Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 17, 2016

Holy New You!! Enjoy the Wild Energies as You Morph thru this Week!

universe 2


I think, my little quicky yesterday was simply that which writes and sees thru me, way of setting up what we were about to see and experience yesterday.  Phew baby!!  What a wild, unexpected ride yesterday was!!  I pray, I don’t forget at thing!!  I think the clearest way to put all the information into a larger context, is skipping around the readings to sew each piece together.

My first lady really kicked started the whole labor thing, visually.  Consistently for the last many days, when I see your soul skin, at the ground level, it is flat and rests just on top of a the surface of the earth, easy 7 feet wide (of course, going to scale of my vision.)  My eyes were instantly drawn to the ground level of her reading, and having had 3 kids, I knew what I was seeing.  There was a magnetic wind already blow up from the earth, opening the very bottom of her soul skin, what her team said is what we would think of as the cervix of a woman starting to open, but with a twist.  Instead of anything being pushed out, it is all being pushed in!!  In another reading, I could see the emergence of the magnetic pole of the equinox elongating in the center of the soul skin itself.  Every emerging inch of it, emitting and taking even more energy.  One would think (or is that hope lol) that the intense energy in the upper atmosphere would have at least subsided, ohhh hell no, it is as wild up there as it has been, if not more so.

In between my first and second reading I actually had some space to take a shower, that alone almost never happens during the morning, so I took advantage of the time.  I could not help but bring the image of my first lady’s opening of her soul skin at the ground level into my shower with me, pondering…

Every human on the face of this new earth is going thru this very same thing.  Every human is the divine feminine bringing in new life.  (Just for the record, those within deep duality, that place I call soap-bubble land, are indeed going thru energetic fluxes, but not like this, more to target what is still held in the density of the darkness.)  Equally, as we emerge from this equinox phase, every human will have their own magic wand (spirits words here lol) to play and experience with (as I get a visual of a penis with a giggle.)  The Divine masculine will emerge in-powered thru this amazing phase of our evolution.  Again, with the amazing humor of spirit, they said you best be holding some ceremonies to honor and celebrate the divine masculine too!!  (I so agree, our ceremonies are so lopsided, kinda like celebrating the right arm and ignoring the left.  Imagine how potent it all will become when both are celebrated together!!)

After my enlightening shower, I was all ready to see some magic wands in the field (smile.)  Nope, instead one of the most visual readings yesterday was all about Wonder-Woman!!  No super woman, I was verbally corrected each time I accidentally called her super woman.

But first, we had one hellofa time getting the phone call connected.  Google kept kicking her to voice mail every time I answered the phone.  I think she was already breaking the satellite systems google voice uses to connect us!!  Once we finally connected, there wasn’t even the moment to say hi, how are you… nope the flurry of freakin energy bombarding her soul skin from every conceivable direction knocked me off my rocker!!  All I could say is holy shit, your being electrocuted!!  I am not even sure the whole sentence she said back, cuz my ears honed in on the (accidental???) word she said “electra-coated.”  OMG that’s it!!  This energy bombarded her entire soul skin, externally was coating her with intense electrical energy!!  Freakin kewl… but had my whole system on some sort of speed,  I couldn’t talk fast enough to keep pace with the incoming energy and information.  I did even crank my antenna out, it was already underway, with out my saying let’s go!!   Once we got the “electra-coated” understanding out, there was a shift in the entire field of visuals.

The imagery was just outside her “soul skin” connected to it, but still outside of it at the mid section.  Keeping in mind, every freakin day now, this whole soul skin gets taller and taller and now resides just below the energy of the sun, all the way down to the ground.    Her image was all decked out like Wonder-Woman (yup, we are keeping the hyphen to keep the two together as one energy.)  Her left arm was extended backwards into the full energy of the soul skin and inside it.  She was using that energy of her soul, rounding it as she moved her arm lasso style.  By virtue of her purposeful interaction within that area of the soul skin, the skin itself went from clear (how I have been seeing everyone) to the most beautiful yellow.

As we talked about some of the super powers of Wonder-Woman, I realized that her soul energy IS the invisible plane, taking her where ever her heart desires, cloaked until she wants to be seen (and so much more than that too.)  Then, the entire focus was on her image of pointy boobs.  Excuse me, breasts.  These are powerful, potent things I never realized before.  The breast itself, nurturing, replenishing.  There is a whole magnetic field that comes out of each one.  As her team said several times there is a”breast matrix.”  Really???  Ohhh the things I have been taking for granted all these decades!! lol

Geez, even waking up (finally) at 5am is still not enough time to get everything out.  I need a faster processor here (my brain and fingers lol.)

I do want to talk about our Intergalactic Community realigning to us thru this enormous shift of energy, of us!  My first lady of the day was actually an ET package, and for the first time in geez. probably well over a year, I turned my focus to the front yard, what I affectionately call ETville, after I seen her field energy.  (I gotta add too, my wonder-woman had ET’s circling her field too, I will mix these two understandings together.)

My first lady, her Intergalactic team (three of them) showed up in the near horizon like they had before, only now they are presenting what looked like a wagon wheel platform.  The wheel was parallel to the earth and I could only see the half they were bringing, energy wise, kind alike this only make it horizontal and not vertical:



I added the extra spokes, since there were three energy spokes for each of her friends.  The other half of the wheel was within her field of energy and as she absorbed what they were going to be sharing with her, her side of this wheel will become visible I guess lol.

Now, wonder-woman lady, at the very end of her reading, something similar appeared.  Outside of her intense soul skin, suddenly 5 areas of black showed up, encircling her fully.  The black sky, various realms, 5 different intergalactic friends.

The wheel of life is expanding beyond our horizon, to include our friends from the stars in ways that have not been done is no long, it is no longer a part of our memory matrix… but thru each one of you, willing to connect… we are bringing back those spokes to our side of the universe.

I do want to touch on my last two connections yesterday, more the energy of them.  My man’s soul skin was being twisted like I have never seen before.  I think the only way to really describe it, he was looking very much like a screw:


Much fatter and taller than this image, but hey it does give a visual.  What I understood thru his field is that his entire soul skin/Being is being absorbed into the emerging magnetic pole of the equinox, as he comes thru the other side, there will be a massive and rapid expansion into a form I cannot see, yet.

However, I do want to give a visual of the way I see the magnetic pole of this equinox:

snake rope


The masculine and feminine so intertwined within itself, empowered, separate and the same all at once.

My last lady, she was melting lol.  Her entire soul skin was melting like an ice cream cone, and the melting parts were yellow as they dripped downwards toward the ground to create her new form, which too, her team said I have no ability in yesterdays moment to fully understand…. yet.

I must say, my sinuses went wild the moment we connected, good old spirit lube on steroids, which is still present this morning.  Thanx for melting my wires too!!

On that note, the equinox season is now upon us and I must go strap myself in to prepare for the readings today.  I love you all so much.  For those with a bit of the Irish within them… Happy Saint Patrick’s day!!  I am cooking me up some corned beef and cabbage… yummmmm!!!  (BTW,  I am not irish at all, just love me some corned beef and cabbage lol.)

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of wild times and Wonder-Woman/Super-Man skills to All!!!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Hang on Lisa ! ! You are absolutely adorable ! 💞 😊 🍀🍀🍀


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