Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 25, 2016

Let’s Use the Retrogrades to Create Forward, Not Play in the Past!!


Before I start anything, I want to address a slight technical difficulty I discovered with the ET course, mainly what I was trying to put up as the course ledger.  By everyone selecting a different date (the date itself has nothing to do with my class ledger) when I pulled up the class list, the only people on it were those that chose the date of May 1st.  So I had to cancel all other dates that were showing.  Nothing you already scheduled (homework or connections were canceled, I am just trying to get everyone in one visible, accessible place for my own organization.) This was my learning curve and sorry to ask you to go back and make sure your name and info is on the new ledger (except those that already chose may 1st, you are all still on there, most of which were part of the facebook conversation last night when I discovered my boo boo) and I had to change the date to June 1st, again the date means nothing, it’s just for my personal records to have everyone in one central place.  Ahhh the chaos of new beginnings and learning curves.  Thanx for enduring it with me!! ❤

Yesterday we talked about how much we (may) align our thoughts and stuff with other people’s experiences and understandings, especially when it comes to life elsewhere.  I realized this morning via an email, we actually do this wide-spread in many areas, especially with the time we are in called retrograde.  Mercury retrograde is the most common and frequent retrograde period that we are familiar with, but this moment we are in a unique retrograde cycle with 5 planets in retrograde all at once.

Since we are all pretty much fresh off the old earth, with all the old energy cycles in our minds and knowing what we believe to be true, becomes our reality whether it is true or not.  I have dropped a long time ago, the whole idea that mercury retrograde brings up the old shit in our life to be reviewed… again and again and again.  We will never get off that merry-go-round if that was a true statement.  But we can make it true by believing that idea.  And sure enough people tend to have old shit rise to the surface, because they are pulling it up by unconscious expectation.

Years ago my team told me to use these retrograde systems like a boomerang, pulling energy from the future to use today, instead of constantly back tracking into something that is done and over with.  Our choice, always, our focus point, always.

Now really thing about this, because I KNOW how powerful you are, I see you and experience you day in and day out.  If you believe in your core that these retrograde systems will be presenting issues thru your family, relationships, work place, within yourself, guess what mighty creator, that energetic belief inside of you is hitting triggers to make it manifest.

Always remember, you are constantly setting the pace of your life, what you anticipate happening must happen due to your amazing power.  If our biology has changed and the plant and animal life has changed, enhanced, became Lighter and more magnetic, so has the way our planetary systems release energy too.  The only thing connected to the new earth and the life forms aligned vibrationally with it, is the original earth formerly known as the garden of eden (before the fall, actually before we intentionally created soap-bubble land.)  So if you must align with the past thru the retrograde systems that happen for as long as we all are alive, then pull in the magic from the original earth and let go of the chaos, the previous hurts and stuff.  You could not be here if you indeed had stuff left to clear, you would be in soap-bubble land. Now if others are triggered by their own accord, witness it don’t play in their resolving issues unless you have higher advise/direction for them.

Let me give you a very personal ,very very real example of our creation power.  When I was still in my own issues with my car loan (before my attorney pointed out that I screwed my self at the beginning of this journey) my son called me and jokingly said I got screwed without using any lube.  I giggled and replied and yes, they stuck it right up my ass… altho this was a joke and made me laugh, the energy I felt was very real.  I even told him, again to continue the joke and the laughter it presented, and now my hemorrhoids are bleeding.  Before the day was over, quite literally, my hemorrhoids which have not flared up in so many years I cannot even remember the last time they did… started bleeding and swelling.  (Now you know more about my ass than you need to!! lol)

This takes in our emotional core creation.  Verbally it was a joke that created laughter between us, yet the feeling was very real and my body responded to my energy, unbiasedly, but quit literally and dare I say, quickly!!

OK, off my soap box and on to other things!! I have to share this image a beautiful man shared with me yesterday in regards to the octopus beings.  He shared a picture and said “This is from the movie ‘Galaxy Quest’ and the race is known as the Thermian.”

octopus life

It actually triggers a memory form a long time ago when I was in meditation and looking from my souls mind the other realms we purposely created (beyond earth.)  There was a place filled with amazing rich life, plants and stuff, that my (then) mentor and I would go vacation at using a form that looked very much like these.  In that time, I was so surprised we didn’t choose a human form, but my soul mind said these forms have a very different relationship with the life within their worlds, more intense, passionate, loving than human life.  We create forms to serve the realm and experiences desired.  For me personally, it was shocking to look at but magical to feel in experience.

Can you imagine a ship load of these beings disembarking on earth near you, as much as I know they are kind and loving Beings, I would be scared shitless if I seen them while alone.  Funny how that is, isn’t it??  Thru the humans open to receive their star family, no matter what they look like, they are also serving to de-condition our fight or flight reflex when something new enters our field.

One more thing before I have to go and start my day.  Many people are once again experiencing weight gain that just wont seem to release itself (me too.)  I have personally gone on my 1200 calorie diet several times in the last few months, did some (not a whole lot) exercise to try and push off the fat cells, to no avail.  Of course, I can get into lover spats with my body as it says we need this 10 pounds, the energies happening demand it.  I have already given my body permission, full authority to do what it needs to do and it does.

As more and more people ask about this, the reply is the same.  We are taking in tons of higher frequency energies and will continue to thru June/July.  Our fat cells serve very much like cells in a battery so that we do not combust with it all.  So if your not budging weight wise, celebrate it, because you are being charged up for higher purposes.  The energies will seem to settle down (yeah right) as we cross over the June/July timeline, that would be the time to release the storage units accumulating.  But then, we have another upsurge in the energies as we move into January 2017, so loose extra cuz some will have to come back!!

On that note… my day is about to begin!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with love, and expanded joy to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  A direct link to the 2016 ET Course (May thru July.)









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  2. Hi Lisa,

    Whenever I click on the link to your website, “mysoulcenter,” the browser says “Security risk blocked for your protection” I think that the firewall is preventing access. Thought you should know.


  3. Agree that beliefs about cosmic cycles such as retrogrades are redundant – just as the belief in ‘timelines’ in general is redundant for those ready for it to be so; even reference to ‘old earth, new earth, bubble land, original earth‘ is a paradox, because from the perspective of our Highest, there is no time, only the eternal now. Our Highest exists in the Void from where all possibilities arise that surmount and declare the All That is.

    Exponential growth and evolution into our divinity becoming the dominant and largest part of our being (whether human, human-plus, or other) is really attuning and reaching into this highest frequency accessed from the Void of All That Is, ‘HAS been’ and ‘WILL be’; THE ALL – even if the mundane physical personality does not comprehend. Our Highest spans what we consider perceived past, present, future, parallels and possibilities; all realities and realms and planes of existence. Whole Being, in the mastery of our Highest, knows that there is nothing new in existence, it is just that we are becoming aware of it.

    We create idea constructs to help navigate and understand our existence; our Self; as we evolve these become redundant and we can let go of the obsolete beliefs that have served us in getting to and breaching an awareness horizon.


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