Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 14, 2016

The Acceleration of Biological Cells Infusing to Become Our Soul Skin


I just love, I mean so really love, when we are struggling to understand something, to be as clear as we can be on what is happening, something eventually presents itself to make it all perfectly clear (well, as perfectly clear as our minds allow for. lol)  That NDE story I shared framed out in crystal clarity what is unfolding thru you,   Actually, the two sentences embedded in his story “Stop trying to become God.  God is becoming You.”

Since my voice came back, I have not seen the fullness of the physical body, yet.  Instead, we have a body of energy that is much more prominent showing up now.  This body looks (to my vision) like a massive energetic outline of an egg, well egg-shaped.  On average (everyone has unique differences to what I see) the width is about 6-7 feet at the widest and an easy 15 feet tall.  Everything inside this “soul skin” (which is what spirit prefers I call it over an egg lol) I cannot see a thing, yet.  I do understand why (imagine that!!)

For those aligned to the new earth, and trust me, that’s YOU, your physical body is going thru radical changes.  It is as if the physicality of your body blew up, each cell is at such a high rate of speed I cannot see it.  Each cell is expanding, becoming more than it ever has been before and stretching outwards to be a part of the soul skin itself.  This alone is completely rearranging how the body works and how the energy works thru the body.  I will get to this in a moment tho.

This very large egg shaped soul skin has three layers to it (think of our physical skin, there are 8 layers each with its own function, all working as one thing called, skin.  Same is happening with this, with what we are experiencing, now.  For everyone, this part is a constant, there is a third addition, a third layer of our skin already underway, the energy of Source, Creator, God (pick a name.)  But this is not a game of one Creator fits all, not at all.  Instead, what I am seeing happening, is… I guess the best way to say it is the “power center” in which the Source of All life is expressing and accelerating thru you.  Let me give you some examples!!!

My first lady showed up with the now prominent (and understandable) egg shape to her field with what looks like someone cracked the sun itself open and it is pouring it liquid fire over her soul skin.  Soooo freakin beautiful to see, but not wispy fire, contained, like looking at the sun.  The passion, the fire, the radiating Love of Source is the very outer layer of her skin.  This really took on a larger understanding as she told me she finally applied to be a dance teacher, her next version of her Self expression.  And then came the understanding of this fire, as I watched as her whole being moved and swayed and changed the very air particles around her, thru those she will teach with purpose of “the living dance.”

Geez, this day light savings time is kicking my morning in the ass.  I gotta breeze thru everyone else quickly now.  So sorry!

One of my lady’s, this source energy started to explain its purpose even before we connected.  I started to hear a familiar song with new lyrics “Cuz wendy has eyes to seeeeee…”  The fact that may ladys name is Wendi, well, I knew what it was saying and why.  But nowhere near what I thought at first.  The energy of the wind itself, the wind has eyes.  Talk about a freakin DAH moment in my world.  I never thought of the wind being able to see where its going, it just… goes.  But the wind and this ladys breath, one and the same.  So this is her power Source, the breath and being able to see and experience as the breath sees and experience.  Her homework is to start shifting her consciousness, her central eye down to the exhale and really start to see thru the eye of the breath.  There was more, but hey, I am short on time this morning lol.

Another lady, the Source was coming out as waves in her fullness of conscious, like a thick ocean wave after wave after wave.  Consciousness creating, pulling in the energies from the perceived future to create and uncreate every now moment.  These waves of creation suddenly had two big red eyes, kinda spooky lol.  But again, the main theme with it all, SEE from Sources perspective and thru your super power zone.

Thru her reading, spirit kept saying that the energy of conscious as I was seeing her, starts at “the crest of the eye.”  Whatever the “crest of the eye” is, I do know the place on the body it resides, the bridge of the forehead where the eyebrows line.  I could feel it in her reading, but today included, I have woken up for the third day with sun pain in the bones in that very place.  The actual pain is not set in one place, for a moment it will be on the left eye brow area, then move to the center, then to the right eye brow area, moving pain, yippie.  Thank you dear god for the invention of ibuprofen.  But then again, it would be easy to know my super power lays within my eye, my ability to see the way I see.  And YOU keep me upgrading lol.  Thanx!! lol

I had a beautiful, if not bizarre guy on my dance card.  He was so different from my ladies, as he should be.  Beneath this soul skin was this beautiful, close to neon green plasma with all these wiggling things that really looked like green worms to my eyes.  The heart of connection to this amazing earth.  These worm like things that are now really, his feet are magnetic, fertilizing, aerating and the plasma keeps him in perfect flow of his life and earth together.

One precious soul, she had these stunning flowers growing from the north face of her soul skin.  All pastel in hue, all the flowers of Shambhala.  And let me tell you, don’t think for a second anyone is too old or too young to be changing and participating in this enormous chance thru us.  This precious soul will be 90 years old this summer and is changing, enhancing the world around her but virtue of Being, of Being Love incarnate.  These flowers were only visible from the middle to upper quadrant of her soul skin.  She reminded me the last time I read for her, I could only see her from the waist down… that got me so excited, yay!!  Then I was shown what was emerging from her wholeness, this odd looking spiral wound tight. The spiral was made of three substances, color coded too.  A thin black, we gotta keep the mystery alive in all we do (black, the unknown) with this beautiful red that was just above the black, the new earth and a clear like gel, spirit unfolding.  Her team kept referring to a new fractal of life emerging thru her changes.  Try as I might, I could not get that spiral to unfurl, her team said i would not understand what I seen if they allowed me to unfurl it.  However, later that night as I was scrolling facebook on my phone I came across an image that caught my heart and connected it with my lady.  I still have no idea what it means, but the beauty of unfurling is breathtaking:

unfurling fractal


Last, bur far from least was a lady whose visual was that of a beating heart, not the physical heart beating, more like a cartoon when you see the valentines day shaped heart beating out of her chest.  It was sooo beautiful  Source is in the rhythm of her heart, her heart in the rhythm of the earth, three hearts beating as one.  And then we went inside her heart to see the musical instrument, a cross between piano keys and guitar strings.  The white keys and black keys are her and earth (I cannot recall which was which) and the three guitar strings between each piano key (there were 5 white and 5 black keys) was Source.  She is about to get interesting music lessons.

There is so much more than I want to share about the enormity of what you are becoming, but sadly, my day is about to begin.  I do want to leave it off at, think of us, each one of us as a unified living whole organism, each has our part and purpose to and thru the greater all.  One part is in no way more important than the other… and as we perfect our extraordinary newness, we will come together to work as a unified whole.

Also, several times thru yesterdays connections, we were warned about the power that will rise up thru the body, amplifying these power spaces within each of us thru the equinox.  Keeping in mind the equinox energy starts on the 17th, hits its peak on the 20th and finishes up on the 23rd.  If I am understanding this correctly, it is after this equinox power load that the physicality of you will be seen once again… so differently than ever before.

On that note… have an amazing day.  You are soooo freakin extraordinary, beautiful and POWER-full!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with awe and deep gratitude for all you Are!! ❤  I love you soul much!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas






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  2. Wow, thank you Sweet Lisa! I read your posts and take them in like my daily vitamins. Each one has an element of vitality and growth. Very inspiring! xoxo ❤ much love and blessings, Yvonne

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  3. The beautiful image of the unfurling greenery is what my ferns do at home!

    Here is a lovely brief about . . .

    ‘Ferns and the Great Unfolding’

    “In the natural world, spring is a great unfolding. Tender buds split their seams like over-laden luggage, laying out their trousseau of leaves and blossoms to freshen in the sun. Pupate insects unpack legs and lacey wings like alien landers dropped in from somewhere beyond our ken. And everywhere trap doors fly open from the vast underground empire of roots and rhizomes to launch green armies of chlorophyll across the dead landscape to join forces with their old ally, the sun.”

    “Few living things unfold into existence with the elegance and grace of the fern. It may just be that practice makes perfect, since ferns have been unfurling themselves in spring for hundreds of millions of years. Along with their less stately clubmoss cousins, ferns were among the first vascular plants with the capacity to circulate water and nutrients throughout their systems, unlocking new possibilities for photosynthesis through both increased size and more elaborate architecture.”

    “Consider the fern’s place in the line-up of evolution’s great parade. First came all the single-celled microscopic pioneers with alga, pondscums, seaweeds and kelps marching behind. From this fertile stew, molds, yeasts, and fungi flung or floated spores across the dividing strand of water and land, giving solid footing to subsequent spore spawners, including mosses and liverworts. With the its innovative vascular system, in time the fern literally rose above the rhizome rat race below to cast its spores a little farther afield.”

    “Imagine a world of just mosses and ferns before the evolution of all the seed-bearing plants that now crowd our landscapes – a planet of water, hard rock, and green fuzzies, with the culminating glory of those earliest of early springs: fern fiddleheads unfolding into levitating lattices. Ferns were the first plants with roots, stems, and leaves.”

    Reference Source
    The Field Notebook: Notes from the Natural World
    ‘Ferns and the Great Unfolding’
    Posted on 04/24/2010 by Curtiss Clark (Date Accessed March 15, 2016)

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    • Thank you for this Judith, how beautiful. Can I assume (there are somethings, I am just so ignorant in) the image I posted is of a fern??? Your sharing the unfurling of the fern really helps me to understand more of what I had seen… thank you sooooo very much!! ❤


      • Lisa I assume it is a fern, but am not certain. Other images of ferns online in this phase are very similar. Your image seems to have lots of water droplets, like an early morning dew perhaps. It’s just that as soon as a I saw the image you posted that i immediately thought of, visioned my fern in the back garden; an inner prompting. I notice most times when the new fronds grow and then are ready to unfold, adding another to the canopy.

        Glad this helps your understanding.

        Thankyou too!


      • Lisa i just found your image here, so yes in confirmation!

        “Fiddlehead Fern with morning dew – what an amazing…”


      • Hope this does not repeat the image . . . just the link to it (have not done this before)!


  4. ‘Springs’ to mind about the details re the image:

    The Doctrine of Signatures of plants is the where the physical characteristics of the plant are indicators to their healing properties at the level of Energy, Light and Essence, (as in Soul Essence being indicative of Purpose).

    Energy, Light, Essence: Are All Forms of Light.

    Essences are Coloured Lights of the Individual Soul Signature, which in humans surround the White Core Divine Light (The Smallest Molecule of Light) in the heart area.

    Each Essence colour indicates a role, gift, talent, skill, ability, purpose . . .

    . . . there are so many hints in the details about the fern, and unfurling . . . .

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  5. Like


    The basis for this concept is the observation that all of the manifested universe can be described as fractions of dimensions, or fractalic, while the whole dimensions themselves are of infinite measure. Recognition of this enables you to comprehend the fractalic nature of life, experience, and the physical universe. The first step happens when you realize that the true nature of Reality is limitlessness, or Infinity without dimensional limitations. By contrast, the physical universe we are familiar with exists by virtue ofiteration into dimensionality. 

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  8. It seems that there is always a lot of things we can do to know more about ourselves even those cells in our bodies, like your blog, nice one.



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