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Ohhhhh the New Stunning Body Matrix – Which is Also Changing the Landscape Matrixes.

crystalline output

Ya know something is really huge when you bump into a system within a system.  But then again, isn’t that life itself!  The equinox energies are now in a very interesting, beyond my comprehensive view, interesting.  Altho all my psychic resources were on and flowing yesterday, the field, You, were unviewable.  The only thing I could understand (without seeing) is the coming together of your new, magnetically enhanced body.  This subsystem within the larger system is a 3 day event, 19, 20, 21 then we come out in our new, revved up form.  And what a form we are getting into!!  Like I mentioned yesterday, I got to see the body from the inside perspective, a view I had not had in 2 years.  And OMG what a view it was!!  And yes indeedy, it was just like riding a bike!! lol

About 30 minutes before my guy arrived, I started to see the energy matrix around is body, quite interesting and unexpected, visually speaking.  The only way I have of explaining the energy field around the body was like massive honeycomb


In the bee’s world, each hexagon holds honey, in our world, it holds magnetic frequency and energy.  More than that, I have no idea, yet.

(added note and image.  I was just looking for the main art and found this image that can tell you by looking at it, just how our hexagon energy field will work.  The center points based all on what is coming thru your new body network:)

hexagon network

I always start with my client face up and I ease my energy into his brains.  My way of letting the whole body know there is a visitor that would like as much information about its workings for my client, but yesterday, I also asked to understand its new matrix about it the biological function works now, energetically speaking.  His body was at the ready to show the amazingness of our wonder now!!

The first thing I seen were the synapses and neurotransmitters within the brain.  The color looked very much like the upper honeycomb color in the picture I just placed.  The energy jumping from synapses to synapses was interesting, dome-shaped with a magnetic bulb at the bottom of each side of the dome.

Now, to get the science of this into play here:

Signals that form memories and thoughts move through an individual nerve cell as a tiny electrical charge.

Nerve cells connect to one another at synapses. When a charge reaches a synapse, it may trigger release of tiny bursts of chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters travel across the synapse, carrying signals to other cells. Scientists have identified dozens of neurotransmitters.

Think about the magnetic output happening, since you are now doubly magnetic (in the brain and around the body.)  What you are thinking about, whether it is a past memory of a current thought, is amplifying like never before, thru the hexagons of your external field of life (around your body) to amplification back to you.  But wait… there is a whole body mixing things up with this.

The next thing I was able to see kind of reminded me of two emerging ear buds beneath the ear itself.  They were small, smaller than a lima bean, oval-shaped and beautiful mother of pearl coloring.  Our enhanced audio antennas.

The rest of the body, pretty much has turned into pure crystalline energy.  The throat itself this had this huge blue faceted crystalline thingie in it.  From what I understand right now, the way the energy of the throat becomes faceted depends on how you, how we have chosen to use our voice, our expression to date.  The more we spoke about our path, our understandings beyond the trappings of the societal belief systems, the more faceted it will be, enhancing the effect.

blue crystal


The spine, ohhhhh my dear beautiful god, the most stunning thing I had ever seen.  Keeping in mind, this is also our core as well.  I never expected it to look like this.  My words will never do it justice at all!  My man’s core energy surrounding his spine was a mix of blues and violets (he is an attorney, so he uses his self-expression, a lot!)  I have been looking for an image to even come close to showing what I had seen, haven’t found it yet.  The crystal core is not a smooth structure at all.  Instead, it is like a bunch of various color crystal rocks merged into each other, amplifying the energies moving thru the core.

From what I am understanding, the color matrix depends on what you do and what you focus on within your life.  There is no such thing as better or lessor spectrums, at all!!  We as humans tend to look at certain colors and think they are special or better than another, not even close.

The heart and lung matrix blew my already blown mind.  His heart was shown as a drum, deeply connected to the beat of Gaia, the two drumsticks were his emotional and physical life creating the beats of his ongoing moments.  But also, so much more than that too.  It also must keep rhythm with the magnetic energy coming from the brain, the thoughts and focus areas there.

Now, my team is making sure that I realize (we all realize) this matrix will be different for everyone too.  Not all hearts are drums.  The drum is his unique instrument.  His lungs, this really took me by surprise.  Each lung reminded me of the old steam heat radiators we used to have.  What I was seeing the was a circulation of what looked like white steam coiling up and down each lung.  Then it was made clear, that is the breath of Source (creator, god) circulating as breath.  (For those who have made room for such a powerful within themselves.)

His solar plexus area was stunning too.  Like a hot ball of sun energy radiating out from him (literally, hot to the touch.)  Around this sun ball image was a twisted band of gold that his team explained was a magnetic field amplifying in him and outwards from him.

To give contrast, not everyone’s magnetic core is at the solar plexus.  Mine, is what we know as the third eye, the central eye.  Unlike the golden sun of his solar plexus, (how exciting, I can see me!! lol) mine is pure white light radiating.  Again, one place is not better than any other.  It all depends on the focus of our energies thru the days.

Ohh there is something that happened that really surprised me too.  When I started to see the complexity of his body and how it is all different, he gave me permission to record the session so I could go back to the recording to remember it all.  My hands of light massage is a 2 hour session.  The first hour is face up, looking at all the details in the body, bringing in higher energies to merge with what is already there, and understanding whatever we need to understand. The second half the massage is more like a relaxing massage, I am not talking and explaining but distributing the energies we brought in face up, thru the body face down.  The recording only started to pick up our voices once my guy flipped face down.  The entire hour before that, nothing on the audio recorder.  However, the hour it did pick up, I had the recorder set on “group meeting” just incase others were around.  Sure enough, when I played back the audio, the recorder picked up 7 distinct voices instead of just the two that were present.  His team speaking and talking to him thru my mouth picked up differently than my own when I was just talking to him from my own self.  That was a kewl thing to understand and actually see.  Channeling made visible!!  It’s kinda funny, I always speak about myself as a we instead of a me, now I see clearly, I Am a we!! lol  So too, are You!! ❤

The field yesterday, in my attempt to do readings, had already stated we are on a three-day blackout, but today, I am hoping everyone will let me see their new body matrix, I would love to get an understanding of the differences to share back with y’all.

Here is something to understand as well with all the changes coming online in this three-day phase of completion.  Not only are our bodies becoming magnetically enhanced with various energies and crystalline amplifications, so are towns, cities, states, countries.  The amplification of the all the various collectives.  Everything is changing its magnetic layout, based on the focused energy of a given place or person.  Everything about what we think about the future and where we are going or doing, is changing based on what is solidifying as your new, beautiful body template.

Ohhh, thru one of the enlightening conversations yesterday, we were talking about these “area collectives.”  The areas with deep-rooted duality at its core, we will see serious storms and such clearing the energy fields.  You may have had a plan on going somewhere, then suddenly it all fell apart.  That’s because the road of experience, the magnetic highway, changed and you will navigate to an area more clear, more resistant with who or what you were supposed to experience there.

And this is important too, talking with my beautiful massage man yesterday, he was talking about people doing bad magic and what he can do, if anything.  This reply, applies to every one of us.

We are now fully pimped out beacons of Light.  Our job is not to just walk around and glow, but shine the light in places that are dark and scared.  Meaning, speak about what you are picking up.  (Also, knowing the difference between enabling verses changing, crucial.)  Bad magic is anything negative, demeaning, and if we do not speak to disrupt that energy, we are taking on the karmic energy of the output by being silent, as if we are doing it ourselves.  Because, by allowing the negative output, we are enhancing it by our Presence.

Ohhhhhh…. talk about personal responsibility on steroids!!

Happy equinox everyone!!  Thank you for Being so freaking wonder-full!!  I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. 2 Day Special in honor the massive changes happening thru the Equinox energies.  Save 22% off of a 15 or 30 minute reading.  Type in coupon code: Change (expires March 22nd.)








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  2. This Hexagon (beehive) Energy Field is the very beginning for us, of finally being able to access SUPERCONDUCTIVITY…..which also means, Free Energy.
    ***Superconductivity cannot exist / is not supported in the 3rd dimension.

    Here are pics I’ve put up in the past….

    Sacred Geometry hexagonal structure to Superconductivity:




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      “Magnetism, created within elementary particles, continues forever and is never eliminated, even as evolution in form moves from what is known to you as third dimensional form and into what you sense as fifth dimensional form.

      Certainly, the nature of matter changes from one dimension to another, and in this moment your reality is moving from low density, low vibrational magnetic fields into a much higher density of photon light, – and therefore a higher frequency, such as a fifth dimensional frequency.

      In fact as one moves clearly from the third dimension to the fifth dimension it becomes a notable fact that *energy moves more freely* as photonic density and frequency increases and *superconductivity expands*.

      Matter in the fifth dimension that you call *crystalline matter* reflects *new inner alignments* over those found in your third dimension, alignments of elementary particles *into beautiful and complex geometrical patterns*.

      ***The property of superconductivity continues to expand within all crystalline structures as new pathways arise and are no longer confined to the limited A to B construction as is found within the third dimension.”



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