Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 21, 2016

Holy NEW YOU!! Just…. WOW!!!!

crystalline body

Holy WOWzers batmen and women!!  YOU are sooooo beyond beautiful.  My greatest sadness today, you are stuck with the simplicity of my words, for that, I am truly sorry.  There is so much more beauty and brilliant radiance that is in you than I can describe.  Even the way I see your bits and pieces (smile) are limited to analogies which is simplify your magnificence and will not do the fullness of you true justice, but I will try the best I can.

Also, for the first time in a very very long time, 15 or 30 minutes was nowhere near enough time to get the full spectrum in.  The intricacies of each of you are so unique, so incredibly, different that we ended up honing in on I guess what spirit feels was the most important parts for the initial understandings of your new body matrix.

I think I am going to start with my second connection first.  He was the only 30 minute reading yesterday (everyone else was only 15) but also, the only one at the end of his day (another country.)  Instead of my vision honing into particular parts of his body, I really feel we got to see the onset of the working matrix thru him and the importance of the new honeycomb energy field surrounding him, us and how it all works together.

His whole body lit up my kitchen.  The emanation of light just blew my mind.  It was as if there was this dome shape around him that breathed two different layers of light.  The first color radiating out from him was green, maybe a foot thick, from the green then there was the most amazing yellow.  Both light spectrums were amazing, vivid and alive.  His team did say, they held back the radiance of his light field, just so I didn’t become confused at what I was seeing and was able to take him in.  So really, his light field was much larger than two feet out from his body.

His team explained that the light spectrum I was seeing was due to the magnetic amplifications of him standing in my kitchen.  The colors that radiate outwards are not set, they will change with the focus of whatever he, we are focused on.  Equally, many times yesterday, I was told, I am over simplifying what I understand about what the colors mean (I pretty much take them from the chakras) and that the colors hold so much more meaning than they ever could have before.  It is not just color, it is pure light energy, LIVING light energy!!

Actually, I am going to straddle everyone thru him… the onset and outcome I think.

My first man of the day (can you imagine, I had THREE men on the field yesterday, that alone is a miracle!!) showed us how the energy I talked about yesterday, the synapses and the neurotransmitters elongate beyond the brain itself. Thru him I could see this network of intricate yellow energy, like strings that made up a elongating pattern, moving up from his brain and started to seek out the connections, the magnetic frequencies within the honeycomb matrix just outside of his body.

When I seen my second man, he added more detail to this brain matrix thing.  Again, the only thing I could feel was because he was much later in the day, so the equinox energy had more time to do whatever it was doing to turn everything on.  However, as I looked into the patterns that came from his brain, these magnetic neurotransmitters that were elongating and yellow with my first man, with this one, they all had a clear crystal overlay on them.  In its simplest understanding, the clear coating served to amplify what was on his mind, which also, ignited the entirety of his crystalline body magnetics too.  Again, everything will change with the focus at hand.

I do want to add here, anyone who thinks the brain is not an important part of our creation energy, from what I have now seen, it is VERY important!!  It really is the kick starter of your output in creation.

The spine area, the crystalline core that is running thru us, is so different for every single person.  I expected their to be some differences, but not this radical!!  This is the most important time to really “KNOW THYSELF.”  And please, assume nothing.  I am already seeing comparisons to what people think they know about this biological energetic matrix and it’s not accurate.  Just like our understandings of the colors of light, living energy is nowhere near correct in its fullness and use, neither is what any of us think, either.

The spine/core matrix on my glowing man, was really interesting.  At the top of the thorax area of the spine (where it means the cervical spine) was this huge, multifaceted deep red crystal ball thing.  From his solar plexus to his high heart, was a stream of fire energy that radiated upwards.  (In his actual life, this man is a fire dancer, interesting huh?)  His team explained that this crystal bulb thing helped to temper the fire energy as it came out his mouth in expression.  Even the greatest statements of Light expression can burn if not tempered.

Speaking of saying stuff (smile) my first man, the crystal at his throat chakra, again, took me by surprise.  It was a mix of blue and red crystal energies. Again, the color spectrum, at its simplified basic understanding, his soul expression thru the field of gaia.  But again, that is over simplifying why it is like it is.  Your job is to glean the rest of the understandings.  I would need days with each one of you to understand the working fullness of each quadrant of your energy fields within your body’s.

My third man of the day, his spine matrix tripped me up too (I tripped all day long yesterday, in the greatest Holy shit of ways tho.)  His spine, lets just say it was 5 feet long (just to give me easy number to play with.)  The top two feet were made of… shit, I cannot recall the color combination… but there was two, the bottom two feet, (man I need a thumb drive inserted into my brain to remember all the extraordinary details) the only color I remember is like a burn orange.  It is the center of his spine the crowds my memory, instead of being hunks of crystals melded together, it was more like a foot long slab of what really looked like Peridot (Light green.)  From this light green area, it seemed to be where all the energy information from the core of the body radiated outwards inside his body in what looked to my eyes like a string made of living white light.  It started criss crossing various magnetic points in his body system.  These strings of light, especially where they crossed over each other, was amplifying the magnetic field of that place.

Remember when i had seen my lady’s entire body and guts flying around in circles and was being calibrated magnetically, well this is why!  Thru him and his interesting puzzle piece, we looked at the right shoulder, that intense magnetic field that connects the flow of the heart energy to his reach for life (spiritually.)  Ha!!  Its only this morning the light bulb just went on as to why we seen that area.  This man was in my kitchen, by purpose and desire and therefore, that quadrant, his desire to see and understand himself more as a human spirit, was magnetically amplifying itself because that was his focus.  How kewl is that!

There is sooo much I want to share, I am not sure I am going to be able to get to it all today.

What spirit is showing as our magnetic compass or core or whatever we are going to call that thing… like I stated yesterday with my man on the massage table, it was in his solar plexus… well… one of my guys yesterday had that magnetic core in his sacral area, orange (my burnt orange guy) with a deep gold-orange band around that center.  My first man of the day, his was in a place I never would have expected (like I expect anything lol, I guess I still do lol.)  Two red balls of crystal energy in each ankle.  His flexibility and balance in the changes already taken place in his life and his trust of moving forward thru it all.  Obviously, so much more than that, but hey, gotta start simple and with the little bit I do understand.


My last lady of the day, man oh man oh man, take me to a whole other complicated level.  First of all, her information was coming thru my mouth as if I had taken 10 hits speed, fast and furious.  Her magnetic core was a complex area.  Her fallopian tubes, which were the most beautiful light orange I had ever seen.  But also, her kidneys which for the first time thru anyone so far, was not so much crystal but without the metallic shine, reminded me of peacock ore that was blue and purple.  On top of each of her rock kidneys (smile) I could see the adrenal glands, the release of this white all I could think of was the male orgasm, was squirting out of her adrenals changing the energy of her honeycomb energy output. For her, these three areas are her magnetic core and work together as one whole system.

With all of this, it is important to realize, altho I am calling everything crystalline energy, it is not like the crystals of the earth.  Even the crystals of the earth are tempered down in their field of light to hold matter, this system that is now within us, not at all.  It is living at its full capacity of Light.  YOU are living at the full capacity of Light.

Someone on my facebook yesterday asked about our arms and legs. Again, simply due to time constraints in the scheduled readings, we didn’t see too much of that except what I have already shared.  However, my man on the massage table gave us views I so forgot about yesterday.

I did get to see his manhood (smile) not up close and person, within the field of light I was looking at thru various massage points (just to be clear on that point, everyone’s personal areas is always covered up!!!!)  At first I wasn’t even sure what I was seeing, since I was seeing it thru the spine area on his foot, until his team overlaid what I can recognize as a penis and scrotum.  Visually it was beautiful.  This dull orangeish color with what looked like dots, it really reminded me of blown glass that has bubbles in it:



Kinda like that.  Only not round, but close enough to give a visual.  His legs had three different parts to it, his calves, the foundation in which he lives his life were made of the most beautiful, thick white feathers, allowing himself to fly.float above situations and move freely into situations that he is needed to be in.  His knees were apples, wisdom to know where to go and how to get there.  His thighs, the strength of his life path, evergreens.  Strong, resilient from all the winds of change, never going dormant.

His hands were very interesting.  Two output valves.  One near his wrist was reminiscent of spider man, outputting the light of silk, his ability to create (and then some) and his palm chakras poured what looked like a light blue liquid crystal energy (it reminded me of celestite coloring only liquid:


For the work he is about to do, beyond being an attorney and going into the energy arts!!

I know I am missing a lot of details from yesterday, but my day is about to begin.  Just for the record too, there is still no seeing out in the “field.”  Everyone was in my kitchen yesterday so we can see their amazing, grand body matrix.  So much is still being laid out in the fields of life, but my dear good god, I am grateful for this new view of you.

Ohhh, for those who do energy work on other people. I now fully realize why spirit has been anal about getting out of calling anything “healing.”  To heal is to restore the body to what it once was, you must now raise the vibration, the crystalline energy grid of new life thru everyone you lay your hands on.  To do that, you must understand yourself, then raise up those who will come to you!!  Exciting!!!!!!

I love you and thank you more than my heart will ever be able to put into words, for showing up and showing us ALL just how freakin awesome we are!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss and radiance all over the place!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Last Day in honor the massive changes happening thru the Equinox energies.  Save 22% off of a 15 or 30 minute reading.  Type in coupon code: Change (expires at midnight.)




  1. Hi Lisa, Sorry to trouble you for trivial matters??? Where do we enter the coupon for 22%off? I was taken directly to PayPal? 🙂 Thank you! LuAnne

    Sent from my iPad



    • At the very top left of the calendar options is a blue link that says “Redeem coupon, package or gift certificate” press there to enter the coupon code. I am soooo excited to see you again in your WHOLE new Radiance!! Thank you!!!! ❤


  2. Yes, it is about evolution!


    Beyond Healing is Creativity and Evolution.
    Evolution creates that which has not occurred before.
    Healing is like learning to write the alphabet.
    No matter how clear or fluid, it remains, still the alphabet.
    Evolution is another level altogether.
    A new pattern emerges. A new threshold is entered.
    One learns to write words, sentences and poetry;
    And the symphony of language unfolds.
    So too, does the language of movement unfold
    As Creativity and Evolution in the Dolphin Rhythm.
    Evolution in Human Movement,
    Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness;
    One and Same; Purpose Fulfilled.

    [Judith Fudge 1998]

    [Quote re ‘Judith Fudge Technique’ Evolution in Human Movement and Healing]

    Evolution Defined

    “Even in the highest realms there is always change
    And movement and continued evolution.”

    “Develop gradually to more highly organized state”
    (Macquarie Encyclopaedic Dictionary)

    “A movement that is part of a series or pattern”
    (Webster’s New World Dictionary)

    “Appearance of events in due succession”
    (The Concise Oxford Dictionary)

    Lisa said in 2nd last paragraph:

    “Ohhh, for those who do energy work on other people. I now fully realize why spirit has been anal about getting out of calling anything “healing.” To heal is to restore the body to what it once was, you must now raise the vibration, the crystalline energy grid of new life thru everyone you lay your hands on. To do that, you must understand yourself, then raise up those who will come to you!! Exciting!!!!!!”


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