Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 3, 2016

The In-Powered Engineers – Creating/Building From the Heart!


What a wild, magical day yesterday was in the field.  First off, something magical happened, I had 4 men scheduled all on the same day.  FOUR MEN!!!  When I looked at my days schedule I about shit, I feel lucky if I get 4 men in a whole month forget all chillin on the same day!!  The more I marveled at the schedule, the more I realized that stationed in between the 4 appointments was one female, two men on either side of her.  Then my beautiful people started to form the image of a butterfly in my mind.  The lady was the body of the butterfly, the two sets of men on either side, the wings of the butterfly.  I am just going to leave that visual here and get back to it in a moment.

My first man that showed up, talk about giving us all a mind full of understanding.  He was outside of his energy sphere, at the top front, ok, there is no front, is a sphere (parroting spirit here lol) but there is north facing, forward/future facing, so that was the area of his sphere he was on.  His energy sphere was gold everywhere I looked, as was his body, and in his hand he hand a tool that reminded me of Thor’s hammer, which was also gold.  I watched him as he would bring his hammer down on his energy sphere over and over again.  I had no idea why and it didn’t produce any results that I could see or pick up.  I was at a loss to what he was doing… until he shared what he was doing and why.  Ohhhhhhhhhh…. major light bulbs in so many areas!!

He explained to me that he heard a video online that talked about helping to fix Gaia, earth.  To clean her up, protect her from incoming energies and stuff, he gave me the details, I just don’t remember them, but I do remember the energy information that came thru.

Our energy spheres, if we can look at it as being the energy of Gaia herself wrapped around us.  The power force that takes the pure love of creator and makes it manifest.  She is powerful and beautiful and far from ill…. unless you reside on the old earth, soap-bubble land.  But, we don’t nor can we.  His entire energy field was reflecting the vibration of gold to show just how high of a vibration he is, his body, his tools, his connection to earth.  It was explained, he couldn’t go back and work directly in soap bubble land if he wanted too, he would blow it up unintentionally.  How can one be living and building the Garden of Eden and think the main player, earth, needs fixing or is powerless.  Anyone seeing the earth like that is seeing themselves thru the mirror of earth and the target of the energy should be oneself.

It was made very clear to him, he doesn’t need fixing he just needs to get his ass back into the center of his world, back into the pristine, magical heart of Gaia and build the new world from there.  Once he got into the driver’s seat of his energy center, suddenly I could see the horn of plenty spilling into his energy sphere from the very place he was trying to “fix” things.  Fruits from the original earth spilling into his center for nourishment that he will bring outwards to life.  What he takes in in purity he releases in fertilization to others.  Also tho, he was shown that taking these various fruits and splicing them together to create a GMO energy system, that to me, looked like an apple, pear, orange tree.  Three different fruits all growing from the same trunk.

Be the engineers of the present and future, the past is fading as we speak.  Unless you keep putting yourself in the past.

My second man, my beautiful Pleiadian Hybrid, stunning!!  The magnetic field flowing from his heart and solar plexus was like a stream of energy moving outwards that hit a particular interdimensional section and started to form like a sideways Y to pry open the interdimensional space.  There was nothing special he did to do this, except move forward in love.  I watched as this layer between the dimensions opened up and started to spill seeds onto the ground in front of him… interdimensional seeds.  His energy system hit the seeds and instantly they germinated and started growing upwards as streams of colored energy.  The fruits of his heart, of his efforts, made manifest.  The pesky part of it all, I couldn’t see what they were growing into, dammit.  As was repeated so much thru the day… they mystery of what you are doing and receiving back, must remain mysterious, exciting, anticipatory even.  Kinda like the never-ending Christmas morning.  If you already know what’s under the tree, the mystery, the wonder was taken away.  This will always be a game of grand mystery and wonder and, if we fully allow it, true excitement!!

My third appoint was my lady, the body of the butterfly.  I didn’t realize just how literal that image was going to be for her!!  The first thing I see was the two antennas at the upper front exterior of her energy sphere, they were in constant movement, as antennas should be I suppose.  These antennas were in the vibrational field of gold, high vibe’n antennas.  Always listening, always sending out signals.

Then I moved into the inner space of her energy sphere and got the unexpected shock of my life.  The entire inner space was reflective of the movie, the Blob.  Only not red, instead, it was more like snot green with veiny things thru the blobby snot.  Her team explained they were using the color green to show the heart energy and that her entire life moves with the energy of her heart and the heart of gaia as one.  They are using the energy of the blob to show how much she can change to fit any situation that arrises.  If she needs to slide under a door crack, she can, if she needs to eat any discordant energy in the room, she can (without indigestion lol.)  If she needs to slime some things or people with love, she can.  She is as diversified and permeable as Gaia herself.  She IS the guts of Gaia.

Then she asked, like so many others recently (myself included) about a divine counter-part.  Just like so many others (to include myself) the question comes out the mouth, but energy system does not hit the air in desire.  I was watching her antennas, which send out magnetic signals of desire, and there just was no signals going out in relationship to that question.  I had a similar experience with a lady the day before, a reflective mirror right back at me!!

So lets look at this a bit, since it really is on many minds and those many minds really want it in their hearts.  We just have to emotionally link it up to fire the grid of attraction.  A great example came thru my lady the other day, our best focus would be on opening parts of ourselves that are laying dormant, that need a key to open that part of us.  Ohhhh actually that brings something else to mind (too much information passes thru this crazy head in any given day to remember it all in one sitting.)

As my sharing time is coming to a close, I really do want to make sure this amazing info comes out in relationship to those of us who seek a divine counter-part.  Thru my one lady, as she asked about that connection and I could not pick up the emotional highway to follow it to anyone, we got a wonderful visual and understanding.

Directly in front of her “energy sphere” a few feet off the ground was a reflective energy sphere.  It would be I suppose what we could call the mirror of life revealing and releasing to you in matter, all that your heart and mind is focused on.  In this reflective energy sphere I seen many “keys’ many opportunities of connections that would open different frequency pathways within her.  Her team even said, there are many partner potentials in her future, which one she will meet first depends on what she desires to open first within herself.  There is no good or bad in this scenario at all.  However, there are those that have keys to open more than one stream of energy within, the key we call, the divine counter-part.  For this key to work, that person MUST be Self away, conscious of who they are in body.  Already using the skills of their Being (however they use it.)  If we keep with this analogy, those still in the process of “waking up” is similar to a key still being in the grinder to create the grooves to fit particular locks.

So instead of focusing on a particular person or even their attributes, focus on the key itself.  The way I seen the meditation example for my lady, was the reflective energy sphere in front of her held many keys at the various magnetic openings.  When she focused on opening her new tool set within herSelf (not the particulars of skills, just the energy that requires the key of opening) I watched as one of the keys, all of which were golden, drop down into her life, turning silver as it dropped.  Silver brings the spiritual potential into creative life force energy.

Geez, I hope I made that understandable.

I know I still have so much information to share, but my morning rolls on.  I do want to add this in today.  I do my very best to keep up with as much as I can, sadly tho, I am only one person and the vast amount of my energy goes into these sharings and the readings.  By the time the readings are done, my brain is vibrating to kingdom come and there is nothing left for me to use, to take in or put out.  Meaning, emails go to the way side, conversations started on facebook go unfinished.  I absolutely refuse to look at private messages on facebook at all, it’s just one more place that demands my energy and I don’t have it in me.  With all this in mind, if you have emailed me and I have not gotten back to you yet, please don’t take it personally there is only so much I can do and I do forget and get lost… really lost when it comes to my inbox.  Kick it back to remind me it is there!!

I love you all so much and appreciate your amazingness more than my words will ever express!!  Thank you for Being Here and most especially, Being You!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with all the sweetness of life and then some!!

Lisa Gawlas








  1. Did you train yourself to see the subtle energy? I’ve had my hands on 1000’s of people in a darkened massage room and I see subtle energy and sparks and steam and dark spots – and I feel it differently with each person.
    How did your gift reveal itself?


    • Sorry it has taken me so long to reply… I never set out to do anything, to see anything, there was just this magical, emotional, amazing adventure that happened every time I got into the bathtub… then as I started playing with what I was experiencing in the bath (meditation) in my physical life… it just all snowballed and keeps snowballing. My massge practice really heightened not only how I could see, but the understanding between meditation and the human world was becoming obvious. So glad you are experiencing it too… the more effort we put into understand the experience, the clearer and more detail we receive moving forward!! ❤


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