Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 16, 2016

The 2nd Half of April Raises the Frequencies as We Rise Up to May!

higher frequencies

There is no doubt in my heart we all went thru some sort of collective reboot last night, creating the official start of this next phase which runs thru May 21st, which some kind soul let me know is the full moon in may.  However, as we always have cycles within cycles within cycles, it became apparent thru some of yesterday’s readings, this phase or cycle has a subcycle that runs from now to the end of this month.  Let me try to weave together what I can understand for now thru my own day and the day of readings.

The first thing I get in the morning is a weather alert from my accu weather app.  We are in a winter storm adversary with up to 8 inches of snow coming overnight, rain first in the afternoon turning to snow.  WHAT??  Mother nature reschedule date night on me!!

When my first lady showed up, all I got was the floor, piss me off.  I am perky and full of energy and curiosity, what the hell gives getting my floor.  Not nice!!  After a good 10 attempts to get my antennas started, I finally just at least let us understand why we cannot see for her today.  Ask and we absolutely received, which alone, was shocking.  Spirit is getting much more compliant in our requests these days. lol

There was this stunning energy funnel that was coming down into my lady.  The energy matrix was like nothing I have seen before.  It was as if it was created with trillions of gold threads with hints of reds and blues within its matrix.  It was incredibly wide at the top, had what appeared to be like  foot long lip to it, and stretched downwards into her personal world.  The energy going not only into her body, but around her body and into her personal world too.  When I understood that, I also suddenly was shown her energy sphere (she was in the center of it) spinning clockwise so damn fast all I really seen was a trail of energy.  From what I could understand thru her team, this was the culmination of all her efforts, focus, desires and stuff now coming together, rearrange the magnetic flow of her life as everyone and everything around her gets recalibrated to “go.”  She understood all of it.  She said her body has been feeling all this crazy (but purposeful) energy and her mind has been dizzy, a lot.  Yeah that spin is freakin spinning fast!!  That’s all her team was capable of showing thru my eyes.

Now I want to tie in my day, even tho I was able to see for the rest of my day for everyone on my schedule, the very moment my reading day was done, I swear someone unplugged my own energy.  I could feel it drain completely out of me, I even laid on the couch attempting to take a nap.  I felt like a clock whose battery was not completely dead and the second-hand keeps making that fruitless push upwards around the clock, only never to move from that place.  I had just enough energy to keep me awake, but not enough to do anything with it.  Usually I spend this evening time putting the days readings and energies together, not yesterday, my higher mind seemed to go on vacation again and this time, took my lower mind with it, I was just a body in matter.

Thru the day, the sky would open up and release torrential downpours, then stop, the sun would come out, I am looking for the rainbow lol, this was a constant all day long.  I tapped out of my day, thank goodness at 9pm and fell instantly to sleep.  Several times thru the night, the thunder half woke me up.  I became aware of it and I swear each time it rolled it was directly over my house, that’s what it felt and sounded like to me.  This happened several times during my sleep time.  As soon as it was done making its presence known, I went straight back to sleep.  Once again tho, the night completely drained my fully charged phone battery.  As I head from bed to bathroom, its kinda how I feel too, not so much drained but… empty.  All I could think to myself, I have nothing whatsoever to share in a blog today.  Not because there isn’t anything (obviously cuz here I am, tying away lol) but thats how my insides felt, completely clear and empty, which actually is a really good feeling.  Room for new stuff, yay!!

As I was sitting here pondering what to share, if anything (l was leaning towards nothing really) I suddenly got an image of a slew of ET’s all standing on there respective planets, and they created a circle formation with their planets up in the sky, looking down to earth.  Their light field so bright and stunning and… waiting.  I don’t know what they are waiting for (yes I do lol, they are waiting to connect with you, with us, give me a day, I will get an ET package together.)  So I can honestly say, they fueled this sharing!! lol

So one of my beautiful guys yesterday, he instantly showed up doing cartwheels forward into his future about two weeks, then cartwheeled back to the present moment, back outwards… thru his whole reading.  But not just down his center path, nope there were two versions of him doing this exhausting (for me to watch for 30 minutes, it never stopped) activity, but there was a version of him out in life (left field) and one in his emotional spiritual life (right field) and as we started to understand that what he was doing, was laying down the magnetic fields of his life forward with his reach for life (hands) and his path of life (feet) thru this amazing balance that he has within himself, an unexpected visitor showed up.  Mother Gaia, in a way I have never ever seen her before (and I have seen her many wayz over the decades.)

Her face was all I could see and it was huge, it took up the entire viewing area under the ground that my man was cartwheeling to and fro on.  Her head was tilted up towards him, there was such an amazing grace and flow of light that just reflected off her face to him.  Her lips were colored red and she parted her lips just enough to release “communication bubbles” like we would see in cartoons.  Only, I was not privy to the words she was saying, instead the energy within these communication bubbles were pink, filled with her passion, her instruction to him in their partnership together.  Also coming out of her mouth, on the forward side of these communication bubbles were hearts, little hearts of love floating up to him.  Her love to him.  She explained to him that yes, there are things she needs him to do for her that will be understood only in the moment it needs to be understood (which is why I could not see or hear what she was saying to him) but her light of love will also enrich all he wants and needs in his own life.  What an amazing, loving partner to have in this journey!!

As my morning is heading into its next phase, I do want to be perfectly clear, as I have been made yesterday that if there is any part of your life you feel stuck or stagnant in, the moment you change your energy, your focus, your emotions towards something new, better, freer, the whole universe conspires to help you.   About a week ago, I had a lady who I know I wrote a little bit about, she was completely done with one stage of her life, yet felt trapped to stay in it.  No money was coming in to assist her.  But her energy was completely focused on no money and the universe loves you so unbiasedly much it will give you exactly that… whatever you are focused on.  Well as spirit does a lot thru the readings, a good kick in the pants, a redirect was all she needed.  I reconnected with her yesterday and shortly after she refocused, redirected her energy, she got a check for $1333.00

One of my lady’s that I read for the other day, in tears because wanted new life, but everything she said contraindicated that very energy.  The very moment she got over herself and decided she is going to get a job to jump-start her new life, sure enough, she was hired on the spot and loves the folks she will be working with.

This is the greatest time to do something new, to refocus your energies, even if it just is emotionally at first, that alone changes everything.  If I am understanding the rest of this month thru yesterdays readings, we will be raising the ground itself into higher octaves, to my view a good 7 octaves (feet) higher than we are right now because of the high magnetic vibrations you are laying out to take everything higher.  This creates a whole new vibrant scheme of energy as we breach into May.

The energy of May was finally seen yesterday, a good 7 feet higher than where we are today, a matrix of interconnected spirals of energy radiating a golden white light thru the entire spectrum (well I only got to see about a foot into may, but hey, that’s more than we have gotten so far.)

I am also grateful to say, we did not get any snow overnight.  Instead, it rained the rains of Shambhala.  It feels so fresh and new even in the landscape, which is still dripping with the waters of new beginnings!!

There are several more important things that came thru yesterdays connections, sadly tho, that will have to wait until tomorrow, my next phase is about to begin!!

I love you all so much and I cannot tell you how proud and joyful I am to watch the magic of your new life unfold effortlessly to you and thru you, because you changed what you were heading towards!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love and Magic (and as I am being tapped on the shoulder to say) ET’s overhead wanting face time with you!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Thank you Lisa! I appreciate your daily sharings. They always re-set my perspective. 🙂 《3 Blessings from Ky.


  2. Still thinking of me sliding on a slip and slide, ass first! ^.^


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