Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 11, 2016

The Building of a Whole New Universe and the New Core Energy.


Ohhhh what a magical day yesterday was!!  It was soooooo refreshing to see you, to see the field, to feel the love of creation creating thru you!!  TO TALK with you!!!  OMG, I was jonesing!!  My greatest challenge was, no two people were even remotely alike.  But then again, if we took a wide view of new universes forming and merging together, it would look like crazy chaos, unrelated to each other, but that really is an impossibility, isn’t it.  I think tho, the only thing I am really able to share today is the take away understandings thru the readings yesterday.

The first thing that hangs at the forefront of my mind to share is from my first lady.  As her magnetic streams of energy circling the sun (as above) implanted magnetic fields on the path on the ground (so below) her team kept talking about the Easter Eggs she will walk into moving forward.  They were very clear to let us know they mean easter eggs like in the movies.  I have heard the term before, but never was really sure what that meant, so I had to look it up:

An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in an interactive work such as a computer program, video game or DVD menu screen. The name is used to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.
Her team explained these many easter eggs that lay in her path forward will be like stepping into a version of herself that she didn’t realize changed and suddenly realizing that part changed tremendously (a hidden message of sorts.)
Actually, I am going to straddle her with another lady, its amazing how much writing puts everything into a larger perspective for me.  This lady showed up like a super large etheric easter egg herself.  The form, which was pure energy, was an easy 30 feet tall, so much incoming star energy penetrating the energy form.  A “collusion” of energy concentrated at various interplanetary dimensional points.  The harmonic frequencies she will hear will be the tell tale sign of an opening and her job is to pay attention, conscious, interactive attention.
As her team was explaining how this may feel, I got a deeper understanding of some confusing moments on my drive home from the store the other day.  From the dollar store to my house is exactly 11 miles on the same road pretty much.  On my way home, I had this feeling three separate times of being completely lost.  I couldn’t remember where I was or where I was going for a split second each time.  These are the moments we need to become hyper aware.  We are, by magnetic frequencies, opening and releasing interdimensional energies into these moments.  I was so busy watching the crazy energy come out of my ovaries and fallopian tubes I didn’t pay attention beyond that.  Plus, can I say, I was freakin driving…. hay!!  Safety first, right??  lol
It is no longer enough to say, ohhh I had this kewl experience, your job, our jobs is to go deeper and understand it, we will never get beyond go if we do not understand what we are doing and how.
We do use the phrase as above so below a lot, well there is a whole living system in between the two that is crucial to play with and use.
Then, much to my delighted surprise, I had a new man on my dance card and I started getting communication for him before we started our dance.  His first name alone triggered what was going to be presented out of his reading, his name (spelled differently tho) flooded my cells with the loving energy of my beloved Pleiadian Franklyn.  I was sitting on the toilet releasing coffee (smile) and I knew this new man was a Pleiadian-Human hybrid. Sure enough, when we connected, he had 5 intergalactic beings in wait.  Two at the front, three behind the two at the front.    The two who spoke were Pleiadian, as they stated, they are partnered pairs (what we would we consider a married couple here on earth, but their binding comes from the heart, not from the court systems, which do not exist in their realm.)  Even tho their focus, at least in their initial contact with this beautiful man had nothing to do with divine counterparts, the information they flowed back to my consciousness with their presence, their partnership was like magnetic springs unlocking so much understanding.  They explained to him they were will always show up together, not one without the other.  They are stronger together than they are apart.  They will also introduce him to the three behind them.  Emissaries from other realms.  Their work together, initially is to wire in the new energy portals and magnetic fields of opening.
With some of the things they shared with him, and the information that came thru the other readings as well, what we are doing now, will take us thru to June/July.  Kinda like building a brand new house and setting everything up for living in a whole new exciting way.
However, one of my ladies shared a dream experience that really set everything that we need to focus on, into amazing clarity.  In her dream (so sorry f I get some of the details mixed up) she could feel her body lift up and start to move or fly, the moment she asked “where we going” in the dream her body dropped right back down to her bed.  Ohhhhhh the freakin light bulbs that went on for me, for us… holy shit batman!!
Spirit has been saying, there is an exchange taking place.  If we can look at our ego mind and our soul mind like the make up of a turtle, getting to here, our ego mind has been the body of the turtle, the navigator.   The shell is the soul mind, allowing the turtle to navigate into whatever experience it wanted.  Now, thru this amazing change of energy, shift of everything, the shell started to change places with the turtle body and vise versa.  The soul knows how to move and explore and experience beyond the constructs of matter, and the ego still very much the master of matter now will take a backseat to the full ability spectrum we are in.  The full embodiment of the soul mind, the energy we call trust, is crucial as it keeps the light body, light and fluid.  When the ego mind begins to take up its old role of having to know everything first, creates the return to density and we must start all over again.
Let me be more clear on this point, we can ask a question with wonder or we can ask a question from fear.  Just say it both ways to your self and really feel the energy difference.  Where are we going (from fear stops the going) or the excitement of adventure in asking where we going, takes you further.  Knowing the difference within, obviously, crucial.  But play with it all, never take yourself so seriously you stop.  We are creatures of habit forming new habits… giggle and do it again.
I want to come back to my Pleiadian – human man lol.  His two friends are hanging in my face at this moment.  So let me share what his friends from the Pleiades are sharing.  The way our core energy works, vibrates, experiences, has changed tremendously.  They showed me his core energy yesterday, one part of his core was a constantly moving white wave of energy, on the other side, a constant moving blue wave of energy, working in unison together.  His human consciousness and his Pleiadian consciousness in rhythm within him.  As he connects to his team, these two systems will create energetic connections that sort of look like a binding double helix to my vision right now.  Conscious participation is the only key right now that merges it all together.  There are many hybrids, from many realms, activated right now.  But a car with a motor running is simply potential… its time to learn with a whole new mind, where the gas and brake and steering wheel is.  I think I may take my ET connection course out of the closet…
Also, when i finished with his reading, my body produced a fever, a quick running one, but a fever none the less.  It’s only right now that I realize the energy came from his partnered paid, triggering energy within me.  There is much more to this story and understanding that will have to be for another time, my morning is fading fast before the next leg starts.
Ohhh one interesting oddity too, from yesterday,  My 5th lady, bless her rescheduled heart, (5 times running now) when we got together, I was stunned that I could not hold her energy in my field.  I got a glimpse that ended up looping over and over, but had no idea what I was seeing and two out of three antennas were dysfunctional.  I was not hearing or feeling at all, just this quick visual.  However, when I finally gave up understanding what I was seeing and had her ask questions, everything was fine, I heard, felt experienced… but not with her field, her visual.  We rescheduled for the 6th time in a row and I had assumed the fever I had with the man just before her was the cause and I was shut down for the day.  Until my next reading arrived and I could connect without effort.  What the hell?  Then it eventually donned on me, my 5th lady was in tomorrow’s timeline, energy field.  I am barely keeping up with today’s timeline, my ability to understand even tomorrow’s story comes thru the ongoing, real time connections happening in my days.  I barely came out of the shell and my antennas are still integrating the expanded consciousness we are releasing.  It really is amazing the difference a day makes!!
There is so much i am leaving out thru yesterdays connections and its only because I have not found the language to express it yet.
On that note, my day is about to begin.  I love you all so very very very much!!  Thank you for enlivening my whole Being the way you do!!
((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures in big, brand new ways to ALL!!!



    “The most powerful catalyst towards change available within our universe; is the Highest of Love.” (Ye, Earth Healing Transmission July 13th, 1994)

    “All is light, indeed. And yet stronger and more powerful and more high a frequency, is this love. Beyond this love, there is higher love. Beyond that, there is higher love, more purified indeed. And it is part of the eternal quest for knowing All That Is; this love, that motivates all things, in all places.” (Ye, Earth Healing Transmission June 29th, 1994)

    “When one works upon the change of Self towards, as we focus upon attunement with The Highest of Love, to become an expression of The Highest of Love; to become an expression of that which is divine and higher than that which is divine, when the change is present in all that is that individual, it encapsulates every level aspect and dimension.”(Ye, Earth Healing Transmission)

    As we evolve, we become more of All That Is.

    Unity of Oneness With All That Is, is attunement, or being in resonance with All That Is;

    . . . . All Times, All Spaces, Places, Realities; what we perceive as both Positive, Negative and all possible combinations and permutations . . . and more . . .

    All That Is continues to grow, evolve and become aware of MORE of All That Is!

    As we evolve, Divinity becomes dominant in the being; Divine Self is Master of Whole Being. The system is not dominated by emotions, or any other non-divine aspect, level or dimension.

    As we become more of All That Is, the task is maintaining Divine Self as Master of Whole Being and the ongoing Mastery in the Unity of Oneness With All That Is; The Mastery of The Highest of Love . . .

    Remembering Who We Are . . . LOVE

    “I recommend that anyone wishing to evolve in the best, most beneficial way seeks to become an expression of The Highest of Love.” (Ye, Earth Healing Transmission October 26th, 1994)


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