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The Magnetic Force of Creation, Divine Change Makers, YOU!!

magnetic force of life

Can I just say, that each one of you are so incredibly magnificent, so incredibly complex in your magnificence I am becoming more and more at a loss of using words to fully describe, detail your field, your magic and what you can really do if you put the focus on what you’re capable of.

The shear difference in the matrix light that make up the fabric (for lack of another word right now) of your energy sphere, is beyond my capability to describe.  Even the firings of the various hexagons and their unique alignments/group firings, so utterly different for each one of you, because you all possess a very particular energy light spectrum unique unto you.

As I was searching in my overloaded brain of how to even start today’s sharing, someone placed a video on my facebook wall about magnets.  I decided to watch it, maybe it will help me get started this morning (distracted the crowded information space of my lower mind to access a way of putting it all together from my higher mind.)  Well, it worked, but I got much more than I bargained for in understanding.  Which immediately brings me to my last reading of yesterday.  I’ll start there…

My lady asked me about an ache she has been having in her upper back.  Her field of light was too damn bright to see her biology clearly so I brought her biology into my kitchen, tone it down some so I could see it better.  Just at the base of her heart, at the back of her spine was this crystalline substance still integrating into her biology.  To my eyes it looked like a cross between Peridot and malachite, it was freakin beautiful!!  It lined her spine up to just above the area of the high heart and I was watching these crystalline fibers extend and kinda wiggle in between each vertebra in that area.  Just above that, nowhere near as clearly and solidly as I could see this green crystal, another one was forming, something that looked like an infusion of both ruby and amethyst crystals.  From what I understand, this second pairing will become more solid as the green one is in place (energetically.)  What threw me for a crazy loop was her team explained that these unique crystals, that currently do not reside in our earth, are emerging their existence in earth, right now because the human is holding the life form/the instruction set for it to emerge.

Thru our vibration, thru our life itself, we are changing the planet in very real ways.  But wait, lets back up some.  Lets look at the bigger picture and why getting here, all that inner and outer work we have done, is more important than I had ever realized.

We have polluted our earth, stole from her, created great gaps of energy voids, threw toxins in the soil… which is so reflected in our personal energy fields, or at least, was.  We had so many energy holes, poisons filling our minds, instead of growing wonder, we grew illnesses, dysfunctions, disarray.  And we were triggered, each in our unique and wonderful (or is that maddening) ways to go inside ourselves and clean house.  As we cleaned our inner house, we were also (without even ever realizing it) cleaning the air and soil of our beloved earth.  Granted, just our tiny section, but hey, when enough of us do the inner work the tiny sections become massive landscapes of clear energy inside and out.  In our minds and bodies and on the ground and in the air of our beloved mother.  The energy highway has gone from muddied and slow to a superhighway of many things, for simplicity lets just call it all a magnetic highway.  Our spiritual skills emerge stronger, clearer, beyond our imagination of abilities.

Because we now are equipped with the strongest of magnetics within our field that have never had the clear energy fields to be here since the long ago time of the original earth, the garden of eden, we have brought that pristine energy highway back to where it always belonged, Here, Now.

So lets take a look at this mind changing/enhancing video that was placed on my facebook wall:




At the time stamp of 5:49 he starts to talk and show incredible technology coming to the fore because a team of curious Beings started to play with the magnetic field changing it from what we always knew it could be.  All I could think of with this segment is the “gas pedal” spirit is trying to show each of you, in your own unique way, of attraction, creation and uncreation.  Similar thing here… its moving the magnetic pattern for outcome.  For you in the readings, its firing particular hexagons for speed and arrival space.

As I am watching this video, still pondering the enormity of yesterdays information and spirit technology coming thru each of you I realized, what we are starting to see within ourselves, we can and WILL bring to life as a living technology for all to use, if we focus on what we are capable of and stretch beyond even that.  Imagine we get into a group of thinkers, of engineers (whether they realize they are that or not) and start explaining in detail what you are capable of and how… metaphysically anywayz, someone will be able to take the metaphysical abilities and bring it into the construct of technology in some way.

One of my men yesterday (I think the only man yesterday lol) his view confused the hell out of me.  His energy sphere started to bounce upwards, move a bit into the west field, as it came back towards the ground, it condensed in size, bounced again, moved further west and was even smaller.  The example I gave him was he started out the size of Jupiter and ended up the size of venus.  Condensed, nothing missing at all, just putting much more energy in a much smaller space.  Then his team started to melt my mind down and using words I am so allergic to like astro and physics. The fact that this man is already an engineer, thank god they were speaking directly to him and not to me, he kinda sorta understood it.  Then he asked about something he started to go to school for… music.   MUSIC??  What????  His team nodded in deLight and said even that is math, everything in life is a mathematical frequency and yes, there is a relationship between bringing music to life and astro physics (and his team purposely kept those two words, separate, just so you know why I am keeping a space between them.)

Do you realize just how much you have changed this world??  How much better this incredible place is because you changed yourself.  The Light of Life is now at the top instead of smothered at the bottom of the energy highway, of each other.  New technology is born every day because of what you are bringing out thru your own field.  You may never realize the sheer size of responsibility (credit) you have given to the rise of new technology because it appears as so separate from you.  But we know, a butterfly flapping its wings in brazil is creating a massive storm (of change) in Indonesia.

We have become an unstoppable force of change.  Remember that deep in your heart when you see many things changing in life.  Change often gives us a knee jerk reaction that we are in trouble, because what is and has been familiar is dropping away… and don’t quite see the emergence of something amazing… yet.  WE are that emergence.  We are what is replacing the old way of Life.  So please don’t morn to long the old ways no longer visible, KNOW that something even better is coming to replace it ALL.  That would be the Unified Source of Life.  Love!!

God knows, I love you in all your glory, in all your challenges, in all Your Love!!  You rock my world and the world we live within!!

Big (((HUGZ)))) of celebration and joy to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas






  1. With these evolving changes of Light and Life here on Earth, it is worthy to revisit author Barbara Hand Clow’s information here, obtained in channelling Satya, a Pleiadian being on the 9D Model of Earth’s Field of Consciousness:

    ‘Any being that resides in any dimensional zone of the 9D Vertical Axis of Earth’s Field of Consciousness, as described in this Pleiadian Model, which extends between Earth’s Core Crystal – Ge, and Alcyone in the Galactic Centre, is attuned to the Iron Core Crystal of Earth – Ge, the Sirian star heart of Earth. This Magnetic Field extends from Ge to Alcyone in the Galactic Centre.’

    [additional info not from above source: Gravity is a manifestion of Electromagnetics]

    ‘Ge, the Iron Core is 1D in the Pleiadian 9D Model, and her power expression is the realm of Gravity.

    2D is the telluric Realm of Elementals, the chemical and radioactive beings who express as wind, rain, fire and earthquake.

    3D is the realm of Physical Embodiment – Humans, Flora, Fauna, Minerals.
    Humans are the stewards of responsibility for 1D, 2D, 3D.

    4D, the Archetypal Realm of emotions, the stewards are the Nibiruans.

    5D, realm of the heart and Love, stewards are the Pleiadians

    6D, realm of Sacred Geometry, stewards the Sirians.
    {Structure of Gems and Crystals in 2D reflect the Sacred Geomentry at 6D}

    7D realm of Sound as Informational Highways of lLight, stewards the Andromedans

    8D, realm Divine Mind, steward Orion

    9D Galactic Centre, Tzolkin, Mayan Time Waves.’


    in this model, as human consciousness evolves, humans are able to anchor higher dimensional frequencies and still stay in form in the physical via gravity manifestation, grounded in the Earth’s core (attuned) – as expressions in form of Earth Mother herself – Erte.

    We evolve WITH Earth, ON EARTH, IN BODY – WE STAY ON EARTH [no flashing into a non-physical lightbody]

    We evolve as DIVINE BEINGS IN EMBODIMENT . . . . divinity is part of our human makeup, but as we evolve and our divinity is accessed, remembered and integrated, Divine level becomes Master of our Whole Being, and our lives run on Divine Power.

    Reflections on the Big Picture . . . .


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    Centred in the Human Heart, in The Smallest Molecule of Divine Light of the Divine Core

    In Resonance with The Smallest Molecule of Divine Light at the Core of Earth Mother – Erte

    ANCHORED and EXTENDING from Earth Core Crystal – Ge, to Alcyone in Galactic Centre: The 9D Vertical Axis of Earth’s Field of Consciousness {Pleiadian Model} . . . Macrocosm & Microcosm




    Creative ways expressing rhythm, ways which bring you joy, fueled by your passions, also create harmony, balance and contentment because by ~

    Living your Life you are Living your Light ~~~ Being Divine in Physical Body

    This is your meditation now, LIFE . . . Rhythms of Life ❤


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