Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 13, 2016

The Power, The Magic, The Amazing YOU!!


Before I get into the wonders of yesterday, I do want to make sure that everyone is clear on what I attempted to say yesterday in my sharing.  This is prompted by a very important comment left on this blog.  Yes, everything in all of creation IS god experiencing him/her self thru every thing.  God, Source (whatever) will always experience life thru us as us.  However, that does not make everyone Self realized.

Any aspect of fear that we carry, no matter what it looks like or how we present it, is like putting a hunk of clay within our field, our consciousness energy, whether we call that fear judgement, unworthiness, superiority, conditional love… actually, I am going to share something I have shared many times thru this blog in the past.  A writing from my once mentor Marc about how he describes fear, and I pray it makes “making room” clearer in the way I was talking about it.

We are all birthed of the light…
We are all stardust…
We have just forgotten…and covered our light with the cloak of darkness.
This cloak is layer upon layer of fear.
Earth is cloaked in fear.
Earth is a plane of the vibration of fear.
Now then, fear is not just fright….
Or being scared of something in the night…or darkness…
Fear is like a dust particle….made up of a vibration….
A dust particle of fear…is for example, fear of getting wet in the rain….fear of the traffic light turning red before we get to it…fear of running late for work…fear of not being able to find our keys…fear of another whom we think might not like us.
These are the particles that really do not seem the obvious fears. Yet these are the particles that crystallize in layer upon layer that we cloak ourselves within…mistakenly holding onto the cloak for warmth…and lest we appear naked to others. And as our cloak builds denser and denser….we vibrate at the vibration of fear. This vibration is like a deep sound that we forget to know is there and grow used to as a companion.
Bringing the light in is our way of forcing pinholes of light through the cracks of fear.  As the light increases, the pinhole turns to a hole, widening the cracks in the folds of the heavy cloak, until pieces of fear start falling off in chunks… revealing the light that was always glowing from within.
This creates the distinctive feeling of changing….and even creates a fear of changing.  We may attempt to “plug” this hole, as it almost seems as if something is “wrong.”  Others may sense the changing and may even move away lest we infect them with this threatening influence upon their warm cloaks of darkness.
The morale of this story is to perhaps not try to change those obvious fears that we hold, for they are dense and solid, but to concentrate on the dust. Remove those dust particles and the chunks of fear will eventually fall away. Erode the cloak. In order to do this it is necessary to observe those little fears, like the ones in the example that bubble up to the surface and sit, hidden almost, from the mind’s eye. You will be surprised by the intensity and the sheer amount of non-obvious particles of fear you manifest in every moment.
By observing our Self-propelled particles of fear, we have the opportunity to not let them coagulate and thicken upon our cloak of darkness that hides our light, but to cleanse them into shining examples or even release them to allow them to do what they may elsewhere.  Many have been taught to release fear but often do not realize the influence of these particles and the speed they move at to “fix” this crack in the fold replacing it with these tiny, seemingly irrelevant particles.
By learning to observe these small fears, we are able to help facilitate the re-emergence of the light body that lies beneath and the real cloak of light that has always been the true provider of warmth on our life journey.

Yes, God/Source/Creator WILL ALWAYS see thru our eyes, but man oh man, wouldn’t it be just grand for us to see thru the eyes of Creation, to BE the eyes and heart of creation, fully, nothing held back!!

I remember when I lived in a community back in 2004, they had all kinds of rules and regulations and the founder himself was afraid of me.  He simply couldn’t understand how I could do what I do without another human teaching me.  So he sort of put me and my daughter in isolation more or less, he did tho, give me the privilege of smoking on property in a certain place near the house my daughter and I stayed in.  The longer I stayed there, the more I questioned why I was there, his version of God and my version of god were very very different.

I remember one day I was outside having my smoke, wretched within if this is where I was supposed to be and feeling like god himself abandoned me when suddenly, from the other side of the fence that separated their property from the rest of the world, I heard that very familiar voice of God assuring me I was not abandoned.  Shocked that he showed up on the other side of the fence, I had to ask… whatcha doing over there.  His reply is the very point I had been trying to make… for years.  “They do not allow me in.”  This community’s rules were set up in fear, in separation, judgement and power.  And not the magical kind of power, the controlling kind.  There was no room for the pure energy, the pure Love of God in his/her fullness.

As I sit here thinking of how to share enormity of all that is transpiring thru you, thru the field, my focus is on clearing this up.  With the added information that the power of Source is enormous, it intensifies all that it is.  When we have any negative thing within us, it (source) must hold back its light, so to speak, or the amplification of that negative would be life destroying.  WE, by conscious choice and deliberate action, must make room for the full emergence, binding of the true, powerful, life creating Love that Is!!  Or not.  (smile)

For those that are (big smile) my dear good god, the magic that is already streaming thru your field of Light.  Ten minutes before my first reading yesterday, Ohhh my dear god the headache that started rocking my forehead.  I remembered this pain from the day prior with planet girl, I knew my first reading is going to have some Intergalactic Beings in the field… I slurped down 2 ibuprofen and called.  Sure enough!!  What I found amazing, even tho the energy in my head that produced the headache subsided, all my frontal bones in my forehead, freakin hurt.  Just touching my forehead… ouchies!!  Even this morning it is still tender.  Talk about stretching the conscious thru the bones themselves!!  I think I need hazard pay!! lol

Her Intergalactic Being friend showed me where he was from.  It was sooo freakin kewl, he took my consciousness up to the area we know as the pleiades, went thru a wormhole or something, kinda like a pipe line that went thru to another solar system and it was there that he hails from.  A place that has not made contact with earth yet, not intimately like this.  Even his attire was interesting, he was sort of wrapped up like a mummy and he stated that it was simply his way of visually saying he has toned down his energy field so that we may assimilate him.  As my beautiful lady connects and assimilates, the mummy like gauze will fall away to reveal the full load of his energy.  Yay??  I guess that’s their way of preheating the oven lol.

What I find so incredible is because you and I have chosen to shift, to change the energy of the world we live in, that too, has changed the energy of the worlds that surround us too.  We cannot change ourselves without it changing the entire make up of the universe.  Talk about the butterfly effect on steroids!!  And now, we draw higher consciousness to us as well.

One of my sessions was with that man who just about every time I connected to him I would hear the song “Jesus Christ Superstar.”  That is now an imprint on my memory of him so I cannot really say if I heard it spontaneously like before, or remembered it, doesn’t matter I guess lol.  The connection was stunning and confusing as everyone is every day.  No two of you are really alike, make me work for a living will ya!! lol

He had two primary images unfolding at the same time, one was a set of clapping hands, viewed only from just below the wrist to the tips of the fingers.  In relationship to them, just behind them, was a series of what I now recognized of God, incarnating (looks like the sun, but isn’t lol.)  The skin tone of these hands were very unusual, altho I have seen this skin tone once or twice in previous readings I never really understood the fullness of its expression.  This skin tone encompasses ever color, every creed that ever walked this earth.  My precious, beautiful Superstar incarnated in every color and creed, experience from the grandest to the most tortured thru his reincarnations.  This allows his the fullness of empathy with every walk of life.  But equally, it gives him the magic to change what needs to be changed everywhere.

These hands took me too a TV commercial, the clap on, clap off commercial.  I know I had read for someone not too long ago that had a similar theme to her reading.  This time tho, the hands became the focal point and arrived in my kitchen for much closer inspection and understanding.  The power we have between our hands is extraordinary.  He can clap on the light where it is needed, or clap off the dark when it is needed.  And so much more than that.  The power to create and uncreate is right there.  Because of his vast and extraordinary incarnation experiences, he has the innate knowing of how to change the energy in vast and various collective consciousness to either stop the infighting or expand the love, depending on what is needed.  Equally too, into individual consciousness and so much more.

Ohhhh, this reminds me of a profound statement that came thru one of the readings yesterday as well.  We are now expanding, getting more of what we call our Super Powers.  It doesn’t even matter if you know exactly what your super powers are, the fact that you are here in this amazing place I am calling the new earth, means you are using them in some way and now, they are all going to the 10th level.

My last reading of the day was magic.  I cannot tell you how much I love the absolute realness of our connections, of spirit bringing in the force of nature to reflect that what we are seeing and experiencing so more real than we real-eyes.  (smile)

About 10 minutes before our phone call, I start to remember, vividly, artwork I used the other day for a sharing:



There was Merlin, doing his alchemy in my mans field.  The focal point, even thru his reading, was on that swirl of energy just above his head, coming thru his finger.  In my mans reading tho, in that swirl were stars from other universes, moons, planetary systems… the true alchemy of many dimensions.  What surprised me more than anything was when Merlin stated that this man is his soul mate and vise versa.  They were incarnated together and were what I will a mated pair in that lifetime.  Keeping in mind, this much more than just what we think of as marriage, going back to the energy of the two Pleiadians that showed up in a reading, the mated pair would also be called divine counterparts, sharing and using the conscious together as an enhanced energy system.

While I was having this session with this beautiful man, the winds came and stayed thru his entire reading.  Blowing around the house and sending so much energy north, into what we call the future area on the field.  The moment we broke that connection, the winds subsided as quick as they came.  Using the wind itself as an accelerant and distributer of the magic, the alchemy, is the greatest and quickest way to spread it thru the earth.

Ohhhhhh…. I have got to share this excitement too.  One of my lady’s is married to an “illegal mexican” and they have been doing a very slow dance to get him legal.  She asked a question about this, I cannot even remember (even in the moment she asked it) what exactly she asked, but this ball of amazing light came rolling from the field (my backyard) into my kitchen and spoke with such amazing conviction and I am so sorry I cannot recall it word for word but pretty said, hold steady and know that everything is changing in the legalities of immigration.  It was more elegant and power than that, but hey… this over crowded mind can only handle so much.  lol

Instantly my heart thought of Bernie Sanders, altho I did not say that out loud, that’s my greatest desire and I really don’t want to inflict or even confuse my desires with the energies coming thru a reading.  Then my beautiful lady shared what her team had told her, that Bernie will become president, my heart just exploded with joy.

Well, thanx to day light savings time, my morning of sharing is cut short by an hour.  I will leave off there and look forward to the massive blast of energies coming thru you once again today!!

I love and appreciate you all so very very much and much more than that too!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magic and wonder and bliss to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas







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  2. Do you get feelings about people who you aren’t giving readings for?


  3. I started crying for joy when I read the part about Bernie Sanders becoming the next president!! This will be the most monumental celebration because hopefully it means real change.



    “That which is spoken to you as being the Smallest Molecule of Light; that which is Divine and the pathway to all that is Higher Than Divine, is within the very core of your being; central, centrally located (if you wish to know it), in your heart centre; directly at the centre; directly at the core; in energy, light and essence.

    All that is manifest at any place, at any given time, is created from that which is your core centre.

    To say that you are creating it, is also not appropriate.

    It ‘IS’. It is there.

    It is All That IS; and it is ‘Within’; it is ‘Without’, at the same time.

    YOU are All That Is; and All That Is, is YOU.”

    (YE: Earth Healing Transmission February 1st, 1995)


  5. “Yes, everything in all of creation IS god experiencing him/her self thru every thing. God, Source (whatever) will always experience life thru us as us.

    However, that does not make everyone Self realized.”


    And that is why we said it. Why it needed to be said, to you.
    Of course we realize, that you yourself are NOT self-realized. Yet.

    Take a good look at us as examples to emulate, because We are the “FEARLESS” ones.
    There is no fear left in us to be transmuted — that has already been done by us. We very deliberately cleared ourselves of it.

    We have been telling you all along, that the reason *you* are not yet “Self Realized” as the god/Source Being that you actually are… due to all of the FEARS that you continue to hold onto —
    — imagine that your Fears are like a pack of cigarettes that you keep on smoking, and that you refuse to give up.

    Also take a close look at why you always feel the need to refute or “clarify” what we say to you ( however, but, )…….well this “one-upmanship” personality trait of yours is your EGO getting in the way of your Soul’s evolution.

    Your EGO still sees our higher understanding, coming from us your “peers”, as a *threat*.
    So it must define us as being less credible to you.

    And yet, when that very same information comes to you months later from your “Team”, you immediately accept it as true and rejoice in the higher revelation.

    What you are still not fully accepting, is that we, your Peers….are actually your Higher Self aspect talking straight to you. Just like your “Team” does.

    We are also your Team. There is no SEPARATION.



    • “Yes, God/Source/Creator WILL ALWAYS see thru our eyes, but man oh man, wouldn’t it be just grand for us to see thru the eyes of Creation, to BE the eyes and heart of creation, fully, nothing held back!!”

      NEWS FLASH: You’re looking at it.

      And yes — it IS grand. I invite you to try it, too.



    • Ohhh dear Keir, you are one of the most arrogant, self absorbed people I know (in what we call the spiritual community that is) and I love you dearly.

      Let me just say… Self realization is a process, moment by moment, day by day, lifetime after lifetime. The moment you think you are something you have actually stopped the Self realization process.

      Just sayin…

      (((HUGZ))) filled with smiles to you!! ❤


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