Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 2, 2016

Two Phases of April – First Fruits Underway!!

fruits of life

I think, the only way to describe what we are doing right now is using our output valve.  Streaming outwards the emotional energies to set the table for ongoing feast.  But let’s talk about the way I use the word “emotions.”  I am not talking about the day-to-day fluctuating ones, not at all.  That would be way to erratic more often than not.  However, we do have core emotions that are resonant within us, that are a constant no matter how much our days or moments may fluctuate with the experiences of life.  It is also, really hard for me to explain this in words, but it is something we all need to be clear on, to understand within ourselves and how we are magnetizing our experiences from it all.

I think the best way to share this is by focusing on the information that came thru my last lady of the day yesterday, she is actively working her super powers abilities (thru the hypnosis series) and all of that was incredibly reflected in her reading, in a way I never really understood the output of our energy body before.

From every pore on her skin was a stream of light, various colors in various groupings all reaching outwards from her.  These various color (emotional) groupings stretched out and connected into one of the groupings of the magnetic output (the areas that were once all hexagon looking things that are now working together in various shapes and sizes.)  There was not a single part of her body that was not emitting a light spectrum.  How often do we think about the emotional output of our pinky toe, or belly?  Every ounce of you is amplifying an emotional frequency that is pulling the experiences of your moments, your days and weeks together.

All of these groupings attracting more of what you need and desire for what you are focused on within.  For this lady, the entire year was people standing shoulder to shoulder to connect with her, amplify the energy coming thru her, to see and use her magnificence even more.

My second lady of the day, she had two bluebirds of happiness (using duality as a strength and gift, not a detriment) pulling from her higher energy field this amazing blue blanket, actually I think it really was supposed to be a tablecloth, the setting for her bounty.  This was still about 10 feet in the air as these birds joyfully pulled it, stretched it outwards and beneath it I could see a table overflowing with fruit.  Every kind of fruit imaginable.  Her team explained, she will taste the sweetness of life she has put out and in the joy of consumption of these fruits, amplify the next phase of this month.  So April is a two-phase month, directly in the middle (I suppose about the 15th) starts the second phase.  This two-phase system came thru just about every reading.

I know there is a million things I am leaving out from the enormity, the incredible differences everyone brought to the table yesterday.  My challenge is words.  The words of taking the massive energy that is now streaming out, and making it all verbally accurate as well as just understanding it all too.  We obviously had another massive shift in our energies, our abilities and how we are creating out moments, bear with me as I need to get a few more days under my belt in seeing how all these beautiful puzzle pieces fit together.  I just barely got the language down for March and here we shift again!! lol

I do have to mention my first lady’s reading too.  She was standing in the center of her created reality, holding a big stop sign to her chest.  This image of her rotated from east to west, east to west.  The only thing I could understand initially was she was purposely stopping the incoming energy of the east field and the west field and then the next thing I knew, her physical body morphed into a yellow gel like caterpillar.  This caterpillar, so closely connected to the ground energy of earth, had the ability to see behind her and in front of her at the same time.  Seeing into the past and choosing the future she will move into.  Then her caterpillar like body coiled up to create a circle like form and I knew she was entering an intense new cycle, but what will be within it, I could not see… yet.


There is so much more I want to share, sadly, the elusiveness of words ate up most of my time today and my day is about to begin.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with juicy fruit and illuminating power to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





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