Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 10, 2016

Loving All of Duality!


Man oh man is my sleep schedule off kilter!!  Once again I woke up after 7am, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to address something that seems to be coming up a lot.  I think so many people think that the more “spiritually” aware, embodied they are, the more the human side of our emotions will cease to be.  Meaning, we will never get angry, sad, frustrated and so on.  Of course we will, we are not going to stop being human, well not until the day we physically die.

We incarnated in duality not to do away with it, but to be a master of it.  When we get sad, it is simply the human side of us saying we loved something so much it hurts, or wanted something so much that when we do not get it, or it goes away, it hurts.  There is a beautiful in that that simply just does not exist in our pure state.  Our job is to allow the sadness to pass thru us, not get stuck in it so that it becomes a depression.

Same thing with anger, its amazing how many conversations I have had lately where the beautiful folks I am connected with feel they digressed because they got angry.  The way I see anger, if we seen love like a baton, one end the high side of love, the other side of the baton is that energy that is there to tell us (keeping in mind love is always Self love) something is wrong, very wrong.  It is how we use that intense fuel called anger that matters.  It can and should be the greatest catalyst for change, not punching something out (that was what I used to do, hit, maim, make bleed.)

Our jobs has never been to do away with duality and all that goes with it, but use it as a power source.  Temper it into the greatest tool you ever had.

On that note, my day is quickly passing already, darn sleepy head that I have become!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of love, joy and the freedom to be human, to All!!

Lisa Gawlas






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