Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 21, 2016

Pushing Thru to the Other Side!!!


What a freakin trip these days are!  Magical and intense all wrapped up in one.  Wait, let clarify that, the intense days can be magical if you allow them to be, everything is always a choice.  I choose magical because heavy and depression sucks and that too, is a choice.

When i finally felt like I have done as much as I can and needed to do yesterday in relationship to my car loan company, I took a bath/meditation.  The very first thing my team said to me, is something that we say thru so many readings and now, I am understanding even the most cryptic of images over these last few weeks, cuz I am living them (dammit.)  If you knew what was coming up, and even tho it was a good thing, we would go around it.  Let me tell you, I would have never walked knowingly into this moment in time, the bee’s nest I now have my arm stuck into.

Then the very next thing they showed me a visual, in relation to every consumer office I contacted, every lawyer referral office I contacted (New Mexico referred me to Virginia since that was where I bought my car, Virginia referred me to Texas since that is where Santander lives:)


Then they showed me snowball mans imagery, tossing snowballs from the emotional field over to the physical life field and vise versa, giving it so much more meaning and understanding.  These snowballs, firmly packed emotional pressures forming what looks to me like snowballs are meant to be moved (see image above lol) into your physical life, even if what you are feeling feels like a brick wall, there is a spring behind every brick wall that allows some movement if not a total collapse of the object.

They even showed me some of the readings where I could see “many options coming available” but could not see what any option would be, again on purpose (dammit) same here.  I have many options available to me to recruit assistance in this seemingly unmovable object called my car loan, my job is to break down every door, not in anger, well, not in that rageful anger where we cuss and blame, but with emotional persistence.

Even the sharing when spirit was talking about jobs, that often times we look at being spiritual in relationship to what we do as work, in which case everything we do as work and as humans can and should be spiritual no matter where you are at and what you do.  Spiritual is a state of Being not a job description.

The Lawyer referral service in Texas gave me the name and number of a lawyer.  The way the process was supposed to go, I call him, tell him I came thru the referral system and I get a 30 minute consult for $20.00 payable when I talk to the atty.  I was shocked when he answered his own phone.  Yay!!  Talk about immediate gratification, I so desperately needed, inside myself, to talk to a knowledgeable human, just to let this grip of emotional persistence ease up a bit.  This beautiful man talked to me for close to 30 minutes, asked me to get my account history from Santander so he can go over how they placed all my payments to come up with what I still owe.  Gladly, if Santander would be so kind.  He wouldn’t take my $20, insisting he hasn’t done anything yet.  My dear god, you have done more for me than you realize.  The straight jacket I have been wearing for days now is loosing up.  I just realized, this man is my own reflection, unless I am doing what you pay me to do, I do not count it as time used.  Awwwww.

I took my bath before I called Santander, I needed the emotional boost to get that job done, come to find out, they were so cooperative, sending me my account history (via email) within 30 seconds of asking for it, while still on the phone with them.  I emailed it off to the attorney, instantly he emailed back asking to see my contract.  Can I tell ya, instant gratification is soooo nice, to know someone is doing what they can to help, now.  The review will take longer, but I could feel myself unwinding with the day.  I have done all I possibly can, however these chips may fall from this moment forward, I will own and honor.

My team explained to me, in such a beautiful way that we are here, in body, with all the challenges to be the spiritual force in Life.  Not to get around challenges, we would never have to incarnate if that was the case, but to bring them on, bring them forward, to be the force of life in whatever way we can.

Which brought an image from a reading the other day.  My lady was standing in her present moment, from her body outwards about 10 feet, looked like there was a void of energy, what her team explained was a magnetic force field pushing out her.  On the other side of this 10 foot void, was rising waters, crystal clear waters, with one shark on right side of these (rising) waters swinging outwards, one shark on the left side swimming in towards her.  Both sharks had their mouths open and those sharp teeth exposed.  Her team explained that these sharks will shred what is no longer needed in her emotional waters to bring into the high frequency landscape we are calling May.  I had to look up from my favorite go to website to see what shark represented:


Transformation of the spirit, teaches how to swim the currents of a busy life, use of intuition to navigate effectively, aids in attuning to the world of emotions, the un/subconscious and other-worlds, heightened senses including visions, dreams and related psychic abilities. Shark teaches how to accomplish “impossible” tasks by utilizing discernment and trust.

With these sharks and with the snowballs one thing was common, constant movement.  Action.  We have the energy, the power spirits to help us, but we MUST be the ones that employ and use this energy with our lives.

These seemingly crushing emotions that wrap around us are as spiritual and important as the high vibing ones that have us dancing in the street.  They are there to use to focus your self in your physical life.  To take action where none may have been taken before.  I could have very well continue this “investigation” last year when I actually started it and be done by now.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t want to deal with the heaviness it took to deal with.  I was in a light space and kept myself there… six months later, I am starting at square one, but will see this thru without quitting this time around.

My team showed me a birdie flying with my car title towards me and two hands rubbing together like when you are “done with something” and removing the debris from your hand.  Will it all happen today or next year, it doesn’t matter, it’s done.  I have crashed open doors, made my plight known and now, will stand back and allow the energy to do what it is going to do and be OK with however it resolves itself.  I absolutely played a part in this coagulation.

Then the next thing I know, my freakin team is harassing me because over a week ago, they started talking about putting a package together for ET connections, I haven’t, I don’t want to lol.  But will get it done today.  I know they never ask me to do something without a bigger reason down the road and they explained that to me yesterday.  We are building up to something we cannot foresee right now (on purpose dammit lol.)  The only thing I am sure of with this package is one month it will be me and you, personal, one on one linking you together as tightly as we can, then the next month we take to group energy online using what your star family is revealing together as a team.  By the end of today, this 2 month journey/package together, will be on my main page of my website.  I just gotta work out the details inside.

On that note, go grab life by the balls and run in the direction you desire!! (smile)

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving energy on the ground and in the skies to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas







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  2. I so understand your stress you are going thru with the car and loan company. I am so glad you found help. Help is out there and will come when we are ready to receive it and willing to let go of control. I wish you the best outcome. Stay strong and confident.


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