Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 18, 2016

Wild, Intense, Reformatting Underway… Knocked Me Straight Out!!

magnetic field at your coreHoly Moley Batman!!  I think I got fried yesterday doing readings.  As soon as my last reading was over… having brought my vacuum out to the living room (that was where my intentions were, house cleaning) parked it next to the couch, laid myself on the couch, closed my eyes at 2:30, opened them back up at 7!  I don’t know what the hell happened thru that time, but my throat hurt like hell, even eating long-awaited corned beef and cabbage, hurt.  I had no voice, my right ear and right jaw hurt like freakin hell.  I tapped right back out at 9pm and slept thru til 6:30am and if my team wasn’t so persistent with their stream of energy that I could see, feel and hear saying… wake up Lisa, you must wake up now… I would still be sleeping.  Thank god nothing hurts today.

It’s hazardous looking into the eye of the storm, the eye of intense reconfiguration of It All, of You!!

My first lady, man oh man, it took me at least 5-6 times of “cranking it out to the field.”  I kinda felt like a motorcycle that wouldn’t start.  And the field, our teams, appeased us… sorta.  I think the only way I have of describing the massive energy flux called her reading (which I didn’t count as a reading at all) was what it must feel like when a funnel cloud starts to form, gathering energy from everywhere.  Only, she was not just at the sky, but at the ground and everywhere in between the two as well.  Massive energy flux.  Nothing describable at all.  At the same time, one of her team members presented himself on the left side of her massive energy flux with that ohhh too familiar finger wag… no no no.

The one thing I know for sure, where anyone’s team shows up in a reading, even if its to say, no there is no more you can possibly see, means something.  Left side, physical life.  These energy, this regathering of intensified field/life energy is all about her physical life expression… changing, enhancing.

My sinuses were already drippy when I woke up yesterday, by the time I finished with her (non) reading, my eyes were watering, I couldn’t even keep up with the fluid running out of my nose, my head started to feel like an over inflated balloon.  Spirit lube to the max!! lol

In between my 1st and 2nd reading, with all this fluid oozing out of my face, I decided, I really need to pull my contact out of my eye, there’s a storm brewing in my head.  Man oh man my eyeball became rather possessive.  Try as I might, I could not get that sucker to come out.  Now my right eye is red and irritated and the ooze oozing even more.

I didn’t even try with my 2nd appointment, we just had a wonderful conversation and she got rescheduled until after this massive equinox phase is finished.

The several other readings I had scheduled between my 2nd and last ones had already rescheduled on their end, so I had a nice gap of energy to reconfigure myself and get ready for my 1:30 reading, she is in Australia and was in tomorrows (which is now today for us) timeline…

I focused my energies on cleaning, scrub the tub, the toilet, my whole holy temple called the bathroom.  Might as well scrub off the nicotine on my TV, all of this with serious bouts of sitting, then becoming so anxious I had to get up and do something (which I spent on cleaning, much-needed cleaning I might add.)

As I was doing my dishes and preparing for my final connection of the day, my mind wondered if I will be able to see her at all.  Instantly, I did.  The massive flux energy from my first two readings was now recreating itself.  With my lady down under, I could see what I am just going to call a funnel cloud, HUGE funnel that went from sky to earth and easy, I dunno 25 feet wide, circulating with only her (big ass) head sticking out of this circulation at mid center.  Her team said, the presentation is to show she has her “head in the game” but also, her physical body is in that cloud, in bits and pieces, formatting.

So when we finally connected, I felt so blessed to be able to see and understanding the ongoing story!!  But her energies literally blew my head apart (in the greatest of ways, of course.)

In this circulation of energy was bits of everything all mingled together, biology, soul energy and source energy, rotating around and around, her head the only steady thing I could see as it too, was whipping around outside this cloud, but connected to it at the chin.

However, she gave us the most stunning view of what we are coming into.  One of the first things her team told her, more to get out of the habit of how we think of ourselves… no more individuated chakra centers.  Instead, she is to KNOW, that running thru her core energy itself is the magnetic pole I call the equinox, but it really is the full force of earths magnetic field, unified thru the body, enhancing energy part of our journey as an inside partner… no longer an outside event as it has been, as it had to be, getting to here.

They also gave us a look at what else will be around us as a permanent part of our makeup after this phase and it was stunning and surprising, and exciting.  Altho I still was not privy to seeing her actual form, I could see the magnetic pole of earth as her core, I could see the outline of her new body, and this amazing, constant yell0w-golden shower of energy that was constant in a dome shape from just above her head and rained in and down these long (maybe 5-6 inches long) energy streams.)  Her team say that the pure mana of Source will always be there, nurturing, enhancing, revitalising at every second.  Inside the body and around the body.  There is nothing she (we) need to do to turn it on, to bring it in, it is now a permanent part of the makeup.

She made a comment that the reply was rather…. forceful.  She said something like, everyone is going thru this.  Ohhhh no no no.  Only those who have cleared their vessel within intention, and action can even come close to this living field of energy, of LIFE.  Most of earths population are still in the essence of change, of clearing themselves, and opening to the full life force always available.

If we look at the enormity of what this all means, our cells, our breath, our everything is infused with the consciousness of Source energy.  The knowing, the seeing, the Being, the abilities that go with Being the Presence of God on earth.  Not just knowing, BUT ALSO BEING.

Then she asked about her super powers, and in the flux of energy that is still recalibrating, it was impossible to tap into the full extent of it, however, something humbling, exciting even, came thru our attempt.

I seen her feet, her footsteps on the ground, on this very earth we live and love upon.  Where her feet were. she left a light print.  What earth herself said, is that where ever she steps from here on out, earth will release the duality, density within that spot, to hold her Presence in fullness there.

It actually was so much more elegant and beautiful and powerful than what I am trying to remember in words.

Lets think about this for a moment, and really the full brunt of what it means.  Ohhhh actually, here is a good example, because when I heard this, when I seen this release of duality from earth herself where ever she stepped, I asked her (with a giggle since I knew she is in Australia) if she would hurry up and come over here to the States and find out where Trump is going to be, and go walk around before he get there!!  If she was able to do that, we were given the privilege of seeing what could happen.  Trump, being a pretty deep, dense, duality figure, stepped on the very place she did, suddenly this surge of Light went up thru him and started cracking a whole lot of place inside him.  It reminded me of when you would step on a lake that has frozen over, and your footstep itself cracked the ice and fissures ran outwards from that crack.  Same thing!!

So I asked her to do it in meditation, instantly the reply came back, not the same, not the same intensity and potency.  Our presence on the ground, in life, is where this new game is held in full intensity!!

Now lets come back to my contact dilemma.  lol  I finally got so frustrated with not being able to take my contact out, as I headed to my mirror to try again, I demanded my eye cooperate.  I said I know this contact is now hurting you as much as it is me, please release it from the eye.  Instantly, I was able to pluck it off the eye.  Conscious, verbal cooperation is now crucial with every aspect of us.

Ohhhhh, and a light bulb moment yesterday too, before I crashed and burned for the day and night.  The day prior, I had to go grocery shopping, and my team insisted I put on full makeup.  Really??  Who am I to argue.  I complied, hoping I would bump into someone special… I met a lot of people, but no one that I was hoping to meet.  I did, however, decide to change-up my grocery shopping plans, just incase.  I shop walmart, first, everything I need is there in that one store, plus their prices are significantly lower than any other store around.  But I decided to also shop Albertsons, just incase….

Holy high prices batman.  I did get good deals on my meat, which was what I really needed restocked more than anything, but all the other groceries, had I shopped there for everything, would have cost me an easy $50 more.  I split myself up and shopped Walmart for the rest of my stuff.  It was really amazing how expensive that store was for the same brands at walmart.

It wasn’t until yesterday in my day of pondering and cleaning that my team said… you feel different with makeup on, right?  Well, yeah!!  More pleasing to the eye.  Yeah!!!  But are you really different because you have make up on??  No!!  The two stores, Albertsons has make up, many people are attracted to it because of the facade, the illusion of what it stands for.  Walmart, on the other hand, is stripped down and bare.  Because of that, we see if for less than what it is.  We can see the cracks in the walls (the focus usually is on the labor force) and people stay away.  We do pay extra for the illusion!!  LOL, I gotta laugh as I think of the illusional make up that makes up Trump and Hillary… painted well in the way they want others to see them.  Then there is stripped down, wild haired Bernie… I love how things parallel other things In spirits analogies.)

On that note, my day is about to begin.  I don’t know if I have enough straps to strap in for these energies!!  Holy wild batman!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love, grace and bare bones beauty to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas






  1. Hey Lisa guess what? Trump is in my town tonight so I will be attending his rally/protest. And trust me, I intend to make sure I’m close enough so he and I are touching the same ground so that I can send him a few zaps of my energy. I thought about signing up for a soul reading so you could tell me what kind of energy that is, but you are booked until 30th. 😦 I’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happens.

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    • You go girl!! And we will all surround you with our fluffy coats of light (so no incoming gets to you.) Thank you for the Light prints you will leave and change the energies with. You brave soul you!! ❤ Please do let us know how the rally went!! ❤


      • Thanks Lisa! I’m pretty sure I know what my energy is like. This maybe like David and Goliath….but trust me, he won’t be leaving here without a few blows to his energy field. 😉

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  2. Hi Lisa I get the analogy for makeup etc…..however, ever since I saw the High Cost of Low Prices movie about Walmart I have not stepped foot in one….I wonder if your guides would consider assisting you in “creating” the pricing you need in Albertsons to support the local community vs Walmart? Just asking!?!? It is sad to me the number of small family businesses across America that Walmart has purposely put out of business, the number of tax subsidies given by small local towns only to have Walmart move out when the subsidies expire. The list goes on and on and on!!! I get budgets. I get saving $50/wk on groceries. I get the ah ha you received in the differences wearing makeup to Albertsons vs Walmart. Walmart may be where you can most be yourself? Is there possibly another ah ha here to allow you to be you at Albertsons, with makeup or no?? Is the judgment you feel there Albertsons customers/staff??? Is the judgment a mirror in you to be released??? These are the questions I ask myself….kudos to you to be out there every day with your readings and blogs….and in public with your shopping needs….I’m here isolating and sharing what I’m seeing feeling. Ignore what does not resonate dear lady! Your work is awesome and amazing and I look forward to your daily inspiring blogs! 😎💐👍

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    • Ohh I loved the people at Albertsons, and even flirted with the seafood guy… But equally, I love walmart too, my ex husband has now been there 20 plus years… so walmart supported my daughter (child support) for 14 years, gave us insurance and soon, my ex will have his retirement thru them too. But really, the sharing was so much more than grocery shopping… I am not sure what you are referring to on the movie, but that too… allows for us to bend one way or the other. With grocery shopping, I just want as much for my money as I can get. It is also the way I try and live my life too… giving as much as I can for as low as I can without compromising anything, myself or you. Love you LuAnne, and I hope this makes it a litter clearer on my point. ❤


    • Ohhh… and one more thing (giggle) With moving out the mom and pop stores and stuff (trust me, I appreciate this I used to be one)… I went on a consumption overload with the NDE guy Mellen-Thomas Benedict and found a video on youtube where he was interviewed for an hour and a half… and what he said about the dissapearing middle class (which would take in the mom and pops stores too) is that we are changing, we changing to not work any longer but be here enjoy the life not working for it. Here is the audio I listened to, I am not sure how far in he talks about it, but many interesting things are revealed and to me, it was those light bulb moments of understanding that enhanced the ongoing changes for all:


  3. Thank you sweet Lisa G for your no makeup/ bare face sharing. Your honesty in sharing your thoughts/ experiences is refreshing and encouraging to know / learn we are so much more than what meets the eye. Blessings <3. Yvonne xo

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  4. Hey, Lisa! Does the new magnetic field/pole of the body come up from the earth, or is it generated by our heart space? Thanks!!!



    ~ ~ ~ GOLDEN RESONANCE ~ ~ ~

    Rhythm of the Crystalline Sacred Heart is in Resonance with the Earth Core Crystal ~ ~ ~

    ~ ~ ~ Divinity to Divinity ~ ~ ~

    The Smallest Molecule of Divine Light has expanded fully into the Physical Level ~ ~ ~

    Rhythmic Flow of Cerebrospinal Fluid is the Rhythm of Life; ORIGIN of ALL Human Motion and Locomotion (Physical AND Non-Physical)

    Evolution in Golden CerebroSpinal Fluid = Dolphin Rhythm = Golden Core Energy

    Earth Healers have a harmonic resonance with the divinity that is Earth Mother and each Dolphin Rhythm activation phase has occurred in a situation of Earth Healing connection and resonance

    Dolphin Rhythm is the evolution in human movement that manifests when divine light, energy and essence of Highest Love integrates into the physical body; expanding through resonance into every level, aspect and dimension of the whole being; expanding from within the Smallest Molecule of Light in the heart area which is the pathway to the love that is higher than divine.

    What appear to be separate evolution levels is really one evolution level; divine evolution. It is just that this process takes time to integrate the healing changes that the body proceeds through.”

    DOLPHIN RHYTHM ~ ~ ~ ACTIVATION 1997 – 2007


    Curve-Linear ~ ~ ~ Rhythm of Motion
    Infinity Symbol Loop ~ ~ ~ Rhythm of Locomotion
    Omni-Centric Pulse ~ ~ ~ Microcosm Macrocosm
    Still Point ~ ~ ~ The Positive Void
    Dolphin Sine Wave ~ ~ ~ Axis Of Consciousness
    Pineal Crystal Laser ~ ~ ~ Sacred Geometry of the Body
    Rhythm of Crystalline Sacred Heart ~ ~ ~ Resonance with Earth Core Crystal

    ~~~ Excited to see Golden Resonance here! ~~~

    Lisa said:

    “I could see the magnetic pole of earth as her core, I could see the outline of her new body, and this amazing, constant yellow-golden shower of energy that was constant in a dome shape from just above her head and rained in and down these long (maybe 5-6 inches long) energy streams.) Her team say that the pure mana of Source will always be there, nurturing, enhancing, revitalising at every second. Inside the body and around the body. There is nothing she (we) need to do to turn it on, to bring it in, it is now a permanent part of the makeup.”

    ~~~ and ~~~

    “no more individuated chakra centers”

    Ye!, Ye! Ye! [Yay Yay Yay!]


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