Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 23, 2016

The Magnetic Keys are Now In the Engines of Your Life!! Vroom, Vroom!!

the key of life

I had a feeling, even as I was writing my blog yesterday, my energy system was so low from the lack of sleep, the day of readings was going to be challenging.  Forget challenging, they were just non-existent… sort of.  I think the easiest way to explain the enormity of understanding and experience yesterday, is to explain what I could see, when and why.

As I tried to connect to my first lady of the day, both out in the field as well as in my kitchen to see her new pimped out body matrix, neither happened.  Instead, there was a swirl of energy in the airspace in my kitchen that communicated that the field itself as well as the body, the magnetic points of each, were in the process of linking up together, sending the energy signals to each other to create the next phase called life experience.

Something similar happened thru the rest of the day, no seeing the field itself, but the energy connection was there, felt and really, only in hindsight, seen.  With this energy in mind, it was only after I hung up with each person, did more and more of the happenings within the field become revealed.  I call this view seeing thru my peripheral vision.  I am not looking at the field directly, but sitting on my couch… pondering.

Spirit has been saying for years now, that there are times, the conversations are as important as the readings are.  I just assumed it was because we tend to talk about things we would never get to when we are doing a reading.  Ohhhh…. its soooo much more than that!!  There is an energy exchange taking place.  I could feel it yesterday, and I just kept saying to those I was talking to, you really are here to prime my pump, share the new energy and allow my inner resources time to adjust to the new frequency.

Absolutely true!!  Because up until my very last appointment, I could see the workings of the field and the body and the added energy flow that brought it all together.  After my last appointment, nuttin.  I was down and spent the rest of my day overeating and not moving lol.

With all this understanding and experience, I am hearing a quote that I think we (whoever interpreted the words) got a little bit wrong.  Jesus’ words “when two or more at gathered in my name.”  Let’s completely change that last word to reflect “when two or more are gathered in my Presence.”  When two or more people get together to purposely share their higher energies, their skills and understandings, that releases a very potent energy… kinda like what chocolate releases thru our glands, endorphins!! lol  Highly charged spiritual ones tho.  (Not that all things are not spiritual, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say.)

So, with all that explained (smile) what I was able to understand in my peripheral vision yesterday and tying it into the glimpse I did get thru the field the day prior.

Remember I said that the energy on the field looked like a huge basketball net with a round wind pushing it forward, well let’s get a visual on that:

Ignore everything except the net, most especially the knotted intersections of the net.  Lets call them, magnetic nodes.  The ball itself, colorless (to my eyes that one and only day I got to see it) but pushing the basketball net of your life, outwards and super size the net to I don’t know, let’s say 25 feet up and down as well as wide.

Now, lets take you and place you in the field at direct center.  Ohhhhhh, there was so much I forgot to share yesterday, the tired in my mind hid a lot of info lol.  I want to put this little tidbit here, only because I am thinking about it lol.  On my drive home 2 days ago, when my eyes were seeing all kinds of new stuff, as I got about 2 miles from my house, I seen something that shocked me.  My backyard, the very place each and every one of you show up.  There was an energy system unlike anything I have ever seen before.  Circular at the ground level, these I don’t know, wispy, moving lines of colored energy with bulbs or something threaded thru out each one, wiggling around like seaweed.  Spirit said it is what we would consider a portal that allows your energy in its fullness to present for my view and our sharing together.  Kinda (extremely simplified) like this:

your portal

Only there were many more lines and bulbs.  Freakin kewl!!  If I look at the knots on the basketball net, I have a feeling that the bulbs on your energy field is what we get to see together.  The ones that are fired up to look at.  Interesting!!

Anywayz, back to my original point lol.  Your body merging with your new network of life.  Again, simplifying the visual (less work on my part lol) lets start here:



Again, the magnetic system is much more complex than my simplified visual and explanation, but I think it should be enough for understanding.  The yellow lines I added into this picture is the extended magnetic field from various activated points within the body, obviously in this picture we are using the central eye, solar plexus area, right shoulder (reach for life) as well as the right kidney area (for no reason other than it was easy to do.)  I also mixed together the right shoulder with the solar plexus, because that changes the magnetic output when combined and activates various places on the basketball hoop intersections for your life experience.

For many of us yesterday, we were able to feel inside our bodies what energetic group(s) are being activated in the field of our lives.  Mine, not surprising was my physical eyes, holy shit did they burn all day long.  You know that burn when you are so over tired your eyes are on fire… mine was constant.  Also, my crazy elongated disco ball or would that be a disco pole lol, my spine, had the strangest energies.  But then again, this is what I do day in and day out, use my core and my vision to see and understand you… and us thru you.

There is a contrast that, even tho I didn’t experience it, I am hearing to talk about it now.  We beloved humans are creatures of habit, and there is much falling away from our lives to allow the larger experience to unfold, if we allow.  So if you or anyone around you, had any negative feelings (anger, sadness, whatever…) pay attention to what is being released and allow for it.  Sometimes when something is unplugging from your grid, your hologram and your mind is not too keen on letting that go, we get what we call the negative emotions flowing thru us due to the mind, the unconscious resistance within.

On the other hand, I had two very weird experiences, one yesterday and one the day prior, the day I went for my ride into the big wide world.  Just getting into my car, a car I have had for shit, 6 years now, felt… awkward.  Like I got into a vehicle I was not familiar with and it even felt clunky to maneuver.  I knew (without knowing the details) our movement forward is going to be clunky as we adjust to our new bodies and interactions in all of life.  But yesterday, as I was sitting doing nothing, which was the only thing I had energy to do (ohhh and eat… a lot!! lol) I kept having this bizarre feeling that there is now room in my life for something more.  I could actually feel the space in my life.  Kinda like when you rearrange your closet and now you have two feet of extra room on the bar to hang more clothes… that’s kinda what it felt like.  Of course my mind thought…. maybe…. after all these elusive corners, that divine counter-part will be stepping in.  I have no idea, but hey, its a great thought!! lol

On that note, I will close here and get ready for a day I full anticipate seeing the combined energy of new body matrix and field together!!  It is the full moon and a lunar eclipse add in the light of Jupiter, we are ALL being stretched and pulled and eclipsed into our next grander version of Self!!


Big big (((HUGZ)))) of magnetic wonder and magic thru All You DO!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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  2. My eyes were hurting like crazy also for the past several days and my left eye was twitching like mad too. I’ve had that happen in the past but not for quite awhile. The fatigue was also quite intense and wasn’t very hungry at all. I felt somewhat better today, at least I could function and my eyes were somewhat better. I’m so ready for this new field and to merge with it.

    Lots of love,


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