Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 8, 2016

Which Milkyway (magnetic field) Do You Reside Within??

new energy forming

It almost broke my heart to see my now common dream state change so much.  For the last week, the things I got to witness while sleeping was always about a foot above my sleeping body, I was aware of my sleeping body but entrained on the energy work taking place.  This morning I woke up with a figure of Light about 4 feet above my feet, in a circle of light… leaving… saying you are now fully set to go, there is nothing you have to do to work all that has been done.  The thought is enough.  I got an image of my own uterus, with out the intense contractions we once knew as life bringers (going into labor) it is now a cohesive desire that slips into our reality wherever our heart and mind is focused.  And with that the light sealed up and went away as my body woke up.

I wasn’t going to write today, because other than that, I really didn’t know what to share that would be new, until I was just reminded of my meditation yesterday.  Ohhhhh yeahhhh!!  There are some things to share!

The only reason I even took a bath yesterday (other than my body desperately needed one lol) was because I kept seeing these three yellow doors flying open.  They seemed to be in the center of something but I could not discern what they meant.


I ran a bath with eucalyptus infused dead sea salts, and some added eucalyptus essential oils (my favorite elixir to clear the sludge and allow more clarity) once again, the eucalyptus was completely voided out by my team.  I could almost hear the sound of my own voice to so many people in readings, I heard my team say “you have nothing to clear and your clarity is fine.  The last thing you want to do is clear all this tender energy and start over again.”  Yes, you are so correct!!

Then the next thing I knew I could see this swirl of like star-dust energy coming from my heart moving up into a night sky forming what felt like a new milky way.  This, I eventually understood is the reflection all all that I am aligned to, energetically and magnetically and serves to enhance my own life path forward.  We all have our own milky way that was created thru this massive year.  And now, collectives are forming together as we move thru the equinox.  Personal milky ways (electromagnetic fields) merging together to form stronger bonds, stronger fields of energy, stronger connections to each others life fields.

The next thing I knew, we were looking at the diversity of what this means, by taking a look at our USA horse race, I mean elections.  Right now there are three main horses in this crazy race for president.  All a perfect, diverse reflection of the three main milk ways forming.

We have Trump, arrogant, power hungry, ego led, and has no idea what truth really means or really cares what it means.  He is absolutely self-serving and does not hide that fact (I guess we gotta love that about him.)

What soooo surprised me here, as I was looking at him going on and on in his own ranting way in my meditation, Archangel Michael showed up with his sword of truth, jabbed it into his guts, directly into his small intestines and rammed it up and down and around and around.  All I could think of is that has got to hurt!

Then we have Hillary, the chameleon.  She will change her stance on anything as long as she thinks that’s what you want to hear.  It doesn’t change her personal motivations beneath the skin, she is just looking to get to the place where her (not for the people) agenda to get even stronger.

Here I watched Archangel Michael stand next to her, looking for a way in with his sword and he said there is nothing he can do, her skin is so thick from playing this role that his sword of truth, of light, could not penetrate her ego encrusted skin.

And then good ole Bernie.  He may not be the most eloquent of speakers, nor the most eloquent of lookers (how he presents his physical appearance) but he does speak from the passion of his heart, for the good of all.  And then AA Michael took his sword and sliced him open from sternum to groin and let his true light flood out for all to see and feel.

If this didn’t trip me up enough, next came my three children, so diverse in who they are and how they choose to live in life.  Each one aligned with a particular milky way (politician energy field lol.)  My oldest daughter is in Trumps field of energy (not that he created that field, but there is a massive collective that has reformed it stronger than ever.)  My youngest daughter, she is in Hillary’s collective, say what people want to hear then tend to her own personal agenda.  And then my son, Bernified!!

But what surprised me even more, there is a fourth collective called US that is being formed, that has never been in this field of life before.  Let me be clear, this milky way looking collectives have nothing to do with the elections, just the way I can understand what has formed and what the magnetic field will return thru its intensity.  The only way I have to describe ours is magic.  Magnetic magic.  Those of us here have gone thru and released the condemnation that tends to take place with such a diverse field of life, locked into our own personal fields and focus on expanding that, thru others of life hearts and minds, together, as a universal whole that WILL (and is) change(ing) the world as we know it.

It wasn’t until the end of the meditation did I understand that those 3 yellow doors.  One was on the right side, two were on the left, more circle like than anything.  As I opened the one on the right, I heard this one is a trap door… it is going to take you into a place that you didn’t expect and will give you an opportunity to serve or leave.  What you choose to do, releases what behind one of the two doors to the left.

Free will will always be at the fore, the return of choice energy is immediate.  Before my meditation, I choose to help my son with something he needed for his new life.  I slept on it first, then upon waking, followed thru with my action.  When I got out of meditation, a loving soul sent a donation that covered what I gave to my son.

All this to say, if you are seeing anything less than immediate results in what you so deeply desire, look again to which milky way you are truly aligned with.

Before I close, I do want to answer this question publicly that was left here in the comments section:

hi Lisa,
I’m not clear about your reporting on ‘energy sharing’ tomorrow. Aren’t we always doing this? Are you saying that people should not give/receive energy work? would really appreciate clarification as I do value your point of view. thank you! cyndy

Yes, we are always sharing energy, however, there are times of intense energy fields all around earth and our physical bodies where purposeful energy work (like what I do in readings, not just talking or sharing) that need to be put on hold until the energy settles.  Often times (but not always if we need the lessons to learn from it) our guides will put us in time out so that we do not unintentionally blow ourselves of others up.  From the 3rd thru the 7th, an energy was released universally that has never been released before.  This was all I was talking about.  I hope this makes what I tried to share, clearer for all.

On that note, I am praying to be able to read today.  My voice is back, rough but back.  My congestion is bearable, so I am expecting (as I giggle to myself) to see our next grand version of our expanded highway called Life!!

I love you all so much and thank you for enduring my down days and my up days and everything in between!!

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of love and magic to All!!

Lisa Gawlas 


P.S.  From spaceweather today:  THE SOLAR ECLIPSE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN: Later today, there’s going to be a total eclipse of the sun. It begins at sunrise on March 9th over the islands of Indonesia. That’s the afternoon of March 8th in the United States. Sky watchers inside the narrow path of totality, which cuts across the Pacific Ocean from Sumatra to the waters north of Hawaii, can feel the touch of the Moon’s cool shadow and behold the sun’s corona.




  1. […] Source: Which Milkyway (magnetic field) Do You Reside Within?? […]


  2. Each person has a personal Milky Way Galaxy.


    Lisa’s Quote: “We all have our own milky way that was created thru this massive year.”

    This is how I created mine!

    November 2005 I joined a local Health and Fitness Centre to swim in the outdoor pool; recapturing similar childhood memories and joy.

    I imagined and intended that the black line in the middle of the lane was an Axis connecting the Earth Core Crystal to the Black Hole Center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

    I imagined and intended that swimming the line was opening and anchoring a Cosmic Highway of Light with the clarity of my undulating spine, so that others may also anchor the light in their physical body.

    Swimming Butterfly is the Dolphin Rhythm, a Sine-Wave energy flowing in cerebrospinal fluid.

    Swimming Freestyle (’overarm’) is the Dolphin Rhythm flowing in cerebrospinal fluid as the assymetrical Rhythm of Human Motion and Locomotion based on the Infinity-Symbol motion pattern.

    Dolphin Rhythm is Evolution in Human Movement catalysed Evolution in Higher Consciousness: Divine Evolution.

    So this is how I created my personal Milky Way Galaxy.

    I am still Earth Healing in this way. The fitter I get, the deeper I go in accessing my system, which results in activating releases of global group issues. These may be things like clearing the residues in mass consciousness of vaccination programs such as Whooping Cough administered in childhood. My sleep time, or dream time is when the energy is processed. I need to be aware to balance the load I place my system under (by doing physical activities such as Swim, Cycle, Rowing, Weights, Yoga, Pilates.

    I figured out that this is what I am doing by following my passion and joy.

    I am astounded at the levels of energy I have available in ‘Fitness’. My energy sources in my cells seems to be opening more and more!


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