Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 4, 2016

The United Front for Gaia, As Gaia!!

united earth

The only way I have of describing how I felt yesterday would be like a drain that has been clogged up and is ever so slowly draining.  Of course, when the brains get to feeling clogged up, it reduces the entire energy spectrum in the body, thinking and moving was not part of my day yesterday.  But then again, how I felt was no all that surprising considering how I felt with the last reading of the day on the 2nd.  By the time I hung up the phone with my last reading, every part of my brains were vibrating to kingdom come and back.  That lasted for hours then just slowly seeped down my body until sunset.  There is something interesting that happens at sunset, at least for me.  All the energy just subsides.  Same yesterday too, at sunset, the clog must have released itself, the energy running faster and I could connect enough to understand what the hell happened!!???

Thru a few of the readings last month, spirit said there was a double barrel energy system being released April 1st and April 2nd.  I was waiting to experience it, I didn’t.  Well, not like usual anywayz.  Now there was a geometric storm on the sun April 2nd but it was your energy that I felt more than anything.  The vibration coming from you, much more intense.  The information coming thru like the most expensive bottle of champagne, high and rare.  But then again, this is all part of the changes, where even those massive zaps of up ticking energy comes now directly from Source, from you!!  This really gives way to the messages coming thru the last few days, “just waking up, you are changing the world.”  (And that is literal, waking up and being in your day.)

Think about that for a moment, like you think about the sun.  Every day, the sun appears and we are warmed and nourished by it.  When we connect directly to the sun, either in meditations, sky gazing, however you do that, information is exchanged with you.  Whether you are conscious of it or not.  With this shift in everything, you are now the sun in body, the light energy shining outwards and simply by Being, you are changing the world, because you changed yourself.

I got a marshmallow message this morning from Kryon that so fits this little sharing:

Big Difference
From Kryon Live Channel: “Back to Basics”
June 2005 in Harrisburg, PA 


The reality is this: There’s a pipeline to you, directly from Spirit. The only thing that keeps you from using it is your belief. Once you start to reach up and turn that metaphoric knob, it tunes to the vibration of the pipeline and you turn the spigot. Then your connection is complete.


This connection isn’t with some higher source. But that’s the way you see it. You want to see the pipe as coming from above, and it doesn’t. It comes from within. It’s a divine, interdimensional connection from within. And when you’re able to tap that source is when you’ll understand about light. That’s when you’ll begin to receive peace where there has been no peace. That’s when you’ll get a personality shift and everybody will want to be with you. You won’t become strange; you’ll become balanced. There’s a big difference.


Even tho my brains were too clogged (and that is nowhere near as negative as it sounds lol) to directly connect to the field yesterday (lets just say the energy intake was so large the two days prior, I needed an extra day to let it seep in) I could feel (later once I got my brains back lol) the feeling of I don’t know, touching the outer edges of your universe.  Kinda like bumping into each others field, but not being absorbed in it.  (I was still full lol.)

I also realized these first two days of April, were like turning on the hot water and cold water together (again, going to Kryon’s analogy of the spigot.)  Holy water, blending together in duality.  Blending duality together!

So I sat my ass down on my well used couch and put on a documentary on (my free for 3 months) HBO channel about a community in Africa and the devastating effect Ebola is having.  What the hell was I thinking??  It broke my heart.  I’m glad I caught it halfway thru, it was so sad and I sat there rolling tons of light energy thru that community, thru that country and I hear my team saying, these amazing Beings came into life knowing exactly what their role was.  They choose to partake in life exactly this way, to be a beacon for all humanity to see them, to see what is happening because of what we don’t see as cause and effect on earth.  When we remove so many natural resources from earth, it creates new forms of bacteria and viruses, we change the ecology, we change what can thrive on earth, and what cannot thrive on earth.  So we have communities of Divine Messengers showing us that things MUST change and it must change in how we live on this earth and with each other.  So the point here, the ones needing the light energy is the ones who are cutting down the rainforests, robbing the earth of her oil, coal, and many other things.  Imagine if we went to a blood drive and instead of taking a pint of our blood, the took it all and only left a pint in our bodies… the same thing is happening and only WE can stop it, change it.

Until we change our relationship with earth herself, many more Divine Messengers will be activated.

Mother earth herself, is sitting on a threshold of swinging one way or the other (she is a powerful beast when she wants to be, as any good mother is.)  Since we now embody her power, her light and her love, we have the power to change collectives, the change the focus of life itself here in our beloved realm of duality… at least, to those who have changed themselves to see how incredibly connected, unified, LOVED ALL LIFE IS!!

I feel like I should be a note as I close for today “this has been a public service message from gaia.”

Men and women together, we are the butterfly of Change!!!  Let’s get ‘er done!!

((((HUGZ))))) of united hearts, united fronts, and joy everlasting to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Excellent Lisa.. “Until we change our relationship with earth herself” So very true.. We are the ones who have to start making those changes..
    Love and Blessings


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  3. “That which is spoken to you as being the Smallest Molecule of Light; that which is Divine and the pathway to all that is Higher Than Divine, is within the very core of your being; central, centrally located (if you wish to know it), in your heart centre; directly at the centre; directly at the core; in energy, light and essence . . . ” (YE: Earth Healing Transmission February 1st, 1995)

    “When one works upon the change of Self to become an expression of The Highest of Love; to become an expression of that which is divine and higher than that which is divine . . . . It is a catalyst towards transformation on all levels. The physical will respond to the love, by the love catalysing the perfect state of being, the ideal state of being; balance and harmony; completeness and oneness . . . . . . Of course, when one is fulfilled and there is joy and contentment and all such things, then, you are in a state of perfection.” .” (YE: Earth Healing Transmission June 29th, 1994)



  4. Wow, this gave me chills… The power in us is just chilling!!!


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