PA.  I tried to spend 2 months with him in the summer of 2013, assuming I could still do my readings at his house.  I was incredibly wrong.  Instead of doing readings, we were faced with this low hanging energy system, thick and blocking the light of spirit that I need in order to do readings in the way I do them.  I never realized before that moment how much a landscape allows what you can do.  Instead of doing a reading, the folks on my schedule was more like a blade slicing thru the dense old energy collective, Over about a months time, we opened enough of the thick cloud bank to create a small opening and bridge for light to come thru at my fathers house, and only at that place.  However, as I am understanding now as I remember this, spirit said it had to be done on the ground level, in person to fully take hold and spread with time outwards.  A very slow and steady spread (this is how evolution works.)  Thank god there are tougher people than me that set up home in not only the landscape of Pennsylvania, but all of the other low hanging dense collectives to continue to break thru the walls of time.

However, as we can see from these ongoing elections here in the USA, there are still so many people who represent the bare, dead tumbleweed energy of the past.  Contaminated by lies received as truth.  When a person, when a collective is lied to long enough, their innate ability to receive actually truth is deadened.  The lies now feel like truth and truth feel like lies.  Look at the vast amount of people still clinging to their “holy books.”  And yet we have someone who could very well be the likes of Jesus or Buddha running for presidency and demanding change and they (the old collectives) turn their cheek to the old familiar.

As the election results came in last night, I took to facebook just to vent, as I usually do.  Then I seen a sign that really caught me, my teams way of saying don’t sit there feeling sorry for yourself and the generations to come, instead:

fight back

What really caught me in the motivated hear was what was personally included on top of the sign by: The People For Bernie Sanders 2016  Each one of us is a rain drop. Together we’re a monsoon.

Lets couple this with something I shared some time ago:

stomin bernie

And as a very wise soul pointed out on her facebook yesterday, here is a Bernie Sanders, 74 years wise, fighting at the street level, day in, day out for change, for unity, for each other.

We have got to come together to be the living monsoon of life.  Just like mother nature has wind storms, snow storms, rain storms, she cleans up regardless of who is looking or standing in her path… WE MUST do the same in every area of our life.

Together, We are the change we have been waiting for.  Are we still waiting??

Spirit can fill us all up with the most profound energy, but unless we put it to use, it remains like genie trapped in a bottle.

Makes me realize why I have always loved the storm energy.  If we knew our collective powers, we would never just sit back and wish and hope and bitch… and our time is come!!

Ohhhhh, here is something to feel within yourself too, ha!!  Each one of us has an element of earth as part of our living field of life.  This has been shown thru so many of the readings and it is only right now that I am getting the bigger picture together.  The sun, the clouds, the thunder, the electrical currents, the wind, the air, the quantum energies, and so on…. when we come together each with our own part, we are a storm no one can stop, but we must know ourselves to fully use ourselves and how to blend that with each other.

Ohhhh I am feeling the next wave of readings previewing itself in the higher octaves of May already.

I’m ready… are you??

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of intense weather pattern changes thru the ALL of US!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. “Russia is not part of the great Conspiracy of darkness of the Elite.

    The Russians have fought their wars of freedom and overcome the demons of their anterior political system. It is not that everything is perfect in President Putin’s government, but there is no self serving agenda representing an obstacle to the manifestation of the Divine Will on Earth, as there is in the Western countries.

    This is because Russia has already been led and influenced by a Galactic Walk-In for a few years. This Walk-In is conscious of his connection with Ashtar Command. I am permitted to make this revelation. One country never was better than the other one in the so-called Cold War.

    Understand that the War has always been one of the Dark attacking the Light in the sons and daughters of God called lightbearers, lightworkers, or boots on the ground, or Star seeds, in every nation.

    The Secret occult government of the world is the one that pulls the strings of the Illuminati Elite and of the elected governments. The deluded members of the Elite and Military have entered into an Alliance with negative entities to obtain superior technology in the era of World War II and as a result have been in possession of undisclosed sophisticated technology for many decades but have not disclosed this fact, nor shared its possible benefits with mankind because they had an Agenda of global control.

    Although the spiritual Hierarchy together with its Galactic fleets have recently regained control of the Earth and the Solar System, and negative aliens have been removed for the most part, the Elite and its military arm, the Cabal, have maintained one foot in one country, and the other in the enemy they have created to carry out terrorist deeds.

    That is the reality of the situation if you want the big picture.

    The Illuminati is occult and Satanist. They have taken decades to implement their strategies of darkness. They have master-minded a plan involving political manoeuvres to cause chaos in the Middle-East as well as Western countries, as part of their agenda of control, and we, the spiritual guardians and mentors of mankind, are letting them do this because this situation has to unfold so that the people awaken, react to atrocities, and take a stand to obtain change.

    The clear-up that has to be achieved must be carried out by the incarnated ones who have freewill to do so.

    This cannot be done by your Galactic cousins or Star kin, for instance, because of the law of non-interference.
    This is the time of the Harvest when souls are choosing whether they want to walk the path of Righteousness or not.

    If they chose the left one, it will keep them in the world of duality and a 3rd dimensional Reality.

    The way you perceive what is happening in the world due to the way world events are presented in the Media, may make you feel that the global situation is worsening. It may be what the occult Elite wants you to believe as they still control most of the media. Beware the propaganda that is designed for control and to cause fears.

    The angle presented in Alcyon Pleiades’ videos is reliable.

    Be aware that there is no Global Warming crisis. It has been disclosed that they want to prevent the Third World from becoming prosperous and that Africa is three times larger than it is represented on the national maps.
    The scientific dissemination of knowledge is inaccurate from Darwin’s theory of evolution to Genetics and Physics. It has been exposed, that the conspiracies have plans for policies that would be lucrative, so follow the money. However, they have spent trillions of dollars on chemical trails and geo-engineering for purposes that have not been fully exposed, and that are not related to Global Warming.

    Political Analysts have said that I S I L or ISIS is the product of a Western conspiracy and received funding from the West, although it is much more complicated than that.

    HOWEVER, a development into a Third World War can’t be allowed and most nuclear weapons have been deactivated, or actually taken away. Yes, as in ‘beamed up’!

    There is a spin in this timeline that the occult powers may not be expecting, or are dismissing: it’s Disclosure. They are surprised that it is happening and is out of their control. They are presently being exposed for what they are and are doing. It’s happening NOW.

    This phase will reach a peak at which it can only explode in all directions in the mainstream media. Some people in position of authority can still open their eyes and realize that this Agenda of the Elite force is self-serving and destructive for the world.

    The subject of the suppression of Truth in regards to the Extraterrestrial presence, is the explosive that will set Disclosure in motion towards an understanding of what has really been going on.

    It will eventually set it all in the context of Galactic History, its alien take-over as well as the world’s liberation by the intervention of our Galactic families, as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System.

    The next step in man kind’s re-education will be on the subject of the existence of higher dimensions, although the ideas are already present in Science and science fiction. A connection will be made between them and the Heaven of religious scriptures.

    People will discover that the human family’s DNA has been manipulated by geneticists many thousands of years ago. So the fact that people should not even have to die after such a short lifespan, never mind get afflicted by diseases, will represent a great new hope.

    The fact that the Solar System is moving through a part of the Galaxy in which Photonic Light is very intense, and causing an Awakening, leading to a recovery of full consciousness in people, will be understood, and this will begin to happen within a few months and will expand.

    A change is on the horizon of Destiny. We are about to enter a phase of Transition, as you know.

    The worst among the recalcitrant ones will eventually be taken away, though Gaia loves them as she loves all her children, and is reluctant to give up.
    She is however on the verge of having to let them go, for the freedom of the many must be restored.

    The Lightworkers already are experiencing more than fleeting moments upon the lower levels of the 5th Dimension in their consciousness.

    Some are firmly established upon it, but for the most part mankind is passing through the 4th Dimension.
    It is not by coincidence that it is at this time that they are experiencing the effects of the Elite’s desperate attempts to increase their tyrannical control of the world, by all manners of political moves. They have funds for doing so as they own the financial Institutions. They want to play a few more cards.

    They may attempt to claim that the Galactics are a threat when their suppression of truths is exposed concerning the Extraterrestrial presence. They have holographic technology at their disposition and could use it to present a false scenario of invasion.
    However, Disclosure will uplift mankind upon the ladder of the dimensions and frequency vibration, because information is Light and vice versa. So you see, that is why Disclosure plays a major part in the Ascension process.

    The Aurora Borealis are now visible in parts of the world where they were not before, because of electromagnetic changes taking place due to the irradiation of the planet by photonic light.

    As regard to the threat of Robotic Control, the question of transhumanism and whether the occult satanic powers will attempt to steal the human DNA for supreme power, do not forget that billions of Star seeds and Galactic beings, as well as Ascended Masters, now have incarnated in human bodies.
    They (we) are holding the balance of Light and will render these evil forces powerless by transforming all systems.

    The Elite is in fact fearful of them though they possess sophisticated undisclosed technology. Their malevolent tactics will lead them nowhere. They already have robots that look perfectly human but understand that the forces of the Light are very active and actively opposing these malevolent forces in the measure permitted by Cosmic Law. It is the way that they operate in the higher dimensions.

    Whether biotechnology could be applied to medical use and whether the occult rulers plan a scenario similar to the one in the movie The Terminator, the answer is that as with the matter of alien implants, nanotechnology will not pass when people physically move into the higher or even middle levels of the 5th Dimension.
    The killer robot was unleashed from Pandora Box on Maldek, and artificial intelligence is as dangerous as nuclear power or weaponry.

    As to the zealots who will blow themselves up because of their fanatical nature, they are lured into self-annihilation by the false hierarchies of the astral plane, sometimes called the bottomless pit.

    There is a record of the original Fall of certain entities called Nephilim, or Fallen Angels, whose rebellion against the Almighty was driven by jealousy.
    It’s in relation to the Reptilian humanoids. Their rebellion constituted a spiritual suicide. They acquired densities within them as well as self-destructive tendencies.

    Whether on the astral plane as discarnate entities, or in incarnation, the Illuminati have attempted to draw humanity into their Cult of Death and Hell for revenge against Life itself and in order to continue exercising control. The denizens of the pit have preyed upon the Lightbearers with thoughtforms and psychotronic weapons computerized by those who originate from Orion and Draco that affect the psyche.

    You may call for the cutting free of mankind from the momentum of suicide, because those recruits of the Terrorist organizations, who are prepared to detonate bombs that they are wearing in the midst of innocent citizens, are under the influence of vortices of malintent.
    There also was an Illuminati opposition to the Constitution, the divine document that was born out of the heart of Saint Germain. It was his dream that America would be an example for all nations but an infiltration of dark forces prevented this from happening.
    In defiance the dark caused internal weaknesses so Justice and Freedom have not triumphed in recent decades.

    You may call the Elohim to overlight every aspect of the Running for Office, at this time of the coming Elections in the United States of America. Pray that the Council on Foreign Relations and Agencies, as well as Pentagon and CIA, may be turned upside down and shaken up, until beings of the Light are in position of authority, for it is the time when they awaken and have a change of heart, or Walk-In advanced souls move into position. Pray that the elected ones can never pass legislature for programs that are not of the Light. Demand changes to manifest by the intervention of the Mighty Blue Eagle from Sirius and the Legions of Mercury of El Morya.

    Demand the removal, by the action of the Cosmic Christ, as well as Archangel Michael’s Legions of the First Ray and Elohim Astrea, of the individuals in the governments of all nations who are not serving the Light.

    The Sacred Fire and Violet Transmuting Flame can also be invoked.

    Demand the manifestation of the Plan of Abundant Supply.

    The blueprint of divine Destiny will manifest with the descent of the Light Body, as you become heart, head and hand of your Higher Selves.
    This multi-dimensional assistance can be tripled each instant of each hour, until all are ascended and free in that quantum leap to a 5th dimensional Reality.

    I now ask that you may all be enfolded in a gigantic pillar of pure dazzling White Light so that you magnetize to you the destiny of America so desired by Saint Germain, as well as the global peace so desired by Jesus the Christ, Archangel Michael, the Universal Mother and all of heaven, as well as the lightworkers.

    May the great Prophecy for the Earth that is the manifestation of Divine Will be fulfilled now!

    Be sealed in the immaculate design of the timelines leading to Ascension. Awaken in the knowledge of the all-consuming love which never fails to give Earth her Freedom now!
    Let the Truth be revealed in this time of DISCLOSURE.

    There is such a thing as the authority of Mother Mary and the release of Cosmic forces in the Great Central Son. Mother Mary embodies the presence of the Mother Universal and the Cosmic Virgin who commands the full force of the Sun behind the sun.

    The Cosmic Virgin rescues the Universal Manchild so he appears in the hearts of the sons and daughters of God.

    You may invoke her power to devour the power of the occult tyrannic false hierarchies.

    The armies of darkness will crumble! They will tremble in the cup of their harvest in the physical octave in a way never seen before.
    The Mother will step through the veil in the flesh of her children. Therefore affirm: I AM Mother Mary, heart, head and hand. I ask for the consecration of every nation to the heart of Mary. Our burdens can be set aside by her intercessions.

    That is why we say ‘Hail Mary, full of grace!’ and ask that she prays for us, the Lightworkers. Let all receive the awakening presence of the divine Manchild, higher consciousness.

    Let the Twin Pillars of the Twin Flames manifest in the Solar Ring that is the platform for the Tube of Light, our tool and pathway to the manifestation of New Gaia, as well as Ascension.

    The Flame of Living Truth will transmute all erroneous concepts and feelings. It will set free. It will manifest the science of precipitation whereby one can bring into form one’s perfect health, happiness, and divine plan for one’s families and communities. This can be manifested as part of the Vision that Saint Germain, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council hold for the world to recreate a civilization that is abundant for a time of Transition.”

    With love and blessings to all, I represent Archangel Michael saying ‘I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS’.

    Channel: Christine Preston




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    “And the warrior whispers back…

    I AM the storm.”



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