Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 31, 2016

God – Self – Gaia – The Three Become One Thru YOU!

the middle


I have decided that spirit uses my voice as a shut off valve.  And I am talking both my voice that comes thru my fingers as well as the one that comes out of my mouth.  I woke up after 7am yesterday, incredibly late for me, hence no blog, it sometimes takes me a good half hour to form the first sentence, then the rest just rolls out, that first sentence is pesky tho.  Maybe it’s really the caffeine and nicotine hadn’t fully distributed yet (big smile.)

When my first appointment at 8am rolled around, I was shocked when I attempted to say hello and I felt like my throat grew a hymen.  There was something (not literally) covering my voice.  I am a determined little shit, and I coughed and sputtered and I could feel whatever that seal was, kinda released, but the voice was just not happening.  I asked my lady to call back in 5 minutes, I was going to make some of the that magic tea, that I am fully realizing, has completely lost its magic.  When she called back, I had no choice to reschedule. I couldn’t talk.  Dammit.  Same happened with my 2nd appointment.  The attempt at trying to talk was like a storm taking place from the lungs thru the throat, if I didn’t talk, I was perfectly fine.  I forewarned my 3rd lady and we rescheduled thru email.

Outside in the world, the clouds were hanging low, so low it felt like they entered my brain space.  My head was foggy, I had no voice, since I had some time I decided to see if getting into a bath meditation would clear it all up or at least, let me know what the hell is going on.  I laid down, closed my eyes and all I could see floating in front of me, back and forth was something like a digital clock read out, colored in earth brown LED lights was a large 2:22.  What the hell??  Why are you showing me a clock??  lol  Then I remembered I got up sometime after 2 to pee.  I usually check my phone to see if its time to wake up as well, but this night, I didn’t.  I didn’t care, sleep was still a part of my agenda.  It was only the bathroom clock (not digital) that told me it was close to 2:30am.  Back to sleep I went.

Why would this particular time matter so much that is was rotating from left to right in front of my meditating face???  Let’s just say the purpose of the clock readout was to say “the time is now.”  The energy of the clock readout was 2 – duality.  22 – master builder.  The time is now to be the very master builders in duality that we have worked so hard to Be.  (This understanding came later, if not just now this morning, at least fully understanding it.)

Finally the clock was turned off, now I was just uncomfortable,  I sat up, laid down, ran more hot water, sunk deeper into the water.  It was hard finding my damn groove.  When I get this challenged at my connection I go old school. By that I mean, my first interconnected (with my team) place in meditation that I created was the beach, the ocean’s edge and my team would show up and we would start from there… whatever they wanted to share.  So I was back on that old familiar beach, but my team wasn’t.  Dammit, now I am just gonna get frustrated.  I guess when I finally gave up trying to connect to anything, my very soul showed up in my bathtub, grabbed my biology and we went upwards to the right of my tub and into the sun.  It was actually incredibly beautiful.  My soul was multicolored light but then again, so was my body.  By physical body was not as bright light as my soul, but they were close in frequency.  The only thing I heard as my soul took my physical into the sun was “recoding.”  Huh??  Re-coding?? What??  Once in the sun, that was the end of my connection.

Screw meditation, this is becoming too much like work.  I got out.  Perfect timing, the propane man showed up.  I went out to say hi and apologize for not moving my car.  It didn’t even dawn on me that I was able to talk to him perfectly until he left.  What???  I have a voice!!!!  Yay!!  I am going to at least be able to squeeze out the last two appointments for the day.

Twenty minutes after the propane man left and my voice never even so much as cracked, I called my 4th appointment for the day.  Where the freak did my voice go… can a hymen really grow back??  My voice went back into virgin territory and was gone as quick as it came.  The storm in my lungs and throat, that DID NOT happen with my propane guy, back too.  The attempt at talking actually hurt.  WTF????  Now I am just baffled.  I wasn’t even about to take a chance of doing any kind of damage that would take more days to repair, I emailed my last lady and rescheduled her.

I was sitting on my couch, pouty face and all demanding understanding.  The only visual my team would give me was like sucking helium out of a balloon.  When we prepare for a reading, even if there is no reading, we are exchanging energy, breathing it in thru each others intake valve, the mouth into the lungs.  There are days, like yesterday, the overall energies are so high and intensely radical, my team must shut off my intake valve.  Freakin weird let me tell ya.

Ohhh, I forgot, as soon as I got out of my meditation, I was pretty damn sure vomiting was just around the corner.  The nausea I had was disgusting.  The churning in my stomach seemed to ping the pain receptors in my head and started a moving headache, this was before and even after my propane man came and went.  However, while outside talking to him, I was perfect.  I forgot I had a stomach or voice loss.

I was completely out of bird seed so I had to take my quietly confused ass to the seed store.  I think this is the first day in all my 15-16 years of connecting, I started to feel like meditation on this day was a really bad idea.  I no longer felt connected to my physical body, like I was straddling the earth realm and the sun realm and it was highly disorienting.  Now considering I was driving my car and doing my best to keep my focus on the car in front of me and the road below me… was challenging to say the least.  (Might I add, my voice was perfect the rest of the day, go figure!!)

By the time I got home, I curled up on my couch and just didn’t move.  The couch seems to be a home base for my ass.  As long as I sit there, I am ok, when I move from that spot, the energies are all over the place.  I nestled into my couch until bedtime.

I am now seeing a secondary pattern taking place on the days I have no voice to do readings or even have “higher energy” conversations with.  I am having full-blown dream experiences at night.  The experience last night was directly with God (spirit, source whatever.)  The dream experience was of myself being inside my pimped out hexagon disco looking ball thing.  Just above me, was God himself.  He was also in a round ball form of pure light energy.  I could feel my own disco ball rotating clockwise (my biology was perfectly still in the center of it) and his (and I know god is androgynous, but thru my young childhood I have always called him him… my father, since I was raised without one, might as well adopt god to be that for me.  Plus the catholic church teaches you that and it is still a beautiful feeling now that I am older and wiser.  Ya don’t like it, tough shit, get over it… smile.)

So back to my dream experience and off my soap box (giggle.)  So directly above me, was his sphere of energy, poring into my disco ball reminiscent of sands thru an hour-glass, only, it was his stream of energy filling in the hexagon areas.  He explained that this is the direct source of energy we are to work with now… directly with source energy.  Meaning, we no longer need to go thru our guides, our higher self and our biology are one full energy system, so no need to divvy up the energy field because that separation separates the connection, weakens it.

He also explained that we have raised our vibration high enough thru all we have done, to work and take in directly from him, from God/Source/Creator whatever.  As we were clearing our mind and our vessel, we had to work with our guides, with others as a relay system.  Not no mo’!!

The only thing I knew for sure with this double barrel sphere thing, we were creating…. something.  I just am not sure what the something was in the dream itself.  However, he did explain that we can use his energy directly to create as well as uncreate anything we desire.  If there is an illness that is within, moving into direct alignment with his energy field and breathing it is, can remove anything that created that.   But it does have to be a full on emotional, conscious connection.  Not just wanting something or hoping for something… but KNOWING it in complete fullness of your emotional field.

I thought about waking up and starting my blog, this was exciting enough to share.  But lazy overtook me and I went back to sleep.  Seems there is a part two to all of this.  Its kinda strange because in these dream experiences I am not asleep nor am I awake, but I am incredibly conscious.  It’s very unlike meditation, because in meditation my lower conscious is aware, in these dream experiences its my higher consciousness that is aware and helping the lower consciousness to retain it all.

So back to sleep I went.  Phase two opened up.  Now it was as if the energy was that of a music box ballerina:



The bottom portion was the earth herself, since that is where we live and our feet connect to.  There was this node or something that we were placed on, just like the silver thing at the ballerinas feet in this image.  For anything and everything to come thru us on earth, we must pull in and use her energy too.  So we have become a three-ply system… Source, Self, Earth, to be used as one whole energy.

Duality is earth herself.  The true master builders work directly (not indirectly) with Source Consciousness.  We have and are still being “re-coded” to do exactly that.  No more buffers or go between’s.

I do need to be clear with this as well, I am not talking just having conversations with God, or knowing the source of life runs thru all life, or that all energy is Source energy.  All of that is true and has been being utilized and all that got us to Here.

We think of the term “as above so below” but I realize this morning, there is a section completely missing for this to happen.  The middle section, YOU!!  Heaven MUST come and be realized THRU YOU!!  You are Heaven made manifest ❤

On that note, I woke up and was told its time to share.  So here I am, sharing!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and pure excitement to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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    Nice, thanks for sharing. Your day went kinda like my day went, and today might be another restful day, kinda feels like it. My team says I am readjusting to the new energies. This is nice, just not the headaches, dizzyness, tummy aches and such. I wonder if these would have been not so intense if the sharing of truth about the things the dark have done were openly shared in 2000 as I heard was a plan.


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