Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 24, 2016

Seeds From the Stars ….Re-Member!!

star beings

This week I have been seriously wondering if my short-term memory is leaving the building.  I struggle to figure out what day it is, what date it is, but worse than that, the sheer amount of information that is coming thru the readings these days, I am waking up blank.  I have always shared the intricate details from the readings as a way of explaining our next phase, and for this past week I wake up, well I just can’t bring even the most exciting things forward and there is a ton of exciting, brand new to me, things to get excited about.  I am asking for an extra expansion slot to retain it all with!!

But I can tell you the over all picture coming clearer and clearer every day.  We are so programmed to see thru someone else’s eyes.  To see and experience the world around us as others do, whether it’s physical or metaphysical.  Now, right now, we are the new “seers.”  We are here to see and experience life in a new expanded way, in ways others do not allow themselves to see and experience.  There is a whole new light field expressing thru what seems to be all the normal ways.  Plants and trees now have new light emitting from there, they are bringing thru higher frequencies.  WE are bringing thru higher frequencies, a brand new spectrum of light, of life that never was here before, not even in the “original” earth.  We will never lead the future if we settle for someone else’s version of it.  (Think about that for a long minute.)

2016 has been a very intense year energetically and biologically.  So much has changed within us, enhanced within us, new eyes to see with, new ears to hear with, and a connected heart and mind to create with.  The magnetic field is out of this world intense and becoming more intense as we roll thru every enhanced energy system (which I call or relate to in months.)

I am also vividly realizing we have seeded so many universes in this realm.  I remember connecting to a precious soul the other day and her team said something that took me back to my childhood, saturday night spooker-fest.  I am sure it was in relationship to her Intergalactic Beings, but the used the words “Creature Feature” to kick it off with.  The creatures we have created are less from our imagination and much more from our memories, our previous incarnations being that.  Only now we tend to give everything that doesn’t look like us, a broad stroke of fear (hence the spookers.)

Two surprising presentations were shown yesterday, my one beautiful girl, her energy unfurling like an octopus, transformed into an octopus as we looked visually towards the higher field of May.  The octopus was seeded here, a long, long time ago from another realm, designed to stay subtlety out of sight but yet, very much a part of our distant memory.  Also, designed to live fluidly in the oceans too.  A bit of DNA tweaking went on.

When her being from the realm I am just going to call octopus land changed their form from an actual octopus from the waters here to what they, what she looked like in their realm, all I could think of was the 70’s show Sigmund and the sea monsters:

sea monsters

The exception being, there was no human like face, instead there was a light center in the shape of an eye, as I humbly put on the middle creature.  The image I see did have a lot of tentacles for arms and legs.  At least they were created (remembered) friendly, if not a bit ditzy.  lol

Then I had one lady yesterday ask about her son, I was shocked at the instant image of him, part batman (his outfit) only instead of having a cape, he literally had large bat wings that kept him flying.  It was explained to her, this is the realm he is from, a place where what we know as bats today, were seeded from and is always protecting her energy field in all ways.

One of my lady’s the other day, from her heart energy sprang two dolphins, energizing the waters of her life moving forward.  They formed a circle like formation, and inside the opening of the circle like formation, was placed her little daughter (less than 2 years old) and stated she is from the dolphin world (not the ones we know here, but where they hail from) and her superpower already is an enhanced form of echo-location.  What we tend to forget as adults, our children are here to help us remember our origins and abilities.

Which makes me realize the lady I had seen the other day as well, had these 7 birds come out of her heart stream, similar to my dolphin lady.  The birds feathers was stunning, the deepest, most vibrant black, blue and violet.  Her team explained that the realm they come from, the sky looks just like those colors and as she connects to them and their color spectrum in meditation, it serves to help her remember.  Equally tho, her out of this world, birds were in a constant flight formation, her team explaining setting the frequencies in the air itself as a magnetic transmitter.

We tend to pigeon-hole our connection to ET’s based on what others have experienced.  If we have only heard of let’s just say 9 realms, we assume we have a foot in one of those realms because we sure as hell don’t feel simply “human.”  We aren’t, this world was created by seeds and (purposeful) mutations from all over the vast galaxies, so that one day… today, we would re-member our own vastness, intimately not just figuratively.

Just sharing this, I do understand why spirit has been so on my case about getting the ET connection course together.  To the degree (I so put off doing website work, it is sooo left brain heavy lol) my mental mind was front and center yesterday and obviously I didn’t do a blog, but I did finally get our next course adventure together.  I have put the link to the new 2016 3 month course here on my blog represented by one of my favorite pictures a good friend sent me a while back.  We think of ourselves and our desires to connect with our star family, do we ever realize that our star family is waiting to connect with us too, consciously.  Of course they are!!



We are no longer the humans we started out to be and our friends from the skies have so much to learn thru us, thru our connection and us, them.  Spirit, thru so many readings over the last year has said we are bringing back the “Galactic KINSHIP Era.”  I have a deep feeling that means so much more than what I thought it did.  But let’s just let it sit there for now lol.

You are all such a wild ride, I never have time to be bored with life!!  Thank you for such an adventure of understanding and experience!!  I love and honor you each, so freakin much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of starseed and home alive as One, thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


P.S.  A direct link to the 2016 ET Course (May thru July.)










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