Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 22, 2016

Contraction, Expansion, Magnetic Flips and More!


Man oh man, if we thought we were complex creatures before, we have just taken “complex” to the 10th level.  Of course, spirit did warn us that that is exactly what is happening.  I only had one person on my dance card yesterday, which surprised me and also gave me the freedom to go do the many thing I just don’t have time to do out in the big wide world, which, much to my own surprise, also meant test driving my own expanded new skills, maybe enhanced is a better word.  But I will get to that later.  First lets take a look at my lady!!

The first thing I did when I connected with her, was take a peak out in “the field” to see whats happening out there.  The best way i can even come close to describing it is as if you took a basketball net, strung it from top to bottom about 15 feet high, took a massive wind that started blowing north (forward/future) and it bubbled outwards… what spirit said is her field of life is still expanding and recalibrating to her new magnetic points within, moving forward.  So into my kitchen we pulled her.

She too, was aglow similar to my one man yesterday.  The major difference being that his energy was expanded for us to see, she came in to give us the reverse view and understanding, her external light field was contracted.  Only about 2 inches outwards, which took the smooth-edged of expansion and made them, I guess spokey is about the only way I can describe it.  Think about when you extract the air out of something, it crumbles in on itself.  It’s kinda the same here, the contraction of the field around you happens when you inhale (more or less) the energy field around you to enhanced output of desire.

Two things that surprised me and then, excited me, was the fact that her color spectrum around her body, even tho contracted, was the same two colors as my man the day prior, only reversed.  Yellow at the domed area around her body, then green.  It was explained the contraction reverses the magnetic field.  The color spectrum, again there is much more to it than I am currently understanding right now, but at its most basic presentation, is the energy of her heart and soul standing in the field to be “seen.”

This contraction state, also allowed me to see things in play within her body that is not in play in the expanded state.  Her brains!!  holy heavens batman, like spread out dreadlocks.  What was missing was the two hemispheres, so these things that looked like dreadlocks stretched from the left to the right and the right to the left and even spirit said this is going to release “compartmentalization” within the mind.  Truly going to a whole mind Being.  (Gotta love the fact my eyes were just taken to the area just below where I am typing that says “Draft saved at 5:55:22 am.”)

One thing I completely forgot to mention (I am sure there are many more things too lol) about my man on the massage table, the lower part of his skull, about an inch from the very base up, from ear to ear, was clear, smooth crystal.  All I could think about is my crystal skull a wonderful woman gave to me.  It had that look and feel to the base of his skull.  My lady yesterday, The area at the forehead, where the eye sockets are across from ear to ear, also had this inch of clear crystal there.  I am still unsure of the magnitude of what this means and its particular placement, but have to mention it since I have now seen it twice in different areas.

Unlike anyone else so far, her throat was a huge apple, kinda like a red delicious.  First fruits, wisdoms, understandings and more form the original earth and our original reason to incarnate to such an amazing, pristine place as earth.  Her spine, the skinniest apple tree trunk I had ever seen (smile.) Keeping in mind that what I now see as the core is not much larger than the spine itself, as spirit explains, it’s all concentrated energy that doesn’t need as much space as the old blueprint.  Her tongue and her teeth both just cracked me up.  Her tongue looked like bubble gum, the bubbleicious kind (not a hard stick) and her teeth were made out of clear crystal points.  Kinda like this image, the very top (not the crystals together underneath the border.)

crystal points

Talk about an alien in my kitchen!! lol  It truly was a bizarre sight.  I am trying to remember what it all means, but I do know the throat, the tongue and the crystal teeth work together as one energy unit.  The details did come thru her reading and was explained to her the best I could understand, but obviously, was specifically for her, because will never forget the visuals, the working matrix has fled my memory bank… for now.

I did try to see her arms and legs, but they were not visible at all. Her team said, not until we put ourselves out into the field, once it is set and we start working it.

Another thing her team said and I soooooo love this analogy too!!  Your job is to explore and expand what is now within you.  To fully engage with your new biological matrix.  Just because things are in place within you, you must know how to turn on the energy for enhancement.  The example they gave us was when we rent a car.  We know there are lights and wipers and stuff, but the buttons to make them work are not always in the same place as the car we usually run.  If we don’t ever look for the buttons, lights and wipers are always a potential that never gets turned on.

Now let me talk for a moment my trip out into the big wide world yesterday.  As I was making a turn off the highway to go into a shopping plaza to get my new eye glasses, suddenly and so incredibly unexpectedly, as I turned into the plaza, the Sandia Mountains were directly in my view behind it.  Since the moment I moved to New Mexico, I fell in love with the Sandia’s.  I really could not tell you why, but even just heading to Walmart and they are there in front of me the entire drive towards walmart, my heart does crazy love beats all the way there.  Altho I live in the Jemez Mountains, and truly the Jemez Mountains have taken what I am capable of doing and intensified them by living here, the love beats are not the same.

So all that to say, as I pulled into the shopping plaza suddenly on top of the mountain range I seen this MASSIVE thing that reminded me of a tambourine, only MASSIVE!!  I have never seen that before and of course, I have to ask… what the hell is that??  Spirit replied, “what you would think of as a portal.”  REALLY??  Why have I never seen it before??  My eyes were not in the range of seeing it.  Freakin kewl!!  I could only hold its presence I don’t even think a whole minute… but holy excitement batman.  I did a very very humble job of trying to show you what I had seen.  This is a picture from a different area of the Sandias, and again my attempt was to make it look like a tambourine, I failed lol.  However, the space between the red circles (and yes, it was primarily red with red dots) was an earthy brown.  My attempt at freehand painting was awful.  I don’t color in the lines very well.

the sandia mountains


My team explained this is my attraction to the Sandias.  Long, long ago we lived and played here, intergalactic beings and us, traveling with body to their realms and obviously them to us.

I got super excited with this emerging enhancement to my vision in relationship to Mexico, most especially, the Zone of Silence, which my team kept changing the name of the area to “the zone of information.”  In the silence, much can be heard.

Man, I am almost out of time already this morning.  So let me skip to direct points that need to be shared.  On my cruise home I pondered why I had not seen anyones “heart” in the readings, the next thing I know my vision was pulled down to my own heart area, external not internal.  I understood that the heart itself is the accelerator and decelerator to our experience and/or manifestations.  Kinda like the gas pedal and brake, depending on what is flowing thru your heart stream.  In the simplest form, it is the engine that we now can use to change, bend, rearrange timespace.

As I was cruising towards home on highway 550 and looking out at all the mesa’s that make up the jemez mountains and valley, suddenly I could see these light blue, maybe crystalline bridgeways connecting the tops of the mesas together.  Again, going wayyyyyy back to that portal time period, we had a way of creating solid structures from Light.  This is one of the main keys of what we will be able to do with our new pimped out crystalline light body… in time.

I say in time, because one of the things I seen on my drive home, is really learning each part of us, which parts work together to create outcomes and stuff.  Spirit said, we may be reincarnated another time or two before we can fully use our whole structure at will, fully.

So as I am getting all this amazing information and the ability to see what I had never seen before, ever, I wanted to know about my own spine, my core… what does it look like.  It wasn’t until I actually went down to the Mesa, to the river to see what may have been hidden from my old eyes there did my team reveal it to me.  It kinda looked like a disco ball.  Reflective mirrors all in hexagon shapes interconnected from top to bottom.  The sun itself explained to me, because of what I do, take in the pure soul light of those who show up on the field, these little refracted mirrors take in the information and reflect out to the field (your hologram of Light) the living information in ways we can understand and absorb it all.

On that note, I am going to close here.  I had the hardest time getting to sleep last night, I was up til well after midnight and up what felt like every hour on the hour.  I gotta go walk around or something, get some energy moving in me to get ready for today’s readings.

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magic and light and amazement thru it All!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. gosh, i am such an ancient soul…and can’t imagine incarnating here/earth a zillion more times..which is what it’ll take…for me to evolve into a crystallized being. there’s something i’m not getting, that has me returning here over and over and over again. lisa..phew…you seriously are one of the most blessed humans i’ve encountered. holy moly. xo

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    • Don’t automatically BELIEVE, what someone ELSE, tells you.

      Lisa is on a lower Timeline than us, and is very obviously *not* a Forerunner.
      It has been obvious from the beginning of her blog, that she will not be in the first group of us flashing into 5D “Lightbody”, anytime very soon now. Even I could tell that she needs more “lifetimes” here, to fully explore and learn her lessons.

      Unlike us, Lisa instead at her Soul Contract level, has chosen to continue “playing” in the 4D Earth Matrix. She ain’t finished with it.

      And this is why she tries her best to ignore us, the very *accelerated* Ancient Souls….and all of the higher information we pass on to her.

      All of that ignoring and dismissing going on, is basically her Higher Self interfering, in order to keep her plastered to her contract of experiences that she chose to have here prior to incarnating.

      HERE…..this is the information that you need — Suzanne Lie’s information is specifically targeted for the First Wave group of lightworkers (Forerunners) who will be transmuting into their 5th dimensional Lightbodies sometime this year….highest probability now is *this summer*, after this current incoming Photon-Light-loaded & encoded Second Wave X is fully integrated into the human masses:



      • Humans are not designed to have light bodies. Light bodies represent interference from negative dominant beings.


    • Hi Lesie (((HUGZ)))

      From the human perpective, knee deep in the earthy realms of duality… none of us can imagine not only wanting to volunteer to come back over and over again… but demanding it with joy and glee!! We are crazy Beings in our soul state!! I am so glad you are here… and we are blessed amongst each others Light!!

      Lots of love to you wrapped in (((HUGZ))) ❤



    Suzanne Lie:

    Remembering What You Always Knew — The Arcturians

    March 21, 2016

    “It is the activation of your fifth dimensional imagination and your fifth dimensional unconditional love that is the precursor to your “flashing into Lightbody.”

    If you all knew how very close you were to this experience, you would be greatly surprised.”


    The physical body is your first “resonance receptor” to receive the ever-expanding higher frequency energy patterns that are entering your daily life. Your brain controls your body, but your body also controls your brain. Your heart has the final say, especially once it transmutes into your High Heart.

    Through out this transmutation, your physical mind and heart must work together within your ever-expanding consciousness as your physical brain transmutes into your Multidimensional Mind and physical heart into your High Heart.

    Your Multidimensional Mind perceives and accepts the higher frequency thought forms of inter-dimensional thoughts and shares them with your High Heart. Then your High Heart accepts and translates these higher frequency thought forms by combining the inter-dimensional thoughts with the inter-dimensional emotions.

    With thoughts and emotions combined, the translated light messages are shared with your Multidimensional Mind. In this manner, your Multidimensional Mind and High Heart collaborate to reset your earth vessel’s perceptual field base-line frequency from third dimensional – to fourth dimensional – to fifth dimensional.

    In this manner, instead of perceiving your reality as being third dimensional with fourth-dimensional overlays, the fourth dimension becomes your primary reality, and you perceive the third dimension as more of a “memory” rather than an on-going reality.

    It is in this fashion you are shifting your belief systems and thus the overall operating systems of your physical body. Eventually, you will no longer perceive that you are a third dimensional human who is having fourth dimensional dreams.

    Instead, you will perceive yourself as a fourth dimensional being who has a lower frequency third dimensional SELF who is anchoring your Portal into the physical body of planet Earth.

    This perception of self is the first step of shifting your “operating system” from a third dimensional operating system to a fourth dimensional operating system. Once this perceptual shift occurs, you begin to seriously attune your attention toward the fifth dimension, which is increasingly entering your expanded perceptual field.

    At first, this fifth dimensional perceptual shift is not to perceive because this dimension has a completely different operating system than the third and fourth dimension.

    Whereas the third and fourth dimensions are time/space realities, the fifth dimension has an operating system of here/now. Just as the third and fourth dimensions resonate to time, which creates space, the fifth dimension resonates to the timeless NOW of the ONE.

    Fortunately, once your Multidimensional Mind and High Heart are “online” with your daily consciousness, your perceptions greatly expand. Via your Multidimensional Mind, you can perceive and consciously accept inter-dimensional energy waves into your 3D brain.

    Then you can integrate these energy patterns into the ATMA of your High Heart where your Three-Fold Flame of Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love can easily translate all inter-dimensional light messages.

    These translated messages are then shared with your Multidimensional Mind, who sends them into the Pituitary Gland of your physical form.

    You Pituitary Gland perceives the resonance of the frequency and energy patterns and distributes the message of these patterns with your physical body via your adrenal system.

    You adrenal system moves into every component of your physical earth vessel. It is for this reason that your physical body is your “higher resonance energy receptor.”

    Fortunately, with merging of your innate inter-dimensional Wisdom, Power, and Love within your ATMA, your third/fourth dimensional brain begins to transmute into your Multidimensional Mind, which can easily “read” and totally “understand” any higher dimensional messages. You often do not realize the complexity of your ability to “channel” higher dimensional messages.

    However, as you become consciously aware of these higher frequencies of light that are coming into your consciousness, your higher dimensional frequencies of SELF will assist you to remember how to interpret these energy waves via your physical earth vessel.

    The first step of interpretation is to consciously recognize that you have just received an inter-dimensional message. Each of you will discover your own manner of “knowing” that a communication has come into your awareness.

    As we have said, if you set aside a certain time and place to which you return on a regular basis to meditate, your third dimensional brain will remember that “time” and gradually become accustomed to the “feeling” of an incoming inter-dimensional message.

    You will also remember that whenever you perceive a carrier wave of fear, with all its hidden components of anger and sorrow, you can say, “I refuse to participate in that reality, and I send it Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.”

    Saying that decree will seal off any possible communications so that you do NOT need to experience it. Once you begin to remember your true inner power and your innate ability to surrender into the fifth-dimensional ONE, you will find that you are called to “active duty.”

    Initially, this active duty is NOT physical. This initial form of “active duty” occurs within your consciousness. In preparation for active duty in your physical world, you will be called upon to actively transmute the myriad parallel, past, alternate, and simultaneous realities that are running inside of your consciousness.

    Then, with the your inner self free of the burden of many of your other physical incarnations, you can more clearly turn your attention to your present reality, which you once believed was your “only reality.”

    With the completion of this important preparation of transmuting your inner self with the Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire, you have a greater ability to refuse to participate in that, which lowers your consciousness and/or distracts you from your “reason for incarnation.”

    With this active remembering of your own inner power,
    Your consciousness will expand exponentially.

    Gaia has been kind enough to offer a planet on which you could play out your “war games.” NOW many of you don’t want war games. Everyone loses in a war, except for the two percent of the dark ones who pay for both sides of the war and make all of the money off of that war.

    These lost ones are not concerned about the consequences of these wars and other planetary disruptions. They are playing a game with their dark friends and whoever makes the most money wins the game.

    In your “past,” no one asked how these dark ones made their money because they were too busy trying to survive in an unjust world filled with wars and agony. But NOW you, our awakening ones, are discovering the inner power of your own Multidimensional Minds and High Hearts.

    Beloved ones, all humans, even the ones in the “power-over” side, must find their own inner power before they can even consider moving themselves into a higher frequency of reality.

    Therefore, you, the ever-expanding members of the “power-within” side of your third-dimensional polarized reality, are transmuting your consciousness from the:
    “Why I can’t” angry consciousness,
    “Why can’t I” victim consciousness,
    “I can do it soon,” dreamer consciousness,
    “I am doing it now,” empowered consciousness,
    “I am doing it now for Gaia,” planetary consciousness.

    As you recognize that you are evolved enough to think of yourself as serving your Planet, who is an intelligent, living being, your Planetary Consciousness quickly expands into fifth-dimensional Unity Consciousness.

    It is within this NOW that you begin to remember why you chose to maintain a physical vessel in that third dimension, as well as the specifics of your pre-birth contract, which you wrote before you took this embodiment.

    We, the Arcturians, are joyous to say that more and more of you are awakening to the fact that you are not just your physical vessel. You, our volunteers to assist Gaia, are remembering more and more about your true, Multidimensional SELF.

    In fact, many of you are consciously connecting with a higher frequency of your SELF that over-lights and guides you. This higher expression of YOU is wearing a Multidimensional Lightbody.

    In fact, this YOU is preparing you for your transmutation into Lightbody. We hear you all say, “When, when will this happen?” Our answer to you is:

    “When your consciousness expands beyond the confines of third dimensional time and into the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, YOU will flash into your Lightbody.”

    Can you imagine how it will be when you know exactly who you are?

    Can you imagine how it will feel when you suddenly resonate to the fifth dimension of the Here and the Now?

    Please remember that imagination is fifth dimensional thought that flows from your Multidimensional Mind. Also remember that Unconditional Love constantly flows from your High Heart.

    It is the activation of your fifth dimensional imagination and your fifth dimensional unconditional love that is the precursor to your “flashing into Lightbody.” If you all knew how very close you were to this experience, you would be greatly surprised.

    Your 3D world has taught you to be “modest” because you were told that it was “conceited” to think too highly of yourself. But we say, “Please, please, think highly of your SELF because your “SELF” resonates to a very HIGH frequency!

    When you “think highly” of your SELF, you will have unconditionally loving inter-dimensional thoughts and emotions. These higher frequency thoughts and emotions will guide you to more swiftly become your SELF in your daily 3Dlife.

    The Ascended Masters had to spend many decades learning to become the masters of their every thought and their every emotion. In order to gain this mastery, you must fully understand how your thoughts and feelings blend into one to become the fertile package of a reality.

    This “package of reality” will present itself in the Now in which you are THINKING with your Multidimensional Mind and FEELING it with your High Heart.

    Once you get to the state of consciousness in which you are thinking in an inter-dimensional manner, you have likely already remembered many of your other incarnations.

    Therefore, you can remember all the other lives in which you tried to ascend and could not. Or, perhaps, you can remember a life in which you tried to Ascend and did.

    Can you look at these lives free of your ego’s shame and/or conceit? Can you look at these lives free of any need to perceive that you did something good, or you did something better?

    As soon as you think of your self in terms of either “good” or “bad” your consciousness lowers because these terms are judgments. The process of Ascension is not a reward. The process of Ascension is as natural to your Lightbody, as death is natural to your physical body.

    In your third dimensional life, you are born, you have a life, and then you die. Conversely, your fifth dimensional self knows that you are a multidimensional and have volunteered to take a third/fourth dimensional body. Your Lightbody SELF knows that you will use your physical vessel for as long as you need it to fulfill your mission.

    When your mission is complete, you will return to your true Multidimensional Self. However, within this NOW, there is another option for your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF in that it can also choose to populate fifth-dimensional New Earth.

    With either option, you will return to the NOW of the ONE to find all expressions of your SELF-waiting to embrace you with Unconditional Love.

    The Arcturians


    • Not saying this article is an intentional ‘Lie’ but this is not Highest Truth or Apex Knowledge either. It is not how it is for significant numbers of Earth Healers.

      We expanded divine light from the core in the heart area (Smallest Molecule of Light).

      Through resonance it integrated into the the non-physical from the higher than divine frequencies into the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects. Physical is the last to change / integrate. Simple but true.

      Physical Evolution: Pineal Gland transmits higher-than-divine unconditional love frequencies through cerebrospinal fluid in the core to evolve the physical aspect via the Craniosacral System; where the craniosacral rhythm has evolved as Dolphin Rhythm; origin of all human motion and locomotion; ie the ‘a priori’ Rhythm of Life; first, before the heart/circulation and breath/respiration rhythms so commonly taught in First Aid as the as essential for Life.

      This has been our evolution path since 1994 through Celestial Transformation which awakens the divinity within; the fastest, most advanced and powerful method of transformation on the planet.

      5D is nowhere near the higher-than divine frequencies which extend to infinite dimensions.

      There are many ways to evolve.

      It is not only what one says or writes that are clues to their evolution level, but it is the things or terms or concepts that are not said, or spoken of which are glaring pointers.


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