Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 15, 2016

Lower Mind, Higher Mind and the Personality.

all of you

Getting my butt up and out of bed yesterday was akin to a firework being lit and it sputters and blows out instead of launching into the sky.  That was me, I was a dud, well the day was!!  That is until about 8pm when I started getting some energy back.  What the hell, do I have my container upside or something, that’s the wrong flow!!  I knew the energies were building as we crept closer to the mid-april, 2nd phase gig, but geez, they need to peak at 8am not 8pm daily!!

All things tho, like them or not, have a purpose.  I spent the day in close contact with my lower mind, since my higher mind seemed to be on some vacation that didn’t include me.  I even tried a bath meditation, there is mind lower mind, having nonexistent conversations with my car loan company, which, I had already talked to in the morning.  I did my breathing, I did my beach journey, I used every trick up my sleeve, nope.  But I also paid attention to its chatter as well.  This isn’t the first time I went into my bath to connect with my interdimensional self and my mind was focused on my car note.  It had actually made its concerns known before I ever ventured away from it almost every time I went to take a bath.  I have always breathed it away.  It would be insistent that I call my car loan place and address the bloated interest they are trying to charge me, but time and time again, I ignored my mind.  I want spiritual food, not a to-do list.  Silly me!

How often do we actually do that tho?  Especially in this crazy and sometimes very confusing world of listening to the heart and ignoring the mind thing we call our spiritual path.  Our physical mind is designed to protect us, to make us aware of things we would otherwise not pay attention to, that needs our attention.   If I had paid attention to my own inner, mental rantings that only seemed to happen when I started meditation, I would not have overpaid my car loan by 6 payments, by $2340.00.  But I ignored it, I ignored myself.  I have tried to address this twice in the past, last year and I ended up hanging up on them (my car loan people) twice.  I just didn’t want to deal with the bullshit and never realized I had my own math completely wrong.  My car note matured last September not this September and my mind kept trying to get me to address it and I shut it up.

So what is it then, that doesn’t want to deal??  I think about the readings the day before yesterday.  Several people were in tears because of where they are at (in their life) and yet the energy coming out of their mouth was contradictory to what they desired.  It would have to be, what we consider the personality itself.

I suppose we can look at it like a house, the inside is where the lower mind lives, the outside is where the soul mind lives and the personality is the doorway between the two.  When we want and need something different in our lives, we must open that doorway and harness the best of both worlds.  Doing something different to address and put into action what we desire.  If we never open the door, then as I seen with one of my ladys, our spiritual team is sitting in the background, waiting to assist once we put energy into motion.


A few days ago, I did actually listen to my crazy mind.  I take notes on all the instruction you get thru the readings.  If we do not get ourselves out there and put new energy into motion, we cannot complain we have more of the same, especially in this whole dating thing we all have been waiting for.  So I was pondering the readings of the day, and my lower mind suggested a new tactic, strip my plenty of fish profile down to show who I am, if that is what I really desire in my world, someone who understands the world of spirit and energy.  First I made a sour puss, then thought… what the hell, all I am doing right now is catching and releasing because I am using the wrong bait.  So I put all the key points on my profile, I meditate, work with energy, travel the interdimensional space, talk to spirit guides, do readings, and so on.  If ya get this and live there too, swim a little closer.  The personality called Lisa, expected not much of anything, but what the hell.  Three days later (umm yesterday) I met someone who meditates, does yoga and understands my crazy world and we are doing dinner tonight in the Jemez Springs.

It would be so great if we had someone else, our teams, to go to do all the work, lay it all out and all we have to do is wake up and walk.  We would have no need to incarnate at all.  We keep the very thing we desire most, away from us, because we don’t want to do the work it takes to get to it.  But the personality itself is what focuses on what we do not want to do, what we don’t want to engage in and then we bitch to our teams and to each other that we have nothing new happening in our lives.

For the last year, I have been begging my team to please let me hit the lottery enough to pay off my car note.  I am so road weary with these payments.  I would never even get a tingle back that that is a potential and could not understand why.  I know when I focus my energy hard enough, passionate enough, I get a return on my investment, yet, with this, it always fell on deaf ears.  I gave it up to it’s not supposed to be like that, (that is another thing we do, give up on the very thing we desire because it’s not happening in the way we want or expect) instead of looking deeper as to why this one and pretty much only desire is not producing fruit.  And I ignored, repeatedly, the one aspect of myself that had been trying for the last 6 months to explain to me why.  My 6 year loan is now 7 year 4 months old (I put 8 payments on the back-end that I could not pay in my early years of this note, which is where they are trying to charge me an additional $10,000+ in interest.)

So the moral of this story (smile) lets not completely discount the focus of the lower mind.  It is as important a player as the soul mind or we wouldn’t even have it.  We have really worked hard thru the years to partner the lower mind with the soul mind, so that they are a team and not trying to go in two different directions (love and unity vs judgement and separation) and it is time we trusted the promptings of our lower mind to achieve the very goal we set out to achieve.

The heart and mind will take you to the right action needed for your dreams to come true, but it is up to YOU, the personality of the two, to open the door and be in action!!

Well, speaking of action, I must take a shower before my day begins, because I have a lupper (lunch/supper) date as soon as it ends.  If this is any indicator of what the second phase of this energy system produces, gimmie more, please!!

You can have it all, but you also must work, put action into play, to have it all.

So much love and joy and action to ALL wrapped in motivating ((((HUGZ)))) ❤

Lisa Gawlas




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    Keep focusing on getting all this worked out. I pay things for in full, when possible and not go in to debt. That has meant I save for a while to pay in cash. Hope this debt thing goes away soon. Maybe a few payments for some things, but no interest, no debt. Really we do not need money, and such. Many lessons while humanity still uses this, and I will be happy when we all decide not to use money, funds of any kind, to end this slavery. If you wish to focus on willing the lottery and paying things off, do so.


  2. Abraham Hicks: create money without action:



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